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Watercolor floral wreath for begginers

teacher avatar Simply Creative

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. First exercieses

    • 4. Leaves

    • 5. Flowers

    • 6. Fillers

    • 7. Composition

    • 8. Two color wreath

    • 9. Multicolor wreath

    • 10. Final thoughts

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About This Class

Hi! Welcome to our first watercolor class. We want to share with you our love to watercolor flowers and leaves and we want to invite you to act of creation. Today we are going to show you how to paint the watercolor wreath. So enjoy!

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1. Intro: had. We are going on, Marta. We work together in a small company which is called truthfully respond, which means in English manufactory of memories. In our work, we do everything that is connected with memories like photography, photo albums and travel. Julhas, our another passion is modern calligraphy. We are also in love with water colors and today we would like to show you how easy the steps pain for the coloring. A watercolor can be very nice and relaxing, so please enjoy our lesson. 2. Supplies: Okay, so, first, before we will start to paint, I would like to show you the supplies that I will use. First, I will need the paper. I prefer to use 300 grams Fabbri on watercolor paper Way just call pressed. I will also use my water core pains. It's white knight pants. I have a look off colors, but if you would like to paint only flowers you can use on a free or for and yours. You will also need brushes while smaller and one bigger. It's a round brush. I prefer to use synthetic one, and it's really important to have a brush which have a thing sharp deep. Then you should also have something for your palate. It can be serving two white plate water container paper. Hello, something toe. Make a circle ruler and that's all 3. First exercieses: before we paint this kind off watercolor reef. First, we have don't have some exercises, and first we'll start to get more familiar with our brushes and practice the pain. How to paint sick and seeing line to paint a scene line. You should only catch top off, brush the paper, be gentle and try to paint. Yes, same line as you can, and thick line is much more easier because you should who she are. Brush on the paper and he received line. Remember to use pain not directly for your from your pants, but from your white and no seen and speak again. Don't worry, it will take some time. Practice your muscle memory, but you will see after a few times that it's get better. But after we practiced some thick and thin lines, that's practice. Sick of scene one line, which remembers us a little prince and a snake who ate lots off elephants. Let's try and press. You should touch with top of Abrash and push your brush and release and these and release. It's very important to half of this seen part of your life and tow really heart. You can I will take another color. It's very relaxing. So enjoy and not one. I will take some by the paint this time. I don't want in practice as much as you want. 4. Leaves: it's time for our first branch. First we paint very, very thin line, and after that we will start forming our leaves. We're both under movies one more time. I paint my lives from the top. But Magda, it does it in a different way and we will show you it. It's my branch and let's see how much of this I also start with everything line. And then I started from the branch to top off the leaf so you can paint. It s you wish every way is good, making your lives longer or shorter. You can get many various kinds off branches, as you can see Now Gosha is painting shopper leaves and she gets another kind of brand. You can turn your piece of paper because it's more comfortable toe pains in the wild direction. And here we go and I will show you it once again. If your brush is too wet, you can put your brush on a paper Hello to remove excess off paint water. Once again, shark leaves paint with me because I'm painting in real time. Okay? And now I complained. A Branch river longer leaps, so it will be the same way, but our and will be quite different. And once again, first saying nine and then our lives. Remember to move your basic piece of paper. You should feel it should be relaxing to paint. And here he goes. No, you can paint bigger lives with two strokes, first stroke and the 2nd 1 and once again first pot the second. You can also take your begin kicker brush as you wish. And the 2nd 1 I'm left handed. So I started from elect site, but you can start from right side if you feel more comfortable with that. 5. Flowers: So now it's time toe paint, our first flowers. It will be loose flowers because they are easier to paint and it's good to start from them . I think so. We'll paint some kind of ponies or maybe poppies. I will show you it will look like that like that. It's really simple because you can paint it in the fuel Really easy steps. First we start with some see strokes. We hold a brush very close to the paper and make something like See strokes. Maybe I will take some more pain because it's quite light, okay? And it's something like that now when the paint is still wet and I think a green color Russia thinks, agreed and makes a flower stem and at some leaves and it's the easiest way toe paint, some kind of flowers. You can call it ponies. You can call it s you wish okay, and we will make it once again you could paint. Also hear some small matters. Your flower. We'll look more tomorrow if that and again the green part of flour. I love the way that this green paint Meeks with this pink one. That's really awesome. And again leaves. And once again, I can also put some being you hear make this flower darker and green. I can and he would go. Now you can paint this flower a little bit, dedicate where the petals are separated at the top and they are connected to the bottom, and it will look difference in a different way. And Lord, one more time. We always let the green paint bleed a little bit into the flower, which makes our flowers just like in nature. And as you can see every time, it's look really different and it's awesome. 