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Watercolor with Me: Cheery Cherry Blossom Tree

teacher avatar Jessica Sanders, Artist | Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Quick Sketch - light sketching

    • 4. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 1

    • 5. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 2

    • 6. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 3

    • 7. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 4

    • 8. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 5

    • 9. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 6

    • 10. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 7

    • 11. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 8

    • 12. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 9

    • 13. Project and Thank you

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About This Class

Hi, I’m Jessica Sanders, a self-taught watercolor and mixed-media artist who loves exploring art and sharing it with you!

Watercolor with Me: Cheery Cherry Blossom Tree  

Let’s paint a cheery cherry blossom tree together!!

In this class for any level student, I will demonstrate, in real time, how to paint a wonderful, whimsical, cheery cherry blossom tree with watercolor and white gouache.  This class is not a realistic class.  The approach is loose, impressionistic, and whimsical.

I will walk you through the entire process - from a quick, loose sketch to creating a painting with depth and interest - and all the steps in between. 

Most of all, our  focus is on relaxing, staying loose, and enjoying the painting process. 

And…..Secretly, almost like magic, we will improve our watercolor skills!

We will be practicing:

  • Wet on dry 
  • Wet on wet
  • Color mixing
  • Negative shape painting
  • Layering washes 
  • Adding gouche to increase the opacity of our paint
  • Staying loose
  • and so much more. :)

As always, we will wrap up the class with a project using the skills and techniques we have learned in the class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jessica Sanders

Artist | Designer


Jessica Sanders

Artist, Instructor, Designer

Hiya, beautiful skillsharer,

I hope all is well with you!

I tried out a fun technique last week, and, well...

I got super excited about it!! It was so fun, I just had to share it.  :-D 

I was so excited, that I turned it into a wonderful, relaxing, playful class.  

Watercolor with Me: Lovely Leaf Prints & Negative Shape Painting

Image: Leaf print example painting by Jessica Sanders

Let's make lovely leaf prints with watercolor together! 

We'll play with watercolor, and practice negative shape painting - a very important skill in watercolor painting.

