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Watercolor wall art: 4 digital botanical illustrations in Procreate + free brushes

teacher avatar Inga Yoon, Digital illustrator and teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson plan and texture paper

    • 3. 1st wall art illustration

    • 4. 2nd wall art illustration

    • 5. 3rd wall art illustration Pt. 1

    • 6. 3rd wall art illustration Pt. 2

    • 7. 4th wall art illustration Pt. 1

    • 8. 8. 4th wall art illustration Pt. 2

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About This Class


Let’s paint  amazing watercolor pictures that you can print and hang on the wall!

and our today’s topic is botanical wall art in watercolor style. We gonna create 4 illustrations in different styles.

Today I want to show you that watercolor it’s simple. And that’s a real fun. We will use my botanical sketching sets that I created and that will help you to save time and choose the style that suits you.

Today I will teach you:

  • how to create 2 texture papers,
  • how to create a beautiful composition,
  • and also how to paint leaves and florals in a watercolor style,
  • How to trace pictures and use calligraphy brush properly,
  • I will also show you 2 techniques of adding shades.
  • and finally how to paint 4 amazing watercolor illustration that later you can print, put in a frame and hang on the wall.

I will show you my whole process from the start till finish.

And as a bonus I will share with you my 4 watercolor custom brushes that I created. I will also add png files of my botanical sketching sets, texture papers, grids for calligraphy and illustrations that i paint. Feel free to use them for your own art project. You can find them in “Resources” section.

My other videos that are on YouTube - here:


The whole set of my new watercolor brushes you can check following the link below:


my Instagram: 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Inga Yoon

Digital illustrator and teacher


Hello, guys!

I am Inga Yoon, artist, digital illustrator and tutor.

Throughout these years I took part in different exhibitions, TV shows on local Ukrainian channels, organized workshops, you name it.

Although I`ve been painting since 2005 and teaching art from 2016, my carrier as online art teacher is just taking off. Hope you will support me on this journey:)

I am major is gouache and oil painting, but I am obsessed with watercolor art. Especially in digital.

Hop along for the ride.

