Watercolor Waterscapes - (Painting Seascape in Two Ways) | Dhritikana Nath | Skillshare

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Watercolor Waterscapes - (Painting Seascape in Two Ways)

teacher avatar Dhritikana Nath, Watercolor Artist and Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Required

    • 3. Background Wash

    • 4. Creating Movements in Water

    • 5. Ripples in the water Part 1

    • 6. Ripples in the Water Part 2

    • 7. Leap of Faith Part 1

    • 8. Leap of Faith Part 2

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class


This class will take you through the complete journey to paint seascape stepwise. We will start by discovering all the materials required, background washes, waves movement and discussing other techniques. Through every class project we are going to learn it all.


  1. Background Washes - Gradated Wash & Variegated Wash
  2. Water - Painting Ripples & Movements in Water using rules of Perspective

Getting all the answers to common questions like:

  1. Why does a waterbody create ripples?
  2. How do we work around perspective to understand vanishing point?
  3. How to effectively work around a composition?
  4. How to create light effect in components of a landscape or seascape like clouds, water and dolphins?
  5. And many more....

Materials required:

  1. Arches 300 GSM A4 Size Paper (highly recommended)
  2. Any brand of watercolor available with you
  3. Silver Black Velvet Brush (Size 4 & size 6)
  4. Wash Brush (Princeton 1.5 Inch)
  5. Watercolor Palette
  6. Masking tape (1 inch)

Finally we will be using all the learnings to paint two class projects.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dhritikana Nath

Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Hello All, I am Dhritikana Nath an artist, instructor, educator & entrepreneur  from Delhi, India.

I am the founder of VibrantParcels where we make hand bound sketchbooks, brush-roll, pouches etc. This is a fairly new initiative as I was searching for good sketchbooks and it was not available readily in the market so just thought to make something of my own. Then wanted to cater to the greater needs of creatives and added brush-roll & Pouches.

I have a monthly membership on Patreon where I teach more about light & shade, landscapes, urban sketching, travelling etc.

I am a strong believer of the idea that anyone can paint if you put an honest effort and for excelling in painting there are only 2 rules practice and frequency of painting. I did start my jo... See full profile

