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Watercolor Winter Flower & Wreath

teacher avatar Anna Krupa, graphic designer, photographer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Watercolor Winter Poinsettia

    • 2. Single watercolor poinsettia

    • 3. Akwarelowy wieniec swiateczny calosc ENG

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About This Class


Welcome to "Watercolor Winter Flower & Wreath", my very first watercolor class!

Since it’s almost Christmas it’s great to slow down for a moment and take an hour or so to just sit and paint. You can always use your work as a postcard.

In this class, I will explain step by step how to paint a single poinsettia flower and a winter flower wreath. It’s perfect for all watercolor lovers.


Meet Your Teacher

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Anna Krupa

graphic designer, photographer


Sketching, photography, hand lettering, modern calligraphy.

Instagram: @graficzne.wsparcie.biznesu

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1. Watercolor Winter Poinsettia: Hello and welcome in my class. My name is and Krupa and I'm graphic designer. And for the graph for a few years ago I discovered my passion toe Water girl. Since then, I'm still painting. You can find me at and draw Dreamcatcher on stag room in this shirt drink. I will show you how to paint this beautiful and very easy boys sent him And then how to turn it into this Chris must read so let's get started. 2. Single watercolor poinsettia: Hello Today we're gonna paint this. Police sent you a card in few easy steps. We're gonna use Onley colors, cadmium orange, cut me red and cadmium and follow green. So let's start by mixing colors for police. Sent him well at some water. Tow our palates and mix color. Can you write with it? With a lot of water? I have discolor squeezed from a tube on my palette, but I also has got it. I'm, um, cute. So this color looks like this. It's, um read. So will will mark X in our sheet of paper to mark where we're gonna pint our place center in the center where market is a X, it almost looks Looks like the star I'm using brush number eight for this, But you can take also a smaller number. Like far it's more suitable for you. I changed changed my brush to number four. So next will add some orange to our color. A little bit of orange of free cardinal Arrange and mix that color to be between orange and red. I'm using scraps off paper toe test my colors on this time this color When I added more, right, it's more reddish done, arrange ish and let's start painting battles 1st 1 The 2nd 1 Differed won the part 50 and now the last one, The last Red Better the last reddish big petal. Next, we will be painting smaller red rights, but all those between the speaker ones, so it's easier to take smaller brush. I like the number for brush with its very comfortable for me, So we'll be painting another small red lives between these bigger ones. As you can see what number for brush. I can do it with only two brushstrokes. That's why I just love that brush. It's almost done. You have to because for careful, not this much your big petals if they're not dry enough, so next will be mixing some cadmium orange with follow green on a lot of water on our on my palate to make this beautiful spring shade of green. So I'm adding a lot of cadmium orange. Ah, I'm adding a lot of follow green and a bit off cadmium orange. I'm also testing a color on this sheet of paper to see if the shade suits me. Is it not greenish or is it not more orange. So I always taste colors. First ones scrap of paper. Now we're gonna paint some vigor, lives bigger green leaves, our pick three or four places where I put this bigger lives and I'm starting starting to paint. I paint a tree loose And then I started to think that it's too much white space left. So I decided toe draw 1/4 1 which was not so big as the others, was a little bit smaller, but still it was It wasn't very small. It was a rather middle size believe done. We will paint some smaller lifts around battles in places where we think there's too much white space. So to feel that space, we will paint some more green leaves on. We're almost done. If I have too much pain on my mm brush, I simply touch with it to them issue and that I just go away in the tissue. If I have too much water next, we're gonna paying some red stones on petals on the road pedals, so I'll make some. Can you read again with ah with the water and then using a really, really tin brush first object. My color is it OK? And then, with my thick brush, I will paint some red stems on the red petals of the poise. Santa, like this, does that color, and I think it's OK. So let's start painting. - And no, this is our effect, how our place center looks at the moment, and now we will do the same for the green leaves with the green paint, which we have mixed earlier. We will paint some green stems on the green leaves, - so we almost done. Here is our effect, how it looks like in that moment we only need to paint next. The only thing we need to paint is stamen off the flower. I don't do it with yellow yellow Joe Open the camera didn't want to focus on that dope in. I tried to show you, but I didn't think you see the number of it. But it's yellow, and I will draw a little doubts inside the flower. With the open, it's the final step off this boy center flower. You can do it also with the paint with a quarrel watercolor paint, But with the job and the effect, it's more visible and more spectacular. So this is our card. Our our final card. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. So see you in the next lesson. 3. Akwarelowy wieniec swiateczny calosc ENG: Hello Today I'm going to show you how to paint this floor. Oh, Christmas bread. We're gonna paint this tree Place sense? Yes, just like weapons painted before. Just like I show you in this previous video. So let's get started to mark the circle for the fraud of Flora Red. I will be using my look Cops and I will draw the shapes slightly with this Penafiel just to indicate the shoot circle where I will be painting with this little circles. I will draw the places where my we sent us. This bigger flowers will be painted. It's only for me to plan the red so I could know where we're I should place bigger flowers on where I should place this little lives. So first, we're gonna make some red. So, um, will be mixing cadmium red with the lots of water on our pull it and a little bit off cadmium orange. I just got this orange squeezed from the tube and red. I've got on my cube on my palette and I'm testing the color. It shouldn't be too much red and too much orange, so it should be in the middle