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Watercolor food for beginners

teacher avatar Alisa Pervukhina, ILLUSTRATOR

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Intro and Materials

    • 2. Techniques

    • 3. How to draw pancakes

    • 4. How to draw toast

    • 5. How to paint ice cream

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About This Class

Food sketching with watercolor for beginners. I will tell you basic techniques which used in food sketching. And then we will paint toast, pancakes and ice cream. 

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Alisa Pervukhina



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1. Intro and Materials: Hi, everyone. My name is Alyssa and I live in Russia. I really like throwing especially food. This is my passion. Today I will tell you how to draw different foot pancakes, toast and ice cream and show the main techniques that you can use in sketching. Now I will show you materials that you will need for painting with me 1st 1 paper, every comment you use court paper I like for Briana. But you can use any paper you like, for example, concern or something else. Also, you will need different brushes. I use aqua brush and command you to have it. It's very comfortable, but you can use usual brush if you want the next pencil to those sketches. Wife Gail Pan for highlights. Think brush for details. A razor and paperclip if you need. Also, you will need paper tower for cleaning your brushes and removing extra water. What about water car? You should have any professional colors. I have won gold and white nights, but you can take any color you like. Don't think about it so much. The last thing I bet if you don't have it, use simple white Great, that's all by stay with me 2. Techniques : Hello, guys. I want to tell you about the main techniques that were used in my foot kitchen. First thing they're sure enough. Water, brush and paper should be dry because watercolor loves water on it looks really beautiful. When it merged with each other, the first technique will practiced lines softening. You should have clean water. Soft line needs, for example, when you want to do the shadow and your car to try second with collar on with collar tried to dry on dry. I'll show you later. Fourth Making highlights. There are two ways don't caller and clean highlights with dry brush. With back to the right technique, you can see how different wear point from dry point. The next technique, which uses for its Cajun jump in the brush, perfect for demonstration structure on way. Next one points helps to make please kids structure. Also breakfast band fine lines. The last technique. Only way with the paper and brain. Some collar. Very floppy. That's all guys 3. How to draw pancakes : Hello, everyone. Now I will show you how to paint pancakes. Thief. First thing you should do toe think and find references or photos are chose this one, but you can take any you want. Watch on your reference and think about lights and shadows about dark sides and techniques you will use. Think about your painting steps next step to do the quick sketch. Don't make pressure on your pencil. Don't think so much about shape and four. The next step. Think about collars. Use your sketch in watercolor painting reworked with layers. The first layer, the most light colored. It is based off our sketch. - Remember about what abouts when the colors are wet. You should have time to make shadows and ed another collars. If you're painting to dry, take more clean water on your brush. Okay, done. When your sketch dries, you should add the doctor tales and shadows. This'll varies with the same steps. If you need, you can make one more dark. Leo. Be sure that you make details on dry paint. I'm painting points to show pancakes. Texture. The more layers have been more difficult and interesting will be a sketch, but you feel when you need to stop. That's so guys 4. How to draw toast: Hello, everyone. Now I want to show you how to draw. Tossed with egg and our Kadhem blue coming different textures, it has think how you will paint it. Look at white egg. Even white collar has collar. I will take great to show shadows. Let's start doing quick sketch. Don't press on your pants. Find colors you will use. Think about technique you will use with first basic light layer on bread and avocado. Don't touch egg. It is the most light part off. Our sketch were painted later. You can see that avocado and bread have different shades, so they want to be just green and rage at shadows while painting his weapon. Wait when painting will drive for the details. Now I will use jumping technique with darker collar with most darkest details. Used the same technique for bread use different shades off color. - Big toe egg Use light, great collar. Wait when it will dry. Take dark gray and ed details points. Don't forget. Do it in different colors. That's old guys. Thank you for watching Hope you like it 5. How to paint ice cream : Hello, everyone. Let's paint ice cream. Take for reference and try understanding steps. First wake Way theme Next first lady like shadows with Dark column. Make points of various on ice cream. Do the same steps. Ice cream. - Try shadows. Details with dark. I want to make you do it with Don't forget to do the second layer on Barry's Doc Ice cream. I want to get one more dark, just plain lines like.