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Watercolor Winter - Lets paint a snowy winter night

teacher avatar Zaneena Nabeel, AURORABYZ - ARTIST AND INSTRUCTOR

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Welcome to my class :)

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Color Palette

    • 4. Techniques

    • 5. Pencil Sketch + Hacks

    • 6. Let's paint the sky

    • 7. The Cabin

    • 8. Trees + Landscape

    • 9. Detailing

    • 10. Adding Snow

    • 11. Little motivation for you all :)

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About This Class

Each one of us love to gaze at a magical northern lights sky! How about painting your own dreamy northern lights on a winter night? Join me to paint a snowy winter night. This is an easy class which can be followed by beginners as well. I have broken down the steps in a way it suits everyone. 

I will take you through all the techniques you will need in this class which will help you in paintings other ones as well. We will be painting a beautiful snowy night inspired by the northern lights in Sweden.

If you like this class, please leave a review that will help this class reach more students.

Happy Painting!

Love, Z :) 

Meet Your Teacher

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Zaneena Nabeel



Hey there! Myself Zaneena Nabeel, an architect by profession and an artist by everything. I'm originally from India, currently based in Dubai. I experiments and enjoys all sorts of medium. For me art is a therapy and I find immense happiness playing with colours.

Since early childhood I loved to draw and paint. when I joined for my architecture studies I totally gave up on art as I got so busy with my studies, but the love for art was growing deep inside me. Once I graduated and moved to Dubai I started investing little of time on art. I started visiting art events and talks and realized the endless world of colours waiting for me. Within no time I took my tools and came back in action and started an Instagram page and here I'm :) 

