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Watercolor loose florals in envelope - a quick and easy project!

teacher avatar Madi Smit-Kliffen Madiliefje, "Creativity is contagious. Pass it on."

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Colors

    • 4. Drawing the envelope

    • 5. Practice loose florals

    • 6. Painting the envelope

    • 7. Painting the flowers

    • 8. Painting the leaves

    • 9. Add lettering (optional)

    • 10. Final thoughts

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About This Class


So glad you found my class today! It's a quick(ish) and easy watercolor project. We will be painting an envelope with some loose florals :-)

I have a sort of love/hate relationships with loose florals, as I think many artists do. They just never seem to turn out right and even though I still struggle sometimes too, I'm mostly pleased with my results and thought I would share some knowledge in the form of a fun and easy painting!

What I love about this class is that there are so many variations. Not just with the colors, but with the flowers and the leaves as well. What I will show you is just an example, that you can then take and make totally your own! No need though, if you like what I made, you can paint along with me throughout the entire class. It's filmed in real time (that's why it's a little longer, plus I talk too much ;-)).

You do not need any knowledge of watercolors, some basic knowledge is always good of course, but no need for straight lines and perfect washes in this project! I'll take you through the drawing and painting, plus we'll practice some florals before we start for real. I will not be practicing the leaves separately, but I have a practice lesson in my "leafy watercolor wreath" class, that I promised to link to, so here it is:

If you like my classes, feel free to follow me on Skillshare (or Instagram ;-)) so you will stay informed about new classes!

Have fun!

x Madi

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Madi Smit-Kliffen Madiliefje

"Creativity is contagious. Pass it on."


Hi there my fellow art lovers! :-)

My name is Madi and I'm a watercolor artist based in the Netherlands. I fell in love with watercolor about 2 years ago and it has brought me so much joy since! Skillshare has taught me so much (and still does!), I've met
amazing people and teachers on here and that's one of the reason why I started teaching. I wanted other creative enthousiasts to have the same experiences that I had. I started teaching in May 2019 and will continue to upload classes as I go!

Behind the scenes I'm currently working on a webshop and I would love to teach some workshops in real life as well :-)

I hope you enjoy my classes! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions via instagram (@madiliefje) or e-mail ([email protected]) ;-)See full profile

