Watercolor feathers - In four fun wet in wet techniques ( bookmark style ) | Viddhi Saschit | Skillshare

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Watercolor feathers - In four fun wet in wet techniques ( bookmark style )

teacher avatar Viddhi Saschit, Limitless Art | Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials required

    • 3. Basic sketching exercise

    • 4. Feather 1 - simple wet in wet technique

    • 5. Feather 2 - wet in wet + rock salt

    • 6. Feather 3 - wet in wet + metallic paint

    • 7. Feather 4 - wet in wet + gouache

    • 8. Adding details

    • 9. More project ideas

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About This Class


In this class, you would learn how to paint beautiful watercolor feathers in bookmark style using FOUR  wet in wet techniques. 

Feather 1 -  simple wet in wet 

Feather 2 -  wet in wet + rock salt 

Feather 3 -  wet in wet + shimmer/metallic watercolors 

Feather 4 -  wet in wet + gouache 

By the end of the class you would have four different beautiful feather bookmarks. It's a fun class for anyone who wants play with watercolor and end up with  lovely results. 

You can also take another class on painting feathers where i share my signature style. 

Happy painting and cheers,


Viddhi Kantesaria 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viddhi Saschit

Limitless Art | Watercolor Artist



Hey there,so good to see you here! I am Viddhi Saschit known on Instagram as Limitless Art . I am a passionate artist,instructor and an entrepreneur based in southern part of India . I love working and exploring different art mediums but I have been hooked to watercolors more than a year now. 

