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Watercolor painting: Painting Simple Bouquet

teacher avatar Jaya Gupta, Watercolor Artist & Calligrapher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Material Required

    • 3. Techniques Explained

    • 4. Painting Bouquet

    • 5. Final Thoughts!

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About This Class

This class is all about beauty and transparency of Watercolor medium. You will learn with me how to paint flowers and leaves and composition to make a bouquet. You will also learn various watercolor techniques and have painting process fun and enjoyable. Just relax at home and watch the beauty of colors bring life to a bouquet. 

Connect with me on Instagram: @TheDivineButterfly

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Jaya Gupta

Watercolor Artist & Calligrapher






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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. Welcome to my new Ziskin shape us. My name is I'm a logical artists and get it You know me by the handling the divine, but found Seagram. So today we are going to be this lonely, simple bouquet Using what medium? This is a watercolor painting where you will learn to being flowers and leaves some flowers using various water politic meets like using a technique. And also you learn the composition as how by plane flies like this. This is a very short class. Amazing class For you to enjoy is the best way to enjoy and related. So what? Grab your bushes This thing together. 2. Material Required: the guys to make this painting. We will require a water cooler. People. I'm using 100% quarter paper. So I would recommend you use 100% courting people because it really works were on bet on where techniques, which is we're going to study in this painting, so please use ah, 100% coaching people. Andi, we're going to use Bain's I'm using are just water full of beans so you can use watercolor pains. If you have a student, call it, you can use them as well. And these air the clean brushes. I've just used size 60 deal brush, but you can use more smaller brushes like size or no size too. It's up to you because we're going to make very thin stroked leads. They're going to be narrower and longer, so you need to have a detail brush which can make such fine details in which we can make these kind of time lines. OK, so use any detail, brush any down brush that you have, which can give you these canines as voyeuristic lanes, okay, and the cutters that I'm using in the painting 1,000,000 Red Permanent Ordinance. Indian Gallo, Emerald green on camping basically these air red, orange, yellow, green and blue colors. So whatever colors that you have, we just need a two main colors, red and blue Gallo for leaves, orange for flowers, pillow flowers and greenness for lead. So we're just going to do some gala mixing, which I'm going to be teaching you in the next lesson, so that does. 3. Techniques Explained: Well, as you can see, uh, this is a very small painting and this is a larger size painting. So depending on that, also you were required different size of brushes. If I would have been painting the painting, I would have chosen a very small brush like size three or size to. But since I painted on this bigger paper I used by six brush OK, also just showing you why I meet the sizes of the flowers and leaves like this. The size of flowers are basically sort off broader as you can see larger and border. That's fair to give it a contrast, I made the leaves longer and narrow, so it's a con trust and to balance the overall painting like thes two are taking a lot off space in the painting used to mean stars. I painted the leaves all over the painting, and I tried to give the paintings in the same dream as their like I didn't meet them very small. I vibrant them. I spread it the leaves all over the painting so that flowers and leaves a balanced. So what we wanted a painting is a balance off flowers and leaves okay. And moreover, if I have made my flowers vital and larger, I made my leaves for record trust narrower and longer. That is this that doesn't let this week in a painting. 4. Painting Bouquet: people start painting blooming flowers off the bouquet and I'm going to use that on that technique to paying these flowers for this. What we're going to do is we're going to load up brush with water and start putting those water drop leads on paper. As I'm doing this, I want to make sure that the shape off the, uh flower is over. So I'm going to put water droplets in an oval shape. It's not necessary that you have it in oval shape, but this is what I did. So put water droplets in oval shape. And since this is a very rough textured people, it's absorbing water very rapidly, so have to apply water droplets. 34 types. If you're using cool press paper, I think two times of applying water droplets would be enough. Now I'm going to pick my one million dread color. Since this is a flower off for 1,000,000 dread and Gambian blue, I'm first going to pick for a 1,000,000 dread, and I just start putting this red color all over the place is I can see and I'll make sure that I'm not only applying the red color here, I'm also connecting other red colors. I want to connect all of them. Not all of them, but most of them. Okay. And make sure that we leave some Vitus space around this place now started in Camry in blue , your blue color. Sometimes he wouldn't toe overlap it on the flower on the red part. Sometimes you're going to apply it on the right part. Just make sure that you leave some vita sprees inside the flower. Give it a very beautiful effect now, as they see watercolor dry, lighter. So I felt the Raiders drying lighter in color, so I applied it again on the floor. This activity could be done to three times. All up to you. Okay. Now take some water on your brush and start applying it on the outer part off the floor. This is just to give the effect off a bloom too far. If you don't want to make this white part or like outside