Watercolor Textures - Hand Painted Textures for PhotoShop Cards | Heather Ota | Skillshare

Watercolor Textures - Hand Painted Textures for PhotoShop Cards

Heather Ota, Take time to create

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9 Videos (33m)
    • Introduction to Watercolor Textures

    • Stripes, Drops, and Spatter Technique

    • Salt Technique

    • Blowing Paint Technique

    • Measuring Your Card

    • Setting up the document in Photoshop

    • Preparing your watercolor file for print

    • Card Style 1

    • Card Style 2


About This Class


This class is perfect for the student who wants to learn how to create hand painted textures using watercolor paints and learn basic Adobe Photoshop skills. The watercolor textures can be used by them selves as artwork or added as backgrounds in your digital artwork, textile designs, or collages.

The class will teach five different techniques for creating texture using watercolors and materials you have at home.

Watercolor Techniques 

  1. Spatter texture
  2. Droplets texture
  3. Salt texture
  4. Stripes made from dripping paint 
  5. Blowing texture

Basic Adobe Photoshop skills:

  • Creating a document
  • Setting up Guides
  • Rulers
  • Changing Units of measure
  • Layers - duplicating, locking, hiding 
  • Magic Wand Tool
  • Eraser Tool
  • Text tool
  • Transform Tool - Scaling, Rotating
  • Using a solid color adjustment layer





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Heather Ota

Take time to create

Hi, I am Heather Winterling Ota, a painter and surface pattern designer living the Pacific Northwest.

I have been painting since the summer of 1979. As an Environmental Studies student, I discovered the joy of painting and quickly applied to art school, and switched my major to painting and drawing. I still love the environment and do what I can to help preserve this beautiful land we live in.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University in Drawing and Paint...

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