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1. Introduction: sounds with the waves Move with the sea The rhythm of Porto set you free A quote by Christiane Martini Hey guys, I am gonna an artist, instructor and skin shape teacher from Dehli, India. Today we would be taking one step forward two towards understanding the energy off nature by painting water escapes. Painting waters is difficult and my court with water colors. We leave a day. But that's where I'm going to help you today to explore all the materials required understanding Although techniques like don't let went on cry understanding the humidity off the people on more there are two class projects through which we would be learning it the first that IHS ripples in the water On the second batters leap of faith, the cost is third ripples in the water back us. We would start by creating the background wash for the sky and for the water area moving on toe, adding durables by understanding the rules off perspective to create the depth in the water . I'm finally adding the final details like the mountains on some more ripples on the water area. Leap of faith. It truly goes by the name we are going to complicate the subject a bit more, we would start by doing the background wash for the sky, adding the clouds, painting the ripples and finally doing the transition off the light in the dolphins. The class is suitable for anyone who has a fair amount of knowledge about watercolors. In case you are a big nerd, I would highly recommend you to save this class hand. Watch my to mother classes easy and simple way to paint clouds off seven different types on watercolor ocean waves. It would help you toe ace through this last easily. Throughout all the lessons, it is not important toe any off the supplies that I would be showing you today. The only important component is the people, and we would be discussing about it in our future lessons. So come and join me and let's create the magic with water colors. 2. Materials Required: Let's discuss post. What are the material Exactly need? Today there will be two jars off water. One would veto fresh supply photo that evil need, and one you can just use toe wash your precious. The second is the palate. I'm using a particle Sophie palate. You can use any palate status available with you are you do not need to use the patent this one in particular. Okay, let's where and understand the mosque included. OK, so there are many kinds of masking fluid that is available in the market. I'm using ascending your masking fluid. If you do not have a mask included, you do not need to worry. You can also use any kind off white the colors like white wash or by opposed to colors anything that is available with you. It should be or bacon nature. Then we have our tissue. Unofficial is very important always to wipe up any kicks droppings that you have on your brushes or you have toe take off anything like extra water or anything from your paper. Then that's why officials off real help You can use an issue that is available with you or even your paper doll are even a tall that you use on a regular basis for your paintings. Okay, quiet. A number off paints that we would be using today. Let's first discuss what we have talking. So there's an all from ring. There is a win so blue. Then there is how country tour from Winsor and Newton There's God. There is one more that his Akwa green province around muted, and they would be this indigo. So these are all the five pains that we would be using today for our painting matters the most. One ripples on the water. The second set of pain says you're in in yellow that is personally ordered. Then your if you want, you can keep your local light. I would not be using your local life, but you can keep it handy. Would be using the the Walker light even for force painting benefit pain scree when Dikky Braun 10 someone seeing up. So I have used different kind of pains from different companies, whatever I like. In particular, I would be going ahead and using that you can also choose us for your requirement. What is the best that you like can keep it for yourself. I have two kinds of Berries or one of the need to pull a razor. And one is a normal every so that we have out of this. Whatever you have available with you, you get your start then this is all SYRIZA which helps me to take off all the mosque include from my paper easily If you do more Countess, you do not need to worry. Just take any kind off other areas that you have real blood home and use it to take off this basking. Let's see the kind of brushes that we would be using. I have one size four brush by civil Blackwell of it. Then I have her size six brushfire, several black velvet. I have a wash brush off 1.5 inch by Princeton. So these are the major three brushes that I would be using today There is one synthetic brush that I have kept. Now this is the crash that I always used to put my mosque in fluid on my people. In case you are not familiar, these a synthetic here on the mosque include Izzy recalls. Okay. I don't want to spoil all these brushes that I usually use for my painting for my mosque include we need a pencil and cross scale scale is optional. If you are very confident about growing lines, you can just toe pick out that step. That's fine. Okay, let's discuss about the people we would be using. An arch is 100% cotton people, and it is 300 years, 700% garden. It's an April size. I am particularly using a process because I wanted to paint picks so that it's easier for you to four. Now we need to see the green, not the green that we have for your press paper. He's slightly grainy, and that's the texture, which I always like. In case you do not have poor press, you can also use the craft. Great hot press will not be the best people suitable for this class, so either use a cold pressed or you can use a rough terrain. People. There is a mosque in Cape that I'm using this on one inch masking tape, portable masking tape you have. You can use that for speed 3. Background Wash: There are three kinds off background washes. Flat wash, grated wash on variegated wash. People learn about the first technique. Tatters. Flat wash in our next lesson. Right now, we will start with the aggravated wash. Grated wash helps to change the strength off the tonal values. Why we apply our wash. So we start with the darker tones and people making it lighter. As we work our way down the paper, let's see how we can achieve this effect. We begin