Watercolor for beginners - basic exercises. | Olesya Turchuk | Skillshare

Watercolor for beginners - basic exercises.

Olesya Turchuk, Watercolor addicted :)

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8 Videos (32m)
    • introduction

    • acquaintance with paintings

    • color map

    • color circle

    • plane and color gradient fill

    • tone gradient fill and patterns

    • whales

    • landscapes


About This Class

This is the second class in my watercolor course for begginners.

It contains information about color properties and basic watercolor exercises. 

I teach how to mix colors and make color circle and color map - necessary skill for every artist. And give fun practice exercises - basic techniques of painting. They are: plane fills, tone and color gradients, wet on wet painting, making patterns. 

In the end we will paint whales and two very easy landscapes.

In previous class class I give brief information of choosing art materials. If you don't have opportunity to watch it, I think you can understand the context in this class. 

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me:) In comments or e-mail: [email protected]






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Olesya Turchuk

Watercolor addicted :)

Hello, friends! My name is Olesya. I'm russian watercolor artist. I've loved art ever since my childhood. I studied Fine Art in art's school. Painting enrich my life with harmony and beauty. I draw inspiration from my family, nature and beautiful music.

Thank you for visiting my class! Hope my art will inspire you:) my shop on Creative Market and my portfolio on Shutterstock

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