Watercolor on iPad in Procreate. Draw sunflower card with hand lettering | Elena Maslova | Skillshare

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Watercolor on iPad in Procreate. Draw sunflower card with hand lettering

teacher avatar Elena Maslova, Digital illustration, iPad Procreate

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Intro to the class

    • 2. How to download files to your iPad

    • 3. How to use watercolor brushes

    • 4. First composition: draw sunflower

    • 5. Brush lettering for first composition and details from sketch

    • 6. Second composition with sunflower

    • 7. Second composition: decor and lettering

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About This Class

I am very happy to introduce my first watercolor class project with simple digital watercolor cards with sunflower and lettering.

My name is Elena and I am an illustrator and Procreate addons designer. I love digital illustration and also I love teaching. My teaching expirirence is about 6 years. And digital illustration it’s very inspiration part of my life.

In this class I show you haw we can used digital watercolor brushes in Procreate to creating realistic watercolor effects.

We creating two ready to print cards on cotton watercolor paper with sunflower compositions.

You can used them for printing, poster decoration, or for social media or e-mail congratulations for you loved family or friends.

Materials you needed for this class is iPad, Procreate App (version 5.0 or newer), pencil with pressure sensitivity. 

4 free brushes and 1 color palette, 2 PSD files for drawing are included with your enrollment. See how to download it in video 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elena Maslova

Digital illustration, iPad Procreate



Hello, friends! My name is Elena and I am a Procreate addons creator, illustrator, lettering artist.

With the arrival of the iPad and Procreate in my life in 2018, I began to draw more in digital and completely immersed myself in digital illustration. Later, I began to create author's brushes that imitate working with live materials.


You can see watercolors, paper-textured, pastels, as well as stamp brushes and grids for lettering in my Etsy store:



I have a teacher experience in University and in kids club and now I am creating classes about digital illustrations on iPad for Skillshare and Udemy