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1. Welcome!: I and welcome to my sculpture class on how to paint loose watercolor fools in an M flu. I'm Matty, Um, what color artist based in the Netherlands on? I'm very happy that drew joining me here today, I wanted to make a quick and easy class for you guys, which turned out a little longer than I wanted to, because I talk a little too much. But it's just so much fun to do. And, um, you can do it in your own style. And variations are just analysts, Which is one of the things that I love about this project on a computer to. So let's gather up your paint supplies and let's get painting. 2. Materials: here are all the materials that will be using for today's painting Have the a square watercolor paper from Fabbiano. This one is 200 grams on, and it's glued together so that you don't have to tape it down when you're working with some water. Of course, you can use any watercolor paper you have just like this square size for the painting that we're making today. I've got my to each pencil over here and I needed eraser so we can sketch out the lines of the envelope on where the bigger flowers are going to be. I've got my micron fine liner. So add some lettering. You can use any fine line or you have or a brush pain. Even we won't be using any What a color over it. So it doesn't have to be What a proof Inc. I've got my van Gogh paints that over here on a variety of round brushes. I like to use my size six brush for the flowers that has a nice big belly. So you get really good round strokes. I like to use my size for for the leaves and stems has a nice sharp tip. So that works really well for that. And if you want to, you could also use uneven, more detailed brush like this size zero. I'm not sure yet if he'll be using it, but just use whatever burst you feel comfortable with. I also have a paint palette over here, which I like to use to mix colors in or get like a really light variety of color. If you don't have a paint pellet, you could always use a ceramic plate, for example, house of a paper towel and two containers of water, one to clean my brush in and one with clear water. And that's all the materials will be using today and next up, I'll show you the colors. 3. Colors: So let's see which colors will be using for today's painting. These are two colors abusing if you want to use different colors than just go right ahead. Um, I'm just going to show you the colors that I'm going to use. I'm going to take some pink now. I'm gonna try and pronounce this. Could it correctly? It's quinacrine, dune rose or just a very bright pink on. I'll be using this in combination with my permanent orange, which is just a very light orange. And I like to mix these two to make sort of like a Salmoni color. I usually make that very light, and I like to use that for my tulips. And then I will be using some read deep for my poppies, which is basically just a very, very bright red and then, for like, the rose or piney kind of flower. I want to makes, um, this sort of between ping on purple kind of color. And I usually also use some pink fur that Andi some matter leak deep cool, which is this nice? Yeah, I don't know if you could call it red, but it's like this kind of burgundy color when it's mixed with the pink, and maybe I'll even add a little touch of purple in there. You get this nice kindness folks here, like color. So that's it for the flowers. And then for the leaves, I'll be using my olive green, which is just a very muted light cream, which I think was really well with, with the bright red but also with the softer colors. Then I'll be mixing some Sepp Green with my pains. Great, and that just makes are really kind of dark, muted green, which I think looks really And then to top it off, I want to use a little blue in there as well, abusing my KRouge in blue for that just just really dark. And that's it, but sold the colors that will be using today. I'll show how to make them when I'm going to paint the flowers and, um, we'll get started on drawing next 4. Drawing the envelope: Let's get drawing. All right. So we're gonna draw the envelope on the spaces where the flowers are going to be. I'll be drawing my lines pretty thick so you can see them on camera. But he sure did. Royal lines really thin or erased them a little Before you start painting. That just looks better. Um, when the pain goes over it. So I want the envelope kind of centered on the painting from there can just So, um, just got a sketch it. I want my envelope to have a little like, rounded edge, just like the way that looks. Just remember now that I totally forgot to include a color for the envelope, but that's gonna be orange, which we already had also for the flower. So that's okay. So I wanted to be kind of like this with a little rounded at year at the bottom. Make sure you leave enough room at the side so that we can make some leaves coming out of it, or some flowers or whatever you like. And then I'm gonna start here a little a little bit higher than than the corner. Um, I'm gonna end it here in the middle going make like this flat. I'm gonna try and get it kind of symmetrical, but don't worry too much about that. All right, then, from the sites here, I'm gonna make please come in until about here. And then I'm also going around them off here at the top. It's like, and then semi symmetrical on the other