Watercolors Painting: create beautiful landscapes | Milan Glozić | Skillshare

Watercolors Painting: create beautiful landscapes

Milan Glozić, Painter, illustrator, Designer

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8 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction to the class

    • 2. Basic watercolors set up

    • 3. Exercise 1 - gradients

    • 4. Exercise 2 - household objects in watercoloring

    • 5. Exercise 3 - grafigum

    • 6. Watercolors - part 1

    • 7. Watercolors - part 2

    • 8. Final words


About This Class

In this class students will see how to make watercolors using the methods I learned through the years of working in visual arts. They will learn a step by step process of creating  a beautiful painting as well as a range of interesting techniques that will boost their confidence in working with watercolors and visual communication.

This class is perfect for all who like to work with watercolors. No prior knowledge or experience required, just the love to create. By the end, students will have everything they need to create their own beautiful art pieces and enjoy this new skill of painting on paper.





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Milan Glozić

Painter, illustrator, Designer

Milan was born in Pozarevac, Serbia in 1979. From an very early age he got interested in drawing comics, painting nature and inventing games that he could than play with his brother and sister. He graduated on University of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2003.

He works predominantly in the medium of traditional painting, but his art includes digital illustrations and book covers. He has had solo and group shows in Belgrade at Progress Gallery, National Gallery in Pozareva...

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