In this class for beginners, or anyone who... See full profile

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1. Welcome: Are you ready to relax and paint with water color? Let's paint this beautiful cherry blossom tree together. Hello, my grand friends, Jessica Sanders here. Welcome to my channel in this class for any level. We're going to paint a painting start to finish in real time, so we'll start with a quick and easy sketch, and then we'll add and build up layers as we go. We're also going to be using whitewashing this class as an essential ingredient are painting. As we create a beautiful cherry blossom tree. We will be practicing many watercolor techniques, such as wet on dry. When I'm wet, we'll even get out our palette knife and play a little bit, will play with a rigger brush and will create death and layers. As we go. We'll be doing some negative shape painting so many, many techniques, all thrown together in this very relaxing pain along class. I've designed this class to be loose, free, sketchy, worry free, relaxing and to build your watercolor skills all at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started 2. Supplies: for this class. You need basic watercolors supplies, so you will need water color paint. Now you don't need as largest said as I have. This is my mission gold, and it is my recommended beginner's set because it comes with such a variety of colors and has a really good price point in the last A really long time. So I had my mission. Gold water colors here. But you don't need this largest set. We only need a few pinks and yellows and greens in this class, so smaller settle work. You will also need watercolor paper. Now I'm using £140.100 percent cotton paper. This is made by B Company, and it's a great watercolor paper. But the main thing is to have a thick watercolor paper that will handle water. So £140.300 GSM watercolor paper is the way to go. You will need water. You'll need a cloth for drawing your brushes in tapping off water. You'll need a pencil if you want to sketch a variety of watercolor brushes, different sizes. This is my largest size I used in this class, and then I also used these smaller rand. I use a palette knife. The palette knife is optional. I only use it for the trunk of the tree. You can use a brush for that. But it's just kind of fun to play with it, right? I didn't do a lot with it. I did mostly with brushes in this class, so just remember it was really not required. We'll also need White Wash now. I used quite a lot of whitewashing this class. If you don't have, like, washed, you can use a white acrylic or white ink. It may give you a little different result. That's okay, But I did use quite a bit of whitewash in this class. So that's all the supplies you need some basic watercolor supplies, plus maybe the gua sh and let's get started. 3. Quick Sketch - light sketching: Let's do a quick sketch of a cherry blossom tree. Now, some things I've noticed as of serving photos. Be sure to observe photos of your subject is that has usually are often a wide trunk and sprawling sort of limbs. I noticed also that the possums to glow grow in close, the overlapping clumps, that sort of things and some hang down and some go up towards this guy. So this is going to go off of this piece of paper and that's perfectly OK. A little bit of it and that's it. That's my drawing. I realize it may be a little hard to see, but it's a really light sketch just to give me an idea. You could do this without a sketch, but I just wanted to get you started with a little sketch. 4. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 1: it's so want to start with a really, like mix a pink, A really liking. So this is opera Carmen. It rose and lots of water. Super light, lots of water. And I'm well, I have this mixed up. I got a drop on. There's that problem. No, and put some over here and add a little bit of warm yellow there, and that is permanent yellow deep again. Oh, that's way too much. See, that turned really orange so I could just just move this over here because it didn't need so much of it, right? And then I'll go back after cleaning my brush. Pick this up in all I want is a storm warm pink. So because I have so much yellow, I'll go back to my Rose, The stronger version. That's a nice color Coralie color. That'll be perfect, but it needs to be more watery. I'm just starting with a really light wash of these peaks, a coral leaping and then a permanent rose kind of peak. More purple e pink. So let's start, and I'll start with this, and I'm just gonna be really loose and sketchy, and I want the edges to be sort of rough. So I'm laying my brush flat, sort of against the paper and creating this edge. Now I want a little bit of warmth, some just too big my brush picking it up and adding it in places. We're going to add some shadow leader, so I already have a shape of a tree notice. I'm leaving some little white gaps, and that's perfect. And I always think of the soccer about blossoms blowing, so we'll definitely be adding some splatters later. Let me add a little bit of a blue here with my opera and my permanent rose mix, so it's even a little bit more believing lots of water. As I said, I want this to be light and bright and airy. We have some really nice. So now this creates some shadow areas. Thank you. And when he softened a little bit of that look, that sort of run away into the water, into the water, into the edge of the painting as well. And I kind of don't want really hard edges. Over years, I've softened that as well. Now I'll go back to this light really light. Pete, I'm not putting any of this quarrel over here. At this point, I may put it later, but right now, not because I want to keep this. This is sort of where the sun is shining and this is not so. It has a little bit of a warmer color. Then over here, I