Watercolor Transparency & Mark Making Techniques | Taniya Varshney | Skillshare

Watercolor Transparency & Mark Making Techniques

Taniya Varshney, Artist & Designer

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5 Videos (56m)
    • Introduction & Supplies

    • Transparency with Watercolor

    • Mark Making using brushes & other supplies

    • Study Examples

    • Final Project - Watercolor Patterns


About This Class


This is the Watercolor Workout Series, where I will be sharing a series of classes about the absolutely necessary techniques for finding success with your watercolor paintings. 

As the name suggests, this is a watercolor workout. So essentially we are going to train our hands to move swiftly on the paper to create beautiful watermarks. Our eyes to find inspiration and study several examples of successes and failures and our minds to feel how water makes poetry on paper when we paint. 

These exercises will strengthen your watercolor skills and techniques to ultimately make these part of your muscle memory. You will practice numerous techniques and apply them to several watercolor studies.


In this class we are going to talk about Transparency, which is the absolute beauty about watercolor. This is where you can create lighter hues of a color by just adding water. We will also see how this technique can be applied in paintings by studying examples and a lot of practice!

We are also going to take an in depth look into Mark Making and understand our brushes and other mark making supplies a little bit better so that we can use them to our advantage. Knowing which brush to use for a certain project can make or break your experience. So, by practicing and exploring our mark making supplies and studying examples of paintings which include these techniques will make us adept in our painting adventures to come. 

In the end we will gather all our watercolor techniques and create 4 fun patterns in a set color palette. 

By doing these simple yet fun exercises we build muscle memory and second nature to paint comfortably and have a bag full of tricks and lots of tips for our next watercolor adventures!

My name is Taniya, and I am a watercolor painter and designer. When I am not taking care of my 2 toddlers and husband you can find me paint and explore life with watercolor and other water based media. 

Connect with me on Social Media-

INSTAGRAM (sneak peeks into my process and fun watercolor eye candy)

ETSY (fun watercolor art prints and more)

YOUTUBE (More intimate videos, tutorials and timelapses every week)

FACEBOOK (Updates on life and more as an artist)

Awesome Music by JOAKIM KARUD





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Taniya Varshney

Artist & Designer

Hi there! I am Taniya. I am a self taught watercolorist and designer. Even though I did go to school for Communication Deisgn and I have been working as a Visual Artist and a UX Designer for almost a decade, I realized that I was missing using my hands and looking at pixels and perfection everyday. It was not until I had my 2 babies, and felt like I hit a wall. And I was more and more not having time for the things I love to do, because life with kids had taken over our lives.

It was t...

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