Watercolors: How to create 5 fun mushroom creatures step by step | Kalina Koleva | Skillshare

Watercolors: How to create 5 fun mushroom creatures step by step

Kalina Koleva, Art Student-Artist

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7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies+ References+ Project

    • 3. Little Mushroom girl

    • 4. Mushroom pet creature

    • 5. Mushroom mother

    • 6. Mushroom teen daughter

    • 7. Mushroom father


About This Class

Hi, my name is Kalina, I’m a watercolour artist and illustrator. Welcome to my class on how to draw 5 fun mushroom creatures step by step. For this class, no prior knowledge is required; it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional. I’ve chosen to make a class on how to create these creatures because, in my opinion, everyone can draw them.

At the beginning of this class, I will be showing you the supplies I will be using through the course. Then, I’ll show you how I paint 5 fun mushroom characters, showing you my drawing process.

Finally, I will talk about the class project. By the end of this course, you will be able to draw the 5 mushroom creatures you saw in the class image, as well as invent your own.  Let’s get started.


1. Introduction: Hi. My name is Colin. I'm a watercolor artist and illustrator. Welcome to my class on how to draw five fund Martian creatures. Step by step for this class and no prior knowledge is required. You convey a complete beginner or a professional doesn't make class. You have to create these creatures because my everyone can do it. That's why my videos are going to go from the easiest one to help. At the beginning of this class, I will be showing you the supplies I will be using through discourse. Then I'll show you how I paint five fund mushroom characters showing you my drawing process . You will be able to draw five from creatures that you see here as well as you meant your own creatures. I truly hope you have enjoyed this class and let's get started. 2. Supplies+ References+ Project: Hi. Before starting this ghost, I want to quickly show you the supplies I will be using. Some of the supplies are too expensive for beginner artist. For this supplies, I will be giving you cheaper options for all these art supplies. There will be everything in the class project description. First, you some water color paint. I'm using the 36 colors of my Magellan Mission Gold watercolor set. There will be a link to know Spain's in the resources section off the class project This rich, but really anything will do. The smaller watercolor sets are an opportunity for the beginner artist to learn how to mix the colors. I'm using the cold pressed cancer and move on watercolor paper, and it's really cheap for what it is you can use and you want to curl paper. But avoid using sketching paper or even worse, printing paper. Otherwise, the paper will start to look when go brushes size zero and eight. My knee only. What color pencils signal you nimal white gel pin To add the highlights and final touches. You can also use any white acrylic or wash some tape to prevent the paper from buckling to water containers, one for clean water and one for dirty water. The project for this class is very simple. You will just have to draw one of these five mushroom creatures or any emotion creature you invented by yourself. I highly encourage you to post your work in progress. Just a suggestion. That's the easiest for you to start. If you decide to post the project, click on your project, then created project, and you will for sure receive feedback from me and the other students. Now let's talk a little bit about the references. The rest is a great way to find references. I will link the board on Pinterest I'm using for my mushroom references in the class project description. Feel free to check it out. If you're interested in seeing that, don't forget to share your work in progress. You got yourself to work. That's already a great accomplishment, and I'll see you in the next less 3. Little Mushroom girl: Welcome to this video where I'm going to show you how to draw the little girl off the mushroom Finn. Here you can see me adding a first layer off watercolors on the paper. If you do monochromatic pieces, as I often do, I think it's a good idea to begin with a light color so that it sets the tone for the rest of the painting. Maybe it's just me, but I think that idea and it unifies the piece as a whole. Speaking off colors with this girl, I went with some browns and a little red for the cheeks. I always find the good idea toe add. Some blushed. My characters ask for some of the older members of the family. I wanted to do the hands darker than the rest of the body. I think that for some of them, it adds a little family touch. Careful, basically, roll girl. I wanted the contrast to be between the mushrooms head and the rest of the girl's body. I also added some small eyelashes and some textures to the mushrooms head. Here, you can see me do a wet on wet technique if you haven't seen the other videos. A wet on my technique is when you first of all, at some water to the paper and then add some deluded bait on the wet paper. I'm helping the water colors to spread but Adam, some water on the splashes. I wanted to add some more contrast, so I added some darker shades to the background. Then you'll see me add some shadows under the mushroom toe. Add a soft transition between the brown and the white off the creature with a watercolor pencil on adding texture to the mushroom and the line out to the little girl. As you can see, my line old does not straight black. Here I went for a MC tone brown because it has a softer look at the end of the piece here. I'm just darkening the eyes a