can't resist. I'm sorry. Yes, So I'm creating this really large area blossoms scrubbing my paintbrush around, keeping it very uneven and loose and sketchy. I love loosen sketchy, so leave nous white space. I'll put limbs in later. I'll put some blue sky and later. Now let's go to this purple e color and a little bit shadowy areas, maybe even a little more blue in there. That's going to be too dark, so I would smooth that to the edge. So there's a really purple color there on the edge. That's good. We want that bluey purple. We can let it makes on the page some as well, and drop some spots in here and there. Not over here, where the sun is but any other areas, and let those colors blend right on the paper Can We're keeping it loose, Airy. It's spring. The wind is blowing. It's really Just imagine being out with the soccer blossoms. It be fantastic, right? Drips and water there because I have Teoh, I will dripped a little bit of this here and even create some little dots and spots. So we're thinking of the whole tree, not just the individual cherry blossoms said these limbs come out. Of course I'm chaining blossoms right now, but eventually there will be some limbs there. So let me a little bit of this purple color again. This is a shadow color because it's a darker version of our pink. More of this warm pink over here, dropping that in maybe a little bit here in the middle, so have a nice shape to the top of my treat. Now we're gonna let that dry a little and while that's drying will work on the trunk. So I have this yellowy corn shanks here. So let me add some burnt sienna. This is burnt Sienna. Let me have a little bit of party in and I'll add some Van Dyke brown. So I have a warm brown and a cool brown. This is Van Dyke Brown and I want again a watery mix. I think I want to use my palette knife for this. So let me move this color here. I should have mixed to here in the first place, but I didn't at a little bit more bands like Brown to that. There we go, more water. I want to be light first because I'll add some shadow later. So start with a light, watery mix. I'll move to my palette knife, and this creates a really sketchy look, and that's what I'm going for. So I'm just going to apply some more color with this palette knife and create some texture as I go. So I'm just going to push it up and slide it. That's pretty nice. No, let me pick up this drop drop of around. They don't want that. There's a big drop. Their I'm also going to pick that up because I don't want that color mix in there. Here we go. So that is the hazard of working. Well, it's went with the brown. I think that created a nice texture there, maybe a little bit more here on this side. So at this point, I'll let this dry and then I will come back 5. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 2: so my painting is mostly dry. Do you have a few spots that are not dry? I'm OK with that, but this area is pretty dry. So now when opponents limbs and I decided I would switch to using rigour, which has these long bristles and will create interesting tree mark limb marks, and I may use this small Russia's well, I'm not sure yet, so we'll see how it develops. So I want to pick up even more that Van Dyke Brown. And I'm just going to put in the idea of some limbs. And I want to use a jerky motion because the's limps have knobs, they have a lot of texture. Now that's not actual limb, right? It's just the idea of a limb, and I'm trying to think of like, how would that limb flow out from the tree? And also it's going to be covered up right in places, so I'm not too concerned about how it looks on a bit one here, maybe a little thicker or a couple. I noticed that these trees tend to be like very branching, like they had a lot, so I had a few like branches in areas and I'm going to paint straight over this in a few minutes. But I wanted to add some now and they'll show through a little bit, and that's actually perfect. E don't want too many, though. Maybe here a little line. No, I'm not making any thick branches. Cherry trees do have thick branches, but for the most part, for this painting they don't really show. I'll go back in with this little bit larger brush that still small, and I want to paint. I need thicker paint and darker paint. So Van Dyke Brown and that sepia are burnt sienna. And I want textures of pressing down and getting a dry brush effect. Okay, was a little branch stick sticking it right? So get some different branches. Different, different wide branches going there. Well, shadow in there and just let some of that be dry in some of the flow. But we want the darker area away from the sunlight, right and and texture. Don't be afraid. Add texture. We're painting the idea Loose, expressive idea. The cherry tree. We're not painting a realistic church 6. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 3: okay. I actually gave this colored in like that. So pretty look at that Makes me so happy. Let go and experience and take a moment to enjoy what you're doing. Because I mean, that's really what it's all about. It's really all about that. Okay, Beautiful. Mostly will mostly dry pretty quickly. I'm just going to dab in some of these beautiful colors. So this Coralie color put it in some places just to create some darker parts of it. And big, very like dancing my brush. Right. Be loose, sketchy, and I'm letting the color below it show through because that was part of the point of painting that after all, it is to let some of that color show through. In this way, I'm creating some to stand out more lumps and I'm leaving a lot of hard edges. Sometimes I don't do that, but in this case, I just feel like it needs it. And then here we go. Same with this really beautiful pink layering will automatically create deeper, darker colors and more depth. So we're adding texture and debt all at the same