with a full strength off Winsor Blue color. You can use any other color off your choice. It is always good toe. Have a mixing well where you can makes a good amount to cover the entire sheet. Make horizontal brush strokes across the people if you want. It's good to place a masking tape underneath so that the colors automatically flows towards the bottom off the people due to gravitational force. Once you are happy with the strength off the Kahlo applied on the people. Dip your brush in a jar of water and then again bring it to the people and make horizontal brush movements. Repeat the process till you reach the bottom off the people Every time you dip your brush into the jar off water and applied on the paper, the colors will be weaker. This finds agreed application while you paint the cloud, see escape on landscape painting, where there is a requirement or gradual change of tones, like for painting the sky where we need to show the like at the bottom. We will start with the taco Don's overhead and gradually it gets like a while. We get closer to the horizon. Related wash can be applied on a dam or a wet paper, and I would ask you to practice both to see which suits you the best. But there is a difference in the outcome off the grid ated wash, and it is unpredictable, kindof impossible to replicate the same effect twice. Oh, variegated wash method is one where we will employ more than one color to create a seamless lending off colors. This is again a great effect for landscape paintings as it can be a base for the foundation off the skies on exactly the same effect we will use for the sky in the ripples in the water fainting. I usually start with the warm color like yellow at the bottom and then moved to cool colors like blue on the top. I always love to practice my techniques on a paper before applying it on the final painting on where I might not end up liking the final result, or I might end up going wrong. By the way, be prepared to see the unpredictable nature off thes washes, as we can sell them, achieve the same result again. But it is always what to experiment with this technique on your paintings can. You can work on subsequent washes as your variegated wash rice. It is a great practice to tell the board and then apply this wash again. This process can be used by applying a wet on wet or a wet on Dr paper. If you paint on a damn paper, the colors will be paler compared toa working on a dry people whippings. Let's understand the process off. Applying the pains, we will start by making horizontal brush movements, so reload the brush with some more beans and repeat the process if necessary. When you want to change the color, dip your brush in the jar of water, hundreds off the extra pains on the tissue, since we have used two different colors, one warm on another. Cool. I will keep us more gaps so that I can avoid any money mixes. There are a few common mistakes that I have faced during this wash. Not having enough Kahlo in the mixing well Carlos Trent test. It is always important to test the colors trend before you apply it on the final paper and patches. Avoiding patches is very important on it can be done by having require amount off color on your brush. If the brush is dry, you might end up getting lines or patches whenever you face the issue off, having more paint on your brush removed extra Kahlo on the issue and then apply the brush on the people. All right. Oh! 4. Creating Movements in Water: what can be painted in multiple ways because off its occurance in nature, completely still common, peaceful, fast flowing and energetic, sparkling with some highlights. All of this is a great material, and somehow what color is my favorite medium toe being them? So I do understand that what can be one off the most complex part that we are to a painting It can completely steal the show if he can paint it well. Along with that, water has different boots, but the most important aspect to keep in mind while you paint water is that your brush movement should be in the same direction off the water flow. We will start by painting the ripples. You can apply a flat wash undone once it has drive paint over it or ALS. You can start by practising the ripples the way I am doing now. The sea or any water body is usually lost on gigantic, so we need to paint it. Partly, you can make success monks on the water to denote the water, showing perspective. The largest exact motions will be at the bottom, and smaller monks will be at the top. The reports are closer to each other at the top on. As we reach the bottom off the people, they start becoming larger. Currently, we are using the easiest method to depict parables by interlocking them with each other. Let us understand this step twice. Create a boon off single color that you want to use for the doting the water. Load your brush with some color and start making Inca La Kings exact motions with the brush shorter and smaller lines on the top. Keep more distance between this exact motion as you approach the bottom. Concentrate on vary the lens off the in Bridgeport straw on the lead off the continues brush movement. Oh, apply more pressure on the brush and laid more flat on the people. When you make the broader strokes on, gently release the pressure to make the shorter or the tenor strokes. Keep repeating the same tell you. Cover the entire area off the people and reach till the bottom off the people. Oh, the most common mistake, which I have noticed while we try to make the realistic water are triples, is to concentrate on the sofa. Spartans the waves so the ripples should be consistent in one single direction or is the whole painting will not come together. Once we finish the spot, we will move on to paint drying movements in the water on. For that. First, we need to do a background wash. This is the flat wash, which I will go with the help off my wash brush. When he was starting out, I would request you to make a small hole off one single color. I am using Wenzel blue for this one. You can go first spring camp blue or any other shape off your choice. This can be done on a dry or damp sofas. You should try both to see which method suits you. I am starting out with the dry sofas. Dip your brush in the color pool and start making horizontal brush. Movements were quickly, always, really would your brush and start by applying the second brushstroke just underneath the 1st 1 I always like to do across watch for an even distribution off color. This is