Watercolor Water Fall: Beginner Step For Loose Fluid Paintings | Olga Peregood | Skillshare

Watercolor Water Fall: Beginner Step For Loose Fluid Paintings

Olga Peregood, Speaks: ENGLISH | РУCCКИЙ

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5 Videos (18m)
    • Teacher's Welcome

    • Enjoy beginner level. There is no way back once you pass

    • Fall Into Your Own Space

    • Do Loose Control

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About This Class


I was a master of digital graphic when I was a professional web designer, illustrator.  All my art was about the definition, sharpness and pixels. I saw color in CMYK, lines as vector objects. Today watercolor became my philosophy, it`s a state of mind, which comes from things I have always dream to aim for in my life - freedom, positive thinking, letting go life as it is, uniqueness, wellness and this process are still long.

I marked this class for beginners. But no matter what a level of painting you are right now. No matter what medium you are working with. This class is a breathe of fresh air for your art, wonderful restart after long break in painting and an injection of enthusiasm and wonderful ideas.

Loose style is always an extreme adventure not everybody artist brave to approach. This is a dream to paint with freedom, style, atmosphere.

It is scary to be free, to come out of your comfort zone, to loose control of what happens on a paper.

Let's get started from my class "Watercolor Water Fall: Beginner Step For Loose Fluid Paintings"!





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Olga Peregood


Olga Peregood, professional artists and watercolor adventurer, shares her enthusiasm for her favorite medium - watercolor. Her style is very playful. No drawing, no sketching - and beautiful flowers, animals, landscapes are beautifully appearing! Follow this very talented artist how she does magic on a paper in the most beautiful of mediums - watercolor.

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