time and adding this in with that coral just to create shadowy mixes And now I'll go a little darker here in some areas with this purple you mix, I think I want the data even more blue there a more probably blue color, more purple color creating some depth Letting that mix on my paper Living some of the other colors show through back to this peak mixture still very watery and loose and again not focusing on perfection but really focusing on the idea so creating texture I picked up this color and I kind of want but didn't put in here Okay, dropping this light color in here and there and I want you now get a watery mix in splatter a little bit over here. It's kind of too dark, so I'll tap that a little and even some little like little gots here and there with the tip by brush to make those flowers little flowers show up a little smaller dot So if you notice I worked in big splotches to begin and now I'm just working and even little small marks to create even more interest here honor painting. I'm gonna tap those little drops a little I feel the need a little bit more like maybe these air like flying now? Yes. Look at this. I like this. I'm like, this needs a little limb, so I'll just go straight with that. And so we have a little limb that comes out and it looks can cool, I think a little bit darker here, there. So I'm going straight for my paint in my palette to bake that darker, less water, right? Me that will darkness there. And these These trees are very textures. So you almost can't. You almost can't get it wrong. So adding in a few more dark areas to the limbs, they don't have to go all the way out. Right? But they will show, like through the treat. And this really makes me happy. Guys, I hope you're enjoying this. Maybe a little bit north here. It's a little like light shining through 7. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 4: Let's see. We don't have any sky or anything here, so I want to do a little bit. This is a surreal yin blue, very watery, very light. Let's put a little bit in here. Maybe there's some sky showing through. No, my trees, not completely dry. So obviously that means the paint is going to mix a little bit. That's okay, and I'm fading and out as I go, you can drop even a little bit more blue in there. Remember, dries lighter. It's a lot of blue Selimi and water. It drives lighter, and I want a light and airy feeling here. But I do want it to look blue. That looks really nice. There, a little more blue in some of these areas. Now let's do really like blue over here and leave a little bit of white. And that is, to some extent, our sucker Richie, a cherry blossom tree, white. Some of the blooms look really white light. That's a nice guy right there. Very nice. Just a light blue drop. Drop it a little more here and there to make it brighter, and I'm using sort of that same dancing of it. It's a sky. It's got clouds and really nice areas. And I want that to be a nice slick. Okay, Cool, crisp day, right? That looks nice. I like to believe that ran together. We'll put some sky over here is, well, a little bit darker, I think, mixing in a little bit. I have these drops and I kind of want to leave them because I love the drops. I don't know if they work for this painting or not. No. Drop in a few little into the wet wash. Create some little spots. A little bit of tapping. Gonna create some flow their little areas off for the flowers, air falling. I'm using that warm pink. I think I also want to use this cooler pink of the operate and permanent rose mix. Now my water is kind of dirty, right, But it's giving me a little bit more muted color, and I like that attacking lightly. I just want a little bit now. I'm kind of tap all over. I think with this, and it's going to flow in the areas where it's wet and leave some dots where it's not so me a little harder tap a little harder. It's creating texture, visual interest, and some blooms tap that he's too big by mine estimation. Now I want to do the ground, which ISS showing pink because their blossoms on the ground. So this is really watering loose. Do a little bit of purple, even on the tree, a little bit a shadow underneath the tree, not going for realistic blossoms underneath the tree, on the ground and literally this watercolor is going to blossom because it was a lot of water here. So have blues and blossoms in the watercolor since not just in cherry sense. So I just did the whole area of the ground underneath there. Not just drop in a few little just playing and having fun with it. I see something I need to change. Like I feel like those drops are a little bit too harsh and I will fix it. It's okay to have some small ones, but this really makes me happy. So let me just happy's a little yeah, all right. I want to let this dry and then we'll do another layer and see how that works out 8. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 5: So I'm looking at my tree and have really nice shape to the tree. I like the sky effect of like how that looks. I like how loose and sort of free and blow it. It's not really blowing in the wind, but I can see some little dots and and things going on so I don't want to do now is bring up the depth a little bit, and the way I'm going to do that is I'm going to add some white quash with which will add opacity to my paints. I've also so it shot my waters and nice clean water. So I want to create pinks that are more criminal pick. And that's why I brought in the whitewash. Look at that. That is gorgeous. Creamy color. It's almost white but has a little bit of pink, has plenty of water and flow. It's a little thicker than just plain water color, adding a little bit more water that looks really nice. That's very pretty, and I'm just going to I think it will splatter a lot, and then I'll tap some of the spotters. I really don't want pointy nous, so let me