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1. Intro to the class: Hello friends, my name is Elena Maslova I'm illustrator, lettering artist, and Procreate addons creator. In my class, we drawing digital illustration on iPad in Procreate App. Welcome to my class. 2. How to download files to your iPad: How we can download files for drawing in this class. We need opened skillshare.com, find section projects and resources, and find a link, download files to you I iPad here. And please remember our password for downloading is DIYMAY. And we tap here, go to my personal website and enter our password. I tap in login. And now we see our files and we needed to download it. We can see all files, Swatches, Brushes and PSD files for drawing. And we tap on the download files button, whole project. And tap on download. And here we see it in zip file. Tap on it. Open. Downloads files. And this is our folder, tap on it, unzipped automatically. Folder "Photos" name. This is PSD files when we drawing. This is brush set, and this is swatches. And we need Open it in Procreate for the first brush set. Importing. Tap on swatches. Share. Procreate. Tap on Brush set Share - Procreate. And the first sunflower, tap, share, more. Procreate. Or another method - is - Go to gallery, plus "import" Import sunflower, fined it, tap on it and open it. And we can find it here. And can start drawing. 3. How to use watercolor brushes: Hello friends. This is my tutorial, how to draw sunflower watercolor illustration In Procreate. In this tutorial I used my favorite brushes: is Honey watercolor. Is my favorite brush, it's can create some mixed shadows, lights and blur and blanding. Soft pencil brush, lettering smooth brush for imitation of brush calligraphy and Background tone for our decor. And now I want to tell you how we can drowing with my brushes. First is for Honey watercolor. I very-very like it, is my favorite brush. The watercolor imitation: With light pressure, we can create light color. When we draw with high pressure, we create more color. And we cane mix it. With this brush blending effect. Create, create new colors. Mixed color. Adding shadows or lights. Our second brushes is pencil, soft pencil brush. For details. I want to choose green color. We can change size of our brush, opacity. We need this brush for digitalization of our illustration or for a sketch. We can use this brush for sketching. Something you need and for details, for digitalization. And another brush is for lettering, lettering, brush calligraphy. We can create some lettering with watercolors, with smooth texture. When we use calligraphy brush, we need to know that for up brushes is low pressure. And down is high pressure and up is thin - thick for down. Low pressure, high pressure, low pressure, high pressure. And we need some practice for his brush for up and down thin and thick. And another brush is the background tone used for background. Something like this or this. Create new colors, tones, I think. We can mix it with lettering, with this brush. For creating something new. 4. First composition: draw sunflower: This PSD file we can find my sketch. We can find also my reference. We can turn off any layer, We can use another paper texture under our drawing layer. We can change the opacity of this. You can turn off also We can find paper texture like a background. We can turn off our sketch and draw in something new - what do you need. And we now started with "Draw here" layer with our brushes and our color palette. DIY Sunflower brushset - Honey watercolor. And we need choose color palette. Name "Draw sunflower", Set Default. Choose this yellow color, choose Honey Watercolor brush And start drawing. We can change opacity brush. We can change the brush size. If you need this. Now, I drawing the high pressure If I draw with low pressure, I have some opacity. For more color we create with high pressure. If we need less color we drawing with low pressure on Apple pencil of our brush. This is a first layer and I create with low pressure. And next first layer, I won't be create Second layer. And shadows. Can turn our reference layer and begin drawing again. After this, I want to draw first layer with green color. Change my size of brush. Change again. For smaller detail. And biggest brush for biggest part of our drawing. You can change anything you need. If I need darker, all I need is higher pressure for my brushes and create darken colour. And we can use our Honey watercolor brush for mixing color like this. For example, I want to draw with another green. And I want some lights on our leaves. And we can mixed color. And now I want to start drowing again second layer with my yellow. Now I need some lights. And now I want to create our sunflower seeds. And the first, I want to start with this brown color and bigger size of brush. I can change pressure. I can create second Ilayer after first. And we see another color and some blending effect of watercolor. For a next step I want to create some seeds. on my sunflower. I change my brush for Soft pencil and change my color for dark brown color and we see from sketch I think it's opacity Or can change smaller and create something this seeds for more details. I think it's better when I can change my brush size and to create some dots like this. Okay. Then I want to create some depth or my sunflower seeds. And wont trying with this brush. And create some shadows, darker, and create some lights 5. Brush lettering for first composition and details from sketch: For the ending I want to add some lettering on my illustration. You can use lettering smooth brush, this brush is like brush calligraphy with so smooth texture, It's good for littering. I like this. And create something what do you need. Summer like, maybe summer day, summer time, happy summer or something When I draw with high pressure is changing my brush size. And it's like brush calligraphy. Now we need some practice for better our lettering. But we can create something use my reference lettering. And I want to create a new layer for lettering. And tap back. Create new layer. And we can use these lettering I drawing. We can use this for practice. You can change the opacity. like here. Change our new layer, our brush, color, what you need and create something lettering. Let's practice anything will be better. I think this may be like this. You can use another "Summer days" or "Happy summer". Hallo Summer. And we can turn off our sketch. We see we need some details for our sketch, for suflower. We can create this with soft pencil brush and yellow color. We can create a new layer and draw And now we turn off our sketch in we see is better, much better. And now if I need to share my file, I go to share choose file format and exporting 6. Second composition with sunflower: Next card is second draw sunflower, second tutorial file, PSD, and also is the same: background paper texture. Have paper texture under our drawing. You can use it or turn off. We see a reference layer. We see some lettering. And Let's get started. "Draw hear" layer. And we can create from any part of the flower with our watercolor brush. I want to start with flour. And yellow. Light. Change my brush size. Yellow, high pressure, more color. Low pressure less color. And now I want to drawing first layer. When I drawing second player, with shading, with lightness, with details. Mixed color and opacity. Use like a coloring book, I think. Why not? You can draw your sketch. You can draw anything. And I want to create some shading. We see some blanding on sunflower. And then I choose brown color, for seeds and change pressure when I drawing dark. And change size per size I want for detalization. And we see some blending of our color. And for creating seeds I want to choose soft pencil. And create some dots. If we turn off our sketch, we see what we need to drawing with pencil and start drawing these soft pencil brush and a yellow for new layer our details. And now I choose another color for seeds. And drawing. Yes. Tourn off. Next we use green color for sunflour and "Honey watercolor" brush for this. High pressure, low pressure. And we change our colour, blurring, shades, mix it 7. Second composition: decor and lettering: And after this we can create with "Background color" brush for this part of our card, we turn off our sketch, go to layer, new layer, drawing details and chooses background tone, and choose color green or yellow or mix it. Maybe this. We can draw some details with "Pencil" like this, maybe green, may be yellow, may be brown. We can use our watercolor brush for these dots, change opacity to this. Like this, something like this. And now we can adding some lettering for our background. I creating some phrases. With brush calligraphy. You can choose anything like "Happy summer", maybe. I will move my layer up and change opacity. And use for my lettering. I want to Brown, and lettering smooth brush and brown color for my lettering. And create. High pressure. Low pressure, high pressure, high, low, high. High pressure. Low pressure, high, low, high. Now, you can duplicate our layer for more color. Turn off our sketch. Change opacity. Turn off our lettering layer. And now we can export File: Share, change file format, tap and exporting