side, like so. And I'm gonna have it opened. So I'm gonna draw off here, which is gonna have kind of the same curve like this one. Or maybe a little rounder. Just say what you like. Hey, quit like right? And then I'm gonna put a little line in for we're like, you normally lick it to close it. Nofal and loop. So have that better? Like how it looks on the painting. Good food in here anyway. So just make the same line as this one, but a little bit more inside. All right, so that's our envelope. Um, Now I'm gonna look for the positioning of the flowers. What I would like is to have one big flower over here, which may be comes over the envelope a little bit. I think it's kind of yeah, balanced honest. You know what I mean? And then I like to have some bigger flowers of fears. Maybe 12 together. Better life coming out of the envelope like that, with some leafs and everything, and then maybe some some more of here. I think we'll we'll see how it goes as we go along. And then we'll have some some leaves coming out here, here, just going up here maybe, like, fill it up a little. I was like to be symmetrical, so probably I have some leave son here as well. We could at some, some Berries or some, you know, whatever you like. Um, but I think these are the basic shapes that will be using. All right, I'll be, um, racing a little bit of my life because this is a little bit messy. And you can you raise your lines to make them a little elastic, and then we'll meet back to practice the flowers 5. Practice loose florals: All right. So before we start painting the final painting, let's practice some of the loose florals that will be using. So I'm just gonna take, um, some pain, whatever. Whichever paint. Um, I'm gonna show you some of the techniques that I use. Well, makes it a little bit of that. You mean nice salmon pink that I want for the tulips. I'll show you how will make chiller. Um, the the great thing about our minds, though, is that, um and automatically makes is shape into something. So if you hint at the shape of a flower, you will recognize it and not only you, but a lot of other people will recognize it. Us that flower eso for two. It's basically a sort of oval shape. So I am. I got my size six brush, and if I make like this some this pedal type shape and then I made one. I mean, it's a little rounder. And then if I make one next to it and I leave a little gap that I curve it around on with very few strokes, it's already looks a bit like tulip, and I goes the same for a lot of other loose moral state roses are or puppies. Sometimes the color is already enough. Like if you have a bright brats flower than well, mostly it's a puppy. Um, so you just get, like a few characteristics in there on dure mind does the rest. That's really great. Now this one way to make true up another way, this is more like when it's still closed. On that away would be, like sort of the same shapes, Um, so this to your drop shape, maybe make one next to it. So now they attach. They do have to be a little round is it's also already it's kind of actually, and you can be a little more playful here. Something's come out, maybe go around a little if you're floral, seem too heavy to try and make them with a little more white space image. I often forget this, but it's really good practice. Just try a few, maybe look up some reference pictures and just try and see the basic shapes of the flower on dry them out. Now I want to be doing some tulips. I also want to be doing ah, bigger flower at the edge of the envelope so you could use a piney or a rose or whatever type of flower you want. No, my pioneers, they usually don't. They don't go so well, has loose morals. So I'm gonna show you how I make a ruse. I'm gonna tells it a little, um the Rose. I mean, so the stars with some more pigment on your brush and you make, like, little semi circles for for the middle. I think this and then what you do is basically you just go around this, but you go, you make your strokes wider. Now take off a little more pain, and I just go around. And don't forget that white space, because that is really important. Especially with with something like this. And then you just, uh you build it up until you think Well, this is what I like. No, Ive tells it this a little. Want a little bit? If you If you make it completely round, then it's like that centered. You could add some more colors to it. There's really so many ways you can go. I'll try and make a pioneer for you guys. I usually start a little big also with this sort of paddle shape and one kind of next to it . And I was just have, like, a lot in love in love of leaves. And then his middle part is always would ruins it for me. Basically, if you got a lot off leaves going on here, it kind of looks like Crichton more so like that. And then I also wanna try some copies. You can make copies, and very, very in many different ways. Um, I want to try one that is, like, where it still sits inside. Um, so you make that she began on these have, like, a little, like, jagged edge. You don't have to completely fill in the leaf. Just just go with a little that needs another leaf right here. Uh, on one. Um, now, it doesn't really look like pop yet, but you'll see if you add details like the black brothers, always in the poppy and out. It'll be, of course, when I do that, but sometimes it's nice. Um, so it starts to look a little more