Since early childhood I have loved to draw and paint and I unconsciously developed a deep interest for art. However it wasn't until the short break after graduation in architecture that I took to brushes and paints once again and realized a hidden artist within. I spent months practicing and exploring before I realized that art was truly a possibility for my life's work. I have written a blog post about my entire journey on how I ended up being a full time artis... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome to my class on vertical of Federal. This is me. Relief from limitless are you can know more about me on my profile on skill share and also check out all other classes that I'm teaching on skill shirt and vertical hogwash and other illustration classes. In this class, I'll begin with a simple sketching exercise where you learn how to sketch simple Fred does in different types, after which you will be painting four different Fred does in bookmarks tiles in all different techniques. The 1st 1 is going to be a very simple, threatened red watercolor technique. In the second technique will be using a little off rock salt to get beautiful sexual. The 3rd 1 will be using Little White Wash to bring beautiful effects, and last one will be using metallic watercolors, which is going to give magical FX. And by the end of the clause, you'll have four beautiful, credible marks painted. This class is structured for anyone at any skill level, even if you're a complete new beginning with no prior experience in watercolor, you wa still great for the class. I hope he wa so excited to paint some work alot bookmark Fred does with me, and I cannot wait to see all the beautiful and colorful feathers that will be painting from my class. So without any delayed, let's look into the materials next. 2. Materials required : let's look into the materials that will require today. First, as always, will need people. You can either have a sheet off people like this or a people cut into bookmarks size like this. Anything which is cold press and 300 GSM is fine for the class, and next you would need is over, Nicholas said. Any watercolor said that you have completely works fine for the class I'll be using my prima tropicals were the color palette. Also, if you want to use some vertical er, ings or any other types off thing for the class, you can absolutely use them because these things worked brilliantly in the red in red techniques. So the choice is up to you. But what colors is finally, If you don't have these, it's completely finder. And next you will need a medium size brush, which will be using both for applying water and also the detail in part and for the deep feeling Party would need some extra materials like wide course. You can also have acrylics and some markers only if you want. Like these are though gold and silver metallic markers, which would be great for detail ing you can also have a wide benj open for the detail in part, and you would need a pencil or a sketch pen for our next listen where we learn how toe scared some basic simple shapes off Fred does and also a drawing paper. This need not be a watercolor people, and he's rough paper will do for the sketching lesson. And there are some different techniques that I'm going to be using in the class, such as this rock soul, so you can have a little bit off rocks. Also, we'll be using this and I'll be fun. And also I'll be using the metallic watercolors, which will be fun again. And lastly, you will need a bowel or jar off Clearwater and that's it. We are ready for the class. 3. Basic sketching exercise : in this lesson, I'm going to teach you how to draw some very simple feather ships. First, to begin what you do is draw a straight line like this. And then at some cough parts like this at the bottom and towards the top, you can just have a little pointed and repeat the same and that's it. We're done with already simple, further ship. So for the next one, I'm going to repeat the same thing. But just that I'm going to really it on the top and just make it round and set off. Having appointed, usually you can Oh, have like Lord off. You know, I just like this for the wings. But what happens is when you draw so many off thes it becomes so difficult to pain, especially when you're doing a very loose term. So I like to keep it ready, minimal and simple. That will just be fun to paint and also will look beautiful. So for the third type or those size off other Woodhams is doing is having a long and or 10 feather like this. And at the bottoms you can add the fluffs like this. So these are some very simple feathers, which you can just get by waiting the top part and next one. And kids, if you want, like gold feathers like this, you can start by having Yakov line and then just repeat the same thing that we did for the other feathers toe. So this is how I usually get started whenever I want to paint feathers. So those catch and the shape is very simple. And the only thing I do is play with Lord Off Carlos, which makes my friend a look very beautiful. You can also use some references from Pinterest toe any other image that you like and just try to simplify the further shape that you like in tow or simple shape like this, which is easy for you to pain. So that's it all about sketching. Fred does in a very simple way. So this is one which have done before, so you can see how simple it is am beautiful. So that's it. Let's get started with the first federal 4. Feather 1 - simple wet in wet technique: the first Freddo that we're going to paint is in a very simple technique, which is the western red technique, whereas the other ones that I'm going to teach is different materials like wash or sold or metallic colors. So this one is just simple and next. What he did was just take a medium sized brush and take some Clearwater and start applying the water equally on those office like this. And if you have been practicing with watercolors like a couple of times before, you would like be good at knowing how much water needs to be added. But even if you're a big no and you're doing it for the first time, just make sure that you apply only little water that is required and not like so much off water little water, which would be sufficient enough to keep the paper rightful longer term. Also, remember that every paper before, so some people might have quicker drying time where you might need to use a lot of water, but some paper tries very slow, so it's OK even if you apply little water. So this comes when you practice and next, what you do is just dilute colors, any colors that you want and just keep dropping them like this. This feather. I wanted to look very vibrant, so it's going to be a combination off pain Kelo, blue and Violet and also this video Israel Time because it is absolutely fun to watch the colors move, spread and blend with other colors, and it's actually very coming to watch the entire process. And I hope you do enjoy watching it, too, and value adding, and these edges like this just very carefully at the color so that it doesn't smudge. Now I'm adding little off Prussian blue from the talkto, bring in little contrast, toe the colors that we have already added, and I'm going to add more darker value off the color that is like with less water and more pain so that the colors look more vibrant. And I think I'm really loving how this is turned out because there is a really good balance between the Darko value and the lower color value, which brings in a very nice contrasts, for example, like in the same toe that is like a Bill Yellow and Bill pink and all that. So overall it makes it look very interesting and vibrant. And now what? To bring more contrast. I'm just adding a little bit off Dhaka blue in the western red technique. So when I do would, when it is still read, it bleeds and gives even more nice, so effect. But if it is dried, I wouldn't recommend you to add this because it wouldn't look great. Like as it looks in this and so finish off, I'm going to add a little more off darker blue at the bottom and being the fluffs like this in different directions. And that's all you're done with the first Freddo. Now I love this to dry before we add more details. 