just the base layer, and we will be working over it again before I start walking on where clear. I usually like to park it away from my eyes so that while I apply the pains on it, he doesn't become a plume. Let's understand the perspective a bit more. How does, or a perform It is basically due to the breeze on the comp watery area, we get to see the reports this time. We are taking one step forward on understanding the concept off diagonal lines. The diagonal lines part on adds more energy, and they run into a common point. Outside the picture plane called us a vanishing point or an invisible point. I will load my silver black velvet size for brush and make a small makes often sapo on indigo. Load your brush with the mix and start dropping in some colors while you are towards the bottom of the painting. Make broader strokes while on the top smaller and shorter lines. The brush movements need to be diagnosed to create the energy exactly the same way we did. I understand in the rough Tom Neal sketch, keeping in mind that they have too much toe a single point outside the painting, you can even use a combination off colors like After adding the mix we prepared, you can start adding some more shorter strokes off Winsor Blue or any other blue that is available with you. I will give you a small step to know if you were painting is correct. Just take your painting in front off the mirror. If it appears find to you than the painting is fine or ALS. You might need to work on it more or else painted again. As an artist, I have bean warring this for quite some time, and it has helped me a lot. Like your people dry now and then, only start with the second layer. It's always important to let your hand muscles rest a bit before you go for the second layer are break is always necessary. Load your brush with a mix often ago on when so blue then start adding their smaller and shorter lines on the top off the people leave some distance in between on they should be on even keeping thing it till you reach a stage where you need to make the lines a bit broader . Untypical. The video is completely real time so that you can understand each and every brush movement in detail. There is only one aspect for water ripples when what it comes in contact with any land form the way part on changes you can also off sort this while you are at a beach location. Oh, now it's time to add some thicker and broader strokes compared to what we did. Add polio. The transition off the ripples should look more organic in nature toe paint them. It's important to have a smooth work off brush movements start in blocking the waves. When we reached about one foot off the paper, keeping in mind that it should be a bit uneven, make sure while you paint your broader strokes apply but more pressure on. Then take off the extra pressure from the brush to make the 10 aligns. All the interlocking lives now needs to be diagonal. You might feel this a bit off a challenge at the first go, but once you practice it twice, it would become more easy to follow. This practice exercise has been birth, keeping in mind the next to final class projects so that we do not end up doing any mistakes on them. I believe you now to follow the brush movements and not speak much as we are going to repeat the same process till we reach the bottom off the painting. Oh, there are a few common mistakes which I have also, while you paint movements in the water not having a consistent transition off brush oaks from top to the bottom, applying the correct amount of pressure while you make the broader strokes forgetting toe interlock the waves in or diagonal way adding all the brush strokes so that they all converged toe one single point on the people. If you do not forget these points, then you will get a seamless blend off colors on painting realistic waves on the people. Oh! 5. Ripples in the water Part 1: Let's start with a brief about the forced project after water has caught a lot of movement on. To show the movement, we have to paint variables. But before we being durables, we need to understand. If the water is far away from us, the reports will be close to each other. Where does the water? When it is close to us, the revolts will be far away from each other. Hold onto that part and let's start with our first project. Now we are all equipped with the techniques for the Uintah. Background washes sky on addict Ripples It's time to take a job into our first project. I didn't name it as ripples on the water, though it has all the elements off landscape, the sky, land and water. But a major focus would be on the water area. Sketching for this painting is very simple. Just divide the paper into 2.5 parts below. The first part is the water area. The area about the horizon line is the mountain on the sky. You need to mark the mountains since there is like just above the mountains, so there will be some shimmering lights onto the water. Either you can use masking fluid form, asking a few areas on the water or ALS used white course opposed to color or your Posca marker to market later. I always use or synthetic brush to apply my mosque. Include us. There is a normal and then see off masking fluid to stick with the brush. So it is always good to use a cheaper brush for application off the masking floored masking his shorter and smaller lines just the size off the small ripples along and below the horizon line. Always remember to let your masking fluid dry off completely before you paint over it. For ALS, it would end up spoiling a plush. I do not want to take a chance so I would go ahead and forced be my sky. Using the Vata gated wash technique, I will squeeze out some fresh pig's from my watercolor tube and take it on my ceramic palette, had some water on it and make a small pool in your mixing ballot. This time, we would do our variegated wash on wet or dumb people because the sky needs to repeal or like a in value start with the yellow Oko and then lend it till the middle and start from the top for adding the blue. The brushstrokes should be horizontal, and there should be a seamless blend. Do keep a gap between both the colors to avoid any money mixes. Oh, in case you are new or applying eradicated, wash for the first time just to keep in mind toe. Place your paper at an angle on, tilted up it towards the bottom so that the gravity can do its work and hence the colors can large easily. Having optimum amount of paint on your brush is very important. While you do this wash. If