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1. Introduction: Hi guys. Hello everyone. My name is Inga, I'm freelance illustrator and so glad to see all of you here. Today's class. Today I'm gonna teach you how to play in a different wall arts illustrations in watercolor style. And you're going to be and for illustrations. And I'm also going to share with you my free of watercolor brush that I created. And I also created a watercolor sketch said sit you also going to use, and it will help you to save time and money into your own illustrations. So let's get started. So let's paint altogether amazing watercolor pictures that you can print and hang on a wall. So as you understand, our today's topic is botanical wall art in the vertical style. And we're going to create four illustrations in different styles. Today I want to show you, is it watercolour? It's simple and sets a real fun. We will use my botanical sketch and said, said I created. Hence it will help you to save time, then choose the styles, it's YouTube. Today we'll teach you how to create two different texture papers. How to create a beautiful composition, and also how to pay and leaves and plurals in a watercolor style. How to trace pictures and use calligraphy brush. Li, i will also show you two techniques of edX in shades and finally, how to Bay and for amazing watercolor illustrations, I will show you my whole process from start to finish. And as a bonus, I will share with you might fall in your custom brushes that I created. I will also add being gif files of my botanical sketch and sets textured paper greets Four Calligraphy and illustrations that I paint. Feel free to use them for your own art projects. Was this class is good as for beginners, as for intermediate level and even some experienced artists. And then finally, here's some useful tips how to paint watercolor wall are to the striations in the new style and of course, inspiration. Your class project will be next. Paint your own watercolor wall art using the tubes and brushes says, I gave you today, I will use procreate for this class with iPad and Apple pencil. So if you have it or some ours drawing pads or just regular paper and anions, please join our class and good luck. 2. Lesson plan and texture paper: So guys, I already mentioned that introduction, but I want to tell you once again if you're going to create plane deal wall art illustrations today, and I actually created a couple of new brushes. It is called Book calligraphy is second and BU watercolor splashes. So we're going to use them as Val and I also have for you some paint and sets that I created and we're going to use it today as well. So as I mentioned before, you're going to create plane to wall art illustrations in our first paint and you're gonna create simple illustration. We use calligraphy, pain teen. And I already created some botanical sets of Platonic ideals of certainly gonna use today. Hence, this is second one, I hope you would like said. And also assist or this flower we're gonna use for our second paint. And I will add it to the links that you can fall and download all of the styles that I included. So And our third one is botanical composition. I will tell you how to post show pictures in a proper way, how to make really beautiful composition. And we will use no tracing since this way. And it will be watercolor style. Next one, I'm going to use this picture as a reference and budget total visit simple. So let's get started. Speaking about textured paper. I have told textured paper for your first one is irregular one, I decided to pick in you to extra paper. And this textured paper is more in the vintage style and we're going to use is one of my paintings as well. So let's start it, create an hour texture paper and let's do what we did before. So the first one, like regular won B, going to duplicate said after said Move tool, Linear Burn, and colorbar. And after WWII case it two times merge together. Much to kiss her. And let's lovers have passages like they make an accent. Color burns fine. Touch would be trying to add texture beeper. This paper's perfect Cole wall art illustrations. And once again, I'm going to group cause he's a spiral. So I'll second, a texture paper is finished style. I will replicate it to time's up. Does it move to a leaner burned and colorbar? And after said duplicated two times, March, the abdicate, Color Burn, merge and lovers app ICT. Near perfect can also group. And we can bring names it so this is like vintage paper. And second is the wall art paper. Perfect. So we have TO texture. And now I think we can start our first picture. 3. 1st wall art illustration: So for our first painting, how I'm going to show but oh tone and we're gonna create is this plumbers. And I will turn on the wall art paper. And I need to be on your layers at just below us catch layered the Swan and it looks very, very cute, but I think I want to make it paired spins this way. And he returned to my sketch Player. I felt indicates it. Mike, one layer and the pieces well enough to return to savy simple layer. And I want to make it beaker. And after zed, i need to move, slide and closer. The paintings. Here wouldn't be cool. And I've just place it here cause I wanted to write something here on Denise is my calligraphy brush. It's perfect like set. So now let's start coloring I things as flowers would be great if B, if, say, could be blue or something like that. And I'm gonna go and grab my bowl, marshmallow watercolour brush. And once again, I am on the layers it just below Alice kitchen Earsketch layer. You shouldn't be like perfect in your coloring. If you go beyond the frames is fine. Inventory about toothbrushes pretty transparent as far as perfect tall watercolor painting. My new tool is a blending tool. I'm using bleach into Blender watercolor, and also adds his brush to sit description of our class. Bad, Perfect. Now we're gonna go and grab green colour. Speaking about wall arts and all our painting. So what I can tell you, you said actually all of exams that would be perfect to play sample in the kitchen, or maybe an