Now I conduct local/... See full profile

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1. Welcome to my class :) : the other day I was reading a cool with gays window is not a season. It's a celebration I'm not quite sure about that. Because the region where I'm living in we don't get to experience snow and winter. But for me, painting window is far always a celebration. I just love painting window scenes, especially with night skies. Hello, everyone by Susanna Labile I'm an artist and an instructor orginally from India, currently residing in Dubai. I'm someone who's obsessed with painting night skies on especially minutes of in tonight. Today I'm gonna take you through a very interesting class player. We will be painting a night seen from Sweden. Don't worry. If you don't have any prior knowledge in particular, I will be taking you through the entire process. I will be talking about the colors. Then we will be going through the techniques and then slowly we will get to other main project if you like. The painting that you see on your screen just joined me without any second thought. You're surely going to enjoy the process. And it is my canopy that you can paint this window scene. All right. I cannot wait to take you through the process. If you are feeling convinced, join me now without anymore do let's get started 2. Art Supplies : before we begin, let's quickly have a look at the materials you will need to follow my class. Let's start with the paper and almost all my classes. I recommend going with an artist. Create paper, but it's off 1 40 the minimum on which is 100% courtroom Aspell To get the best result. It is very important to go but an artist create paper, especially when you're trying to paint a flotus chi. The kind of paper you're using is very important so as to get a beautiful blend. So please go with any artist grade quality watercolor paper, which is off minimum 1 40 MP on which is 100%. Carter. You get three varieties of political paper in the market called pressed rough on hot press . I will be using a cold press particular paper, which is perfect for the kind off washes that we are using in this class. The paper bad I have here is a full size, so I'm going with half inning for size. For about painting, you can go with any size that you prefer. I have composed the painting in a landscape orientation. It is totally up to you which organization you want to go for your painting Now talking about the colors in the upcoming section, I have explained age and every color that you will need to follow my class in detail. So to know more about the colors, you can look at that section. You will get to know everything about the colors that I'm using in the next section. To mix your colors, you will need a pallet. I will be using the ceramic palette, which has for tuitions, so you can use any palate that you have caught. You can go with ceramic are plastic or whatever kind of palette you normally use. It doesn't really matter. Even though you need to be a little careful with your ceramic palette, it is much easy to clean compared to the plastic paddock it doesn't stain on. You can wash off the paint much easily. That is the main reason why I per for use in ceramic palatable plastic pallet. Now let's have a look at the brushes that you will need. So the first branch tactical need as a wash brush this one is my Princeton. A whitewash brush 1.5 inch. If you don't have a wash. Paris. You can use any off your because I sprechen this is to apply. And even though the water onto your sky now the next fresh you need us. Ah, flat brush this menace again from Princeton. This one is a three by four inch flat pro. She can use any off your medium to because sized flat bridge. This one we will be using to apply paint on the sky the next one you need as a medium sized around fresh. This one the size number six Wrong fresh from Princeton hair Pete CDs. I will be using this fund to add in all the details like the next fresh that you need as a smaller size drawn brush. This one a size number two round brush again from the Princeton Heritage Cities. I will be using this one to add in all the final details, like we need to add those delicate Tintin details at the end. So I will be using this one for all those state ins. So yeah, those are the full bridges that you will need of all stressed to add an even called the water. Then you need a flat brush so you can use your flat. Bristowe didn't even call the water. You don't really need to have a brush brush. Then you need a medium sized wrong push on also a smaller sized trump brush, which you can use your detail in pressure inside off the size to round brush. Now, along with the watercolor, you will also need a wide quashed to add in the snow and remaining details. Then you will need to jars a water. One has to stay clean on the other one of students off the pain from your brush. Last but not least, you believe a pencil and an eraser. Then you will need some people travel on the masking tape. We'll be using the masking tape to mask the entire four sides of the paper on Also will be using the masking tape instead of a masking fluid to mask some areas, but you will get to know shortly. Now quickly, go grab all the materials you will need on Chinese in the next section 3. Color Palette: Now let's have a look at the colors Daddy will need. I will be taking you through each and every color that you will need to follow my class. Let's start with the sky. So the sky I'm using two colors wanna stay low green. This one is from the brand called Rembrandt, that Mr Without a little of that on my palette. The second shape that you need for the sky is Taylor blue Red cause minutes of fried blue. It's one of my favorite culo. Let's try a quick thatching off food, the colors. I'm going with Blue Green first on this How Pellegrin looks like It's a very nice green. I love the competition off the Ukraine and Philip Liu that is one of my most favorite competition for sky on the water. We'll be going with a baton, but sky on This is how Taylor Grain looks like it's a very pretty green. Now let's watch out Yellow blue. We can see it is a 30 bright, pretty blue that's a beautiful bride prove, which is brilliantly pigmented. You can see that from the scratch, so this is the second change that I would be using for the sky. These two colors go very well together. On that is one of the main reason why I chose to go with Green and Taylor blue. Now let's see what other alternates you can use if you don't have these too close in traps . Taylor cream. You can go with Viridian green on instead of Taylor Blue. You can use your ultra marine blue, so those are the two ultimate colors which you can use if you don't have these colors. Now I'm gonna quickly statuary in green and show you How close are these two colors you can see from the spot itself, but it's more or less similar to little green. Now I'm gonna go with ultra marine blue. Ultra marine blue is a warmer blue on. Some of them have granulated feature. It's another very bright pretty plu So if you don't have Taylor green until a blue these are the two colors that you can go What? Here is a closer look off the full shades we tried. The 1st 1 is they look green Then we have the really angry. Then we have Taylor blue in the last one. This ultra marine blue Now, if you don't have ultra marine blue the next option, you have a suppression blue, fresh in blue and green. Green is also a great company ship. I will quickly our dispatch off Prussian blue so you can just compare the different colors and also decide on which competition you want to go with. So we added a scratch off Prussian blue Aspar. Now you can decide on which combination you want to go for your sky. Here is a closer look. We spoke about the sky. Now let me quickly show you the other colors that you will need over the bottom. We have the snow covered ground on toe. Adam, this lighter tones I will be using indigo. If you don't have into go, you can go with fresh in blue. It s okay. We just need a very light on off the shade. Now let's talk about the cabin for this cabin to create that illuminating effect. You believe yellow on around