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Watercolor with me : Muffins

teacher avatar Nanditha Vijayan, Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Trailer Watercolor with Me Muffins

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Finding inspiration

    • 4. Colors Used

    • 5. Drawing a basic Muffin Liner

    • 6. Drawing Patterns on Muffin Liner

    • 7. Let's Draw

    • 8. Painting Buttercream Frosting

    • 9. Painting Muffin and Muffin liner

    • 10. Adding details with paint

    • 11. Adding details with pen

    • 12. Oreo Topping

    • 13. Adding Detail with White Pen

    • 14. Final Project

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About This Class


Make your first beautiful muffin Illustration. It’s all about a fun way to learn how to draw and paint a
I will lead the Students on how to find inspirations for illustrating muffins. Through this process they
will understand few key points to keep in mind before they start illustrating them. You will learn to draw the
elements required to create a muffin : the liners, Toppings , Frosting, color combination and finally learn how to paint
them with watercolors and use pens for outlining and white pen for highlights.This class is for all those who love to create a sweet Illustration.

Meet Your Teacher

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Nanditha Vijayan




I am Nanditha Vijayan, a self-taught Artist and a freelance Surface Pattern Designer.  I have been a stay at home mom who is deeply passionate about creating artworks and dreams to see my artworks on products. This is a creative journey I have started off and I am taking you along with me to share what I have learnt through the process and to help you bring your creative dreams to a reality.

Let us learn together and stay connected!

Join me here on Instagram @itsmadebynv


I know how it feels to be a creative head and be immersed in ideas but not really be able to put them on a paper and have all those creative blocks turn you down. Let me help you to learn, unlearn and relearn.

