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Watercolor skies - ( learn three easy and fun ways to paint skies in different themes )

teacher avatar Viddhi Saschit, Limitless Art | Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Welcome to the class

    • 2. Materials required

    • 3. Basic watercolor techniques

    • 4. Choosing color palette

    • 5. Stretching the paper

    • 6. Painting sky - I

    • 7. Painting sky - II

    • 8. Adding elements for sky - I

    • 9. Adding elements for sky - II

    • 10. Painting sky - III

    • 11. Painting sky - IV

    • 12. Adding elements to sky III and IV

    • 13. FInal thoughts

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About This Class

Learn how to paint simple and easy watercolor skies in three ways . This class is structured for anyone , even if you are trying watercolor for the first time you can still take this class ( no prior experience is required )  In the class , I will walk you through the entire process of painting skies - STEP BY STEP .

I will also teach some basic watercolor techniques and help you pick color palette for different skies . The class is divided into many parts to make learning easy . 

Grab your paints, paper and brushes and lets get stared and paint skies together . 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viddhi Saschit

Limitless Art | Watercolor Artist



Hey there,so good to see you here! I am Viddhi Saschit known on Instagram as Limitless Art . I am a passionate artist,instructor and an entrepreneur based in southern part of India . I love working and exploring different art mediums but I have been hooked to watercolors more than a year now. 