really a little bit before moving on to the next step. As you can see here, my drawing looks really flat. To avoid that, I shade in a little bit the mushroom, the area under her chin and under her arms. It really helps adding a little bit more volume toe each and every creature I make to make this character a little more cute. I decided to play on her proportions. I love giving cute characters, big eyes and a small mouth. I'm also adding some highlights Andy eyes because it always makes a character look more alive. And here I'm painting my first layer off shades in her dress. As soon as the first layer is dry, I'm adding some shades first in her mushroom head and then incur address notice that I'm trying to create a little bit of texture in her dress as I'm shading it. Then I wanted to create even more contrast, so I made her mushroom head even darker. I shaded in the sights off the mushroom so that it leads the viewer's eye towards the centre off the picture on, also adding some shadows under her feet to make her stand out off the page. That also makes her look more three dimensional. I basically spend the rest of the time working on some final details and adding some textures to the background or her mushroom. I'm even adding a little bit more highlights to her mushroom. Since I used a really sticky tape for this picture, I decided to use a hair dryer, too, stuffed it up a little bit the tape before removing it. Here's the final result I hope you enjoy and suing the next video. 4. Mushroom pet creature: Hi. Welcome to this video where I'm going to show you how to create this fund. Mushroom creature. Bet for our mushroom family. All the creatures I'm going to create are inspired from actual mushrooms. You can find those in my supplies and references video. First of all, as you saw, I could the Manuel paper in five pieces. You don't need more than one sheet and you will even have excess paper. As you can see, I'm sketching this creature in a light color pencil from Faber Castell. For this little piece, I found inspiration in the little mushroom I found on Pinterest. It's a very long anything mushroom, so I decided to base the shapes off this creature from those of the mushroom here. As you can see, I'm adding the first layer of water colors. I'm trying to find a green that's not too dark or too light to have a good base to begin with. Then I'm trying to create a contrast by painting the head of the mushroom with a pinkish yellow. I started with a yellow base and then added the reddish and pinkish shaped them to create even more contrast, I shaded the upper side of the mushroom that creates a contrast in the hue and the value. The hue is basically the color itself and the value is the shadows. All right, you applied to a huge basically, I created a contrast of shadows, light and color. Here, I'm adding the outline still in the other colors. I'm also adding the basic facial features off this creature and some texture. Here. I'm adding my first layer of grass for the background. I'm using the wet on west technique. If you don't know what a wet on wet technique is, it consists off basically adding a first layer off just water with their brush and then adding your watercolors really diluted with water. This way, the paint spreads on the page. I will use this technique for each one of my creatures backgrounds to create some sort off blurry background effect for this one. As the pain spreads on the page, it creates, um, sold of illusion that there are some kind of trees in the background. Now I'm adding some more grass on the foreground. As you can see, the light of grass is the one in the middle ground. They're the paint is my deluded and blurry. As for the background where us, I left the paint in the background less diluted. At this point, I noticed a lot of gaps in the grasp. So what I did is I added some yellow brownish paint to the grass. As I'm letting this paint dry, I use the colored pencil to add some texture and shadows to my mushroom creature. I'm going for some warmer liners and shadows in the upper half, off the creature and some cooler shades and line out for the lower half. That's why you can see me adding some bluish shades. Now that the previously wet part of the paint is dry, I can add some more texture and grass. Now I'm adding some final touches to the grass and some green watercolor pencil to unify the Hopis. To frame this painting with a white line, I used a date that's not too sticky, but if you use a tape that stick yield in mind and risks to rip off the page, I suggest you use a hair dryer before taking off the tape. Finally, I'm adding some highlights with my white signal gel pen, and here's the final result. And Dr Drawing this little bet mushroom creature. And I'll see you in the order videos. All the class project. 5. Mushroom mother : Hi. Welcome to this new lesson in this one. I'm going to be teaching you how to draw the mother off our mushroom creature family here, you so me showing you my basic sketch that I did in my sketchbook. Then I redrew the basic shapes on the watercolor paper with a particle of light, bearish pencil. In the beginning of every watercolor baiting that I do in these Siri's, I lay first of all, a first layer off diluted watercolors that helps to set the tone and the mood for the rest of the painting. I added those darker stripes in her mushroom because I thought that resembles a lot more the mushroom I was basing her from then here, toe at a little bit more texture, I added acrylic white paint to help the border off the mushrooms stand out. Then, to create some contrast, I added a little bit darker, blue and green to the upper part of the mushroom here on adding some greens with a light watercolor pencil. Then I'm