Watercolor cityscape exercise for intermediate & beginners: This class will take you one step ahead | Nitin Singh | Skillshare

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Watercolor cityscape exercise for intermediate & beginners: This class will take you one step ahead

teacher avatar Nitin Singh, Let's fall in love with watercolor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Sketching exercise

    • 3. Drawing the subject

    • 4. Working with first layer

    • 5. Second layering

    • 6. Second layer continue...

    • 7. Final artwork

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About This Class


About this class:

This watercolor class will teach you how to paint watercolor cityscape and paint your own version of watercolor cityscape art. Highly recommendable for intermediate & beginner students who wish to move further ahead in watercoloring. This course has been crafted keeping in mind the difficulties areas of beginners such as sketching the subject, composition the artwork and working with watercolor layers. This watercolor course will also address the most important aspect of watercoloring is "Building confidence" and "Fearless" application of colors into the paper. I strongly believe that, this watercolor cityscape class will be primary source of inspiration for many watercolor beginners, and they will find potential success making beautiful watercolor artwork.

You will learn:

  • How to sketch (sketching practice)
  • How to draw your painting subject
  • How to find your watercolor subject
  • Watercolor art composition
  • How to work with watercolor layers
  • Working with pigments and color harmony
  • Working with depth & light
  • Wash techniques
  • Painting with confidence

I am sure you will see tremendous learning potential from this class and you will grow as a mature cityscape watercolor artist, i welcome you to my class!


Nitin Singh  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nitin Singh

Let's fall in love with watercolor


Many of us has great potential to look at the world with our own perspective, wisdom and creativity. We all have great ability of mental visualization, and trying to construct those abstract mental pictures into reality. I think It’s a beautiful feeling being a creator and coloring our own world.

My name is Nitin Singh and I love enabling you to fall in love with watercolor art. A motivator and a teacher who believes that watercolor is not about learning it's process or technique alone, but it's a beautiful journey which brings infinite joy to our living. I warmly welcome you to be part of this journey with me, let’s learn to create your expression through watercolor art and expand your creative awareness. Welcome to my class!