that I will be adding orange. Then you will need Bonsignore or any kind of brown that you have got. So those are the three shades you will need for this cabin. The colors that haven't been using our yellow joker then permanent below orange on permanent brown. These three are from the brand heart philosophy. You will just need any kind of yellow orange on brown. You can. He was born Sina Now to Adam the Taco Tunes for this cabin, I will be using ivory black, So those are the four shades you will need for the cabin. Also, I will be using ivory black for these trees and pine trees and those landscape of the background. So those are the entire list of colors you will need to follow this painting. Now, to add in the details and to add in the snow, I will be using a white glass color. This one here is from artists. Um, this is part off my 24 color set, and I will be using this one to add in snow and the stars. So that's all about the colors you will need. Now join me the next section. We'll have a look at the techniques before we get started with our painting 4. Techniques: So we spoke about the materials and we spoke about the colors you will need now before we get started with our project. Let's have a quick look at some techniques which we will be using another upcoming project . I have made two separate divisions here You see masking tape. First, let's try the sky. In the previous section, we already spoke about the colors and also the order Nicholas that you can use for your sky . So I have used yellow, green and yellow, blue, red for the sky. So majority of the area is in blue and I have added these green streaks in between, which will stand out as the blue was very pride. So here I have ended with lesser green and more blue. If you won't switch toe more green and less a blow, you could do that. Everything totally depends on the way you pain those tricks. Now let's do a quick sample of the same sky. I'm starting with applying a vet coat of water but the same flat brush I'm gonna apply and even called the water onto the first section. All right, so I have applied and even called a water onto this entire section. Now I'm starting with Taylor Green. I'm using the same slab brush the tune off green that I'm going with us a very light tune. It is not too bright. So this is the kind of color that I'm going for the sky I'll be going with a medium toe light to turn green Then the blue that I will be adding and will be much more brighter So there will be a nice contrast between the blue and the green, As you could see here, I'm just applying the green and a swirly line onto the wet background. You can go with any kind of pattern. If you want a much more covitz full, you could do that. Now onto this in between area, which is left, I'm gonna add Taylor blue. You can see how the paint is floating as the background is right now, before the Bagram dries, I'm going to switch to a low blue quickly and I'm gonna add that in over these areas. So all you need to do is apply. You paint onto the background in this fully manner, you can see how beautifully the pain just mixing as the background desperate, they will nicely blend into each other. If you keep tilting your paper now on to the top, I'm gonna add some more taco tones of blue. I will be making the grain brighter. I will just leave it acid. Er's only the blue. I will make it a bit more Darko. So I'll be going with the same technique for avo mean to check. It is just that it will be a much more big abortion off this one. The technique is all the same. I will go in with green first. Then I will add blue. Then I will keep tilting my people so that the colors Bill Plante well on. Whenever you feel like you're color needs to be more brighter, you can add a more darko tone on the top, just like I'm doing cure on making the bloom bit more brighter on the top. Now keep tilting. GOP posted at the color will float into each other and create a natural blend. You can see how the green as floating into the blue. You need to keep building in all the direction. The blend will be much motor if you keep putting a paper in all the direction And this is how our sample sky is looking for. Our main project will be going with a similar bush in off Sky. I will be adding multiple squalls on. I will also be making the blue more brighter now. Meanwhile, this one drives Let's try another one. The next guy that I'm gonna shoot now this for everybody who is not getting comfortable with this world. So this one is a much more easier worship. Let's start by applying and even called the water onto the sky. I was truly see to change the floater on there is a blue tent, No mind. And they were going with green and blue, so that won't be possible. Now I'm switching to green and over the bottom I'm gonna apply green You can see how the paint is floating now in a similar way I'm gonna add blue from the top I'm cleaning my brush switching the blue Now I'm gonna add blue from the top to bottom I'm just dropping the paint onto the bed to background on as the background is bread It was floating down. Now all you need to do is keep tilting your paper in tow all the direction so that the green and blue will get mixed nicely. You can see how the blue was floating down into the green. We need to keep doing this in all the direction. I'm making the blue a little more doctor on the top Want to have added enough off pain? The only thing you need to do is keep tilting your paper. You can see how the green ISF looking on blue was also nicely floating into the green, creating a beautiful blend there. So tribal the techniques. If you are not getting this world's right, no mind, just keep that on. Do the 2nd 1 You just need to drop in the color onto your bet. Background on. Keep tilting it so that the color will get mixed nicely into each other, leaving a beautiful blend. All right, now let's read for this to dry. Meanwhile, let's try the other techniques in our painting We are going with to kind of trees. We have some burst trees and also some pine trees under some landscape in the background. Now let's try the landscape on the tree so that you will be more confident while you pain the main project. I'm using my size number six strong brush and I'm using black watercolor. I'm starting by adding the tree trunk. The tree trunk needs to be ticker at the bottom on as you go up, it needs to be thinner. So I have added the tree trunk. Now I'm going to switch to my detail ing brush this one a size number two round brush on. Do you think this one? I'm gonna add branches on either side of the tree trunk. You should be using a detailing brush so as to get thin and delicate branches. You can add an ask money as you want. So in our main project, we will be adding four off these trees next to the cabin. All you need to do us at the tree trunk first, then at branches on to either side. The more brands you add, the more beautiful your tree will be. So keep on adding branches, and that's the first type of tree we will be adding white drives talks, and also we'll be adding snow onto these at the end. Now let's try the fine trees. I'm starting with adding a straight line. Once you have added the street line, you need to add branches on to either side on the top. They will be smaller on as you come down, we will be more vital. I'm just your new descend dated, but it doesn't really matter when we are the snow. And when we are the final details, the shape of the tree won't be that possible. Maybe you can use this phone in your future critics and in detail the way so there's nothing bad in learning now onto all these branches. I'm gonna add tiny lines only towards the bottom. Here is a closer look, so I added a straight line first. Then I added branches on to either side. Now, onto each branches, I'm adding Kobe tiny lines from top to bottom. You just need to take your lines in a Kobe manner. Now keep pulling all the branches so the spacing is totally up to you. I left a little extra just because you can see every day deal that I'm adding. If you want more dense and tickle pine tree, you can just reduce the spacing off. Those branches will be adding snow over here on our main project on top