I am here to teach you what I have learnt and t... See full profile

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1. Trailer Watercolor with Me Muffins: ready to make muffins. We are not gonna bake them, But we're gonna learn how to create a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful muffin illustration. Hello? And Mama Stato, all the wonderful people out there. I'm envy Lanta Vigen! And today we're gonna learn all about treating a beautiful muffin illustration. I'm a self taught artist on a fashion designer by profession. I come from India, but right now I'm living jump. Aren't being my passion on watercolors being my favorite medium? I'm here today to show you my way of illustrating muffins, using watercolors on pens for dealing. So in order to achieve this, what are the things that you need to know First? Don't worry. I'll tell you all about it. You would learn about muffin liners, toppings, Jimmy buttercream frosting on color combinations. Once you got to understand this, we would put them together and create a yummy sweet illustration. So what are you waiting for? Come and join me in my second skills class. Whatever likely muffins to you. There 2. Supplies: a few things you would need for this class are watercolor people. Ah, a bottle of water. Some pains, watercolor pains, white men. A few brushes Andi of Luckman find depend or a small dip it that's all seeing the next class. 3. Finding inspiration: what happened back. And today. Let's find out some inspirations before we start illustrating muffins. So I've taken here entrance don't go home. And on the search engine, I've typed in muffins and cupcakes and I've got a righty off a lot of variety of muffins here, Um, which I can take us inspirations for my for my administration. So, uh, before you do, or before you, um, start searching for something you need to you need to keep in mind four important points before Let's reading muffins. One is the muffin batter cream cream that comes on top of mountains to toppings. The delicate delicacy that you have on top of orphans. Three color combinations, four muffin liners. You have a lot of patterns on these muffin lightning, so these are the four important things that we need to keep in mind before you start illustrating or before you start looking out for your inspirations. So let's see. First, I asked, I collected a few of images, which I liked, and just to show you or it's the first point iss the buttercream pattern on the shape of the budget. Take a pencil and draw on top of these and see how the fold created how these Kobzon happening. Drawn top. If it gets 90 try to recreate it on into your illustration. So pick up one political up buttercream shape and then copied into your illustration. So the second thing is all about toppings, so you get different varieties of toppings. Check out these one foot Opens with I Want to deal with some Children. Trooper chips are trouble flex or what do you say that? Okay, here's one with cattleman cattle cream and here's one with blueberry. He is one with you. There's another interesting creator topping You would create something like this also, So bringing in a story to your, you know, creating new a story in it. We're bringing in a story in it. It's kind of interesting, so you can try out something like this to lemon. Lemon took the buttercream just some few toppings that I can show you. And three the color combination Color combinations are also very important. You can see here from disagrees so limpet a peach, orange and pink every day. See the how the color combinations happening. Check out the butter cream color the muffin color itself on the line of color combinations together. How does it look? So that's also very important when you search for your inspirations, etc. Have a few other color combinations here. See how beautiful they looks? It's pink published syrup. So that's something that you can try this beautiful lavender and chocolate wonderful color combination. And the full two point is the liners you get. You can. You can even bring. Bring out some some patterns on your muffin liners. Looks very pretty if you added some maybe polka dots or some polka dots in one color or polka dots in different colors or some stripes of sums, exact lanes. And here you get frantically and you can see here snapping its and how see how how pulled from the color looks you have some tall things with the grass. Pretty. And, uh, there's a pink pink, But cream here I love uh, this This is a lot off colors happening here, but when you actually paint a buttercream icing, here are 10 ch. Beginning to understand here that there are a lot of, um, shadows happening here trying to capture these shadows and highlights here. So these are fuel sworn things which you need to keep in mind before you start drawing. That's all about finding inspiration. So keep checking your, uh, keep looking into interest on fine inspiration. You get wonderful inspiration. So beautiful colors columns up there. It's a pretty right. This comes just in time. This gun still looking out for a majors. It's that pretty Well, look at those colors. Oh, my God. All right, so let's skipped back to a class. 4. Colors Used: all right, so let's talk about the colors used in this class. I've mainly used to colors that is blue and brown. Um, I wanted dish in shades of blue from lighter to darker. All sold the same with the Browns. So I used a few off the colors, like for blue. I used two different shades of blue like the ultra Marai in a cabal blue severally and blew her boys to, uh, intense blue and Prussian blue. I added in more water. Delight in it. Andi, I added more pigment toe get get a darker color. No, For the Browns, there is a small difference in the color I used especially for the life just shade that I used. I started off with the light wash off yellow polka, and then I used the other different shades of brown, like the colors I used. Waas Ross enough Mancina A light red Injun dread roll Amba bond. Amber sepia van Dickie Brown on a little bit of black. So, um, thes other colors I used. And as I said before, like if you really need to get the colors, light added more water. And if you want to get the colors. Dark added more pigment. So that's like the mean, Um, that's the main principle off, Uh, when you use colors. So that's all about the color that I use. Let's mourn toe a next class. 5. Drawing a basic Muffin Liner: Let's learn how to get a basic shape off muffin line, draw to slanting lines on sites, leaving a gap and then draw a baseline to create the stumble shape. Now let's create the folds for the lining. Draw carved line as sure going up and then coming down without taking your hands off the people. Repeat this once again and draw lines downwards from these points as sure. Now apply this on the tumbler that we have already drawn. Let's draw lines downwards to create the fold. You can do this in two ways. One is by creating a triangle and from the tip off the strangle draw the lines downwards till the beast. The second way is to draw the lines by tapering and down till Abi's next. Let's see how to draw patterns. Own line US 6. Drawing Patterns on Muffin Liner: Let's create some easy patterns on the muffler. Linus, stop with the basic shape and draw some circles off equal sizes. Start from the center and then distributed on the sites. I'm just talking these for you so that you can see better, but otherwise keep it light. You can also create some circles with different sizes, like the one I'm doing now. - You can also draw some straight lines on the liners as patterns, - some long triangles. Or try a variation in straight lines by leaving some gap between towards reliance, depending on your life. Or maybe you can create some stars or heart shaped on your liners as Patton's, you can even create a muffin Lina with straight sides. Onda designed edge like the one I'm doing right now, so choose your shape and pattern and get ready to draw your muffins so 7. Let's Draw: Oh, it's a Bulent. Belongs helps draw the muffin Lina and house drop patterns on these liners. Let's morninto drawing a complete muffin along with its liner Onda along with its topping. So, uh, here is a reference. So I've chosen a basic shape for the Muffin Morton Cup or Lina and I'm sticking onto this basic shape. I'm drawing this a little dark place that you can see it properly. Uh, whatever I'm drawing, and I would suggest you keep it light. Otherwise, pencil