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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is didn't sing. I wanted artist I painting watercolors two decades from now teaching the water galore, toe making big nose and seven months I have done my final graduation from College of Arts in India. On After that, I pushed my wonder Galore our journey eso In this one class, you will be learning hard being toe city escape on various other techniques to make a very professional quality article cityscape. So this class will give you a complete ability to make your own personal for, you know, the color cityscape, right? From learning, sketching, drawing on. Then what with really layers off this. So I hope this discourse will be really hard for you to grow with. Jodi. I look forward to have you in their schools. Everything. You have a fantastic time, my best. Lee says I just wait for you to get inside in order schools. Thank you. 2. Sketching exercise: flow of divine. So this article, editorials I'm going toe. So you how off our sketch is going to help your who? Article of art and how you can You know how you can grow with watercolor learning. You know more effectively, because this is something a lot of big notes are missings, or I'm going to make a sketch of the same subject. And just after that, I'm going to be a watercolor art from the same subject, which will give you the complete understanding Why sketches important on, uh, I've taken inspiration from the Google Map Street. You know, one of the street from the from the Google map. This is how I work on uh, yeah. So let's get moving toe sketching. So I've already done the initial drawing on. Now let me this So you how you can make the proper seeds and the stalks pencil stalks which convenes and which keeps you a lot of freedom. A lot of strength, you know, to make your you know, making stops more more steady, more form on more fearless. So sketching is all about to make the proper amount off death where the death is important . Where you should lead the, you know, the theme, white space and all of them. So now, as you can see, the ceilings on the roof and all, whether it is possible, I'll be using those deft stalks on some of them on something. Some places I'll be living as it's like a za white as a part of the or, you know, the light on the reflection. All that. So you have to do a lot of for Stokes, please sketching like this, Andi. It's not unity deal. It's a kind of embracing its impression off, because this is why you're doing it. So you have to make a lot of death. So no, As I said, this to thing happens, one is builds our confidence and you it gives him complete freedom. It keeps, you know, a lot of ability to make your bold spatula is Onda sketches on more more like off, full of confidence gives, you know, the more deft you feel like you know, the more and more death you're giving the more and make Curries and the more off confidence you're building yourself. And that's what I have been thing. So understanding what I felt So this is what you know. I mean, you know, telling a lot of big minutes, basically. So now you see, like, not behind both buildings. I'm using light seeds on, uh, just right after the 11 building. It's a two story building, and I'm using a little little darker with the but you can see, like how I'm using the Bentham. My my pencil is It's Ah, I normally used 60 or eight b. Currently, I'm using this nine big graphite pencil so you can use it anything like that, you can use even the charcoal, So chocolate is also good. So the primary reason why you are doing this because you want to make sure that where the how how exactly you're going toe implement those deafness into your watercolor. So now, as you can see your in the bottom part because the schools off the light is very less, you know, because it's a kind of look understood. Oh, street. Both Both sides. Purcell. That's a building. So the light sources are a little not so prominent there. So this is why you need to make a lot of death there lot off darkness. Onda Uh there's a tool God's balk there. So exactly the way you want to make your watercolor. And don't don't be just like, you know, a small, tiny, tiny patch. Just make a big, bold, deft wherever dis possible until I see ho, huh? I mean, how interesting boosts stocks are and all Just be free And just make those talks without fear and you'll see, And over the time that you brush your article, obras is also, you know, behaving in a similar fashion. How you are actually, you know, interacting on how you're handling your oh, your pencil. So exactly the same way you will be. Start treating your watercolor also. And this is the biggest gain. Oh, when you do when you do watercolor and when you before the watercolor, if you're doing such exercise like sketching seemed like this, it would be like off awesome expedience. Trust me, guys. So these are the window I didn't don't care to keep those details and all I just want toe make a impression and that is good enough to express your you'll sold. Do testify va Tell this subject so you have to do a lot of for you know similar like exercise. You do it and just see, like, off all the time. How you know hope. Interestingly, your your watercolor is going toe, you know, improve. This is so important to Gaza. I'm seeing in many big ners. They're not doing this at all. They just want to jump into the water color tricolor directly on. Uh that is the way. And that is where they're missing a pitch. So try this. Try a lot of sketch wherever on whole word is possible. And how much diamond digs that's it won't take much time, right? So just like every day, 5 10 15 minutes you're spending Doing something like this on Dhere is the final outcome. 