Since early childhood I have loved to draw and paint and I unconsciously developed a deep interest for art. However it wasn't until the short break after graduation in architecture that I took to brushes and paints once again and realized a hidden artist within. I spent months practicing and exploring before I realized that art was truly a possibility for my life's work. I have written a blog post about my entire journey on how I ended up being a full time artis... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the class : Hi, everyone. My name is based. Uh, most of humans be annoying me to my instagram peach are what color is my absolute favorite medium to work with because it is so versatile And I love paintings so many different teams and one reason favorite team is the watercolor skies. This class is structured for all. So even if you're going for the West, I've been walking you some basic techniques and for painting different guys. You will be painting tights off skies in different and going by step for each kind, right? Hearing different colors and doing all the wedding red techniques. And once we're done with all the skies, I'm gonna help you detail them with radius elements like electric lines and folds and find trees. This class is going to be so much fun. So be ready to be surprised with your final outputs. I'm so excited to be painting along with you. I'm sure you are excited for the class. I will see you in my class 2. Materials required: the materials for today's clothes are very simple. Let's look into detail what all we need. First, we need a proper bought a color people, which is at least 300 GSM and cold pressed for the class. I'll be using these triple people with just a beautiful Indian handed watercolor people on . I really love the texture off this, but you can choose any more tickle of people that you have a deal and you would be needing a set off watercolor beans. Here I have a mix off half friends from different Premont confections, and I have just picked a lower of pinks and blues for the skies today. But even if you have a regular 12 she'd work alone paint palette that will work fine, too. And for the brushes, you would need a medium sized brush, which is off size six, and it's gonna be a very versatile brush where you can use it to wash and also pain. And the next you need is over the 10 brush here I'm using. I know from want Marty, and this brush is very easy to do the final details, but you can use size zero off one which over you have with you. If you have these big brushes or off flat brush, it would be easier to do the background washes. But even if you don't have, it's okay because even the medium size brushwood work, you can also have thes pigment liners or Micron pains off because in case if you don't feel good enough and drawing, the final details he spends would be helpful for you to do that. And it would make things much easier. You would need some masking tape or washi tape also to stretch your people. I prefer using the masking tape because the washing tips are too pretty to use and the two usual things, like the paper double on glass. Chartoff water is required toe for the additional supplies. He would require a white course or to be the studies guy or the night sky that pain and oh are white. Jump in. This is you nibble signal, and I really love the spin and ah ah, wooden board or a clipboard. If you have, this would be easy when he paints sky so that we can lift our board and then move around rather if you stick to a table. It's gonna be difficult for you to be in. What I have here is just a scrap piece off plywood. And but so these are the only materials that were required for are these class? 3. Basic watercolor techniques : in this lesson, I will be covering a few off the basic techniques, which is required for today's class. First, you need to draw three big boxes for Britain with technique where I'm gonna show you how to play with colors and the same technique. The next you need to have a longer rectangular box for blending colors, and the bottom two is for at once techniques. Once you're done with that, I'll be showing you all the techniques in detail. No, the 1st 3 boxes is gonna be the same vet in red technique. But what I will be showing us how you can weigh with just simple brush strokes and have different effects. Just with the same technique, I'm just applying a layer of water equally all over the box, and then you drop diluted being from your brush just randomly all over the people. This technique is a little tricky technique because you don't have 100% control, or how the pain flows and water output would be this foot me and ideas that need toe pain, Galaxies and study night. You see how the way you dropped colors and the way it's trying out is completely out of your control. So in certain cases where you want to control your pains and Britain will take me, you can use the 2nd 1 term showing. Now apply a layer off water as you did for the first box, applied equally all over the space. And now what you do is instruct dropping the pain from the brush. You move the paint along with the brush on the facts office and then you go ahead and add another layer off color. So here it's the same red color. But you you can see how you control the layer off red just with the movement off your brush . And now you're controlling even the yellow color and the previous one. If you see you had no control over the red blue and the poeple color Bateer, you're able to control for the 3rd 1 I'm applying a layer of water again. This one is going to be mixed off first and the second that we did, just releasing pain just randomly and then instead of dropping colors. What I'm doing is I'm closely dropping by the pain so that it becomes a layer of red color and with the thought color. What I do is I do getting ready for the colored layer. So in between the Fed, when I'm adding yellow, it becomes an orange color and blends automatically. This effort is completely different than the 1st 1 you did. At least you can control a bit off layers and colors in this, and the effect is totally different than the 1st 1 Again. I'm just taking excess water there because a form off little off paint and will take longer time to drive. And I'm adding mood darker blue, and you see how I'm able to control the layer off colors again by the brush moment. But the output is different than the 2nd 1 reading, but it's a beautiful technique and favorite off all the orders because it is the most versatile technique, and you can get so many different prisons with just one technique, and the next technique is blending colors. Usually this technique is just planning off two colors, but for this exercise, I have a longer term below shape so that you can makes a lot of colors and try blending them because this exercise will help you and painting sky study and also, you learned color mixing. For example, when you make straight and blue together, you get a poeple shape and then next to blue. If you mean a yellow kyllo, you get a green. Hello. So in skies when you're painting yellow and blue together, you need to make sure that you don't put them besides each other because you get