animal, even your own, or maybe even in a bedroom. And in honor on of what you're going to draw Bosnia. Best place, the first place that comes to your mind, it's kitchen. The, so I decided to play in photonic calls for all delayed. Or if you have time and inspiration, I can create same class VCE of Ford illustration, bill scene. Let's move to the next one. So once again, you can overlapped your like colors. We saw Yvonne So we can leave to your being your Apple Pencil throng screens fine. Don't worry about it. Like say ten to last one. Made here. I think I wanted to plan some parts. Same going under here. Again, I'm going to show you a one cool trick, a magic trick. You just go and replicate your painting layer two times. And now you see the cow paintings is very, very saturated, but I wanted to add shades. And in this way, I'm gonna go and grab dark green color. I'm on same layer, given dark hair. And I wanted to go beyond and peaks areas that I wanted to darken. Told. Accept bad guys. If you want to reach even more, what color? You need to be careful and place texture paper about all our paint in seconds this way, what I'm gonna do, I will just quote all our textured paper, a bow, all our reference pictures, all our presence. And as you might see, now it's pre to saturate and an aide simple watercolor style. And now I would like so even if you wanted to make it less iterated guys, go ahead and do your job you like. You can just clovers up paucity all up to you bought iLabs is how it looks right now. And next step is we're gonna go and add some calligraphy variety means. And in this way also created one. For you, as you might see, as US lions can help you to ride, it's perfect link. And if all our pain, teen fall out calligraphy writing, we gonna grab my brush. So it is called bow calligraphy to clean it up for a second. And let's stack it in some words. I actually think and what to ride and trust boards that came to my mind was Eat, Pray, Love. Because we have three Flobair saw as its perfect. Thus who's doing it? And let's keep doing it. And once again, I'm gonna human hair. So just below all our textured paper, I grabbed my book calligraphy brush, and let's start in wards. And as yet, we have lions that can help you to write it perfectly. So let's start. You need to be very gentle. These are painting reskill brush. And you can change the colors. Can be green or it can be blue. And I now has a collars. I think for me maybe I could make it like dark green, like say s. And after because later I wonder ads and displeasure. So as it towards you with the whole picture that we have. So it's great writers. You see my E8 is little bit higher. So we choose selection tool and make it likes it and over-relying should I wanted to make it smaller? Yeah. Thanks. S Now let's turn off our lines. Yeah. And if you want just play resize and everything. Actually guys also you can make it to lower as is swayed or if you're very, very watercolors tile. My axes. This cool. Now I'm gonna go and create one more layer and I will change my brush tool pole, what a car splashes. And I need to be underneath all output to extra p with extra layers, all our layers. Wow guys, we're done because our first paint, and I hope you enjoy to Tuan. And in this way, the last steps that we're going to merge players together. And let's move to next paint. 4. 2nd wall art illustration: Okay, we merge all our layers together now we can turn it off. And our next painting, it's also b. We're going to use our tracing. And as you see, I drew this flower. I think it's very, very gentle, very nice. And it wouldn't be grade was a kitchen. And I don't really want to pay him too much with this one. And it would be really simple. And, or tune it to w are gonna go and grab this far. Or you feel like you can go to unscrew, pick a flower is a tool-like tray set properly. These six, the pencil or HB pencil, both ways are fine. And afterwards it just saves it. Png format is transparent background. And after that you can use this painting and what ideas you see I have a transparent background. It's, it's fine. I will add this picture which is a description and causes pain to the approach we're going to go and change the paper too. So when Thich paper, I want to make it a movie integer style. So as phi, i decided to grips at one and our next steps preassembled. So once again, we need to be in a layer on a new layer, just below paint in our sketch layer. And for that, I'm gonna go and grab something like set and the yellow and the orange color. And once again, I'm gonna go and grab my bowl, marshmallow watercolor crash. Also surely ASA Brar such as very good also for this painting. And I will increase the size and I will simply just colors it likes it. You see it's not perfectly at all. And after green colour change to dark brown in here. Perfect. Once again, you can duplicate so slayers and make it more saturated. Looks like for now. And I'm gonna go and create one more layer. And it cause I need to add some painting as a background. And you've got to go and grab, and go to artistic sad and grab all Beach brash spreadsheets. Cool. So an opposite, I think I wanted to add some frame, like we'll have frame in a frame. Once again, you shouldn't be perfect at all to move. And after her. Next time you're going to go to Selection Tool. You can grab eraser and erase everything, but I don't want to do is add and just go and guy so you can keep it that way. Or if you wanted to get sauce colors, it should be added. Once again, you need to go and erase after said cut. And if you have our flour, some edges, you can just blend. Like sad. Once again, you can it splashes was at new layer. After said to go to my said, my brush pool would cause precious crisis size. Something like set. So if Donald is our next of all art painting as n, As I promised to us, it's pretty simple. I think that is the fastest picture we have ever made. And after that, we can merge all, all layers together and move to the next whole art illustration. 5. 