you have a lot of fit, the colors will run into each other on mix up completely, whereas if your people is try, they will make patches, which is not the exact effect we want to create. I would not be talking anymore as we have discussed this background wash for the sky, indeed, there during our background wash section. So just go here and follow the brush movement while you keep painting the sky. I want to die for a deeper into one important, competent off watercolor painting, and it is none other than the type of people. It is tactically not possible for me to cover all kinds of people available in the market, but I would like to give you some basic guidelines, but you can choose for selection off your paper on. If you want to explore it in more detail, you might have to experiment and photo heart your end. Let me first tell you 80% of the time it is paper that determines the success off the painting. High quality paint smashing techniques Fantastic color scheme will be off no good if you don't have a good service, which means that you need to pay attention to your paper. Above all, the most common mystic, which I did ask for last, many of the big notes might do while at the start is using cheap people. We have this in mind always. Whenever we are starting, we will end up wasting people, but this is the time you need all the help you can get. Now, let's understand the 40 off the people we can choose. First important aspect of the good paper is it should be 100% tacitly rock Orton more made or hand me. There are many brands on the market that do meet the standard. Less expensive people are usually made off machine with wood fibers. That is, cellulose paper. Even someone made papers now contains some treated wood fibers, so you need Toby the best charge. Therefore, you should choose, or people that has good water retention with whatever techniques you wish to apply. Secondly, article people will allow you to work longer. Ask it, can hold more water and stay wet for a longer period of time. I would see or 300 years and people is quite suitable, especially for a four size or even smaller paintings. Once we had done with sky, say something so blue on your wash brush along with French ultra Marine, and keep mixing it to cover the entire 80 off the people, adding the darker values on the top as we go down. It would be like toe, the same hasta grated wash which we didn't practice. All you as we want water toe, have some movements, so adding smaller and shorter lines from the right towards the left, with the help of French art remaining on your so poor black velvet brush Now it's time to add Some movements in our water suffers to remember. This needs to be done on a wet surface as we there during our movement section, start having some shorter and smaller lines onto the water surface Dinner Diagonal way, which will converge toe one single point outside the people. I will load myself a black velvet brush with some are trauma going to execute the spot. You can use any other warm blues off your choice as Spiegel from the bottom towards the top area, the colors will become lighter in values in case any of the 80 are did get right just the way my bottom area did. You need toe re wet this office and drop the paints with help off your brush. Do remember only off you. Bash talks is fine as we will go over it with the layering technique to create realistic ripples. Let your people completely dry and you can't even prepare some beverage for yourself because the next part is going to be longer. So relax your hand muscles a bit and then start with the next There. The most important thing when you start with the next year is checking if it is completely dry, the sky as well as the water. In case you want to expedite the bosses, use a hair dryer, but do keep in mind to use it from a distance or else you might get patches on your people . Start by making things smaller and shorter lines near the horizon and keep making them tell you covered the idea. As we go down towards the bottom, the brush strokes will become interlocking with each other as well as they will become more broader. Keeping thing them as it is kindof, really meditative and helps to also increase your concentration. I'm not going to talk any photo as you already have. Ah, fair idea about how to being these ripples. So continue with the process on Finally, we will do. Ah, quickly cap off Whatever we did, Lord, during the part one off this painting Oh , - oh , oh, 6. Ripples in the Water Part 2: There is one thing that I have faced during my watercolor practice sessions his Once you apply your brush on the paper, there's no way you can get back, and therefore there is lot less controlled with watercolors compared to many other mediums . Nonetheless, that property of what the colors makes it really unique and beautiful. While you guys keep painting the reports, it's important to understand the oval interlocking strokes that I like toe paint for my ripples. For understanding this in Rio, you might need to observe a few photos and walling water bodies. - You don't need lot of brush control to mean thes lines at a few places. Apply more pressure on a few places. Don't apply much off pressure. I also make it a point that I don't cover the entire left side off the water body. With the reports a few of the ripples I don't interlock and leave it loose the lines that we are making ist in on diagonal way. This might look big long, but believe me, the final results are worth the wait, as I have already mentioned the whole of the painting Israel time so that you guys can follow all the steps and detail, you are always free to adjust the speed if it seems slow from the bottom left corner, if you are viewing it on a browser or top right hand corner, if you are viewing it on an up. Oh, one of the small challenges Richard it face while I paint these reports is painting them diagonally. You can move your boat toe, paint them, but as I wanted you to have a top u I didn't move it. Make sure you are absolutely comfortable while you paint them. And don't forget to enjoy the process. I know we always have. Ah, I on final outcome. But do remember that there is a learning on each and every step. Whatever you learn can be applied in your other projects to I usually take a mix off. Two colors and logo and French are traveling, but you can go with the blues available with you on. Alternative can be a Prussian blue. Best practice would be to prepare a small pool before