6. Fillers: Now it's time for small flowers on the bridge and first I will bring some small part spots . It will be our flowers. As you can see, it's nothing special. I only touch paper top off my breath and I making some this puts. And because this kind of flowers are quite small, I white am peeling. My paint will be right on the paper. Still not that the green paint toe with this color. Yes, I can Asai do we've Paley's. So my pink paint It is dry now and I can at my branch it will be something like that. So details part behind this pink part instead of lines and they will be connected together in one branch. Maybe some small lose here and now again, I make a violent one. No. Now my sports will be more more rounded Something like that and it will looks good So we'll see that. And before they try, I will paint maybe something I have light blue paint Sierra Leone blue and again first little spots from a top, the bottom so simple you can use a yellow paint Read pains as you wish. Okay. Or you could also paint all the three spot. What? Someone? Money. It will be useful. Maro reef. Okay. I think that despite of oneness dry now, so I cannot My green part. It's easier to paint a thin line when you and hold your brush in this way. Not flat on your piece of paper, but okay. And h looks different. Leave okay. And down the blue one. The same way contained with me. Okay. And now the last one. It's quite what But I will try to be gentle and not to mix. And this time I would make them in a different way. My lines will be longer. I will find more. Okay and stuff. Okay. And it's timeto our pillars. It's good to have some small elements toe paint our grief. I will show you two different Paris may be one blue. Okay. And you should paint. Here's some around in spots my tree of them and then connect them. Realize in the one branch and once again come with me. Okay, way have our Berries here. Maybe I think one and the same way. Oh, okay. It's I don't think so. I moved again and worry or something. Get wrong, and he leaves on both sites. Okay, now we can show you some grass feelers, which use sometimes in our water from a reef so you can see how go shop painting, and we start from a line we just hours spent. And then on Lee put deep brush on the paper and again, maybe I will lose another Coehlo. This time, it's good to paint that kind of pillars in the reef because it's quite small and can make composition dedicate but full off elements. And last time it's really simple, first in line and then. 7. Composition: Okay, so now it's our time for composition. But first we will talk about the rules and how to make it in a few easy steps. First, about colors I have here my palate. I have this kind of colors, but I really like to make apart which I moved use in my brief. So I have also this kind of parts where I chose free to five colors, which looks good together. And as you can see, I have 1/2 names off this palette. So, for example, this is Peonies River. Here, it's only free colors because this green one is a lighter green color, which I do. They have here, and the same about pink wants of this being is darker and this pink it's lighter, but it's the same color from my palate. If I chose my color, it will be easier toe. Make this reef dedicated. This composition will be better, and it's really good awesome to have colors which suits together. And for a our first brief, we will use this color. It's this one. It's called Tokyo and this one it's green, and this one is. I check it rose, so I will paint some kind off color reef only with ponies and green leaves. 8. Two color wreath: Okay, So always first stab his toe, make a circle like fancy you first. I I should make a middle point. My piece of paper. I like that trained briefs on the square paper. I have one here and then we should make a suit. You don't have to use college person you can use played or something like that. Make your seats. So it should be quite gentle and light because we don't want toe and see that. See this circle on our after painting and so we can go step by step from this process. Remember that it can be simple. Don't think about the final and look and just goes by step. Okay, So first step I was playing some branches. My circle. I will move my piece of paper because it will be more comfortable for me. And now some leaves. I will change about five six branches and I will paint it all around circle. I'm trying to paint them similar, but I don't for about about it a lot. They don't have to be the same. And I will use, as I said from the two colors green and rose. Okay. And the last one. Okay. And it's our first step. And then I will paint some little flowers. It will be close to our branch. Will be some kind of a little Okay. Okay. And the 2nd 1 you can also pain the bigger okay in one place and