hold my brush vertically, and I think even I want that to be even more of that wash in there and I want to be. It's it's really nice and almost white has just a little bit of pink. So let's just tap holding my brush vertically and tapping. Now everything is drawing, so it's not going to move too much unless I hit a spot where I have that water. So I want to remember that clumps that these blooms clumped together and the goal is to create death. And hopefully I'm doing that. I want this to be a little bit more of that creamy pink. So remember that Waas Yellow and Rose? Yeah, see such a tiny bit can make a really, really pretty impact. Remember, Hold my vertically anthems were tapping a lot, and I'm letting the taps did hit each other. Go together, right? We'll really be able to see it here, where there's less texture in this area. Get my fan brush out and it just might do that. This I can even more white right. I can just make it less flowing and it will be more opaque, but I want I want that background of show through. Also, I just want the idea that there little clumps of ours. I like I like a lot. I need to pick up a little bit more pink. I just don't have quite enough now. This color maybe slightly different than the one I had before. That's okay because it's a painting and we want variation. But we'll have consistency because we're using the same colors of paint just in a little different way. So nice, creamy. I'm going to mix that quash all the way in. Pick up more water. Look how we got white and opaque. My water looks like you can't see their my water anymore. That's the effect that Gua sh has on water color. Really pretty right there. But it's too pink. I wanted to be that coral color. Remember, that's the color we had their salt pick up a little bit more of that. Yellow doesn't take much there because that's better. More of that correlate color. I like how this looks nice and bright white. Depending on where you put this, it'll show up more. Remember, I don't want to cover everything up. I want to create the idea. There just little clumps of flowers. I keep forgetting toe hold my brush more vertically. So let me try and remember to do that. So doing it over this edge of this blue that creates a lovely effect. So will come in with the other color of pink in a minute. I had washed it, Cover up some of those limbs. Perfectly fine. I have some harsh lines over here. I kind of want to cover this up a little. So I'm getting pretty detailed here because I'm making such small dots and I could splatter , but I kind of one less flattery effect, if you can believe. So that's why I'm doing in this way. But I don't want to be too controlled either. So keep that in mind. I feel I need more morgue wash here. I want this to be lighter than it is. Some really using the look wash generously. And I don't have to very much water in here. There we go. That's nice. And bright. So at any more. I said this is pretty detailed room doing now. I'm going over some of the places I did before, and that actually works really well. Do you blame the colors in work nicely. I like this effect. So far, so worked on about half a tree, right? But I haven't made, like, a straight line drop a little bit of that down there. I could use a smaller brush. You can use a smaller brush if you want even smaller dots here and there. So that was actually comparatively dark. What I was doing just a second ago because you can see that this has a lighter effect here , maybe tap in some light. Those blossoms are falling. I probably will go back with white, the white of the wash before I'm finished. So this is taking a little while is process. It's really fun. And it's really worth it. And therapeutic because you're just tapping and not thinking too much and just allowing Just allow yourself to enjoy what you're doing. Don't cover up everything you did before. Don't forget you want the things you did before the show through. You want to cover everything up so leaving light bright spaces here. I'm covering of a lot of what he did before the right. But it gives me a nice background love. I'm loving this so far, actually 9. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 6: so creating little clumps here and there and of also creating sort of individual blooms. So remember, I'm going for a feeling here more than I'm going for anything realistic. I want a crisp spring day just chilly outside and cool and nice. That's what I'm going for. Okay? So don't forget that. Don't forget what feeling you're going forward. My papers worked a little bit, so I'm just kind of holding it down over here. Well, it's dry and asked some of these dark moon spots air drying. I'll just go ahead and add in a little bit more. They're not completely dry. This is going to move a little bit. So really like how this going so far? Let's take some of that over here into this area. Remember reminding myself to my brush. Now I'm out of paint. Basically, I'm out of pain. And the more water I add, the more transparent this will become, and the more the color behind it will show through. So keep that in mind when you're using wash to make your watercolors opaque. I'm moving over to this side. I want to add a little bit more darker. One darker areas Oh, I remember to that my brush from the top. So now I have less wash and more pigment, more, more water color paint. I don't want to do too much of that, but I wanted to some. So you can see here how the the difference in the color when I added more paint to that'd wash. See those how wide that is and how darker, how much darker that actually is. And it's still quite a warm, less purple lee kind of color. I don't want too much of that over here, like I said, some tapping really lightly to get a small mark and a little harder to get a bigger mark. I could do splattering, but I just feel like the