like Poppy. No, because I'm coming off here now. You could also make one. That is, um yeah, they kind of closed, then it's just more alone. Could be a myriad of flowers. Really, if you painted this way more of this kind of feeling. But I'm not I'm not sure I'm a big fan ins. Think it's too straight for me? Um, you know, if you add a little bit of the back in there, you'll see that your mind will think of it as a popping the hardest one. Um, you could do like an open face flower. You got, like, this big a big chunk, er red year and then something. The year doesn't have to be very straight in this also. Now you like Abby. What the hell are you? Beijing. This doesn't look like Bobby. It's all agree. Um, but if you put in, you know, maybe a few of those Poppy sees. Really? Yeah. Yeah, I see you now, you see. So just play with color and playing with a little bit of details on, um I see that much ellipse have gotten very light here. I hope there are there visible. Try them again and you can just add at colors however you want. Just leave a little wide to see that it makes the Sometimes it makes all the difference. You could add some some orange in there, for example. I get some nice color variations in there. The other one I did is basically same shapes. It's always sort of this this over leave type shape. But now they're a dirt. You're kind of touching, and maybe there's something in here. Maybe there's something come out of there. Just make your strokes news. Sound that your creativity? Flu. So these are the flowers that will be using today in one way or another, eth in one color or another, and, um, will be also be adding some lease I wouldn't be showing you this year, but I have some practice leafs, Um, in my wreath class. I'll add a link to that class and the class description, and then you can go to the breakfast session there, and I'll show you old, different kinds of Leafs that you could use in this painting as well. So leave that in a project description, and that's get ready to start painting for real this time 6. Painting the envelope: All right, So now that we've practice our florals, let's start painting. I've got my drawing right here, and we're painting the envelope first because it needs to dry before we go over it with the florals. I forgot to mention which color I'm going to be using for the envelope. And it's gonna be orange. Um, not so much of the light orange that I showed you, but probably been darker shade. I'll be using the darker shade more around the ashes and then all faded out as it goes in abusing a very light wash on this part because I wanted to not be white because that would look off. But I don't want it to overpower the florals it's on. Then I'll be, um, making this a little bit darker. But also be doing is I'll be leaving a little white line between these two pieces. Still be painting this one first, and then when I go into paint, this one all these, like, just so live alone. I just think that, uh, Alex get so abusing my size six brush, at least for a big part. I want this kind of dark orangey. Just see looks on a piece of scrap paper. Me maybe look good. If there's a little hint of pink in there really something throughout, it's just a little softer. Yeah, yeah. So start here at the edges and then I'll work my William. No, the actions to be a little bit darker than on I wanted to get them a lighter, as we do into the middle of the absolute denouncing paint here. And then you're gonna rinse my brush and get just some clear winner war. Go over that again. The pain in the middle of a little It doesn't have to be perfect washer anything. My gloves also a little wobbly. I just like that, You know that, Like, can't made Look no, go back in and we'll add some more color. You're just here on the edges where I just want But look to pop a little more or if you've got got some heart lines because you're paying dried up, you can just reactivate them. Don't worry. And so you get kind of, um, swash now, Like I said, I want Teoh the little white light in between here to makes a new paint. Can you beat in there. So I'm gonna started the excess again. His own those to be a darker Well, I'm not. Don't stop here since my brush. Six. A clear winner. Yeah. All right. So you can see So just like that? No, I'm gonna do seem from the Anderson. No, really saved my page of it. Is that one still with Oh, definitely touching us. I don't want to get my paper. Bush. It's a clear winner. - It then I'm gonna be painting the inside. I still a very light wash here. So I'm gonna use that and just, um, believe that little light space also here on the inside. Just just a fraction of it, you know, just as like, a little bit of color. But not so much that you won't see also for flowers. Um, for the outside, I want the darker color again. Orange bit of thing. This down here, the urge. Take some clear water. It's him. Only a little lie years will maybe just a little bit more color here, so that you see with the friends between the inside and with this bit will be really visible. When we took the flowers over it, Select painted right. So I'm gonna let this dry and I will come back to do the flowers 7. Painting the flowers : All right. So my envelope as Dr and now we can start painting the flowers. I'm gonna start with, um, this big one right over here, and I'm gonna have angled. I like to that side a man. I'm gonna put