you use it on the final people so that the colors remains same. Toe the entire water area, though this is not a requirement for this painting as we just need or darker shade of blue to painted ripples. Oh, once you touch base with the bottom area GIs who had and make longer lines yet paint lines , which are distant from each other, as well as break it wherever necessary. I particularly like this composition myself because not only it shows the water, there is mountains and sky as well as the complete composition is really balanced because the subject is not in the middle. Off the painting, we did choose to meet one part out of 2.5 parts as Skye and the mountains. Rest of the area is water, by the way, I would like to throw a bit off light on balance composition. It's basically a process off orange ing shapes, sizes, lines and elements, which is almost magical once you painting is done. But all of this will take some time and experience our own creativity. Imagination, knowledge and intuition is way above a photo, which we usually see even when you are painting from a real photo. Your own imagination, memory, knowledge and fusion will Onley paved the way for fantastic balance and composition. I used to think in the Big Ming. How can I create that magic with water colors, which I also have another artist Work under answer was practiced on your painting frequency , though what radio really looks dull and meaning toe and some darker values you can use any blew off your choice. Just read a bit of a video on the bottom left corner and start dropping into colors throughout this last, I have worked with round brush on. Whenever you want to achieve great results, that's important to have a control over your plush. It's very difficult to gain control over your brush if your hands off the people. So the first important step is to sit down to paint so that there is a steady elbow and wrist. If you hold the brush for technical, it would help you get 10 online's. And once you are at an angle with some pressure, it helps to get those broader strokes. - Oh , now it's time. So start painting the mountains again. I might use only win so blue or a mix often so blue and aqua green to paint the mountains. Toby Front. This is more off the limited politics, us even if you have three different kind of blue like warm. One negotiates. You can actually complete this painting. This is a flat background wash for the mountains as we have discussed olio, nor your brush with some and so blue or aqua green and start making horizontal movements to cover the area. Do keep in mind that the top of the mountains or the hills needs to be on. Even keep painting it till you cover the entire area evenly with the colors for making the trees on the mountain. I will drop some darker colors on the wet area. Lord your size for brush with some indigo or Prussian blue. Asked for availability on, start dropping it uneven beyond the paper. Do remember the paper should be wet enough, but it should not be so much where that the colors become blue. In case you have any extra paint on your brush is just wipe it off on the tissue and then add again. Keep repeating the process. Still, we see two tones, one that is like a color off the background on another, that a steeper tones off the trees or the for No, - you can walk at your own speed and I will get back to you. Well, you need to add some final details. Oh, - Oh oh! We have completed our mountains so and I am not very much happy with the bottom left corner of the water radio. I will re bet my bottom area. Do remember whenever you re better, it it has to be completely try and then hard. Some more colors do make the colors of the deeper and values. But do not make it very deep. Where we can't come back, make some loose ants more details onto your ripples hand. Then you are done. I will let you off soft away. I apply the pressure socks on. Then we will do Ah quickly cap off water. We did learn during this part of the painting. Oh Oh, - You will observe that the reports will converge to one single point outside the people and it is a vanishing point. Removed the masking tape at an angle and take out the masking fluid with the help of the raisel. Have a final look at the painting. - Oh , I know you might have found this painting a bit off a challenge, but believe me I have tried to break down the entire subject in tow. Smallest reveals possible. In case you do not get it in the full school, go ahead and watch it again and then start painting. 7. Leap of Faith Part 1: the name suggest people. Yes, we are going to complicate the subject. Complete more hiding the clouds, dolphins and the light effect. There will be a transition off, like in the dolphins. Hand in the clouds, moving on to creating the reflection off the dolphins in the action off the water. Or you can say in the moving water. It might not be an absolute realistic painting, because I do believe that that can be achieved Peto with mediums like acrylic wash or wet Coolpix. This would only help you to create an impression off movement whenever you have a look at this painting. So we will divide the paper into two equal house and mark a line with help off our scale. Once you are done, squeeze out some fresh means into your palate. I usually don't waste any off. My pain starts. The reason I took out the power to do the sex size, I don't know. Practice with all the pains left out in the palate and en Iago. Practice session Lee and even goat off wash on the sky area with help off your flat brush and flew across watch before applying any pains on the paper, we will do our symbol light effect. I have taken on a four size paper so that I can demonstrate clearly you can even work on a smaller or larger people only think I feel this. If you work on a paper size off before it leaves you with larger opportunities to experiment with colors, techniques, elements on more. Start with the lightest value. Any other son batters Indian yellow from similiar, but you can use any other yellow like cadmium yellow etcetera. Try toe a white telephony alone because I have observed in some brands, they are bit or bacon Nature on are not absolutely transparent. But before you apply a paint on the paper, make sure you don't have flowing water. It should be wet enough, but water should not be dripping from anyplace. Remove extra water from the edges off the tape by the help off the tissue. Now load your brush with some bone sienna and apply it on the people in