off all the printers. Now I'm going to quickly finish the entire tree. As I come down, I'm making the brand just more writer. So you get that conical shape as you progress down on there you have your pine tree will be adding three or four off similar trees on our painting. Now, other than the trees, there is a little off landscape that we need to add on to our painting. So you need to go with a detailing. Are any smaller sized fresh? To get this right, All you need to do is add lines from top to bottom, just freehand lines. You just need to add them close to each other. So on the top you will see that lines on the bottom. It will be just solid black. You can just mortally the height of thes lines. Some can be sure and some can be taller. This will make the composition interesting. You can see on our main painting, I vented with shorter ones when I'm close to the cabin on as I'm going far away from the cabin, I kept increasing the height, so yeah, all you need to do us act in lines close to each other. A different height on that will make the backroom landscape. All right, now, I've got a solid line at the bottom on. After that, we can try the dry brush technique. We'll be using the drivers checking to pay in the snow. I disconnected these two lines. Now you need a paper towel. I'm using black here on I'm just dabbing my brush on a people trouble on removing the excess water and you can see the kind of lines that I'm getting que all you need to do us. Remove the excess amount of water from your brush. Load your brush with enough off paint on then w brush on a people travel, then go ahead and add in the dry brush strokes. Dry brush technique is a beautiful technique with which you can create Russ textures. You can get the same onto a mountain to paint the snow and also to create rough textures on the ground. Now I'm adding the shadow using the same dry brush technique. I've ended with a much more border color, so we'll be using this technique to paint the snow In our main project we tried different types of sky. We tried to different type of trees on landscape on also the dry brush technique. Here is how my sky is looking. Everything has properly tried on this other landscape elements. So we are good to go now. I'll see you in the next section. Let's get started with Government project. 5. Pencil Sketch + Hacks: I just realized I'm running out of 1 40 l b paper. So I'm going with a 90 l b paper, which is also 100% Carter. It is from arches on at the school. Pressed. 90 of Bay people also has called the same kind of texture as a 1 40 lp paper. It is just that the thickness off a 90 l b paper as much less when you combat it with the 1 40 l b paper and also competitive on 40 l b paper. This one cannot take a lot of layers of water as the thickness is much less. Oh, I'm going with Khalfani. Four size. My people pad here as an emphasize people pad. We'll be doing a painting in a landscape orientation so the size is totally up to you Just because mine was in a full size bad. I just cut one sheet into two on. I'm going with half a size off this one happening force quite a good size toe paint. If you want to go with a full effort size, that is totally up to you. Now we need to fix the paper onto. Aboard this plane was my archers, people. Pad. I finished all my sheets in this one. So I'm going to use this ass. My backing board. Aunt, I'm gonna fix this paper onto this base. When we do the sky to get a better result, we might need to keep turning around the paper. So it is very important to fix your paper onto a board which you can keep moving around. Now fix your paper formally onto any kind of base that you are going with. It is very important to fix your paper very strong and form so that there is no cap in between. On you will get clean, full side for your painting. So just journal singles across the full sides on make sure there's no caps in between. All right, so I have fixed the paper properly onto the base. Now it's time. Toe. Do our pencil sketch. I have a jar of water here, and my pilot is also already I have another jar of water which I'm going to keep aside. This is for rinsing off the pain from my brush on. The one here will stay clean whenever I need clean water. I will be using this? No, let's drive with a pencil sketch. First, I will be adding a line right here. Ako be inclined line that separates our sky and the ground. I'm starting line from here on. As I progressed towards the other end, I'm gonna make it a little steeper. It is a very gentle slope on. This is where we will be adding our cabin. I'm starting with the roof. I'm adding an inclined line. Similarly, another one to the opposite side. It's a very simple cabin. I'm not going with too much details. No, I'm gonna add another inclined line from the top. Now begin another one from cure. Now connecting these two point with a straight line. So we have the basic shape off the roof, ready on the top of the roof. I'm adding a Gemini. It was just your rectangle peas. We will be retailing it out when we paint. Now. From here, I'm gonna add another straight line than connecting that point with a similar inclined line which we drew on the top Now are three straight lines from all these points on. We have the basic cabin shape already there. I'm gonna add some lines at the bottom. So all this portion will be covered with snow. We shouldn't be adding a clean, straight line at the bottom. I'm gonna erase off those lines inside the cabinet on. Then I'm gonna add few windows on the door. One being to here. Onda door Right at the bottom. On another window on the right side. On. With that, our pencil sketches ready? I have kept some people trouble here now for the sky. The two colors that were going but our taylor blue and yellow green. We already discussed about the artery colors that you can go with if you don't have the similar sheets. Now I'm going to squeeze out a little off board the shades onto my palate. You know, blue. Now they go green. All right, so we have a sketch and the paint ready. Now, before we start painting, there's a simple half which meaning to do. Take out your masking tape on and I'm gonna take tiny piece from this, and I'm gonna cut this into half using assist us. I just cut it into half because this one is a one inch tape. If you have a smaller table, you could go in with that. Andi, I have contact into two pieces. This roughly a centimeter. Now, I'm gonna fix this tape onto the roof. This is going to work like you're masking fluid. You just need to cover up that entire roof using this masking tape. Now, just cut the remaining edges, cutting the top, fixing the masking tape Now in a similar way. I'm gonna cut the other side. We have a straight line here, so cut your masking tape on a similar way. So 1/2 off the roof is covered in a similar way. I'm gonna cover the remaining portion Passport. We just need to cover the top line off the roof. The remaining off the house. You could leave Lassiter's. This is just to protect our prove while we paint the sky on the entire roof is covered. We just need a little bit off masking tape to do this. If you want to go with your mosque included, that is totally up to you. You can do that now. I'm gonna cover the bottom line. Aspar, take out your masking teeth on and just six it on the line, which we have drawn here your top off. The masking tape will be on the line. Be had drawn. We went in with a little cov line andare masking table. Cover it straight, but that's totally okay. As we will be adding the landscape of the bottom. We can 60 lying later, so we have covered this line and also the roof. This will make your process very easy. You don't need to worry at all. When you paint your sky, just make sure the tape is properly fixed. You can see the pencil line underneath. Once we add in the landscape and the trees and all those details, we can fix the slime. So don't worry. We'll be painting the sky until this masking tape lying. Then, once everything drives, will remove the masking tape on paint the ground cover. And also we'll fix the line when we paying the landscape in the background or right, so go with your masking tape or masking fluid and