3. Drawing the subject: I'm going to make a logical of the same subject on I have taken this perspective. So in the middle, we have these on all this. But this building on the center central area where we wanted to make a kind of perspective . Okay, so this is how I approach, uh uh, to compose my art. And here we talk about, you know, remember our our sketch. So they hear the catch when you do a sketch, you know the type of scar sketch when you do a sketch in now, watercolor, when you make a water, kal arts or your lines should not have a much dark should be. You know, like toe. You know, it's not having too much of dark howling. We have dirt. How we have done. It's just in our previous trying. So this one, we're making a drawing kind off. You know, the impatient for our art. So here we will not make off. You know those seeds, the stalks, those won't be there. We have already entered on those exercise in our previous, so it instead, up the stalk, that store will come through the color. So you're going to use that your color the hideous color into your into your painting instead, off that pencil Istok, you're going to make Brust Castle as a pencil. Just think about your pencil. Is your brush right? So sorry that your brushes your pencil on you're going to treat the similar way how you have done sketching, right? So keep that in mind. So that's the kind of full, uh, doing we have our same subject. I'm being the steam one. What time we have just, you know, done there sketching. I don't spend so much time to thinking about, you know, the more like the complete Did they love each architecture of the building? And unless you really want to make on the complete detailed artwork So I'm not I'm not doing that. Detail one. I'm a kind of Emburey shin in business artist on duh. I generally I do this fashion, so we have almost then our sketch, the other windows on, uh, we have have a solid scotch ready to go ahead and paint watercolor. So I hope for you. You got me. What? I want toe tell you here. Why? Why? We need to have I sketch before. You know that before going to your being thing actual beading off your article. Article Art 4. Working with first layer: Let's go ahead. Fourth coloring part. So here as we will be, have a color palette. Ultramarine blue, sad green. Oh, you know your work or Ponsana, Orange CPR and red. So I'm maximum time of using ultimate in blue as I'm using ultramarine blue mixing with a little bit of four. No, you know your locker on high heat doing straight color. I mean, what I mean to say is street color is like and I don't want to pick the color on without even attending its temperament. So I have to mix with something that's beans on more like Oh, you know, supple artwork, you know, in the color. So here are these buildings Oh, inside. So this is the first layer, the first waas. So remember that the water, but the color you are applying here, once it's going dry, you will see that you know it will be like a very less contrast. It won't be currently you're saying like the color very contrast. But when it's get try. But the reason is because it is the very first layer. So most off the color or the water has been absorbed by people. So that's why you will see like north of these colors normal. Not much prominent when it's good dry. But that's a kind of for behavior. The watercolor house. Don't worry about it. You can see using these beautiful color alter marine blue. And as as if you can compare this catch on and, you know, on the watercolor, you will realize that how oh, that's catch is actually making sense. Because when you went when you're doing that, you'll see like a where the deft has to come and where you will see you'll keep it as all as simple Oh, white picture or where they were. So the proper amount of deafness is critical here in any part of for, you know, whatever you do in a watercolor. So this vehicle, which isn't kind of green on this, is still the back win, too. So I'm mixing this ultra marine blue and bun C Anna to make the color a little darker. Can you see, like, you know why I've used a dog. Just go back and see this coach, how have did it there in a sketch and this is I'm using this orange for left out. And yes, we have our the first layer done. So I hope you got the process doing from a stretch to first layer. Well, God, go ahead on the second layer. 5. Second layering: first layer is dried on way. Are we ready to go for a second? So the start doing working on this? So a dog in this moving yourself a little far from arise. So we're giving a little tough on. Uh, we also need to give up the kind of for, you know, the the feeds which is falling to the wall from the other part of the building. So I'm using the term it in blue Onda, uh, mixing with bun Seanna. And if you want to have enough, you know, a little bit of protection. So generally what I do is, I think a plain water and this is a poor, poor little bit in the couple. So, like how I did it right now, it gives you innovate blizzard, texture, ward, texture. Now let's look for these wall. So the decided the world would be a slightly darker because the source of light is from the left inside on. Uh, hence the no, the, you know, the light will be pretty much visible in the right inside of the building. Indeed, others you know, the ceilings and all that off the building, which will obviously mean Dr right now, I'm in my breast. There is a no much water. It's almost like a color. I've just marked extra water. - I want to give a little texture. Believes long. And as you can see here again, I'm giving well, if the dark. So basically, what it does is if you are using the proper amount off death on light, using the color it gives it brings the harmony brings a very pleasant harmony to your art on that is and this is why you know your sketch, please, or we'll important rules toe understand how to do that. So I'm gonna Unless you would not make a sketch, it's ah, it's a kind of for, you know, tough job to understand the You know the value off the death into your art because you have to manage that you need to compose. You are It's not just about to