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Watercolors & Watercolor Pencils: Basics of Combining

teacher avatar Maha Creates, Enjoyer of Art

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Pencil Brand Test

    • 4. Outlining

    • 5. Dry in Wet/Wet in Dry

    • 6. Penguin Mini Project

    • 7. Loose Detail

    • 8. Leaf Mini Project

    • 9. Final Project

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About This Class

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In this class, you will learn how to use watercolor pencils along with watercolors to create a final project where you will use the techniques learned to paint something you love. Different techniques will be discussed and demonstrated using 'mini projects.' After that, a final project demonstration will be done to show how to combine techniques to create your painting before sharing it with the class.

There will be occasional pointers during the demonstration, but you may need to at least have some basic knowledge of watercolors. Supplies needed will be discussed at the beginning.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Maha Creates

Enjoyer of Art


Hello, I'm Maha. I have a degree in marketing but I've always been interested in art, since my first memories. I enjoy learning about and trying out all forms of art whether traditional or digital. I've taken a few courses outside of general school art classes as well as taught myself through books and videos. My definition of art is broad; everything from painting to crafting to the walls in my house. Actually, everything we see could be considered art in some way.

While I enjoy many different mediums, I mostly like to use watercolors, pencil, and ink to paint, draw, or do Arabic calligraphy.