of these two colors. I always test the color on my is on scraps of paper. So this time I thought it's too much are in. So I'll be adding more cardinal red to my palette. I'm still mixing with the water and cotton orange. No, again, I'll test this color, and now it's more ready my red than orange. And it's okay for me Soul for mixing colors. Amusing number eight brush. But I will switch it to number four because it's more suitable for me toe pain. Not so big flowers. So I will start with 1st 1st boy sent young in this for one off this circles drawn earlier . I'm doing it slowly with to brush strokes. Sometimes you can fix your petals if you're if you don't like the shape. But as you can see with the for a number of with the brush number for you can, you can still draw a very beautiful and white petals. So painting a six petal flower it may be doesn't look like boys center Rick now, but when we finish, it will look like so I'm painting another one on the second circle I was trying to fix in the circles just flowers. But they could be a little bit smaller off that circles are a little bit bigger. If I don't like the shape of each petal on, just fix it with single brushstrokes. An oil painting. The first fert flower. The sound which you were here in the bag is our my Shin Szasz. Stefan is drinking water right now. No, I will be mixing chorus. No, I'm mixing some. Ah, these are in color. It's more cherish. It's more like a cherry kind off red and, um, makes in a mixing it with a lot of water. And now I'm testing how the discolor looks with the other ones with the prisoners color which I have painted the flowers. And now I will be painting some Berries cure under. - Okay . No, My car speaks like this. And with the razor, I will erase all the pencil marks around my flowers around my main flowers. They are no dry up. So I'm sure that I will not spoil and think so I can raise this pencil lines. I don't need them anymore. And when we've got more layers off paint, it will be hard toe. Raise them later. So I don't know. I'm doing it right now. No, I'm mixing Viridian Hugh paint with a lot of water on my palette with a bit off cadmium orange the shade which I will Here you can see cadmium orange in the job The shade which I would like to have Is this green in the shade off spring spring kind of shade contesting If everything is dry Now on my drawing and with shade I have I started to paint this bigger greenish lives around the present Your flowers Okay, here is how it looks like crap Right now he was, um, new paint which I have bought late lately. It's from a new a Polish company and has a really interesting colors. This one is khweis, but it's not ordinary Kreis. It splits into colors when you paint it, it's like a little bit of grain and a little bit off. Ah blue. When you when you mix it with water and very beautiful color, I just love it and it's also has got a bigger cubes than normal than usually most companies can. So our mix my green from the pre previous step with a little bit off that color. The this requires color on a little bit off a body blow Okay, from Winsome and Newton. I'm trying to achieve the green in the shade off more blood in green, so it's like a torque wise. I'm adding a bit off green to it to my pain, and I'm still testing the color. Still, it's I needed to be more this time or blue. Still, it's not the shade which I want to achieve, but don't you worry. If you don't have the same shade, it's not a problem. You can have a different shade of green, but try to use in your work different shade of greens. It gives it the work. More interest. Don't use only one color all the time. Try to use different shades at more green, are at a little bit off blow or at a little bit off yellow or sometimes at a little bit off orange. So with this color on painting stumps for my Berries and little lives around the Berries, here is how it looks like right looks right now, So with every detail it gets, it gets more interesting now when my big lives are dry. Now I'll paint some stumps. - This is how it looks like a wreck now No. Still amusing. Come. I earlier mixed green and I will add to it some more paint. Okay, I will do it more and more pain. No. With this color, our pain some I will paint some evergreen leaves with this short on a quick moves just like you see on the movie. I'm doing it quick and with a lot little with light brush strokes. Okay. They should be light and dedicate to add more dimension I at a second layer of the paint to this brown chest but Onley in details You can do it on and try or you can wait till the first layer is dry. I'm sorry, i e It was trying to say that you can do it on the word layer or you can wait till it's dry and then at the second layer of the pains. Now it looks like this. It's almost finished. We have most work done, but still we gonna pain some laurel leaves. Believes I'm just at some more arrange to my previous color and makes it and at some more water. And now I'm testing the color you can see on my sheet off paper that I've got a lot of different shades of green. No, we'll be painting more green, green leaves wrong the red just to give more interest to the work and to feel this white spaces, I just find them in places where I think there is too much white space. I loathe the center space wide Ah, a D and I filled it with some Christmas invitation for my colleague and send it a supposed car. Here is our effect. No, we're gonna paint some red stems on our boy sentir flowers. So once again will be using this red, which we have mixed before. I will only add some more water to it and more a zoo reserving right tohave it more intense . Okay, I checked my color. It's more cherished than red, so it's suits me. So I'm gonna I'm gonna pain some stems on 2% of flowers and some details on the Berries just to give them more shade and more dimension. Okay, As you can see, with every detail, this work looks more more interesting. - We're almost finished now. The one thing which is left to paint is stamen of the flowers. You can do it with the yellow pains, but I'm gonna you I will use this yellow gel pin from Sakura from Socorro. I love it very much. I almost use it for every work which I paint. I love it even more down. Why? To shell pin This yellow is superb. I know. We're paying this yellow year old dots inside the flowers to simulate them. Flower Stillman. I don't know if I even say that, right. I suppose it's a stamen and the last step off our work. Okay, this is how it looks like at the end. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. And how trilled to see your work in the projects. Such a section of off this class have a great holiday, everybody.