5. Feather 2 - wet in wet + rock salt: for the second Feather book, Marco. Here I'm just drawing on. Outlined like this and for this one will be using rock salt, which is a fun technique. But the first few steps are going to be the same as we did for the previous Frago. After adding an even layer of photo, you can pick the colors that you want to paint with. For this feather. I'm picking a color combination off blue, green and yellow. Virtual look brain nice, so forced them adding blue from the bottom and next, every as little off sub green and then a little bit off yellow on the top. I really love the combination off these three colors, and I think this Freddo is going to turn out pretty toe, and wherever I feel, it is required to add more Kyllo's toe, bring in more contrast and meet the further look more vibrant. I'm just going to keep adding the colors and continue drawing the Britain red technique when the paper is still red and sometimes what happens that when you actually a lot of diluted paint and when there's already water in it, too much of water gets collected on the edges. So what I like to do is just pick up a huge mop brush or any other size brush and just gently absorbed the excess water on the sites. You can also, alternatively use the tissue paper, but I think using a large brush like this is more control of. And once you don't painting, we'll just add a few crystals off the rocks. All another tip I would like to give is that. Just add drugs sold where you have dark okelo so that the effect owns our beautiful. If you add in lighter colors like the yellow Doris's might not be very visible next at some stem and fluffs to the federal to give it off. Finished look. And before we added more details, I love this to completely dry. Those salt crystals area might take a little longer time to dry, so be patient, violent rice 6. Feather 3 - wet in wet + metallic paint: the third further work mark. The initial steps are going to be the same drawn outline and then just apply a layer off water and start adding colors and for a change would you can try and explorers try adding colors from the sides like this. Otherwise were read it for the 1st 2 feathers, a dough at it from the top or bottom or one corner. So this one, I'm just adding on both the sides. So the effect off this feather is going to be different than the others. You can try different techniques and ways to apply Calos. Also, you can choose the colors that you want to add for this one. I'm just going to have orange, yellow, pink and also a bit off blue toe. Bring in a lot off contrast, and we could look darker because when I add the schimmel pains for this Oh, though she McCullough's will just, you know, look much better on Darko Kahlo's. I'm just going to continue adding some Kahlo's until I feel happy with the result. And next just argue dosha mo pains and just do the wet on wet technique with the same though schimmel pains will just spread beautifully. If the surface is still Fred, orders will just say so. Make sure that you had these pains bank. It is still but see how beautifully it spreads and it's going to give a very lovely effect . Ones, it's tried. You can add the little touch ups with the paintbrush if it is required. I love this to dry, and we'll move on to the food Freddo now. 7. Feather 4 - wet in wet + gouache: the food, and the last feather for the class that we're going to try is Red Wash, for which the four steps are going to be the same again. Just draw, outline and then apply a layer off water and next start adding the colors. Choose any colors that you want to paint this Fred A with and just start doing the written word technique, ending these types off for those I personally find it so coming and so soothing that I can just endlessly keep painting these feathers any time, any day and just keep reading with different colors. I hope you are enjoying painting them. Do I'm going to keep adding more close until I feel satisfied. Read the Bristol, after which I'm going to dilute some wash and add a layer off that, and I hope you found the mob brush technique. Very cool toe. Absorb the excess water next after you're finished painting the feather. What you do is just dilute a bit off Coorsh and just added in the dock. Oh, Kyllo's. I'm just adding or drops off thes. But you can also add some the signs or anything, or patterns or anything that you like toe. But I just like to keep it simple because this gives a very nice effect, and once you done adding with it, you can just allow this to dry and then we'll add more delegates. 8. Adding details : in this lesson, we learned how to add some details toe the feather bookmarks that we being. I really love how this bookmark with the shema pains is tried, and this one is with the salt crystals off the effect you can. I think you can see how the effect off the soul crystals it is in reaction with the water cooler up in. So it gives a different effort, and this wanted with course. So first we'll begin by adding some the deals to the first feather that we paint it and mixing some simple metallic watercolor. I'll just draw a simple line in the center like this. You can also choose to add different patterns, so any other doodles if you want on this. But I really like to keep it simple because, oh, I feel that keeping it simple makes it look more beautiful and magical. Just like this, just by adding few dots. I think this Fred a bookmark just looks so pretty, and I really love it. I think a little most flatters off the silver, hoping to and the next one, what we'll do is at the metallic paint in the center again. Bean the stem off the fed off a little broad so that I can add some highlights to it later . And I'll add. These are simple dogs, too, and after I'm done, painting wouldn't do is pick up a wide gel pin and just drawing outline for those center off the Freddo like this. So this will give a different effect and look to the feather. Unlike the previous Monday that it looks like the stem is like three D. So you can keep trying different ways off deep feeling like this, and the next one water'll do is I'll just take a black marker like this intro. A stop in the centre like this, and what I will do is just on one side. I'll add the silver, hoping so it's like the shadow or something off that sort. And after that, I just had some silver dots like this on the federal, and that's it. Just make sure that you don't overdo the detailing partners, make it simple and make it look pretty. And for this one senses already schimmel paint. I'm just going to draw those centers, talk like this and finish off 30 killing for this Feto, and that we are done with four different beautiful feathers, each one down in the friend technique 9. More project ideas: I hope that you had so much fun and creating these beautiful further bookmarks. This is my all time favorite to paint, and here's some more project ideas for you. This one is a loose tile federal which have thought in one off my previous classes on skill share. And if you re little enjoy painting, Fred does. In this clause, I'm sure you would love my first close on skill shared where I teach how to paint beautiful lose feathers like this, I would recommend you to watch it and take a glance at my class and for more project ideas , this one is just on. People like you can just pain different feathers like those on just one single paper and get it free. And this one is like just a single people with so many feathers in different directions, it can create like a beautiful Barton, just like take one, Freddo and draw it like so many times in different shapes and sizes. And it just creates a beautiful pattern, and this one is a little different. I mean, the shapes off the Fed does is almost like what I thought in those catching lessen. The only thing. It is a different because ensure of doing the veteran red technique of just doodle some loose florals and overall is just off fun for the lesson. So I hope you enjoyed my clubs again, and I would really appreciate if you could go toe the class projects and upload your class projects because I would be more than happy to see what you have painted from my class. You can also leave class reviews if you have really like Mike last and happy painting a picture that you hit the follow button on my skills. Sharp profile. So you get updated off my upcoming new clauses on skill Sha Seal Soon. Bye.