bloomed part, you don't have to do. But I did this toe give the flower and effect off bloomed fly totally open. Fly. Okay, now, again, I see the colors. Ally, you know, drying lighter. So it started anything red well 1,000,000 dread color wherever it was already applied. Then I took some blue color, and I have started applying it again. Now I'm going to wash my brush, and I'm going to start bringing a small so far the same flower. But it's going to be smaller insides, so just a pliable to drop rates and make sure that you apply it in an oval shape. This is a veteran red technique where water is applied. It's very thing, and you apply of red paint over it. And in fact, blue color that is also being applied is also wet. So all in all, this is a wet on wet technique. Just make sure that you connect the red color and pick some blue color and just overlap it for thread color somewhere because it would make a good make sure off red and blue and some pieces, you put it on white part foot fight put blue color on white part so both of these things are visible and, as usual, start this applying water on the outer part of the floor to give it an effect off bloomed, fraud and open floor. No, again, I felt the colors were drying lighter, so I started reapplying the paint. So it's the usual thing. But see how beautiful this piece looks. You can see the red, blue, blue, red combination and vital part also off the floor. This fate part of the flower is nothing but your own white people. Okay? No, I'm going to pick so orange color and I'm going to start painting full of flowers. So just push your brush and release the pressure put Pressure release, put pressure and release. So this is going to make small fellow flowers and I'm going to make one on above part two or part also. Now comes the part off painting stem off. These mean to flash. So I want it to be the make sure off 80% for 10 20% pregnant, Very light values them, so I'll just start doing it. Do it slow, do it with ease. And I just want to make sure that I joined both off the flowers in same stem. So I did that. And since stars a very larger I'm tryingto make this time a little ticker. Okay? No pics. Um really didn't green and start printing leaves the leaves will be going in top direction in right direction and left direction, and you can give them the sheep wool from beads. Just move your hand and it will become of baby shaped leave, and it looks more natural, like it's and breeze. The leaf is moving its Ingres, so it's lovely. No, pick some Indian, your local Oh, like 60 70% Indian yellow color and 2030 person green. So this is a mixture of green and yellow clover. Gallois more and greenest less so you're going to have this beautiful color combination, and you can infect. See dry brush technique here, which is fun for drivers. Technique. You just need a damp brush. Damn precious like you loaded it. Put water than you. Take out the moisture from it with the help of a double. Just remove that extra moisture from the brush and you just take the paint and do quick motions. Not let let me do it again. I took some emerald green and I started moving my brush very fast. If I do it slow, this is going toe. Be a normal leaf, but if I do my brush stroke faith fast like, Let me show you again. I'll pick some camera in blue. No, and I'm just going to move my brush very quick. The brush should be damp as they mentioned, and I'm just going to move the British very quick. So this will give you a leave made with the help of dry brush technique. It's a very frantic technique. And now you see this blanket space. I failed the sister blank, and I don't want to read more lives here. So I started writing filler flowers again. But this time I took red color in drivers technique. The vipers that you see is nothing but the white part off the people because we made the motion to fast. The white part was visible. No, again, I'm going to being some leaves because this whole composition needs to be, you know, full and complete to give a full finished look. I'm going toe, start making more leaves, stamps off the fillers. Any way that I feel, I'll even do layering off the leaves. As you can see, I'm applying another layer off leave on previously a played Lear off leaf. The dry it leave. So I'm just again applying another leave over another leave or over the first leaf. So it's a beautiful, pleasing technique. You can see how lives are overlapping each other, but just make sure the previous leaf is tried. Their new new play, another layer of leaf. So now I'm going to makes Camry in blue and emerald Dream. And again I'm going to being to leave the stem on the left side and leave a small gap between two strokes off the leave so it will give you a fight. But and that is it Now. This is This whole process is kind of eyeballing. Wherever I find there are less leaves, I'm going to put there just to give it a complete and finish look. So this is a very simple, uh, book. It's a very simple process off, adding leaves wherever you find it, and you can, of course, change the colors. If you want whatever colors you have, you can do that. It's not necessary that you take the same, Gillis says. I have done. You can change them. No, I saw the right part off. Small flower has blankets. Three. So I started earning leaves around it. This completes our painting, and this is your project. Thank you for watching 5. Final Thoughts!: Thank you guys for watching this class on. I hope you had fun painting this lovely bookie. This is your project on. You can change the colors off lives. And these This is all your joy, the main in wars to being this and to have fun and be mindful and creator at the same time . So this is a very nice way to relax it and just enjoy the time that you have. Right? So grab your brushes and start being doing this. Love. You okay with me on? Don't forget doing it's that for division and follow me on. If you love this last bees give your reviews one. And you watch my glasses. There is your information. Thank you so much. Do next.