Watercolor Whimsies: Creating the Cutest Characters/Simple Sarah | Lisa Albinus | Skillshare

Watercolor Whimsies: Creating the Cutest Characters/Simple Sarah

Lisa Albinus, The Cutest Watercolor Whimsies

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6 Videos (1h 27m)
    • Whimsical Girls Intro

    • SS Drawing Face

    • SS Body draw

    • SS Painting First Layer

    • SS Painting and shading

    • SS Scene extras


About This Class

Have you been admiring cute,whimsical illustrations of children?  Have you wondered, "Can I do that??" I would like to invite invite you on a journey, where I will show you how to go about making your own whimsical characters, one step at a time ----one shape at a time.  Use them on cards and in your journals! Fun and easy, each class will draw upon precepts taught in the class before....the learning never stops!

No experience necessary, you can do this!  I can show you how!

Simple Sarah starts our journey with "The Whimsical Girls" - watercolor cuties you can create using simple shapes. Once you have Simple Sarah completed, watch for our next class:  "Simple Natalie".

Without further ado, please let me introduce you to Sarah....she is as shy as a frightened bunny, but as sweet as honey. She takes a second to get used to you, but give her the chance and she will grace you with her smile and be your forever friend!






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Lisa Albinus

The Cutest Watercolor Whimsies



As a travelling artist I meet so many women across the country that profess,

"I can't draw!  I can not even draw a stick figure".

Yes you can! You have never been shown how to break things down into simple shapes.

You can do it and I can show you how!

Step by step insructions will lead you to success...one...step...at...a...time!


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