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Watercolor trick in Procreate app on your iPad

teacher avatar Viki Kloper-Weidenfeld, Teaching creativity using iPad

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Demonstration of watercolor brushes in the procreate app

    • 3. How the water color brushes supposed to be

    • 4. The secret behind the watercolor texture technique

    • 5. The project

    • 6. Bonus

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About This Class


In this class I am teaching you a great trick how to watercolor digitally on your iPad using the Procreate app. Any skill level can do this class even if you are not familiar with the traditional watercolor painting techniques. You will learn:

  • Why it is hard to use Procreate app to watercolor on your iPad.
  • Learn new tricks to make your painting look like watercolor. 
  • Develop your own workflow to make the painting look like it was painted traditionally.
  • Practice watercolor painting on your iPad.

This class is very easy and fun. Even if you never painted with watercolor, now you will be able to use you iPad to make some cool watercolor images. I’ll see you in class! :)

link to the textures 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viki Kloper-Weidenfeld

Teaching creativity using iPad


I am a self taught artist and designer. The world of color and shape inspires me as I continue to grow and gain more knowledge and skills.

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1. Intro: I'm a name is begin. I mean, I bet Creativity instructor now 70 classes here and skill ship the teacher. The user porter color. But what if you're not paying in traditionally? What if you want to pay in the same way using the same tricks? But on the digital medium, for example, I haven't paid in traditionally for several years now. A sketch and paid on my iPod broke. There are some steps that you can use the watercolor, fat and watercolor brushes, but I'm usually come back to my favorite drawn up, which is procreate. Procreate has some built in watercolor brushes, but unfortunately, the really don't behave as water cower. They don't blend as watercolor and you don't see a watercolor effect in the final result. So I went and made some research and found a nice technique that can provide us with the watercolor effect and procreate up. And I will use this technique with the knowledge I got about what to call a painting here on skill share. So if you want to run this wonderful technique in orderto watercolor digitally on your iPad , please click on the enroll button and I will see you in the class 2. Demonstration of watercolor brushes in the procreate app: I thank you for enrolling this class, So let's look on the watercolor brushes provided to be appropriate first from the gallery. We need to touch the plus. I can't open the new canvas for this demonstration that choose a four size to get to the watercolor brushes, step on the brush icon and choose the water set. There have the original water brushes and also some that about this time you can see that this brush has a nice paper texture to it. But let's see what happens when we want to blend two colors with this brush. Sure, a scholar is red, and then I want to blend it with blue. So we're supposed to get a purple color. The two would lend like water color pens should we don't see that they're blending. Let's see what happens if we use the blend into with the same brush as we painted, Please. What happens is that we lose his a nice texture we had before, but now the pain doesn't look like water color at all. These brushes are great and the heavy nice texture, but unfortunately they're not blending it all. He just looks like they're smearing the pen and getting a new effect, but not a watercolor effect. The look off watercolor has to do with the way the watercolor paper texture disperses the appearance of the page. So if you can put over the paper texture to be look good, so let's see how to do that in the next video. 3. How the water color brushes supposed to be : so let's see how the watercolor should behave in appropriate up. It actually should keep the texture no matter what you do with the pain. So let's look again. What happens when we mix two colors together? I opened a new layer was multiply blending mode on delay. I put the red paint. You can see that it has a paper texture, then a duplicate. This layer and clearing toe get and will to play in there. Then I chose the blue collar and printed on the new layer. You can see that the two layers do bless. This happens because the multiplayer mode off the two layers. Now we can use a blended until on the blue layer in order to soften the edge that is mutual with the red circle, and now we can merge the two layers after merger. We can still blend the two colors in order to see more watercolor effects. And when we move this layer around the candles and the effect is not gone, this happens because we have a textual air on top off all layers. We can have different textures to have different brother color effects. I bet he would like to know how to make this sexual air. Let's see how in the next video 4. The secret behind the watercolor texture technique: The first thing that you need to do is to get a real watercolor paper scan. You can get it in the following three ways. First, you can scan your favorite water color texture by using the high resolution scanner. You can also find a lot of friends textures online, or you can buy ready to use high resolution textures. For this class, I found a nice texture back on the creative market side, it contends. 10 watercolor paper textures. You can find the link tothis back under this video. After you have a watercolor paper texture in your photo up, you are ready to start working. Let's open the new canvas inappropriate up by clicking on the plus icon on the top right corner. Now we can upload the water call texture by going toe Actions insert. Insert flat image. Choose your texture from the photo up, and now we just need to fit it toe our canvas size. You can see that this texture has its own layer. Next we go to adjustments and lowers the situation off the texture. In order to get a black and white image, we can also play with curves in order to change peaks and valleys on our texture. Now we open a new layer above and choose 50% gray color in the color panel, then feel the new ruler is a great color. It is very important to change the blending marked off his gray layer to multiply. Then you can merges into layers. You can see a nice texture with a great collar, and the last step is to make the sexual air on the overland blend in. This will make the texture disappear because this texture is 50% dark. Every pain below the textual air will be darkened, and this is what we are looking for. We start to see the texture over laid with our brushstroke. Is this that you can use blend into and razor toe? Make the paint look more like a watercolor thing When you want to build our players off watercolor pains, The best thing to do is to have all the watercolor layers on multiply mode, and each Carla that you add must be on different layer in multiplied blending month. So now we read in the yellow color toe layer above you can see the two colors blend nicely . Muchas watercolor always blend the yellow layer wouldn't blend like this if it was on a normal blend in months. Then we can merge. Layers and hues blend into in order to mix it two colors, so every layer is like a new bush, and every time you murdered down is like transit paint underneath. You can see that when you use the blend into was the texture stays where it is. So this is the technique you just need. The watercolor paper texture, above all, pain the layers and it must have 50%. Or evolve off a great calling overlay blending mode in order to darken the pigment underneath. Let's see the same process with third color. 5. The project: Let's start with the layers. Apple air is a textual layer underneath. That layer will faint on the nuclear with multiply blend In months after watching a few watercolor classes here on skill share, I decided to make project for one of the classes, but using my iPod and the technical presented you guys in previous videos. So let's stop paintings for your project. You can pick up any painting that maybe you already done in the traditional water kala media and try to reduce the same painting with your iPad procreate up and the trick I showed you before. You always start painting on the multiplayer layer, you can use a blend in tow to make your pain. Seymour soft on the edges that, like it would seem to be after you apply in the red pigment and smear it around. When you want to add another color, do it on the separately are also in the multiply mode. Make adjustments toe that layer, like smearing the cholera with the blend into. Then you can merge the two layers and use the blending, though, to make the tool colors to blend better. So this is the process for all elements and color that you add up to your painting. When you painting, you can duplicate your layers for the color to seem to be more reverend. Then you can also change the blending mode of one of the layers and then marriage of the layers. This will give your A painting different look and feeling. When you finish, you can add the background, but do applicant in your painting, make it bigger and just soften its appearance. But using the Gaussian Blur toe, you can also smear it around with a blend in tow. Since it's his background on a separate layer, it will not affect the object layer. - Now you can add an in clear above the water color paint layer. The most important thing for me that you see that your water cause texture stays in. No matter what you do with your painting, this trick is really given the painting the watercolor Look, please applaud your projects to the project section off this class CEO in the next clacks. Bye bye 6. Bonus: Mm.