a circular manner. This is another way off variegated wash, where there is a seamless transition off colors from the lighter toe. The darker values keep applying it even along the horizon. - You can use pain scree next or in vehicle, whichever is available with you. Load your brush with some indigo and cover the rest of the area to make sure during the center process the people s pet as it would help the pains to blend on its own at some urban CNR along the area. As I am showing it now and then, go ahead and load your brush with some indigo. This is really important because I want the edges off the paper. Toby more darker in value and therefore technical issue Really important. It's time to paint the clouds now, but before we do so, I want to let you know the importance of skies as it adds the complete drama and moved into your painting. If you can make this guy an important part off your painting than almost half off, your work is done. Since there is a transition off light even in the clouds around the sun, we will paint with light oh values after Bon Sienna on. As we move away, we will use indigo. You can off soft the brush movements as I dropped my paints as false, more drops since the clouds around the sun are smaller wearers at a distance, it's larger. If you exactly want to see how wiping thes clouds, then just have a look at the technique section off the Klasky easy and simple way hoping clouds off seven different types. Oh, squeeze out some the Nike browned into your pallet and add some more darker colors onto your clouds. Let's start from the top toe at these clouds. We will start with a bon sienna on the top and make some small, small clouds, which are in or Dagon away, moving downwards. Once these clouds are done, we will go ahead with Wen di k Brown. Toe hard, some more depth in tow. These clouds. - You will always absolved that I make some shorter and smaller strokes for the clouds. I do not go ahead and make the broader and the larger strokes because there is ah lot of difficulty. If I have to come back and make it smaller. Always go with the smaller strokes on if you need, then make a brush more broader on. Make these longer on broader strokes. Do keep some space in between while you keep Harding different layers off clouds underneath each other. - Once you are done with the cloud a DEA, I would ask you toe, just focus on the sun. Now you will always absolved part. The sky will get reflected in the water as water doesn't have any color off its own. All the colors off the sky will be used to paint our waters. But before we do that, we need to mask a few areas where there will be the reflection off the sun. In case you do not have any masking fluid, do not worry. You can also use some opaque wash or opaque. What a color or poster colors to paint the risk areas Once you are done with the complete painting. Oh, once the mosque in fluid is completely dry. I would ask you to start wetting the paper for the water. Eight year just toe across. Watch on. Go along the horizon line. - You would see a light sheen on the top off your people when you well it completely. Once you are done with it, just please your masking tape below your people so that your paper is at an angle and gravity can do its work when you apply the paint's start painting the water, whether in green, yellow, auto, cadmium, yellow, whichever is available with you as well as there are many other options across bronze, so you can select any off your own. Stop with the lightest value around the sun. While painting the waters are bronzino on the right side of the people keep adding the other darker colors, like Van Dyke a brown. We will be in the waters diagonally, using the same concept off movement as we reach the bottom off the painting, the reflection off the yellow light will directly fall on the water area. Oh, - since this is the first layer of the pains that I'm applying on the paper. So I would go with the lighter values as I will use the Clasing technique or letting technique toe go over it at some smaller lines in a diagonal way, which leads toa one single vanishing point outside. The paper finally had some more DACA values towards the bottom off the paper then. Now we have used wet on wet technique to complete till this part on expressive painting works the best when we do a mix of both the techniques wet on, wet on, wet on. Try. Once you are done with this part off the painting, take a small break as you need to relax a bit because it has not bean easy toe paint for the last 15 minutes at ago, it's time to let your paper dry. Now let's do a quick recap off whatever he have flown, Oh! 8. Leap of Faith Part 2: I hope your people is completely dry now, trying to draw to seven soak locals for sketching the dolphins. This is basically the backbone off our sketching off dolphins. There are too no offense. Skin total oneness more closer to us, which is on the right on the size of that one will be a bit larger compared to the door fenced on the left. There are bluefins on one tail, just absolved amount of the dolphin. It is like a V, but more circular in the front. There are only simple basic guidelines for sketching. You can even see the final painting in the resource section and take it as a reference for your sketching off girlfriends. - You can get a closer look off. How am sketching it? Might look a bit tough at the first goal. As a fool. Always try these kind of subjects on a rough paper. And once you're satisfied with the sketch on that paper, try to make us kept similar on the final painting to remember we want don't get it at the four school practice is the key. I have painted this one at least wise before I included it in the projects. So yes, knowledge and experience in both put together will be the way. - Right now, I have increased the speed off the sketching toe 1.2 weeks. You can go ahead and reduce it, but this will remain an important step for the painting, as we can never have a seamless work without a guideline on sketch is a guideline for a dolphins. - I would request you to use at least manage people, so because it would leave you with light or graphite mouths compared to others. Once you are done with the sketch Tories the extra graphite marks and make it lighter. - Once you are done with the sketching, it's timeto act the Darko values on your water area again. The goal is to make shorter and smaller lines near the horizon. Just prepared a small pool off colors on. I am loading myself a