cover up the rules on the bottom line on Let's get started with our Sky 6. Let's paint the sky: I'm quite excited to start on. I'm not wasting any time. Here is my Princeton. A light wash barrage. Now, using this brush, I'm gonna apply. Ah, coat off clean water onto the entire sky. Go with any off your bigger size flat Russia Ram Pressure on apply and even go the water. And it's absolutely okay if you don't have a wash brush. I'm leaving the cabin. I'm not adding any water onto that. Most of the area will be predicted by the masking tape, which we applied. It is a little area. We need to be Castle about to paint the sky. I'm using a flat brush. This oneness Princeton alive, three by four inch flat brush. I already had the colors. Really? On my palette. I'm gonna go with Taylor greens. Risk. Add a little water and make a medium tonal state of green. As my brushes three by four inch, I will be able to paint quite a lot of area at a single goal. Now, I'm gonna apply the color over the bottom cyst. I want this area to be in green. I'm adding the paint onto the bet background. Just feel too careful at this area. No, I'm gonna go. But another school. You can see how freely I'm adding the paint onto the sky because I have master roof on also the bottom line. So I don't need to worry at all while adding the paint. I have had enough of green. You can see how the pain was starting to float as the background is wet. Now I'm gonna go in with the blue. I'm going with a little last boulder tone off blue. Now add blue onto all these bases which we had left. Take your brush in a spore ley line, starting from the top and then taking it down to the border. You can see how the colors are spreading and floating into each other as the background is bread. You have to be a little quick and consistent. Look at that. How the paint is floating. So here's the first layer We have covered the entire sky. I won't be going with the border town of Green. I'll just go in and make the blue little more Porter. I added another's fully line. Now all I'm gonna do is I'll just make the blue but more border go with a brighter tone of blue on By making the blue border at all these areas, especially on the top, keep those in your paper to either side as you are the paint This will mix the colors really well and keep you up Very natural blend. I want my sky to be more bluish on I just need some greens for weeks in between You could see here at the bottom how my colors are floating on spreading into each other creating a natural blend I'm going to switch to green on I'm gonna take my brush in a swirly line along all the areas very applied green This will make the blend more smarter You can see the kind of green that I'm using here is little light in tone that has the blow that I'm using as much more brighter This will add a very nice contrast rubber sky The green light will stand out from the dark blue background Now I'm gonna keep building my people to get a beautiful natural blend I think I'll go but find more tune off blue to make it little more intense. All right, One last tune off blue I invented with a much more darko tone of blue on. I'm applying that on the top just on the top. To me, that area a bit more talker. I'm gonna take it in this poorly line. You could see how freely and applying the paint onto the sky as I have covered the roof on the bottom line. I'm not worried at all. I don't need to restaurant my brush, have allowed one more sporty nine here on. I think with that I can stop adding the paint now. My only task is to keep tilting the paper to make the blue and the cream and fell into each other. We can see the way the pain just floating on, creating a beautiful blend. And whenever you feel your pain is not blending properly or if it's not floating, you can help it a bit. Withdraw brush like this area. In my case, it needs a little love help, so I'm taking my brush in a swirly manner. Now that solid green line is gone, it is much smarter. Now. Let's get packed to tilting business. I'm gonna tell my paper and all possible direction to get a smoke. It'll blend. You can see the green at the bottom is really floating into the blue swirly line, creating a nice effect there. I often get messages from my student saying their pain does not floating the way minus floating here. The main reason could be the kind of paper that you're using. It is very important to use 100% corn turn artist great watercolor paper to get the best your cells don't get discouraged if you are getting a very small planned it it's absolutely OK. Once we add in the snow and the remaining details, that doesn't really matter. It's going to look pretty the way it ISS. So please don't be discouraged. It is my guarantee that you're going to love your painting when you finish. I'm really happy with the kind of colors and blend the half court here. It was just because I kept applying the paint onto the wet background on. Also, I was keeping on tilting my paper. Every now and then, you need to be a little quick. All the tilting business needs to be done when your background respect. If the Bagram has dried, you won't get a similar plant because you paint, wound, float and spread into each other. So whenever you add a new layer, keep tilting your paper. This is the main reason why I asked you to fix your paper onto a board, which you can keep tilting and moving around in order to get a nice blend. If you fix your paper onto a table, this exercise cannot be done. My background. The Stuber 10 are making use of the time I'm tilting my paper in all possible directions. I'm quite happy with the blend, so I'm gonna leave it at a tilted position. Now let's wait for that to dry. I really hope my masking tape hack worked, fingers crossed. Let's check that out in the next section. All right, so let's wait for the background to dry completely, and I will see you there in the next section. 7. The Cabin: our sky has beautifully drive. You can see the kind of blend and vibrant colors we have caught here. I'm really happy with the sky. You can see how this green streaks are standing out as preventing with a brighter turn off blue. There is a very beautiful contrast between these two colors. Also, you can see I still have my jar of clean water. There. I use the other one to rinse off the pain from my breast. This is the reason why you should have two jars of water. This way you will have access to clean water. You don't need to run in between. All right Now it's time to peel off the masking tape and see whether our hack worked at the start from the side. It's like it really worked. I have got a nice clean line there. Now let's remove the one on the roof. There's a little of green which got into the cabin here, which is absolutely okay as we're going with the Taco Brown with that area, so we'll be covering up all that now let's remove these spaces. We applied on the roof. Look at that. We have got a clean line at the roof. I will hack What perfectly What? Here is a closer look and can see there's no paint on the roof and also at the ground. And now it's time to paint the cabin. First, I will be going with the doors and the windows. We need to create an illuminating effect to begin. But I'm going with these two colors. One is yellow car and the other one is permanent Yellow orange. I'm squeezing out a page of both the shade onto my palate. Hello and little off orange. We need to apply a coat of water onto these two walls here before we start with the windows and doors. I'm using the size number six round brush by Princeton. Now, using this brush, I'm gonna apply a coat of water on to boot the walls apply water onto the entire wall, not just of indoors. Now I'm going with the other wall. I'm going with the yellow ogre first. I'm loading my brush, but made him tone of yellow Walker. You can also use gamble jlo if you don't have Loker. Now, I'm gonna just dropping that paint onto those windows on door here as we have applied to go the water, the paint will spread into the background, which is okay, That is what we need, actually, so don't worry. Now I'm going to switch to the orange. Andi, I'm gonna apply the paint around the yellow. This is a