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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. Welcome to water color and water color pencils, basic self combines. I am this Mom and I've enjoyed art since my first memories. I've experimented with different forms and meet him throughout my life. One of them is water colors, and soon after, watercolor pencils with water colors. I used to experiment with regular colored pencils and water colored pencils, but I always had trouble. You think them in the best way. When I got interested in watercolor painting, I thought it was so much fun. But there were some difficulties. I then discovered that with water colored pencils, watercolor painting can be even more fun. And this class, I'm going to teach you some of the techniques I learned. So you can leave what new ideas and create a beautiful painting the classes for beginners. But I recommend you at least know how to use water cars. You will learn how to use watercolor pencils to outline your painting and then combine watercolor techniques with watercolor pencils for amazing results. I will walk you through the technique, giving tips along the way before we do have many projects. Tell him, Take me after you have learned the techniques. You will create painting using them, which you will share with the class for people. I hope you enjoy the class. Don't forget to post your process. 2. Supplies: course porn's class. You will be needing some supplies. It's a first full Gil needed water. I have this one from Winsor and noted cotton. It's ah I went for he pound paper and I like it. I just back to use you could also kiss And also what? Working. Come, Chris, you can you anything you like? It was a lot of guys it So what paper then you can use whatever you for. And then you will also need a palette. Anything you can use anything has a palette, a blade, Any plastic or ceramic Can't you can also use the pellet that comes with your paint. You have a similar pen. Sit. This one is for Newman, Nice said and has felt here. And what Here you can use it. And you can use either this paint or I have you. Some may marry. I'm not sure I'm saying that right. Two picks, which I also like to use. And we'll be using blanc with its pass. It also. Of course, you will be meeting What color pencils. These are favorite castle and I like them. They have a thing. And then this one is that 24. It has all the nice killers. And make sure it says a quarrel or water. I know just normal princes I have here prisoner color sit. Which I just got actually. And I might try it. You guys, it's a nice set. I think you will. Also you will need at pencil. I have here to reach. Are you like and very, sir? Of course. A pencil sharpener. Since we will be using colored pencils, Brunch is our killer pushes. I have here my paper once half a 20 number 10 and a number two. But I will do you think, General, And and just to a lot, of course, you will be eating a pot of water. You can use anything. Just have so water for cleaning your brushes. And in another point for clean water when you need to apply and use just clean and then some tissue or tissue and then that's it. But you might also want to have self reference pictures. Our live model on anything. Porous kitchen. Okay, so now that we've got our supplies ready, let's get started 3. Pencil Brand Test: going to test the Christmas color pencils and the paper castle pencils just to see how similar or different things now I chose. I tried to choose colors. That seems to be similar. So as you can see here already, the favorite castle pencil is a bit more. Can't say go And then that prison of color are freighter. I don't know. You can see, but it's also much end up. So to add some water, food beats business to seat. Yeah, - so you can see even after we have added the water to the pencils favor. Castle is still lighter and the prisma color What color pencils have given us a nice bright color. I like it. No, If you have more than one safety off water color pencils, you can go ahead and try. Try that once you want to try and then see which ones you like better 4. Outlining: our first listen is about sketching, unless you prefer to free hand paint your most likely sketch what you plan on painting first using pencil. Personally, I like to use pencils just because it's easier to Paris as I sketch. But for the purpose of this class, I'm going to show you a disadvantage off sketching with pencil and advantage of using watercolor pencils. If you have tried water color before and you may have noticed this problem before when you sketch with a pencil, sometimes you press too hard or that pencil is too dark, and then once you paint over it, it leaves a bed mark through through the paint. We don't know if you can see it here, but the line shows and this will be very hard to theories because us Ah, dark pencil marks. Now, this can be good or bad, depending on what we're going for. But generally, if you're going for the loose pencils, catch, outline our own. Do your painting like some watercolor painters do. I don't think you would want a dark pencil mark like this to show through, so I go to show you how to outlining painting with watercolors pencil. Before we start, make sure that your pencil isn't too sharp because it can be pregnant. Sometimes you're going to want to make a darker as you go through. So just make sure use it somewhere, fellas for a bitch just to make its mother. And then you can get started. So the great thing about worker pencils, even though they are arteries while sketching, is that you can sketch with them in any color and you will be able to blend is in here. I am doing this square skitch going to show you how it's done and what it will look like. Sound. Go to sketch here. Just tell those kind of condo's this going out. It will just start to blend in with the paint, looking as if you just painted it without even sketching. Just make sure to blend well. Garbage willing marks, too. You can also try using a different color pencil just to seen an effect off, using a different color and blended in with your painting and practice. That's much after life here. Using blue I was playing in Oh my. - I need a smart blending. It's feeling throw. You do this can see here needs a loop, but more blending Forbes once you blended and well, it will have a nice color. - I can see that purple showing for and then you have a little bit of the blue mixing in to give and nice effect. I think I could see if you like that where you can just use and matching color. If you prefer to know that you know how to outline with watercolor pencils we're going to do and many projects using this I'm going to paint this to me to that, I already sketched. I just I have places where I'm going to highlight and then the places that are dark. So I got to start painting and you can do this along with me. And once you're done, you can post your process. You like you can either Watch me paint. You are just could started with your many Kochi. No, - I'm done with place kitsch on painting. So we'll bring you to do something similar or if you want to experiment. However you 5. Dry in Wet/Wet in Dry: Our second lesson is the depend method. We're going to use water color and to paint a circle with a color to show you guys to do the painters still wet. And that's good cause we need wet paint to do this, going to take a water color pencil and