black velvet size four brush that has a very fine tip on. It can easily make the tenor strokes, which I do mean for the spot. Don't worry. If you do not have this brush, just go ahead and use any tenor smaller size brush to make these lines. Oh, while you being the shorter and smaller lines. I have increased the speed off the video toe 1.5 x or als the painting, but took too long to finish anyway. At this time, you need to be patient enough to ping these reports as there's a good amount of work that you would get to do in this painting for bringing it to life. - Oh , I will keep varying the colors to an extent near the sun. I would go with the bouncy and our Where's if I'm going off from the sun? I can even go with their darker tones when I am coming just to pillow the dolphins, I would make a small idea where the law orphans will get into the water so they rise from this area as well. As they jump and get into the same area. That area needs to be marked first. There are smaller and shorter interlocking spaces, which I am doing, and it's again in over shape. - Now it's timeto being some longer interlocking lines to show durables. I am leaving the space where I have done a sketch off the dolphins. Rest off the area. I am trying to fill up with my smaller and short of brushstrokes. You can even make it a bit interlocking in case you like it that way. Or else you can make some shorter and smaller lines and keep it there. - Painting waters is not only meditative and calming. It also helps me to gain more control over my brush without doing any practice on it. Off people, as you have seen, we're repeating the same strokes again and again. It even helps us to understand my brush, Beto, as they are always our magic wand. I'm you even get the time to relax your mind. Build your focus that you need articles beyond just painting. It is really the journey that makes it more interesting. Yes, I do agree. Final restaurants does determine a lot that we have learned over in a class, but more than that, I feel each and every step touches upon smaller or larger elements off complete landscape. - It's timeto paint some longer and broader strokes compared to shorter and smaller line speeded pain. Told you you can move your people if you are facing any difficulty to paint this waves diagonally. See there is no right way to paint, whatever way suits you is the right way. By the way, you might have noticed that I have worked a lot with the values of the color. It is a seamless transition off colors for painting the reports. Still, we reached the bottom off the painting, the values off. The colors become darker while on the bottom, and when we are just below the sun, they are lighter in values at the bottom, off the painting along the edges off the paper, the color will be more docker compared to other places in the water body. Once the cyst on it is time to paint the shadows off the dolphins again, the rule is simple. While the shadow is close to the dolphin, it would be smaller on the water and when in court, so it would be larger. Keep this in mind and load your brush with some when I keep around or CPU whatever is available with you. This is the darkest valley off the brown that we're going to use. And other option is to makes indigo with deeper shade off brown available to create the stock. Oh, you might have seen that the shadows are also in a diagonal mono because the ripples are painted in the same way. - Let's start with my favorite part of this painting and it is creating the light effect on the dolphins. Till now. We did build on to create the complete atmosphere off the painting. Nonetheless, this painting can go even without the dolphins, but with the difference. It enhances the complete beauty. We will start with Ponsana and start applying it along the top video, which is near the some. It's good to move from light of values to the darker values. Since you are left with some room to get back for the next few minutes, I will just leave it up to you to off solve how I am painting thes dolphins. There will be a close up shot to which would help you to see it closely how I am painting over this on. Then we will again resume when we start adding some more final details to the painting. - There are only a few more strokes that I would add at the bottom toe make it oh, but lose and finally at a small line along the horizon. So the noted better trust we are close to finishing line so you can go ahead and remove the tape at an angle. Once the complete painting tries off on, then we will do a quick recap off whatever we did learn through this entire painting process today. Oh, now it's time to remove the masking fluid from the areas where we ended mosque. It's basically the reflection off the sun, but it's falling on the water. You can use any other razor to remove these ideas, And if you do not have or you do not mask this area, just go ahead and use your white wash or by post to color or any OPEC watercolors, and make some small lines on hard. Those shining 80 us onto the water. Oh oh start brings us to the end off the second project. I would like to do a quick recap off whatever we learned during both off these projects, the first would be doing the background washes. The second leading technique toward controlling the human deal to people Fourth would be adding, though triples. The 50 would be understanding the perspective. The sixth would be how to do our transition off light in the clouds on in the dolphins. Lastly, hiding any 4 30 deals that house being left out 9. Conclusion: you did enjoy painting along with me in keys. You also felt the same that I have bean off some head to decode off very difficult subject , like what escapes into easy, actionable steps. I would request you to go ahead and leave me a feedback because battle is not only a great source of motivation but also helps me to produce classes on the similar lines or improve upon your suggestions. There are multiple other classes that I have produced to date northern lights, magical sunsets, logistic mountains, clouds to name a few Indies You feedstock anywhere or have any further suggestion do posted on the discussion section, I would be more than happy to help you. Don't forget to upload the projects in the project. Carry on in case you are present on social media like Instagram do Tabby has what color dot illustration taught letto. It's a great pleasure to go toe each off your projects, hope to see you soon and have a great day. Vice