the middle around here and just spread it out a little. Not trying to use too much water, because if you so much water than it will reactivate the pain of the envelope. Um, and that's not what we want, Of course. So first, I'll be mixing that nice folks, see a color. And I was talking about to use for the rose. I'm taking some pink on and my matter, they deep and then a bit of purple. A region where too much. That's the color that I wanted. All right, so, um, that's paint arose. I'm just wrenching my brush and trains. Um, no lighter color is I go down, mingle more pain to the middle. Here, here, while it's still wet. Just to give a little more death. It's hard work. Do that Rose on then. I think it's a little too light up here, so I'm just going take my brush. And so just so make these flowers are really like add until you're happy with them. The thing about loose florals, though, are at least I always this with me is at first I'm like, yeah, that didn't turn out the way that I wanted it to. But if you leave it for a little and they come back or you see the whole finished project on yeah, that looks pretty good. So I just don't, um, write it off too quickly. So I'm gonna leave it like this Not because I'm usually tend to overwork my loose morals, and then there's no whitespace anymore. It's just a blob. So I'm gonna leave like this for now, and I'm gonna move on to the tulips. I'm gonna paint flowers first, and then we'll add in the greens later. So I want the tulips about here. I'm thinking about two to bigger, um, boats or or the flowers. You know what I mean? And then maybe some some little butts up here down here. So we mixing my pink with orange for that to go, that, um, can light summon. And I always call it salmon. Maybe smart coal. So I but blush also called but this cult, And then I'm gonna paint the troops, and then when they're still wet, I'm gonna drop some of that pink. Or maybe some of this in there at the bottom. Give that a nice believe. Just using them the sheikhs that we practiced. Yes. And just just step it. They're about, um, a little given Nice, Nice, then going in for the 2nd 1 which I'm gonna do over here and make a little bit smaller thing, and it also go up. It's more color in there. Whatever. You just make sure to let it dry. Um, and then I'm gonna, But it makes a little bit more of that color. No, Mr let's turn a little darker, which I like, because now I want to paint those butts. One, uh, stem you're gonna hear. I want to come off here, and these boats are basically just, um, what I'm doing here. But then a smaller version, so just make sure they're like little grounded here. I think I'll leave that for now. When we put in a greenery and you see, like, Okay, there's a little bit of space here that I would like to fill them. Bugs are Brexit are So I like how I used this color to blend that in here, because now it looks like one. It looks like one, because we used ah, bit of the same color everywhere. But, um, now what I want to do is I want to add some puppies over here on. I want I think this out and wants to be the one that we tried the like, the open one to decide. Um, I'm gonna put it on my paint palette in diluted a little, but I still want that That really, really bright wrapped cas. That's for me. That's a Poppy. You know, they're like these bread bulls of exploding color. Okay, I'm gonna stop talking out. Start painting. Um, so I want that one to come out here on Go go out of the envelope a little bit. So start here. It's oceans. It's one of two signing comparisons. Honest. Just some strokes. It's nice. Loose right now. I'm gonna let this one dry first before I put in the the great bits. Um, and then I'm thinking either Ah, little open one or close. I think for this, um, composition, close ones. Probably better to get a little extra paint on. And I'm gonna be doing that one here so they can go that way. I'm keeping this very loose on purpose. Um, because I didn't like and my practice, um, florals that I didn't like him right here. Um, like, I didn't have any white space in there. So you kind of see what that whitespace does to it, you know? Makes it a little more work. Playful in a little less. Okay. No. Yeah. I think I like it like this. Think I'm gonna stop before I ruin it? A month. Maybe we'll have some buds hanging off here, too. But I'm gonna couldn't steps first before I can tell for a consult. All right, So these are your florals? Um, if you're not happy with the color like, um, you know, if I see now that is, she lives are a little too close to the envelope. Probably. Um, like, color wise. I can always add a little bit more color to dark on them a little, but I'm gonna put in this stems first because you really need to see the whole picture before you can say Okay, This doesn't work, or that doesn't work. So I'm gonna say my size for brush on. I'm gonna take some all of green, and I'm not really gonna I looked this with water, and then I'm going Teoh, I'm not gonna understand to the roads because it's sick Coming out of the envelopes, understand? Would be in the envelope. Um, but I'm gonna Adam to poppies here and to the troops, and I'm gonna draw them into the center of No. So here will have Ah, black. Well, let's start from here. Just end of the But that ruse and a nice thing about loose morals, it is It doesn't really have to be exactly the same. Like I'm not