3rd wall art illustration Pt. 1: So now we need to turn off our previous painting and the move to the next one. And I think I wanted to stay the same paper costs for our next faint in the extra gonna use it as a paper. So in this way, I'm gonna go and grab my botanical said. And I need to pick a picture is a to B leg and off to sit. Trace said, like we'll just try select and just copy and paste as I'm gonna do right now. And for our next third faint him vehicle to create composition, flowered composition, copy-and-paste, and return to our previous layer. And I went to trace these, reach 70. I wanted to trace the disease platonic cookie and faced, let's return. I think you also go means this bombers, well, copy-and-paste. Cool. Now let's turn off. I'll set trace and sad and knowledge they need to coloring and I need to be on the layers it just below all our tracings. I'll always kitsch layer. And once again, I'm gonna go and grab my bowl Marshmallow, which color crash. And we will start this flower when a new layer, I think really use this layer for all paintings. And it will be pink here from numbers that sparked this dark terror. And now we're gonna create shadow, cross fuzzies kind of painting. We actually know how to use our trace in Soviet need to create a painting such as same-day quote a collar on. So they shouldn't rely on house kitchen. Not just sad. Pink collar. I had more shades here. You don't need to be perfect. Just show it. Brush some edges with us to teach linear dean tool. And what Cauchy VD did. I like flowers, very, very beautiful. And if you like against the Trade said, go to your situation brightness and you come back just trades. It's like they like this. Perfect. Let's keep it that way. And now let's move to the next one. And if you like, and you're like, I wanted to create a new layer enough to, I will march all. I'll paint in layers altogether. And let's move to your colleague to us. Once again, mu and a new layer, we have marshmallow watercolor brush and guys stentorian all color said I was using today. I will add, I will create a palette and I will share as palette with Sadat Tori. Jack cramped given like more bluish color, thinks it's now let me just complain. Plus once again later v1 to use our tracing. Okay, cool. Now I went to replicate said handled lower side positive slightly and up to merge together. And now I'm ready to add some dark colors. This way I'm using dark blue will marshmallow watercolour brush. If you like. A says go ahead and leave this hour like tracing layer, it's not compulsory to remove our sketch layer. And you can also keep SAT if you like. It's a feeling. So now let's turn off. Kitsch is here and he's pretty loudly, but I still need to add some things to improve. And it could have some sharp HS. Great. I DO likes this painting. I think this one is finished, so is moved to the next byte or need to create a new layer. And I think I've a choice is Platonic l and it has sli slide green color. That's lovers have positive Chrome's kitsch layer. Thanks Ace, increase its size. Finally, finally, so I'm going to duplicate it Bon, make it less saturated and up to March layers together. Okay, great. It's very, very loving. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go and grab my free hand. And I'm going to add some shades, like random shades. As your hue saturation, brightness, brightness, fly-bys of passivity and colors. And two ones they can. And not just crept blend into and glands m edges. Turn off house kitchen layer, which is known to end. And Tory. We can't run to add some sharp edges, so perfect highlights. And in this way you go to automatic TO but tiny call Baptists advisor, maybe 5% is fine hue saturation brightness. And my suggestion is to lower brightness. And that's it. And now you see its breed in water cause style because it has so sharp edges. So same GO DO resolve lover and your colleague tos. So they have lover go to automatic grep flower Pfizer around 5-6 percent fee situation brightness. And after lowers uprightness, like said, to harness it all. And we have our eucalyptus. Once again, automatic. Yeah, perfect score. So 5% hue saturation brightness, and lower brightness except for a month saga of time is eucalyptus ICE rarely sees very, very, very watercolor style. 6. 3rd wall art illustration Pt. 2 : And for this theme, I think I will not use the whole branch. I'm gonna use just as a part of our botanical because they don't have time. I need to show you one more picture, one more option. How to create all art illustration. So let's save some time. Perhaps this planet. Okay. I can now turn off re-entering speak true? I do lags in theory. I'm going to add some details. Great, I like it. So now let's move to the next part and we use the same methods that you use pitfall. So pretty handy when I want to add some shades. And up to the press plus. And that's it. One phrase or that. Here's a tradition, brightness, longer sap as t, increased situation. You can choose out a collar. Fourth ways of prion. Now, blending tool. And you need to blend some curious. Now let's add some shade saved in this way how we did before. Either. Now once again, right? Make it 5%. Saturation, brightness span lowers uprightness. Let's add a sharp edges Hugh situation on. Automatic. Bart. Off to feather. Maybe 5% is fine to saturation brightness and lower our brightness. Donovan Zhuan, Huan, animal, PMM Dean. And now we can start playing around and creating a beautiful composition. It was add, I'm gonna duplicate all my layers. And now I wanted to replicate it once again. And now you can use all those layers without hesitation. I wanted to add one phrase board. So I'm gonna use my book calligraphy, same brush. I'm running a center, turn on, say a, b. So there's five. I told you that we need to keep our original paint into close in case if anytime to paintings, like I do right now, we need to caucus. And so paste, paste time. What? We're made it nice. 7. 