marks can be shown to your portable us. So that's the muffin that I'm gonna draw. And sorry. That's the muffin that I'm gonna paint and I have. I'm gonna do a blue swell or blue buttercream and Oreo on chocolate muffin. So let's see how it's gonna come out after painting. Next. Let's oneto painting this. All right. See you in the next Loves 8. Painting Buttercream Frosting: Okay, so I'm starting off with the light blue wash off on the buttercream frosting. You could either stop with the light it all and then go darker with the colors. And finally use a pen for detailing, uh, or else the other way, Which I would be showing you in another class on how to paint or you cookies, which I have used as my toppings. Well, these muffins, um, in that I have you used a plane light color wash. First, the nine moved on, but by outlining with a pin and then give the rest of the colors so you could choose whichever way you're comfortable with with this buttercream frosting, I would want to first finish off all colors and then finally do the detailing with the pen . Because I really don't want all the lines and curves off the frosting and Ben. So to keep it, keep it light and show all those highlights on it. I would want to start off with the pain first and then want to the pen. All right, so, uh, now let's add in a second, courting off blue. Um, first, finish off the outlines with this color and then slowly fill in these outlines with the color, but don't. But, uh, But make sure you do not fill in these outlines completely, because then you spoil the beauty off it. You need to make sure that you show the first quoting a little bit through these layers. Once you done darken the outlines with the darker color, um, a bit darker than the one before you see all these Benz and carbs, thes creates shadows, and so these areas have to be being dock of, uh, here, been to liars, will up miracles, shadows. So you need to get them, Doctor. That's the reason I'm getting this doctor, because it goes inside the other layer of frosting. Now finally, get all those lines darker with even more darker shade of blue and get the shadows right. Also, keep what those areas where the light falls lighter and keep the key and keep the highlights right. So that's all about painting the buttercream frosting and then let's move on to the next class 9. Painting Muffin and Muffin liner: with a very light brown. Start painting the fools off the muffin line, then apply a second layer of brown color on doctors. Apply a darker brown color on the area where the muffin liner and the muffin needs. This area is DACA because the shadows of form and also chose them also applies this same brown color as thoughts or some small wiggly lines on the muffin, especially the area just underneath the bottom. Claim. More shadows are seen now . Doctor, the fools off the muffin liner discreet feel that the line is falling inwards, and it's creating some depth. Do not darken all the lines of the liner with the same color and make it look like document in such a way that it creates different shades of brown from light of the doctor or the mid mid color. - Now add a lighter tone, a yellowish brown color on top of the muffin and then using a metal brown, create more off the short, vaguely lines, and also apply this on the area underneath the liner to create slight burns. Look off the line up, - so that's all with painting a muffin on the muffin Lina. Now let's mourn toe, adding details with a pen 10. Adding details with paint: All right, So now let's give some extra Do feelings were arm orphans will be using paint on hand detailing. You need to use a doctor brownish black color to add more dots on the liners. Andi, even on the muffins. Uh, this happy to give Brandon TEM texture on it. - Also get the lines on the liners a bit more darker on even base off the liner to get more brown a shade and to get the look often after bait. Linus. So this is all but detailing with the paint, and we'll be moving on to do dealing with pen. 11. Adding details with pen: once you're done with painting using an s eyes, black fin or a nest depend find tip in. I mean, you could give outlines two illustrations I like to use What color paint on pen in my illustrations. Uh, but I would say that it's each of your personal choice if you want to add the tales with 10 or leave it just with border pillars. If you would like to add details with pen that make those areas darker, especially the falls on the muffin liners, um, and areas under the buttercream where the shadow falls and also you can give an outline a complete outline to your modern liners. I also like to give some dots on the muffin on the muffin liners on Hey, look at that. You just created texture on the muffin on the monthly lineup, talking all those lines on the line up those folds. And don't forget to Doc and those little little time me, um, the cookie crumbs, which have fallen on the buttercream frosting and those areas switching to create more shadows, make those areas DACA, and that's it. You're done detailing. What pen on? New illustration 12. Oreo Topping: to stop painting this chocolate drown Oreo cookie. First, you need to give a light wash with a brown color, probably yellowish brown color, and then you add in the second layer of brown darker than the 1st 1 Ah, try to get those edges, Doctor. I want it done with this. You could given some detail ing with a black pin. Okay, before you start painting or drawing on Oreo cookie, check out the edges off A Nor you. They have these type of rough edges and and the centre has some patterns and designs legs. So try to get them right and tried to imitate those those details on these cookies to create a text on the biscuit. You could add in some adults with Ben. When it done with the detailing, apply a darker brown color on the side where it's touching the buttercream on door, even on the edges. And then, once old is right up, you can add in some details with wipe in the springs in some highlights. Now ask discussed Before, for the buttercream. I did the painting first and then did the detail ing with the pen. Uh, because it had a lot of fights and highlights coming in S o. I just didn't want toe use the black detailing. But for the are you, um the are you is in dark brown color. It's in a dark shade of brown. So I wanted the details and outlines to be shown. And so I started doing with the black men and then continued with the rest of the coloring . So that's all with the Oreo topping and let's move on to the next last 13. Adding Detail with White Pen: hi, guys. It's time for the final touches with the white bin. I suggest you use the wipe in the two to the best because some pens can clog in between. Pipin detailing is used to show the highlights on illustration. You can use them at places where you need to show the light reflecting or rebounds ing off light. Um, are places where you think that you need to give a shining effect. One advantage off using ripen is that you can even fix some a few mistakes. At this stage, you could showing some highlights on the phones at the top and the base of the lineup. Also, add in some dots on the liner on and on the muffins you would show in some light falling even on the buttercream. Frosting on its carbs and edges also gives them dots on the power or you cookie. This would help you enhance strip. So that's it about this class on how to use wipe end on administration and wise and use on where it is used. So I hope you enjoy this class. Now it's your turn for the class project 14. Final Project: thank you for taking of this class door. Final project is to create a beautiful off illustration using the details given below before you start illustrating enthusiam, often liner with or without patterns, then choose about frosting shape. Don't forget to add in a topping for your muffin. Choose a beautiful color combination for the illustration and finally write a brief description of what illustration wrenching about points. Also as helpful resources, I have added a few line drawings, which you can use as a reference. I hope you enjoyed Washington This class. If you have any questions or remarks, leave a comment in the community board. If you like this class, please hit the like button on leave. A short review. So it helps me to understand if this last satisfied your expectations and it could help others know about this class. Thank you. Once again, this is month. Norwegian signing out