sure worked kind of shape the the x of a poppy have. But I can just just make any if I want, so that's good. So I'm just gonna add some use here. Just do what? Um, it seems best to you. So this is dry so I can put my hand on there. This I could make a little There has to be a straight line, you know, some while I was in between there. Really, It's so whatever you like. Well, um, juleps. I do know have ah, bigger Leafs. I'm gonna severely here once. Here. I first want to connect this, um, this boat here, Stone. Yeah. No, I kind of reliefs overlap or hurt. It's really, really just can't keep saying enough. That's up to you. Are you make of it Because that's it's like that with all your heart if you want them. Ah, a little darker than you commit, please. A little darker or I think these turn a little to light. Just let's go over them again. I don't want to connect this, but you want I'm just You want to you? No, it concluded years. All right, so now that we've got thesis, um, Stems, I'm gonna use my Such for Teoh. Take some things great. And I'm gonna at home the detail state of copies go in here. The triangle? Yeah, I'm just good Nixon strokes and some dots. And I know if you would see dots from this angle, but, uh, Teoh Stone right 8. Painting the leaves: so no, Um, what I want to do is, uh I want to add so dark reading these. I'm gonna take sap green for that left of it. Anyway, I use a lot among some pains green there. Then you got this really nice, dark green color green. You know this, and then I'll just be out of there some leaves here and there. Um, yeah. I don't really have ah, a proper way of doing this. I just look, where I think I'm some leaves Could dio and them and I add them there. I think I wanna have one going out here. So we didn't practice Isam Leafs. But like I said, uh, leave linked in my wreath class and past description, you can check out the let's listen, there. I talk about, um, different Come with Lisa. Oh, practice. I was paying them. I've gone over my great. As you can see, that hasn't dried yet, but numerous absent over here on that paper. I'm just gonna vince my brush. I'm gonna add some some clear water. That and what nobody ever has to make sure you clean your brush broke. Alito, our after your painting will be green or another color. You're working. So I'm gonna have to do that one again. Um, I think was very wet for that. It was a little too wet, but, um, we'll fix it. So, uh, I like how this leaf came out. Also, like the color gonna make some more of it. Paging one that goes between but to he's a pinch of over the group behind a flower. Mm. I'm trying to figure out what to do with with this middle piece here. I'm gonna add some more of that. Your green? I thought in the middle here, Um, it's that swing. Come, come, come from them here past the ruse. I don't like Teoh. Go over my flowers. So I tried to paint those leaves. That would go there, try springtime behind the flowers on it overlaps with a leaf. Like it over here. Then that's fine. Is just strip reference, maybe like to go over the flowers. You can just burial, color and shape. - I'm just kind of making this up as I go. So I try and sketch of the flowers. Um, but the rest is basically just your own imagination. So, um, I'm gonna take some more of that. All of great. Yeah. I'm gonna add some more of that instead of painting. Also, just some Leafs. I'm gonna have one here. Just tryingto go out of the the envelope perimeters a little bit. That just gives it a nice playfulness. - Doesn't always necessarily have to start from the center. It is nice of most of the spaces are, um, kind of used up here in the center. They're also be home. Some blue here, uh, year. Sometimes easier to start from the top to see where you want one Sometimes is your from the bottom. Just you, Do you? - Of course you could use. Ah, smaller brush for this, All right. I feel like I'm missing a little bit of green there. I'm sure I'm gonna add, um, the dark blue. Now, I don't see how it looks all together, and we have so just something. So does my Persian lute. And just like the contrast of the pink and the orange with that deep dark, you could just add a little bit of prudent. Um, sorry. Pains. Great. So it I think that's a little more muted, I would say. Think one you go here its new ones of all When those blue I'm just gonna go some moves. Yeah, this summer here, - thinking I don't hear now as you can see, that one. And also that one. It doesn't originate everywhere inside the envelope, but in the and I love her home, the blue Just mix it all. All right. Um, I'm still thinking it's missing a little bit over here. Um, I think I'm gonna add some Ah, branch and some other cleaner. Um, go the other side. Maybe that balances it out a little bit more. - That's better. Okay. Um, I think these flowers air pretty ok. Out of all the greenery us around them. Um, maybe I would make them a little more orange. Let's see if we could try that. Uh, this is in your own risk. Of course. My to was that my screwed up? Okay, so I'm gonna take, um it's unclear whether just a little I'm gonna go over over flower just to reactivate the pain level. So just very, very lightly get a little bit of a sheen over the flower in the too much because I do like the lightness of it on the same team. If you're acting, which water right now, then got some puddles that won't record. So just