4th wall art illustration Pt. 1 : We've done this, our next thoughts ports, right then let's move to the next one. And because it, we need to merge all of it together. So let's merge all this. Great. And I wanted to change paper. So I'm gonna go and choose from all the RFP for two swan. This aim team gonna go uses this picture. And you go and grip 6B pencil and be out when a new layer. And let's just briefly sketch this one. Once again, you shouldn't be go for care. So speaking of ours is plumber. They have flowers. I just cleared the S1 and after I can some areas like here's a straw, it's TPP. All right. We have our flowers here. And we have around like we still have our straw BAD around Darwin's trophies to it. We start heaven, SAP, flower, small one. As you might see like around six. Exam 67. We keep having our strong edges here. So here owns a spotted owl. Farmers. Same here. Well, this is an actual man, the structural say squalor. And you guys squad more option if you want to save some time, just go cook in a basis one. Okay, perfect. I went with abdicated and merge together in vain below say slayer. And in this case. To move our reference features summary here, which would be fine. And I'm gonna go and create an Hi, I'm wondering ego layer. I grab my pool marshmallow watercolor brash. Got to use this picture is a color palette. And then thinking, how much will it be Keynes's when to make less situated creating layer island, Chuck, tried separately. Later, I need to add the sharp edges. Let's put the sine gives this purple color. Yeah. They just lowers have Pasiphae. I'm gonna go and add some shading. The spine. I'm going to call as error selection. The axes. Now same a one-to-two with my collaborators at sea by like 3% is attrition brightness. Remember the situation. Same person wants something except now, next step is you go to Selection Tool press both automatic and after such Kaiser 5% concentration brightness into overt brightness. Say we'll do here. Go and grab automatic access professor. By percentage, situation and brightness and clovers, appraisals. Let's turn all house kitchen layer. We did this is pre too loudly, but we still need to add to make some improvements or mostly and display I wanted to play into. What if we merge that together? Now start lending. Well, great. So, but they can also duplicate, can make it more saturated omega expand upon. Yeah, my exists. So for me that's perfect. If you like, you can actually chosen freehand enough to grab some Sam X and copy and paste. You can play around and keep adding different flowers enough to sit to march to at work. 8. 8. 4th wall art illustration Pt. 2: So we've done with our first paint in a second one, find out if you have VBS and fuzzy thing or we just need to trace it once again as we did before. And let's predict fast. So you don't need to pay and is perfectly. But you can, of course you can if you have time. And so possible. Now lambda tool and actually guys, my suggestion is to keep adding different shades. Maybe here, so it will some shady because here premises side and the shape here now blend into, okay, now if you're going to erase, so spot things, TRS-80 razor that can help us save some time. And it is this way we're going to go and grab my bowl Marshmallow, which kind of brush as an eraser. So many times is go to the rain, sir, three fingers down and cut. Sam got into here. And I'll call it physio razor. Erase amigo, or don't erase the edges. And after three fingers down and cut an arc GIS, it's crap and a razor. And let's keep didn't leak in some areas. Sam pointed to minimize our pasta tea. Same selection tool. Let's finish all of it first. Cut it. Now prep our eraser and erase some edges. Okay, perfect. Now we need to create a new layer here. And I'm glad I have same brush and I'm gonna go and grab some lighter color. Besides to wanes. Keep perfect. Let's turn a call. Kitsch layer. Snow squares very loudly. Now I want to add some shades and in this way are going to go to the freehand. And I need to show shadow here. Premises side. Pressure, slightly hue, saturation, brightness lowers uprightness. Chris, situation, which we play these colors exist. Need to press Sherlock and start. And as you see when you press alpha log and we start merging colors, you don't go beyond the edges. Once again. And now let's add some highlights, professor. Yeah, like this. Forever beautiful. Then now, just turn off. I've ortholog. Now you can play this a positive. You can make it more saturated, less saturated. How to want to make it said saturated? I went to merge the two layers together. And I wanted to Alito gate just slightly blend. Power lines. Didn't want to make them touch OPS. Perfect. Next step is I'm going to go and add sharp edges, automatic brightness, and lower our brightness. And it's pretty easy to provision is very nice. I don't like how this one looks. And now I want to adopt the K8 rural. And we have our flour. I just duplicated Sam, say here. And perhaps my months Tara leaf. And guys, as you've seen, some of my plumbers, they're overlapping and just created another beautiful Luke cellular. Just go and replicate this layer, an octagonal to invite, color enough to go and choose, select and after field there, select few layer and merge together. Display, so pained and as you see now is a color, say I'm not overlapping, so I will just more set together. Now I can play around and play these elements. Terror is, well. Let's keep adding beautiful decorations. Copy and paste. No one talks in here. Enough to say, I don't want to use this one's terror. Replicate like saved. Well now our next step is we need to merge together all our layers. And Guy COV also can play will be spent crown picture of its background color. And in this way, this case picks the colors, uh, to lie. Dice is one. This is one more watercolor illustration I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial and now you know a lot about all art illustrations. We'll look forward to see all your playing tunes and let's see Chez. And next week two, that was the end of our class. And now you know how watercolor, all arts illustrations. Guys, you look forward to see what you create. And if you have some suggestions or questions, I'm ready and I'm happy to answer them and let's see each other next week. Bye bye.