yellowish orange. If you don't have a similar color, you can makes a little off yellow to your one million train and get a similar kind of for color. Now, I'm gonna apply that color around the yellow, which we applied again. This will blend into the yellow and also into the background. That is okay. What repainted now is the light. Now we need to fill up the remaining area in a brown oy. For that, I'm going to this permanent brown shade from art philosophy. You can go with Bone senior or any kind of brown that you have got. I'm going to squeeze out a little of that on my ballot. Andi, I'm taking a medium tone off those permanent problem. It's a very nice color. Now I'm gonna fill up the remaining area in this drowned color. The background is wet and we have already applied a yellow and in orange around it so the colors will start to spread into each other by its own, which is absolutely OK. Just apply the brown color around the paint, which we had already applied on letter blend and cleared by its own in a similar way. Philip, the other war aspirin go around. The space is very have applied your yellow and orange. So this is the first to layer. Now we need to wait for this to dry. Now, I'm gonna apply brown onto this piece here, living a violent line on the top. I'm just filling up that entire piece. And Brown, we'll have to wait for this to dry. Meanwhile, let's pain the snowy roof to paint this. No, I'm gonna use Indigo. This one is again from art philosophy. I'm gonna squeeze out a little onto my panicked. Whenever you're painting the snow, you need to go with a very light one of the shade that you're using. Whether it's Payne's gray or intercourse or any other shade that you're using, we have to go with a very light toe. This is the kind of tone that I will be using for the snow using a similar tone off indigo . Now I'm gonna paint the roof along those lines. I'm gonna add a decline off indigo. No, to take a no to 10. Something like this on also at the bottom. Once you have added the color along the roof line, you can add in some patterns. Lecter's very randomly go with a very light toe on ads and broken lines like this. You shouldn't be adding a lot. Now I'm switching to brown again. This time I'm going with the very dark emotional brown on. I'm gonna clean the shape off our cabin, starting with this line and also the line on the top, just correcting all the lines on giving it a cleaner. Look, Andi, over here on at this line right underneath the roof, which will be considerably dark now, using a made him to know brown add lines like this which are very close to each other. You can stop it when you are reaching the window and the door. You don't need to take it across the other end just at very big random lines. It doesn't need to be perfect. Straight lines starting from one end to the other now with the medium tone of brown just given out. Climb to those doors and windows. We'll come back to it later on. We will add in the details. Know what the doc oh, tone of wrong. I'm adding the too many just a basic rectangular shape. Now let's go with a finally taking off the cabin. I'm going the same dark brown, which I used for the too many. And I'm adding a thin line on the left side and also on the top and bottom of the window. Now for those window as well. Then along the roof line a matting darko, too. This build represent that dark shadow underneath the roof. You get out to add more DACA lines, make sure you're going with very thin, delicate lines. Now you can see how those windows are standing out on how they are illuminating for these inner lines. Cope with a very light, too, on also very thin lines. We don't need a lot of Darko tones inside. Now I'm going to dip my brush in a little of water. Andi, I'm gonna smudge thes darko tunes into the background. I don't want the lines to look too sharp. just use clean water and smarts, the darker tones. And with that, we're done with the work cabin. We will be adding snow later once we're done with all the other details. Now I'm switching to my wash fresh. Andi, I'm gonna apply a clean Goethe water at the bottom. Just make sure you're not hiding any water onto the cabin. Now I'm switching to my size number six round brush on. I'm going with a very light tono for yellow Walker. Now along this line. Very well. Have the reflection of the light. I'm gonna add a very light tone off a walker. Remember our backgrounds bed So the yellow will start spreading into the background, which is absolutely OK, because whenever the light is reflecting, it wouldn't be in a sharp lines. It will spread into the cell phones, but it is reflecting on two. So we just need to spread out those yellow into the snow cover you go easily. Do this as the background is. Bet you just need to spread out the color into direct background on make it blend into the snow cover. Now I'm against switching to Indigo, washing my brush. I'm switching to a very light toe off integral. And I'm gonna paint the remaining off the snow at the bottom. I'm starting from the left side, Andre randomly dropping in and lighter tone off into Go on to the vet background, Use a very Lyttle on. Go in a very random manner on just like I'm doing here. Go. But a very light on us into cool. Now, over here, I'm gonna create a pathway which is leading toe over, Captain. So I'm taking my line on a pathway kind of a shape. Now again adding some random lines. We painted the base layer of the snow Once this dry will come back and add the remaining details. Now you see a light on off into go. I'm gonna add the shadow off the too many Aspar, you just need to add an inclined line and that so do you have the shadow off your to mean you right there Now, just onto this left side, I think I will add some taco tunes as it is not so close to our cabin on this 80 ability. Little dark compared to the area closer to our cabin. And that's it. Now Let's wait for everything to dry. Then we will go in with the details. So take a break and I'll see you in the next section. 8. Trees + Landscape: All right, So we have finished adding, all the base Leo's be painted the sky and we painted the cabin on be painted the snow cover at the port. Um, now it's time to add in the details. And I'm starting with adding the landscape. I will be using Ivory black to add in the details. This one is from art philosophy, and I will be adding some trees and some background landscape using this black lower. Now, let me squeeze out a little up this onto my pilot. I'm using my sizeable six. Wrong Fresh on bond. I'm gonna teach Flacco Tegler on my brush. I'm starting by adding the tree trunk. I think I'll go with two on the right side and two on the left side. I'm going with an incline tree. First, you have the absolute freedom to compose the way you want your trees to be. If you just want one on either side, you can do that on if you want. Ah, pine tree. Insert off this kind of a tree that is also up to you in the technique section. We already tried the bush tree and the pine trees. So now you know which tree you are more comfortable with and which one you like more. So go ahead on out in the trees according to your choice, I added the first tree trunk. Now I'm going with the 2nd 1 This one I'll just stop it here. I'm not taking it to the top. So we added two on the right side. Now, in a similar way, I'm gonna add one right here. Andi have allowed one more, which will be right in front off the cabin. Make sure the top of the tree is very 10 on as you come down. Then you are close to the important. You can make it thicker. My brush has got a nice depend. That is why I'm able toe do the thick and the thin lines together. We don't want the trees to be to take it there to take it will go out of proportion. So go with any birds that you are more comfortable. But now I'm gonna add another tree right here. You can see none off. My trees are standing up straight. Some of them are swinging onto the left side and some of them are leaning onto the right side. So go with the Vario. Interesting composition. Don't at them in the same height on in the same orientation. Now I'm going to switch to my smaller Bruce is a size number Jurong