Onley green leaves around the circle. As you wish. We can't wait to see your projects. My reef will be more more, Smith. Too much weak. So I would bank me flowers around a circle, not only in one place. Okay, so third step, I will make a stamp to this. Flowers can't tell me. Makes okay . And, Dan, I will find some bigger leaves inside the circle so it will be. And it would be just part leaves. One the 2nd 1 and in the same place the same. Okay. - And another step by complaints in this place. A beaker flower. Okay. And the same here. Don't worry about it for protests. Don't think about step where you are at the moment. All right, here. Another one and I will connect. Now. This pounds with my grief here. Okay. And now, bigger leaves. But outside too. Brief. Maybe only one. This is the moment when where I'm trying toe Not over you. Composition. And maybe the smaller reef behind. This week one. And now it's almost done. So I only fuel and leaves. I can see people branch only with leaves into the same here. - Okay . And maybe crunch year outside use . Okay? I don't have a space here. I will try. Maybe only one beef gains done. 9. Multicolor wreath: Okay, So it's time for another reef. It will. I will paint it well with Blue Sky Pilot. Here I have cerulean Blue Indigo Payne's Gray Matter at that blue s so this reef will be not so realistic like ponies Week. But I think that you will enjoy it. So first the same. Like like last time. I will my middle point and then make a circle. Remember? Make a gentle line, which would be all right. Okay. And the same like last time I will start from the branch and I will change from five six of them. Remember, Don't feel paper. It feels more comfortable. So it'll 1st 1 You can't Don't be afraid to create something. If you go for this protest step by step, it can be really easy after one pain with me and one I loved this medical paint The last one. Okay. And the second step I will paint on Lee small flowers and the feelers and leaves in this reef. I won't paint any big flowers because I would like to show you how it can Looks like in this way. So maybe something so blue now and I will paint a little French inside between the sprinters and I won't go inside me. Super cool and pain. Small leaves, maybe only three of them. They also like this 2nd 1 and I go wrong my circles in the same way. I have no plan. When I I'm starting to paint something, I just go through the process. So it's surprised even to me Howard looks like, but it's really important to have a color palette before you start painting, okay and another step. Maybe I will pain some Berries and I will go now outside. So first I will paint tool, are free nice and then buries in the end and outside. So or my leaves. That's paint. Okay, I would change my brush because I feel more comfortable with the 2nd 1 speaker. But it's May. You could make really seem line. Okay, so three lines leaves three. Bob's end of lines. Something like that, and not one. Remember, if you brush is too wet, just capital on a paper towel. Okay, so it's my third step and again theme lines. Some of these elements could be darker. Some can be right there depends on you. Don't be scared to create the last one. Okay. And another step. I think that I will find some little flowers with paint spray. I love this color, and I will paint them inside. So as you can remember, I will find some spots first. Three of them, I think, and then around. - It's really not difficult when you go step by step through this process. And it's really right. I hope that you can feel Okay, So now stands. I also only paint here nice. I will not change color and maybe some lives. But it will be another step. Remember, Take only one step at a time. It will be much easier. Okay, of course. Standing color as you like. There are many possibilities. My kids. Okay. And some leaves also. Thanks. Great. Them. And here. Okay. And now it's just this moment when I'm starting to and on something small and what it will be. Okay. I will paint a little small bridge years in the middle off our first branch, and it will be dat leaves. I love this car. You're I'm trying toe paint them from the same point. Hey. Oh, hey. And I have some space here. maybe I will paint here grunge. And I will also start with from this point. But I will make longer seen line here. Okay? And it will be this this one off femurs. Next thing Russ or something, Dad. Okay, I have You're smaller spray, so I make a small fine here. I have space. They don't have to be seemingly with. Same. It will be enough. Where? When they will be similar. Don't worry. Make them the same. Okay. And I think that year it will be good paying something inside, maybe a tool, because we have outside. So I will put some this color in sight And this one here and the pickle here, and yeah, I have so like that. It's almost finished. Okay. Okay. So my composition is almost finished. I don't and want to overdo this belief. So I would paint only small leaves, some in some empty spaces. Thanks. Great. It was something like that. - You can paint this leaves the other elements off reef where when they are and dry, not wet paint here. Care for in this moment Me here and here. I think that it looks good. Yeah, All the leaves now. Brunch. Okay. I think that it's finished 10. Final thoughts: Thank you for watching. It was our first lesson and help you enjoyed it. We hope that you have your project and we can't wait to see that. And as you can see, here are Reese, which guards have painted. Thank you.