take the death on your okay. It's not. It's not that. It's about how you're going to composed how you went to manage doors, probably mont off deft on the light, you know, reflex and feeds all of doors. So maintaining, maintaining those harmonies really important and that means you know only the sketch, that ability you get it to a sketch. So remember we have all a building which is quite far. So it's very obvious that when things are far away from your eyes, then you'll have to use a very light color as I'm using right now, it means like there's a lot of water mixing in a certain color. So diesel, the small, small train you know, makes your painting perfect. It brings the value of Prince Are interesting characters taken to your painting. We should not even know that. So these are the window. - No , I want to make our lives more deft in the windows. Those classes? No, I'm just using all pretty much dark Hello to make that impression. Interestingly, you get We don't need to make everything very obvious that so that's a key year you only need to do is meet the your audience. Feel that these these are These are objects and your objects should be very much obvious. But it gives you this impression that yes, it is on dust on Dustin Beauty. We just need to express How would you want, right? I'm harmony off. You agree with that? But this is what I feel. This is what this medium is about 6. Second layer continue...: No, this we left toe walk on the other side of these buildings. I remember that the explosive off light is a pretty much high decide off the building. So obviously it's adores the roof ceilings. Has to have those deafness on the summit off seeds very limited. And one most important thing is like whenever you make you know any stock, have the Tories have toe confidence to go in in a in a one single line? Don't make a small, small patriots like a chick, chick, chick, chick like that Don't don't do like that, It just no flags. The no, you know, the kind of fear into your bus stocks? Uh, so just just keep away doing that. Whatever you do, make it no. One go in a one big catch And doctors something so important on, uh, here again most of the time here it's a board de delight and death. Just only that, I'm sure No, you will be realising how your sketches just remember your sketch exercise how it important , You know, uh, to make those darker batches dark, darker stalks in your sketches. Now you remember those those points those scenario and you realize that this is so important that gives you more ability to understand deafness on lightness off in your painting night. So here that I said so. This is the This is the area where the light is dim. Light has already, uh, investing ruled here. This this at this point. So the death, the dark darkness off off the light on and the seeds are very much critical so that those negotiations has to help him that it's mostly here. This this will come only when you do a sketch. I know. I mean, you were just thinking like, Okay, why? This guy's always talking about the sketch and doing a watercolor because understanding my you know, my experience on what I believe is that if you want to learn watercolor, you just cannot afford to ignore sketch, Right? So here we have those vehicles on, those people are in front. It's a lot of use off ultra marine blue and once you know on this is the bull. Did you see that? That's the beauty. That's the beauty of for Oh, what color? Let's have some batch. Let's have some. It's a text you and this is the moment where you're going to enjoy your watercolor art does the moment where you feel like you know, you have made something, and now I'm main desired. But, uh, I don't care about what eventually it would come out. I'm just fallings on the basic principle, and I'm sure that end of this I will get something on, whatever I'll get. I'm happy with that. I'm a I. I accept that. So that's kind off the kind of quality you know, the quality process, the thinking you should have when you when you paint what a cool is dark to basically, you know, you you need to be very much a acceptance, and you need to be absolutely not, you know, in a mood cheering mood all this when you paint and use and you'll realise that things are things that happening. Things are changing snow. It's Faycal this ready? Let's put some color in the winter backside off. When cell I would enjoy that. Most the color wherever possible are just leave the white space. How I have just left it in about the car on dust will decide that more that it 7. Final artwork: from sort of four picture or you know this the seeds elements know that the guards. So oh, somebody for that. Due to your hard work, those are personal. I don't those windows, tiny windows on somebody of things. But make sure that don't overwork work on you if it is required. If it is not, let's leave it this stop any moment when you feel like okay, I think it's good, but I know it's tough. It's really, really difficult for any others to stop themselves on a psychic. You know, I should stop this. It's the kind of for temptation you'll be. Always keep rocking in your mind and say OK and always will do something like this time I've been something else. Those things will be there, these road divider picture whatever you call. No, that's walk on some more windows, feeling you know that. - Oh , I So I hope you had a wonderful time going through this tutorial, and I'm sure that you understood how important it is to make a sketch. Do a lot of sketch on those sketches, helps you toe improve your water color in terms off making very fearless, bold stalks and batters into your art. On how it also helps you to deter mine Where where you'll have to have a deft on light into your heart. So So these are very critical. You know things which which will have to consider while if you want Oh, Lord, and grow with watercolor. So thank you so much, everyone. I hope you enjoy this, but