this green shade which is usually not found in skies. And next, a yellow I'm painting read something between there is orange color. Another thing you need to learn with this technique. A stack how to blend two colors without having the Apache effort. The trick is to keep the end little red so that when you are another layer off color blend so well for the moving on to the next technique, which is paper double live, I will show you how this technique gives beautiful effort. For this, I would do a flat wash force flat washes nothing but just applying paint equally all over this office without any radiation. So it has a more off solid look, and next, What you do is take a paper double and crush like this, and gently dub or the red being. If you're president to formally, there are chances that the entire pain is absorbed on the people of searches. Do it very gently so that you get this beautifully section. The next one year is the damp brush lift. For this. I'm doing a flat wash again. Then what you do is take a damp brush and then gently lived off the color like this and doubled on the people dollars. This will give a very soft and gentle look once it's tried the previous one, which we did when you lifted off the colors. It is too rigid. I will show you how we implement these techniques when we bean skies. So these are the basic techniques that will help us being sky study. 4. Choosing color palette : color palettes are very important in any lesson you paint. And so for this class also gonna show you a radius color palette for different types off skies, for example, the 1st 1 is gonna be a dreamy sky, for which I'm going to move, flee, use space to the shades. The first color which goes into the dreamy sky is a light blue color on the next one is going to be a big hello, which can be a little bit off crimson. If you're using a regular Oshie eight or 12 she'd color palette and the next one is gonna be orange Kahlo. It's gonna be a light orange, not so bright. And next one that's gonna be a little light yellow, which is almost going to be close to go orange and the last color virgins. Adding for the sky is a peach color beach Pinkola, so this makes a girlfriend Dreamy. Sky fortify different colors is ideal for the color palette. Next is the evening sky, for which I'm going to choose a taco, violet color or rather, a great violet, and the next one I would like to have in this evening color palette is a red orange color and an orange color. So they're gonna be two types off orange, which we're bringing the contrast and the present an evening sky and, um, adding a little bit off local light blue and little off poeple in between. So that's it. This is the evening sky color palette, which is from my imagination, but you can always have a reference and pick any colors that you want. All these color palettes, whatever I'm creating just what comes in my mind when I think off. That's guy Now for the scented sky. When I think off sunsets, all I can think is Lord off orange, red and yellow hues. So my sunset sky color palette is gonna be the same. The 1st 1 this red, red orange and the next one, this little bit of think and the last week alone, the different shades off or engineer and next is the nights guy. For this color palette, all the colors are gonna have taco values and will be very dark. For example, it's a seam off great violet color which added before, but it had a lighter value, and this one is very darko value water added. And the next color, I added expression blue and another shade of blue, and I'm just diving more. And last one is just like you. That's it. These are the colors that represent a night sky form, and the last one in the color palette is the days guy for the day sky. I'm gonna add Lord of Shades of Blue, but a game like what I said is you can create your own color palette or whatever you want. This is just my view presenting the color palette, and now we have a color palette to being different skies. So this is very important before you start ending anything because it will guide you in choosing the right colors. 5. Stretching the paper : before we get into close, they don't freeze that you choose to do the class project. The first option is to paint this guy's and a watercolor journal, and the second option is to paint in watercolors. People's trips like these. I've just got the people into equal Hafs. There is no proper dimensions for these tribes off particular people, but I prefer them having a more longer and shorter the please the piece off people over the wooden board or any others office that you're using and start taping it from all the four sides. It's usually very easy when you got a piece off deep and then stick it water. People rather just ruling the tip over the paper and then cutting it. The reason behind why the tape of people is because when you add water, the people absorbs the water and starts expanding and buckling. Soto, a white This be generally deep off people. That is the main reason why we tape our people and the second oneness because you get clean . Egil, when you peel off today, now that we have taped, the people were already being us guys 6. Painting sky - I: all right. So after taping the paper to the piece off applied for we would start painting the skies. But before that, I'm just going to keep the color battered. Besides, so that it would be easy for me to be in disguise and a multi checking and running my come around the masking tape so that to make sure that my being doesn't I'm starting riddling, awash off Clearwater with my medium size brush. Since this is a small area and it is easy to do it with a medium sized brush, I'm just applying Clearwater over the people. Make sure that you don't have to apply a lof water in this. Just make sure that you have enough for all your people so that when you gained a lot of colors and differently years, your paper doesn't dry. To start with the dream sky color palette, I'm gonna go according to the swatches that have done so 1st 1 is light blue and I'm gonna really light wash off the light blue color. I always go from painting light where I used to the darker values off the same color. And while I'm painting this I'm tilting my board so that all the pains keep running down towards the end. You see how being flows? Because I have Children, the people, and it gives a beautiful effect when you being with so many colors. So the next one that I'm gonna add occurring to the color palette is the pink one. So I'm just putting light players off pink again, just ready randomly. It becomes very easy to spread paint in a smaller idea like us as a beginner, because you understand how to control the flow off your beans. Um, adding lightest value off all the colors. End of voice layer. I'm splendid all the colors from important talk and just giving that blending effect when it comes to the blue and pink color. I'm just blending with clear water because I don't want another po'd color between the pink and blue, which would make it look while it after the first layer is done. And I'm very happy with the color palette. I'm good. I more darker values off the same colors that have added below. So I'm just adding the