Watercolor Workshop: How To Fire Up Your Art

Ron Mulvey✏️, Artist / Art Teacher

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9 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. FIRE UP YOUR ART/ Intro

    • 2. Getting Ready For First Sketch

    • 3. Materials To Start Your Fire

    • 4. Summer Mountains and Sky

    • 5. Working Up Your Sketch

    • 6. Summer Clouds Sketch

    • 7. Seascape/ Mixed Media

    • 8. Seascape Finish and Frame

    • 9. Last Touches and Preview


About This Class


Sketching indoors and outdoors is the perfect fuel to FIRE UP YOUR ART. I do watercolor sketches, like the one above whenever I travel or feel the need to 'spark up' my creative fire.

Our class today will bring you down to the beach and if all goes well you will see exactly what I mean about 'sketching' as a tonic for your creative spirit.

You will see what equipment I use on a sketch and you will be able to follow along. I have kept to a simple straightforward watercolor technique that works well in the field. We are translating the colors, forms and moods of a Summer day at the river into artistic symbols and feelings.

Cameras take pictures and artists make pictures.

Come along with me on two sketching trips and do participate. I will prepare you for the first sketch called Summer Mountains and Sky with a preparatory pencil sketch before we start. All you have to do is freeze the frame as we sketch down by the river.


Here is a sketch of the river I did back in 2004 that was later finished in the studio. 


Learn How To Develop Ideas From Your Sketches.

We will be doing two sketches and working on one in the studio. The other one 'SUMMER CLOUDS' is a stand alone and leave it alone sketch. Some sketches are best left to sit a while like a well aged cheddar.

We will also do a studio sketch with pencil crayon and watercolors. Exploring new ideas is another way to FIRE UP YOUR ART. I made several changes to this studio sketch before I was satisfied.



Last up is a short preview of our next class: Go Big Watercolor and Acrylic

Let's get to it and start re-charging our artistic batteries. See you in class.