crushed by Princeton on using this brush just like orbited in the technique section I'm gonna add tiny branches. Go with the smaller size brush We won't this line to be Britain and delicate way are done with the trees on the right side. On we have two more left. Let me quickly add in time you practice onto these to trace aSpro. Please go with the detailing brush. If you're finding it difficult toe, do it with a smaller sized fresh. It will look nice only when these stems are Britain and delicate, adding as many Brenda says he won't. Maybe you can make it a more crowded tree. If you have patients to add and more, you can see the way I'm adding the branches. There is a lot of gap in between. If you added more and more, the cap can be reduced and it will make your painting look more interesting. So if you have enough patience and can go ahead and add more and more branches. All right, now I'm switching to Indigo and I'm going with the very doctor on. I'm gonna clean the sheep off the snow cover. You know this Linus clean and street just because we applied masking tape and we were painting the sky. Now I'm gonna make this line little irregular, adding some upside down here and there on getting rid off that straight line. Once we add in this line off landscape, that's red line won't be possible. This is why I told you, even if you apply you masking tape in a straight line, it doesn't really matter. Once we add in the landscape, everything is going to be OK, So I kept my word. Now, once we finish this line off landscape, you will see that straight line is not at all the spooks in the technique fiction other than the trees. We tried making an interesting landscape by this lines. We created a very interesting landscape using 10 straight lines which are very close to each other. I'm using the same technique here on I'm gonna create the entire landscape and the same technique along this line in order to get the best results. You should be using a pressure with a sharp pointed tip. Otherwise, your tip off these lines wouldn't look that nice. And also, when you're close to the cabin, make sure your lines are shot on as you go away from the cabin, you can make them taller, just like how I'm to in cure at this area. I'm going with much more taller lines on as I'm going towards the cabin, the height of these lines are getting shorter. Go in a similar pattern and finish this entire line Now over to the left side, I will be adding few pine trees so you can stop it when you're almost reaching your left end. Now, let me quickly finish this remaining area here. As you progress, make sure to clean the shape of this line. You can add in some ups and downs to make it more interesting. Now we have some idea left on the side. I'm gonna fill up the entire line also using the same technique. But this time I'm going with a little shorter lines as I will have pine trees on. I just want a little of these lines to be seen in the background. So I'm not going to tar lines here. This is the kind of hide that I'm going with. All right, so that's done. Now, the last task is to add in the pine trees, I will be adding to our three over the side. Amusing ivory black aunt Amusing, my smaller sized fresh There's a size number two round brush, Andi, just like how we practiced in the techniques section. In a similar way, I'm marrying few pine trees on the left side. If you don't wanna add pine trees, you can skip this and maybe you can are the mysteries, or you can continue with your background lines. You can make them a little more taller than you're reaching on to this area. If you continue the same lines which we have in the background and make it toner as you progress towards this end, that also looks beautiful. So the choice is yours. You have three choices left with you. Go with your intuition. If you feel something else will look better on your painting. Go with that. You don't need to stick to what I'm doing here. All these think after the box and bringing your ideas also into your painting. Now I'm going with the flow tree. Looks like I have a little more space left so I could add one more. I'm going with a taller tree. Let me quickly finish this on. We have a tiny portion left on the right side. I'm done with the pine trees. Now I'm gonna fix that little portion on the right side. I'm adding those tiny lines on filling up this remaining area. I'm really happy with the way our paintings progressing. Now we have little more details to add ons. We need to splatter some snow and make our painting look more snow. We all right? I hope you are enjoying the process so far. Take a break and have a look at your painting and appreciate the work you have done so far . Don't rush to finish your painting. Want to have taken enough of break with the common compost mind? Join me in the next section. 9. Detailing: Welcome back, guys. I hope you all took a break and your back here with full energy. Now we're going with the final detailing. Off are painting. This is my size number to brush on. I have a paper travel. I took a darker turn us into Go on my brush and I'm grabbing that on the people travel to remove the excess water on. With that, I'm adding some dry strokes onto the ground. We practice how to get these dry strokes and our technique section on. I'm going with the same technique here. Once you remove the excess water from your pressure, it is very easy to create this dry strokes. You just need to dip your brush on a people travel few times to remove the excess water. Then you will be able to get very beautiful, dry strokes. I added dry strokes on to these places where we have the trees. That area needs to be little Darko. I'm adding some more dry strokes here, so this 80 of a look little darker on it will define the space. Similarly, you can add some dry strokes where that cabin iss remember we had added apart. We here. That's kind of figured it out. Now I'm gonna make it a little more docker going, but a medium turn off in Tico on defining that but again. So I took a medium tool off into go on my brush and I kept jabbing that I don't know, people trouble to remove the excess water on. Then I'm creating the pathway. You can see the kind of lying So I'm adding here they're looking very dry and drop on. That is what we need. You can see how snowing it is looking already. Now I'm gonna add dry strokes at random media on and adding more darko tones here and there , using the same dry brush technique you cannot shadow for these trees. Fastball. We have already been to the base using a light tune off into go Now we don't need to have a lot of dry strokes. Just few here and there on that will make it look more realistic. So far, it looks nice. Now I'm sweating to black Andi, I'm gonna add tiny bits and pieces and a very random manner. Just some broken lines. There is no rule, our order or anything. You just need to add in some broken lines of this black or pain scree or which about taco tone you prefer. You can see I didn't. I had a lot of lines. I just added a fuel that just touching the tip of the pressure in the paper. The lines that I added are not to bully as well. They're buried an angelic it go in a similar manner. They just need these darko tunes very randomly at few places to make this no more defined on with that very nearly done with the detailing, I'm going with one last trip. I'm gonna add some more than until equate progess onto these trees. Now I feel like I should have added more. If you have already added these tiny branches, you could skip this trip. I'm just adding these for my satisfaction because now I feel like I should have added more to make it more pretty. I'm just extending these branches and adding tiny ones on the tip. - And with that, I'm done. Now we're on to the last step. The last tip is the most exciting one. In the next section we will be splattering some snow on adding snow everywhere and making the painting look more and more snowy. 