Dhakal value off the same blue that I painted before, and the same way I'm adding a darker value off the pink color, too. On likewise, I'm gonna add all the colors while I mean the second Leo off the color. I'm just tilting. My would even move so that the color merges with another color off automatically as I keep painting in the darker value off the color. I also do a little wet on wet technique with the previous color that have used so that everything he looks like well blend when it is dried. Like when I was painting the orange, I painted a little bit off orange on the pink alot, abusing the damp brush technique that I taught you before to just lift off some color. This were given a very soft look window. Being dries. I'm also doing that were too close plans. I'm just giving it a dreamy and a softer looks. I'm just using the technique and I'm adding a little more off the darker blue again and also doing a little bit off wet on wet technique with the bungalow. - I'm just repeating the same damn fresh left again, and once you're done with it and you're satisfied with what you're painted, you need to stop painting it and not add any more. Leos painting more with only ruin the painting, so you really need to stop when you feel like. And this leader needs to be completely dry before you add another layer off PD, and so give it some time to dry completely. Meanwhile, they paint another sky in the next video lesson. 7. Painting sky - II: Before we begin painting the second sky, you would need to tape your paper again. I'm taping. Tried. Besides the first guy that you're feeding after taping the people, you can have this color palette beside you for this one. I'm gonna paint a beautiful sunset sky. I'm applying a layer off Clearwater again on the people. This guy is gonna be a different than the 1st 1 that we painted. It's gonna be more off radiant and blending colors, just making sure that the entire people is bread. Before I start painting the first color that I'm gonna bean is the Crimson. I'm gonna add a light of value off that color first and then go with the darker value off the same color. Then you see that the color is just flowing down because I'm holding my board and from top , I'm adding violet color and blending it with the previous color that I painted. Now, um, adding a darker value off the same thing that I painted previously. And the next color that goes into this evening sky as orange a mixing a little off yellow with the previous painter painted and adding a lighter value off the orange color as we keep adding new clothes. What I like to do when I paint a radiant sky is I keep adding darker value off the same color and just blended smoothly like this. For example, I added a darker value off pink, and now I'm adding a darko value off the while it color and blending it from top to bottom so that you get that seamless blending effect. And now, um, adding orange color again because the previous orange, which I painted, is compressed or engine all because off the blending. Remember repeating the same step that I did before. Remember, you need to do this only when your paper is still wet. If you pay but is tried, you cannot do this planning effect because it would be patchy then. So in kids, if your papers tried, you can probably be with the entire people and then do it. I'm adding a little more off taco and bright orange, just blending with the yellow. And once we're done with painting the enter ingredient, what I do is I go from light to dark and run my brush through all created wash and just keep lending all the colors, and if you have any excess pain, you can just take it on the to shoot people and that's it. We're done painting a second sky, which is a beautiful, greedy in sky with sunset colors. We will allow off a second sky to try for a while. So until it dries, we would go back to the first guy and add details on that in my next video lesson. 8. Adding elements for sky - I: all right. So the first guy that we painted is completely drive now, and it means that we can at the deal's over this. So for this dreamy sky, I'm thinking toe just add elements off the electric poles and the boards, which is basically going to be a sellout. You can grab you micron Pentz to draw this. Oh, this one which I'm using is Sekera Micron witches off size 10.3, and another one is a point. Adding elements over the painted watercolor skies is a little bit challenging, and so many people always feel that the loan spoiled the entire sky. So I'm gonna tell you not to be worried about the output and just go in a field and just begin with. I'm drawing with these micron pens because to paint with a paintbrush is going to be difficult. And you might not get these final lines, which would apparently ruin it. So he spends just worked perfect. When you draw the outlines just drawing these gold by lines over the electric poles and once I'm done with this word you can do is probably pick up a tickle micron fen or like a gel pin or whatever, but make sure it's like quarter proof, and I'm just talking. Though. Electric bull I generally don't use the Tico one after I'm done with a basic outline. I used this brush, which is very much easier uncomfortable for me toe these final days because it has a very pointed tip. I'm just making those electric poles pulled over with big brush and you see how getting fined lines like this. You could even do this with the size one brush. And I'm tilting my both little because the spirit is easier for me to make this lines Koldo . And that is one mean reason that why we have stuck are sheet toe aboard, which is moving and not to a table way and adding somebody deals to the electric booth after we're done with the electric pole. It's time to add this allowed off the boards, but I'm just kind of make it very simple and easy for you to paint these boards. I'm sure it can be painted in a much better way, but I think to just finish it off easily, you can follow these simple steps so the paint birds allowed what you do is paint a round head like this first and then a well shaped body and then finish it off with the tail in the bottom. Um, that it as simple as that. And if you're not comfortable with the paint brush, you can probably use the my grown pens off the judgments against. And that should work much easier for you if you weren't getting the birds directly in the 1st 2 tries. Probably, I would suggest you toe practice some in a scrap paper and then put it on your skies. You can add a few more birds on the wiles, but make sure that you don't have so many. You can place it randomly here in dead rich. Sure look good enough on That's it. You're done adding details for the dreamiest guy. 9. Adding elements for sky - II: in this video. Listen, we'll be detailing the second sky that we've seen for this one. I'll be painting fine trees, but before I start painting the trees and just adding a base layer like this, giving a reading defect here because I don't want this to be very solid and bold, and I wanted to be a little septal when it So I'm giving this effect for the point, Please. I will start by painting already 10 line like this, and then what they do is from the top. I start