effect is a little bit different. So that's why I'm not doing that. Do you love splattering this? Just it's giving me the effect I want. So that's why I'm doing tapping. And also it is, as I said, very therapeutic silence people out here. So I noticed that when I was observing trees when I took a look at some photos, some of the branches will sort of reach for the sky, and some of them will droop and drape, and I love that effect. All right. Now then, let's go for this purple e color cleaning my brush out pretty well. I'm going toe actually absorb a little bit of this. It's too much, so I don't want to affect the blush as much, but I do want that purple e kind of wash Purple e kind of pink. So again I'm going to just hold my brush more vertically. I'm so happy that you're here painting along with me. I really hope that you'll give this a try and just have fun with it. It's just Penny is just so fun and so relaxing, and I wish everyone with paint. I know it's not fun and relaxing for everyone, but I just would love it if everyone could feel that and experience that joy that you get from painting. It's just amazing. We get over that blue a little bit overlapping where I just put those other dots right. If it makes us some because it's what Is that? Okay, Yes, if it shows through a little bit, even better. But remember, I'm putting a little bit fewer dots a little bit fewer marks. I want that that I've already done to show through. So this tree has so much texture. It is to me, amazing tree like I would love to see this tree in real life. Beautiful. Remember, you'll get more distinct marks if the area you're working in is completely dropped. Some of these areas are still wet summer dry. Also that keep in mind that opacity more water means it's more transparent. Less water means it's more opaque, which means you can't see through it right. You can't see through it as well. If it's opaque, maybe a little was stopped in on top of that there. It's a little clump. I am. Take this old really bright color over to this side now, trying to leave more and more space, going over the lighter areas but making it nice and like small. And I'm not making anything perfect. Great. This is still a tiny bit paint, but it's mostly white, mostly white, not too much pink left in there. So there may be limbs and things up here in real life, which wouldn't necessarily see all of his limbs. So that's the thing about it. That's why I'm so much limbs or hidden in this painting like my focus is not on those of the tree. My focus is on the blossoms and how beautiful they are, how happy they feel and how it just since the message that winter winter is just a season. And sometimes winter can be a hard season to go through. But it's just a season I will pass. And that's the idea of spring to me. Now, if you notice when I put this on darker areas, it looks brighter. So that's being lighter lights, darker darks. If you're against the dark area, it's going to look lighter and brighter like here, whereas if you're against the light area like here, it doesn't show. Oppa's much right. I feel like I can do some splatters of the white wash now that look nice and make some really nice small dots. Do it all over now, remember, if you have more and it's more fluid, you'll make it larger dots. Also, if you tap it harder, you can make bigger areas. Keep that in mind so all of these little specks are they just make me happy. Oh my goodness, guys, I love this tree. I love it so I mean, it's fantastic, right? It's just I love this. I am super happy and I hope that you are going to 10. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 7: I do want to add one more thing, and that's a little bit to the ground. And I don't want it because it's early spring. Everything is not super green yet. Anglican at a green, a yellowy green. So let me just makes this just a little bit. I'm mixing it with that. Gosh, that was already there was practically white, right? And let's just add in little bits of green right over this area. Purple yellowy created Hell, we you'll be green little bit more now I'm just dropping it into the wet areas and let's just let that flow Simple Owes some doesn't I think that's actually perfect. Mm, Yeah, yeah, yeah, that makes me happy. Guys, Does that make you happy? Drop in a little bit more greens Now. I don't want to drop pink into the screen because that's going to neutralize it, and I don't really want it to be neutralized. But see, I have this pinky purple that showing through on the edges, which is perfect because that's like the sakura blossoms are on the ground. Well, if this is a little bit here just because I feel like it, we have, like, light area on the tree. The tree has lots of texture. I feel like it needs a little more dark here. The bottom. I don't feel that would be white. There. Feel like that's distracting. And so let me just time to make some of this Van Dyke brown with this green and just stroke . I'm gonna let this dry and then take one more look at it and I'll let you know if it's finished. 11. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 8: now that that layers dry. I really am loving this tree. I want to do only two more things, I think, And one is to brighten up this blue in some areas, and the other is to add more white, more white wash. So let me start with the blue again. It's a watery mix, and I'm just going to just brighten up a few little areas in the tree where that Skye is showing through. I want that to be there. If I go over where there were some pedals before, it doesn't matter, right? I don't really like how this edge looks, either, so I can just Now's a good time to fix that. I can't wanted to be more smooth than that sort of thing, more smooth and then not sharp corners like it had. I'll soften that edge out to so often that all the way out to the edge. Look at this little isn't that just gorgeous? Oh my goodness, I'm just super happy. That's the point. For me, that's the point of painting may not always be to make a gorgeous painting, which this one I feel, is gorgeous, but it's it's about enjoying the process. And that's one thing I really try. Just share with you all the time. When I'm painting is enjoy the process of painting under make this a darker blue brighter then that go out. I left those little spots there again. This also darker, brighter right here by the tree, leaving those little spots but adding some spots of blue right and then soft in that. That's so pretty. I love the transparency of watercolor, but I also love how, adding that wash just gives you more options in a way. Look at that. That's really pretty. Make that lists of a hard line by just adding some dots because there are some blossoms there on the edge. Right, So hang this little dots of blue actually creates the negative of the blossoms. Let me do that over here as well, rather than the straight fine line I like. I like that actually a lot soft, and that's often carry that down. I don't want harsh lines in this guy. You know that blue look at that more, more little dots of blue here. I think I'm really also having a lot of fun putting the dots. It's just since I says kind of therapeutic, Let's do that on this edge is, well, just were tapping around. It's like negative shape painting, right? Well, it is negative shape painting, but it's just not super thought. Super thought out. It's more intuitive and then pull that out. In real life, you probably wouldn't see so many details. But this is a painting. This is This is the feeling of this crisp, cool blue Sky Day. I hope you that you were getting that feeling from it. I'm much more concerned about getting that feeling from it than I am about getting a and super accurate cherry tree. Let's put some believe there. This was darker, so it's going to show up over it. Look, maybe a little purple. It's perfectly fought in there. I want to be brighter, lighter over here, so I'm putting that down now. Add more water, softens offense often. So while we're doing these were actually practicing a lot of water color skills, right? This is a clump of cherry blossoms in the background, and I don't want to go over this little area here, but I do want to put some blue in this area, but really light really light in a few of those, and not really a harsh edge. Softer. It's there. There's the idea that there's some cherry blossoms back there, but they're kind of in the distance. They're not very well defined. Let's make this corner. It's tiny, bit darker, and we'll make this corner also a little darker, that draw the eye as well. If you make the edges a little darker, that's a little mixed media trick for you, isn't this? I just I'm so happy right now, you guys. This just the colors and everything. The looseness, the sketchy nous, the splattering nous. It all just makes me so happy. And yes, it's wonderful. Make that a little bit more blue because I had that brown bleed out. Okay, such a wonderful day. That's the way it makes me feel. 12. Cherry Blossom Tree Part 9: Okay, One more thing I want to add. And that is white wash. Now just clean out that area and add some whitewash. My water is fairly clean except for the washes. You can see it has that quash in it. So it looks milky and cloudy. So not too much water. But I want enough to make it flow and splatter. So this is even more pay more white. The effect Maybe a little bit subtle trying not to do too much. Although, you know, and as I said in this class, are ready so many times, You know how much I love to splatter so But I don't want to do too much. I say is I kept have to have a way, right? Go over. The edge is a little. Those blossoms are falling now the blue still wet. Not concerned. If you don't want that to mix in with the blue, just be sure you want to drive. Are you gonna do before you do this? I also want to splatter here on the ground. This is dry at the bottom. I don't want the idea that there some sacharow blossoms on the ground on the grass and white will be fine for that. You could do the pink mix if you want it. And some are between us and the tree there just loading, floating through the air everywhere. So see where this is wet. Get little splotches, But that kind of just makes it like they're some of the background. It's just perfect. Perfect, perfect feel Dots there. If you see an area you want to put just actual dots didn't go for it. Otherwise, just flattered. Don't worry about it. Hey, I will take my super skinny brush now and something this because this painting is done. 13. Project and Thank you: So, first of all, thank you so much for joining me for this paint along class. I hope you've enjoyed it, and I cannot wait to see your projects. And as you may have already guessed, your project is to relax and paint a cherry tree or a saccharine tree, depending on what you like to call it. And I hope that you will keep your focus on the process of creating a being loose, sketchy free. Pay the feeling. Think of the feeling as you're painting of a nice spring beautiful day, crisp, cool air and trying to capture that feeling more than you're trying to capture a realistic painting of a tree. This class is not has not been about painting a realistic tree. This class has been about relaxing, enjoying the process of painting and painting the idea or the impression of a cherry tree and capturing that light spring mood. So thank you so much for joining me. I cannot wait to see your projects. If you enjoy this class, please leave a review. It helps other students know what to expect when they come and take a classroom. Me. It also helps me know if you enjoy the class and if I should do more like them so thank you so much. I will see you in class.