Cullerton the wet paint made a mistake there. The paint needs to have more water for this to work, so I'm going to do another one here. Just make sure it's what you know so that it's days were you to cool. Okay, so here, can you see how it's having good dark color coloring in a dark color and to pain? If it was dry, it would look like this. But in the paint it looks like this. And then, yes, you have to attract this a few times, and then you can see the best wait for you to do it, and you can also did pencil in the water and then use it. But you just have to be careful, because the wood part here it might get split to have to be very careful. Maybe just dip the tip and then picked has a nice color but it will drive fast. So you will have to keep deep, Inc. And then continue. Chris, just to show you if you need to see, just be careful and dip it alone. But the tip and then go ahead and picked or pencil and keep doing that as you go so you can keep it. What? You can also use this way to outline of painting. If you want a dark out like this, you have to keep have to keep defict. I see. Gives dark. Fine. So you could experiment with your paintings and do something thankless. I think you can do many things with it. Great. Some nice fix with your paintings. Okay, So after you're done, just make sure to drive them. Try the tips and make sure they're dry. Where you used them again as Dr pencils. Just make sure, because if you don't no, this will happen. And then when you go into paint for it, I just use it as a pencil. It will still be a bit wet. Suit might smudge. Really? What? You been break sometimes. So just be so. No. I wanted to do this many project with me 6. Penguin Mini Project: Okay, I'm going to start painting, and then I have a black pencil, but using a water, just, you know, to be able to do this and my lining with black, because that's whatever Children. But I'm dipping the pencil to do this. The rest. Okay, Some black paint. It's a penguin. We need black pits. Took me. Okay. Just keep going with it. Some white there. So leaving that over here? Triteness. You can see here. It's very dark because there is more water there so that you can see over here where there's list. It's not going to be as dark, but you can still take it and blended. - This needs two people ended more. I'm not taking some water here. Gonna take tip to flying and painted a little. See how the paint the water is taking the color from the pencil. It's I just lending away and I there doing this just to make it. There you go. I want this to be a war for some. Come to take your pencil, then dip it, you color. - Think you can see here? That's when you when you dip it before you use it, it it will look better blended in just like paint. But when you go in and do it with wet paint, kind of leave some more unless you just use it very lightly. Not too much pressure, because then you'll have these stroking that landing. - It's going into the paint, but that's fine, because skin can be something nice, just like water color paint. You will want to well, the water as you used the pencil. Here we go. Can't wait to see your penguins. 7. Loose Detail: Our final lesson is the try and drive with it. We will be using loose wet water colors, and then we're going to wait for them to dry before going in with our dry watercolor pyszka . So we draw our painting first. You get what paint. Make sure that your paint is with so that it will just flow loosely there. No, take some clean water. Just drop it anywhere. God, I hate wait. Just wait for it to dry. Once the paint is Dr. We're going to go in with our pencils to to create, shaking and finish the painting. Paint isn't trying it. It's almost dry. So I'm going to show you how to go. Have to make sure that your struggles are close together like this, because if you do this, you go 10 pains. See how this blends. - This will just look bad. You can see this trucks you, but if you try to make them go away, you can still see. So make sure that you don't do looks destroying strokes. Another thing that's when you go into paint. Do it slowly with the stroke of a pencil with blends away. Take your time. Be patient. Enjoy it so you can have nice three. Okay, so, no, we can choose where our light and clear in the chaining. Louis, I'm just going to go from lift to right and start with a lot of pressure far too dark and then just keep decreasing until you get your My likes. Think watercolor pencils are a bit easier to read? Hint. Then what are colors? But this just me. I think it's a different way to do this. That's what Now you don't have to color and every single space you can leave some white space or just loosely color in because then you're just going to go with the water. Good distribute. I want to do that here. Not going to finish anything. It's going to take my water and go in. Just start from the light side, I slowly work to the donkeys, blending if you go going to worry if you have some lion chewing ohler, anything. If it doesn't seem to look like you wanted to because they were just lending in the color. We don't tap to worry about e. Think else because we will go back again and blend everything well click okay to go back and everything together. So it would look Hey , how I'm pulling the color from Abovitz. So doesn't you? Didn't you just loosely coming in and then you can just and that's out of line you like. Are you going to leave it? It depends on what you want. How you know how to combine this method with your But it wasn't. I want you to chose Italy to paint. 8. Leaf Mini Project: I have here a leap I sketched with my Pinson. I used a lighter color Then the leaves actual cooler so that it won't be part two blended No, to use my whips Turn with life because you're just just moved me He that we just wait blood to I'm going to wait for my You're going to come back feel like fainting China. I'm going to begin, so we know that leave him lines on them. So you have to have to make sure that when you go in strokes in the direction So my leaves , for example, half lines going like that so that I'm going to do much again. You don't have to color everything. Uh huh, huh? - Someone from have come to the remember tipping from, like, tiptoe. - Okay , - uh , you can take larger, fresh Glenn everything. It's no clean water. No, there's I think those okay can also add detail. Now some give it highlight around. - You could take your and make your lines lines on. Really? Just to show Templin lines like gorgeous leaving 9. Final Project: we have reached the end of our class. We learned how to outline our paintings using water color pencils. You think that to may toh and have to do with the dry and wet or the different water method where we painted the penguin. And finally we learned how to complete a loosely painted watercolor painting. Using belief this princess to the final product. I want you to think about something you love and use the techniques we learned to paint it . You can use references, a live model or even something from your own imagination. Feel free to be creative. Don't forget to upload your project along with your process two of the project gallery for feedback. Also explain how you did your project. That said, guys, thank you for watching. I'm going to start my project now. My favorite fish. I look forward to seeing your projects. And remember, practice makes perfect it it. Thank you. - Uh , that's