creating this brush stroke, which gives very detailed for years. There are so many ways to paint a pine tree, but this one is a little different because I want them to look more details. So I'm just branching out like this. The video stepped really time so that you can paint along with me. So I'm just repeating those brush strokes again. And I'm painting a very closely. I just keep repeating missing brushstroke for the entire, and you closely observe how I'm holding my brush from a distance from the tip so that I get these long and very tiny strokes. - I love how the fine tree foliage looks very detailed in This definitely requires a lot of time to be, but the end result is beautiful the same way I'm painting another point wing on this side, and this time it's going to be longer than the one that I cleaned it. - And once you're done painting the pine trees, we are ready with aperture, and now that are people would have completely tried. You can peel off the mosque just very slowly, the more from the edges. There are many cases where the paper also bills off. This happens that when your people is not completely dry, so in such cases, what you can do sometimes is Jonah had dryer over the tape so that it completely dries. And then you're masking tape should feel without telling the people off first to class projects are ready now. In the next lesson, we would be the third and the fourth class project 10. Painting sky - III: in this lesson, we would be learning to think a night sky in a different technique, and I'm keeping the color palette besides me. So I know which color to pick, and it becomes much easier as usual first and apply a layer off water and spreading it equally all. Or and then I pick the first color according to the color palette. And then I would like to value in the first layer all the colors that I'll be using. Now it's gonna be like to write. I'm lifting the board and having a tilted angle so that beans blend will on has a beautiful effect. When it is dry, you can keep the color palette again a fiddles required for you. So according to the color palette, next is some sheets off blue and then in between ad earlier off, after applying the first layer with light values, I'm gonna repeat the same for it. The darko values off all the same colors. I'm just playing the wrong with Carlos and the button red Take me that we learned and trying to give a different look to the sky. I'm able to add in so many waiting, but clears because my paper is still bread. - And then I would bet the board toe, flat surface and add some more layers. I didn't once I'm done painting. What I do is take a ball off people trouble and then gently dab the colors. This gives a very beautiful, a magical looking sky. If you feel that this guy has become too light, what you can do is at a diluted layer off color like this. But make sure that it is diluted, color and north ready, dark. Until this dries, we would be the next guy. 11. Painting sky - IV: for the next guy, that bean, you need to tape your people again. This guy is going to be a these guy, and I have my color palette besides me. And as usual, I'm applying a layer off water again, and once you're done applying a layer of water, you need to start painting the same way we did for all the skies. Before that is, start painting with a lighter value off different Carlos in the palace and then keep clearing with taco values as you keep painting. Since this is a day sky, I can play with as many as different Shane's off blue that I like and the most trickiest part yours adding your local beneath the blue color on. You need to be very careful when you blend them because you don't want clean color. So I'm putting an orange color in between the yellow and the blue Leo and then blending with just clear water. Now I'm hiding a darker value off orange Kahlo and doing written red technique and repeating the same with your local and you see that there's green collar formacion and I'm just using the dampers technique and lifting off the color and next. What I do is to make that entirely already. Like I take the paper double ball and just lightly down the color off. And that green color is almost gone and do the same with the blue skies. Today, the effect remains to the entire sky. After doing that, I'm adding the layer off Falco blue on the top part and doing some wedding red technique. Once you're satisfied with your painting, you must know about stop and let it try in the next. Listen, we would be adding details for both these guys. 12. Adding elements to sky III and IV: in this video lesson, we will be adding elements to both these guys. The night sky over you, we would add some simple mountains. I'm just painting a very simple shape for the mountain and then doing agreed it wash inside with just Clearwater and smudging around and then adding some more a lighter value off the black and tapping it because I felt it was too dark and then painting another mountain in the background. The reference on the left side looks little more different because off the background color the other one. I have a little off light purple, and this one is so the black shoes, different import cargos. And there's this dry brush technique, which I forgot to teach in my basic techniques class. I'm just covering a ball here for the drivers technique. You need to take more off paint and less water and with very light pressure and gently stroke the brush over the people. So you get this dry brush effect applied the drivers technique off the mountain like this, and it would give a very rocky effect way. After the mountains. You can add these additional details like the snow on the mountains and at those stars, but wash almost repeating the dry brush technique. Oh, here for those noi effect. No, adding some water to the wash and making a little guy you date so that it's easy for me to splatter. So I'm just holding my brush and with another finger, I'm tapping from boredom on doing the steady effect you can NATO use A to pressure if you want. But with two fresh, you get Freddie Tiny Thought, which I'm not a big Faneuil, but it also depends upon the team that I'm bending. This is just a night sky and nor the snow is guy. So I'm find with adding these on for the days guy again. I'm just repeating those same electrical poles and the values, but you can always feel free to just at any teams open trees or palm trees or which away, like I'm just repeating the same thing, mostly because these are fun to paint. And I really enjoy thinking these, and with this you finish painting for watercolors. Guys 13. FInal thoughts : I hope that you had fun in my class, buddy. And enjoy painting these beautiful skies. You can always explore different color palettes and try painting different times off skies . And if you like my class piece leave work. Last review are feed back in the review ascension because they not only encourage me to make a move classes, but also helped my class reach more students. Thank you so much and have a good Lastly, if you have any questions regarding this class, leave a message on Instagram or right immediate to me are probably disposed. Discussion Skin ship Thank you so much again.