be very careful here. So all right, now what I want to do is I want to take some of this ping purplish color that we used for the Rosen down here. And I want to add some details here on the butts Just wanted. That's a shading on one side to sneak that come alive a little bit more than I'm going to take almost dry brush and just go over that Ryan. Just no. So that it blends in there so you could do the same with the roses that somewhere here are just really I want this to be highlighted a little more. You couldn't do that. I don't like to do it on the troops, so cause there they're so light. Really? Um, but you could do it on the Roseau are, um, or on the poppies. You're already pretty bright reds, but dumb. Think a little deeper. Rest my word. Well, so take some of that, um matter leak deep that I refused. Teoh makes this color. Um uh, a little some some stripes say this. Thank you would maybe add in in Crane Jing. So just go with the direction of the leaf. A few stripes? Well, I'll just give a little more. You could do the same to the Leafs. If you are, like, great, At least look a little flock to me than quit ransom shading there. I want to add some little that's, like, kind of very wise, Um, just a little around the leaves and in the middle, just to give it a little more highlights. Onda, um, I'm debating whether to do then paint or that six secular, but I think pink has been work. Well, make sure you switch either to a tinier brush, which I'm gonna go or you have a really good tip and then just take some of the think you don't have to dilute it, and I'm just gonna add So it's just although rounds was like a highlight in it, usually closer them in threes. They don't need to be attached to anything either. It's just, um just little filler. Then I am the elections. Split them in the treating the leaf some somewhere. You just make him very small. You are during this. Go around your painting and see where you could use it. Like a little she color they only as big auras round or it's their hands about. And corns isn't off sometimes already. Right. Um all right, well, we are finished with our envelope with flowers. This is a really nice as, ah, postcard. Or, um, you know, just anything where you want someone, Teoh. Just where you want to send someone a little love and a little flowers. Now, next up, I'm gonna show you how to add some letter into it, which is optional. So you can stop here, or you can go with me to the next video and we'll add some nice lottery. 9. Add lettering (optional): All right. So let's add some literary. I will be adding, um, sour delivery. Um, just because I think it's cute and you are delivering flowers to someone If you were to send it as a card or something like that. Um, so that's what I will be adding, you can add whatever quote do you want. You could writers in the envelope. Oh, are you could go over the and flew. There are so many different ways to add something nice it is. Maybe it would just be a name. Um, like the person you're sending it to are so many different things, and I've just always like to add some lettering to it to make it a complete. So I kind of like how this true note He likes to make my lips, uh, pretty big. If you're not happy, he with your lettering, just, uh, just it until you are. Make sure it's kind of ah, centered or not, If that's what you like sometimes executed like a little sideways are something like that. You could do so much. So I always extra drawing in pencil first, because if I just go freecell and I was cooked from big to small s. I like to sketch it out first, and then I'm going to take my my crone fine liner or whichever fine line or brush pen you have. Or maybe you want to do it and paint. That's also possible. So my sparkly paint might be nice, and I'm just gonna go over my pencil sketch. You can always just like I don't like ho much of the r get down. So I just just that when I go over this, my friend, right, I'm gonna get dry. I'm just gonna take my needed eraser on. I'm gonna go over these pencil lines here. Um, make sure your pain is completely dry when you do this. Um, not all the pencil lines will go away. That's what I have to make them very life. But like, here where I sketched, where did Flower was gonna be? You can just spirit set like that and sometimes it can get out. Just a little bit of that of that greenness. Um, that's left from your pencil. Of course, mine are very dark because, uh, well, it had to be visible all the video, but I just wanted to show you that this possible. So just race over it a little and just get some of that too. Okay, so by now, my hands dried as well, and I could just go over it, and he raised my pencil, Lawrence. And now we has the complete picture. I had a lot of fun doing this with you guys. I hope you like this quick and simple project. Um, and the variations are just endless. So I hope you can get a lot of inspiration from this one and, uh, see you back for some final thoughts and hopefully in my next class. 10. Final thoughts: you finished the class. Great job. I'm sure that your envelope with floral string of beautifully it can't wait to see it, though. So if you please upload your project to the project section of this class that I can see like and comments on your work If you upload to Instagram, feel free to tag me and that's it for now. Hope to see you again soon and one of my next classes.