Watercolor sky and clouds using "wet on wet" technique | Ekaterina Azeeva | Skillshare

Watercolor sky and clouds using "wet on wet" technique

Ekaterina Azeeva, watercolor artist

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6 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Step 1: pencil drawing

    • 3. Step 2: clouds

    • 4. Step 3: finish sky drawing

    • 5. Step 4: the reflection of sky in water

    • 6. Step 5: the bridge and other details

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About This Class

My name is Katya. And I have been painting with watercolor for almost 5 years. During this time, I made more than 60 offline workshops. And now I want to share my knowledge with more people. I believe that everyone can draw and I want you to believe in this too!

This lesson is perfect for watercolor lovers of any level.

If you start drawing, then you will learn the technique "wet on wet" and will know how to draw clouds without pencil drawing.

If you already paint with watercolor, you can deepen your knowledge of color contrast and learn how to get delicate shades from the basic color palette.

In addition, I will tell you:
- how to mix contrasting colors and not get a dirty shade;
- about nesessary steps, that will help you save the brightness of the color and correctly arrange accents;
- how to get the peach color of the clouds without using white color.

In the end, you will get a new picture and knowledge that will help you draw the sky quickly and brightly.


1. Introduction: Hi, guys. This is one more to Cala lesson. And if you don't know me, I'm Kate and really laugh. What a color. If you don't believe me, just look at my instagram page and you understand what, Amy. So in this lesson, I want to teach you draws the sky and the clouds. This is the reference that we will use in the lesson. As you can see, the fort is very contrast both in tone and color to draw such a plot In what, Akala, I will teach you how mixed contrasting colors and not get a Jetta shape. You will know about how to get the beach color off the close without using White column. Also, I will tell about necessary steps that will help you save the brightness off the color and correctly arrange accents. In the end, you will get in your picture and knowledge that will help you draw the sky quickly and brightly. Also, if you don't know how to prepare paper before throwing, you should watch my progress lesson. It can really help you to avoid a lot of difficulties, so let's get started 2. Step 1: pencil drawing: start, I will start from a pencil drawing first. I will draw a Harris and line to do these, I retreat one thieves off the head off the sheet from the bottom and draw a line this land shouldn't be even at there are threes on the Harrison. I will not draw clouds with a pencil. What? The color easily shows a pencil drawing that it's practically impossible to remove with an eraser to make the sky look pretty and clean it. I will not make a pencil sketch off the clouds. I will draw the clouds. With what? The color? Yes, they will not. Don't exactly the same as at the reference. But that is OK now I will draw the breach for these. I will draw threes, right lines to call me the perspective. I draw the sidelines off the bridge at an angle. So the show perspective off this bridge, I will draw the boundaries over the threes at the Harrison. And now I will make the pencil growing less intense so that the what the collar can paint over it. Now we will begin to paint with what a color to do These prepare a clean paper towel pilot and the glass off clean water and off course. What a color. I take one wide brush too quickly. Wet the sheet with water. Also, I take since stating brush and one thing natural brush for growing small details. First, I will wet the paper with clean water. Try toe even the spread. What it grow the sheet. Can we start While the paper absorbs water? I will prepare pains to do these A drip, a drop of clean water into the skip gates we spend that we will use We will need orange cobalt Kinnock read on purple and indigo Let me know. 3. Step 2: clouds: I take a piece of paper as a draft. I always checked on paper. What color I got on the palate? If I don't like this shade, I correct a mix of colors on the palette. Now I went again. The paper with water. You should always check. Have you left right? Sports or not to do these till the sketchbook and make sure that the enter so face is shining. Now I want to get a pink peach shade. With that, I will grow clouds for these. I take orange and can agreed on. I makes this colors on the palette and I always check the shade using the draft. And I always check the shade using the draft. Don't use a very situated column, Ed water to get a more delicate shape. I like this mixing off. Carlos and I start throwing using it first. I paint over. All places were received Beach clouds. I do it with such dotted strokes. Access parent can always be cleaned up using a napkin. Now I will change the shade. I add a little more pink color. Thus the picture will look more interesting. Now I am starting to draw a shadow off the clouds. To do these, I ate purple toe beach shade. The sequence in which are you? Spain's is important here I started with the most delicate and lightest raid and now I am moving toe DACA once this way, you can avoid daughter shades on the paper. Also notice that the shadow off the clouds is under the cloud we should have here. So these logics through the entire process, off growing or the wise we can misled the river by the fact that the shadow is their own anywhere and it looks unnatural. 4. Step 3: finish sky drawing: Now it's time to bend the sky. I take situated blue collar. This is a mix off two colors Bury in blue and Turk Aries And now we will form clouds. Thanks Toa. We will draw the sky. Jimmy. If the border all the clouds is too sharp Then I take a clean web brush and blow This border can only I try not to take and you blue collar on the brush and draw with the remains off the pigment so we can get a gradient field off this guy. If you look at the reference, you will see that the sky near the Harrison is less situated with night I have a now I will start painting the darkness parts off the sky. This is the dark purple shadow off the clouds. I just at purple toe, the blue collar or the sky. Since the paper is almost dry, the pigment doesn't make smoothly with the braver slam to make a soft transition. I washed the brush and after it I begin to blow this color into the clouds. Start to I do the same with the clouds below. First I get a purple paint and then blow it with the clean brush along the border. There will that the shadow is under The cloud still works. Hold on. Generally, I will also add purple team through the clouds in the foreground so that the picture looks more harmonious. I m the color. All the shadow through the clouds near the heart is on line. 5. Step 4: the reflection of sky in water: Before I start growing a lake, I need to change the water. First I went lower part or the paper with clean water. While water is absorbed into the paper. I mix the desired collar on the palate. The color off lake is much more situated, then the collar off this guy. So I mix orange and red to draw a reflection off the clouds. I check this shade on the draft and now I draw a line along the Harrison. The color is very situated. I want to make it less bright to do this. I wish the brush and made a clean brush. I blow the orange color, so the entire area off the leg. Now I take Kinnock Redon and I add reflections off the clouds. You should try to mirror this guy in the water. After it, I had purple, the color off cloud's shadow and this time a drawer shadow on the top of the clouds. Because the sky is mirrored in the water, I jumped off the color off the sky. I take the blue collar even more intensely than for the sky, and I paint over the lower part off the sheet. I again go around the peach color to form clouds. Can we start? I slightly is the border using a clean brush. Now I'm taking Digger and make the color off the water even darker and more contrast with this The Qala I drove along with the lower edge off the picture and along the horizontal line All the Harris and we see threes. I draw them using almost black column to make the three sneered. I take a small brush I draw the tops off the trees and draw a line below. Kill me Can we take now I will dry everything with the head rhyme 6. Step 5: the bridge and other details: Now let's draw a bridge. If you don't see the pencil growing off bridge now you can grow it again. I will grow using that collar. This is indeed a and purple. First I draw the incline sidelines. Then I paint over the space inside. But the night come the lights don't feel it on my skin. But the tithe more. I make the faster face off the breach lighter than the closest Tow us so we can once again convert the perspective. - Kill Start. Have to eat a dried rowing with head Ryan. Now I take colored pencils. This is the easiest way toe at small details in the throwing I fix the shape off the breach with purple pencil and with a white pencil I draw the texture. I will grow the sidelines so that they stand out against the Doc Lake. Now I take a black pencil and draw a horizontal lines. These are the separations between the plunks. That's all. Thank you for watching my lesson. And if you want, you can send your paintings to me. I will be really happy to see it. And if you want, I can give you some advice. Is I really open trade that you trust me as a teacher? Thank you. Gain and heaven Eyes Day by