10. Adding Snow: Now we are on to the most exciting part of this class. We're going to splatter some snow on, make the painting so much snow We all you need is a wide quash. The one I'm using here is from artist. So it is part of my 24 color set. If you don't have wide quash, can also go with white water color. But you have to use your water cooler in the tickle consistency. So I took a little off paint on my palette on I added few drops of water. The pain time using is not to lose and not to pick it is somewhere in between. So you have to go with a similar consistency. It shouldn't be to lose on it shouldn't be too thick as well. Once you have got the consistency, right? Just happened the brush and create the snow and the stars together. You don't need to worry about there. They are falling. If it falls on the sky, it will be your star on. If it falls on the trees or the cabin, it is your snow. So we're doing it together on the sky. Some of them you could assume as towers and some of them you can assume a snowfall If you want to know how to make your stars in a very detailed manner, you could check out my class or not on lights, where I'm explaining it in a very CTL to Miller. So if you have got any doubt you could check out that class. I have a section called Splattering the Stars. You can have a look at that, have a lot in some or starves. You can see how trivial cabinets looking with that snow's plateaus. I'm really loving it. So be added in a four stars and snow formal on the sky. Now it's time to add in more snow on the cabin and on the trees. I'm using my size number two round brush. You can go with any brush, which has got a nice pointed tip. No, we're going to add those icicles on the rooftop, and that is why you need a brush with a pointed tip. It is the simple step off adding icicles on the roof top, which is going to change your painting. I'm quite sure you're going to love this exercise of adding icicles. All you need is a brush with a fine tip on. Also, some vied, quash or whitewater, Glor or white? Click on Just aren't some lines which are tapering down from the rules. Go with very thin lines. You can make some of the icicles longer, and some of them shorter go in a very random pattern. Don't make all of them in the same length some of them can be hanging down on some of them can be in a very irregular shape. This is what is going to make your painting look more interesting. Our cabinets looking so pretty, right? I'm really loving it. We have a little more area left on the right side. I'm gonna add icicles. A war that side asphalt. Just make sure you're adding them in a very random manner. Don't add them in the same length. Some of them can be longer and some of it can be shorter. No, you could see we have added that Darko tunes underneath the roof. And that is why this icicles are looking this realistic. If we had a very light to tune underneath the roof, it may not look this interesting. Now, in a similar way, I'm gonna add some snow on the too many ask for on a tiny icicle on. That's it. We're done adding snow onto the cabin. Now what's left are the trees. We have some burst reasonable to some pine trees on the left side. We need to add to know onto them as well. I'm going with the birch trees. First, we need to add some dry strokes off wide. Quash onto these black trees so they cut your paper trouble on W. Brush two or three times to remove the water content on your brush. On using the same brush, I'm adding some dry strokes of white onto the tree. You need to go with a smaller size brush towards the bottom. It will be easier to add in the tri strokes. Ask Patraeus much ticker but onto the top. As the tree is much they know you need to be a little careful. This is why you should be going. But our detailing brush are any smaller sized crush. Now I'm adding dry strokes onto the trees on the left side. We don't need a lot of dry strokes. We need to see the black color in the background. We have added enough off snow onto the tree trunk. Now we need to add in more snow onto all these branches. Now go one by one. Andi, pick all these branches on ardent snow over this particular area. This is where the snow will be trapped. On two. There will be snow accumulated on all these pranksters. This is kind of a pocket which holds snow when there's a snowfall. Now go ahead and pick all these areas where there will be snow accumulation. Go tree by tree, finish one tree and then move to the next one. Let me quickly finished us. We have two more trees on the left side. I will switch to time lapse so you guys can watch Very well. I'm adding the snow now to make the trees look more snowy. I'm gonna add a white line onto the left side off all these trees. A kind of broken line. It's not to pick on its not ah, continues line. Just a broken line to give it a more snowy field. All right, so they added enough or stroll onto the trees. Now using my sights, number two fresh. I'm gonna add some 10 and delicate branches. I'm just extending the ones which we have here already, and I'm adding some tiny branches onto the outdoor and go with the detailing brush or any brush that has caught a fine, sharp tip. Because we need very thin and delicate branches on the outer end, you just need to extend those branches, which are there already. You can see how thin my branches are, adding your plunges in a similar way. If you're finding it difficult, you can skip the step. It is absolutely OK. You just need to add the snow and leave your trees. Asset Er's next task is to add snow onto these pine trees over here. Before that, I will switch to Blackwater Color. Andi, I'm gonna clean the shape of these trees. I added quite a lot of white dry strokes, and the shape of the tree is not very much possible. So I'm taking my brush along the right side off the trees, and I'm adding a darker tone on the right side on defining the shape off the tree. Now the same goes to the tree on the other side. Don't cover up the entire white strokes. We just need a 10 line on the right side to make the three more to find. All right, now, on to the last task I'm gonna add no onto these pine trees. I'm taking wide quash on my brush and I'm just dropping in some white color onto the top off thes foliage. You could say we have divided the pine tree into different branches. You just need to add in some thoughts and patterns of wide quash onto each off thes punches . And they had done vegetable painting as a one last step. I'm again going with wide quash on and I'm gonna add some because Charles on the sky I Mr Do there's been be added straps onto the sky. Just fuel random sports here, Indira. And that we had done the cover painting. I'm quite happy with the way this one turned out average One day I could travel to Sweden on charge. A beautiful sight. I hope my wish will get fulfilled. Want a Now let's remove the masking T. Okay, so there you have your note on lights painting. I hope you guys are happy with the way your painting has turned out I cannot tell you how much I am loving this. Please. For me, it is very hard to have satisfaction. Every time I finish a painting, I always feel like the was Ah, little off room for improvement, but with this 100% happy. 11. Little motivation for you all :): Thank you so much for watching my class. I hope you all have a great time painting between. If you are about to try, just don't rush. Take enough of breaks in between. Goes to buy step Don't rush to finish your painting. Even though the end yourself looks little complicated it isn't that difficult to do this painting. Don't let the fear of failure take over your skills. Just tell yourself I can do this and go ahead and give it a try. I'm very sure you will be surprised by the end result. It is my candy that each and every one off you who are watching this class will be able to paint a beautiful tonight. You need to believe in yourself and let go off all the fear. It is not just with painting. It is with everything that you do in your life. You need to believe in yourself. You need to trust your into Shin's. Ah, you're back. I was a big no, just like you, Andi. I never knew I had all these kills inside me. Just in the us trying my self confidence grew a lot. It was just that I kept trying. And by the end, I very well knew I could do this. So yeah, go ahead, give it a try. If you feel no worries, give it another try, and slowly you will get there.