watering a little bit, depends ill so that it creates a friend texture. I'm making the sides off the mark from a little bit darker than in the middle so that it makes it stand up now that it's dry. You So me. Adding some more acrylic panes to create more texture and to make it resemble more the mushroom this character was based from. I also added some shading and texture to her middle and her neck. Now I'm adding some blush to her cheeks and her nose noticed that I'm not using pink or red . These are the areas where there is bigger blood flow, so it makes sense that they are pinkish than the rest off the skin, at least for humans, because human blood is obviously red, but these creatures below, maybe green or even blue. I guess it depends on each creature. While I was talking about blood flow, I also shaded in the face a little bit and added the line out to the eyes and little bit of shading under the mushroom. Now I'm also adding the Leinart tow her shoulders and her arms, as well as some shadows and texture on her shoulders before adding the Leinart to her dress . I wanted to do some pocket outs to make it a little bit more interesting. I didn't want to do a whole bunch of anatomy for the hands, so I just let them a little sketchy again. I'm making the areas with more blood flow as the fingers and elbows a little bit darker. I'm continuing with the pocket dots, and I wanted to make them straight at the beginning and really well done. And then as the dress goes on on the lower part off the dress, I wanted to make them a lot. Mexia. I'm adding some shading to the dress before adding the Leinart. It doesn't matter if, like me, you erase a little part off the pocket dots because later on, I'm redoing part of them. I also added the Leinart off the dress and did a wet on wet technique for the background. Now you can see the final result I hope you enjoyed and seeing the next lesson 6. Mushroom teen daughter : Hi. Welcome to this new video. What? I'm going to show you how to draw one of the mushroom daughters off this mushroom family. I'm sketching this girl on the watercolor paper with a light watercolor pencil then and putting the first layer off water colors of this painting on paper. This time I'm going for a midst owned bank. As you saw, I accidentally dropped some water colors on the paper, but it's not a big deal because I just need to remove it with a towel when it's still wet. Now I'm just adding the line out, and I'm sometimes much in a little bit the paint and coming back to redo the line out to create a little more texture. I'm working from up to down to prevent the world colors from smudging when I don't want them to. It's also helpful toe add some folds to the dress to make it flow. Here I'm adding some shadows on her face, then on her shoulders, hands and then finally on her dress for the background. I'm using a wet on wet technique again, and if you don't know what went on with technique is, you can check out my first videos. Here's the final result. I hope you enjoyed this quick video and I'm hoping to see in the next one. 7. Mushroom father: Hi. Welcome to the new radio. I'm sorry, but I lost the footage off the creation of this character to this point. That's why he has the biggest level of difficulty. Because you have to figure out how I got to this point. Normally, given the 1st 4 videos, you should be able to do that. And again, I'm really sorry for losing this footage, but this video will be not so much about the character than about the background. Well, I was talking normally. You got the last few minutes. Got footage of me finishing this character. I really hope you will still enjoy the background for this background. You can see me later. The shape off the path he will be standing on. Then I'm adding some warmer tones, toe the path and some grass in the foreground. Then I'm figuring out the basic shapes off the bushes. He will be standing in front, off. I'm adding some more yellowish shapes on the right of the character and then some more dark green bushes on the left of a character and also ill in the farm, in the background, on the right, with the farm, you can see what happens when you have to. With Baines side by side, oftentimes the most pigmented paint will bleed into the other one. If the paint is still wet, you can remove it simply with the tower. When it was dry, I went back again and added the basic shape of the fan and later on the shadows. The hill. The reason The left is male off some blue paint in the bottom part, and some green paint very diluted in the upper part. I'm also adding some shadows under the characters feet to make him stand out more. Some details and texture in the backgrounds bushes and a sort of blue radiant for the sky. With a white acrylic panes, I add some clouds to the sky. Then I'm quickly readjusting the hill on the left and the farm on the right for the roof off the farm. I went with some great pains and erased later, wrong, a little bit of the pain in the mill so that it makes the roof looked like it's shining. I also added some more shadows to the farm and the small window. Don't forget about the highlights in the window. A little bit of yellow under the farm, a little bit of gray under farms, roof and a little bit off blue in the left hill. Then I'm moving on to creating the kill on the right by simply suggesting the form with some green bent as the clouds look more faded. Now that the acrylic paints dry, I'm adding some more white to make them stand out. Finally, since the tape I'm using is really sticky and using a hairdryer to remove the tape, now you can see the final result. I really hope you enjoy this video, even though I didn't show you the process of creating the character Syrian the next course .