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Watercolor with Hand Carved Stamps

Autumn Hathaway, Hand Carved Stamps

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7 Videos (17m)
    • Watercolor with Hand Carved Stamps Intro

    • Sketching Crystal Shapes

    • Stamping with Crystal Shapes and Watercolor

    • Watercolor Stamping Vase for Still Life

    • Watercolor Stamping Flowers

    • Painting in the Leaves and Line Work

    • Bonus Tips in the Closing


About This Class


Come learn how to create gorgeous watercolor paintings, the easy way. Using Hand Carved Stamps,

In this class I show you how to use your Hand Carved Stamps, or any stamp you like to create beautiful watercolors! 

The Material list is available here in the Projects section. 

*** We will not be carving stamps in this class. Please check my profile for my other classes on stamp carving. 

I show you how to stamp different methods; A stunning crystal shape and a lovely floral still life.

In the closing I will share with you a few more tips for using watercolor with stamps. 





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Autumn Hathaway

Hand Carved Stamps

Hello, I'm Autumn. Welcome to my Skillshare channel which is all about Hand Carved Stamps. My first class is a great place to start, Hand Carved Stamps Made Simple. i would love for you to join me in class.

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