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Watercolor Textures - Fur - Puppy

Gulnara M, Artist/Etsy Shop Owner

Watercolor Textures - Fur - Puppy

Gulnara M, Artist/Etsy Shop Owner

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7 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Part 1

    • 3. Part 2

    • 4. Part 3

    • 5. Part 4

    • 6. Part 5 - Bonus

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class


In this class, I will walk you through the process of painting your fury animal using watercolors. In my previous class - Create a Baby Animal with Watercolors, a lot of you asked me to post a class on how to paint fur. For this class, I picked my friend's puppy, named Jack, whose fur is very complicated and it will give us an opportunity to paint different textures.

In the project section of this class, you will find the tools we will use and a rough sketch of Jack, if you want to follow along. 

Thank you for taking this class. Please share your progress and your paintings with us. I can't wait to see what you create!

Meet Your Teacher

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Gulnara M

Artist/Etsy Shop Owner


My name is Gulnara and I am an artist based in Los Angeles, California. I have been drawing since before I could write and art has always played a huge part in my life. I always experiment with techniques and different mediums. My favorite mediums are watercolors, oil paints, ink and color pencils. I love to create illustrations that inspire and bring smiles.

I hope you enjoy my classes ;)

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1. Intro: hot Many Miskell Nora I'm a teacher here on skills share. I teach classes on how to paint with watercolors and in one of the classes on how to create new baby animal. A lot of you ask them to create another class that teaches how to paint for, and that's exactly what you will learn this. In this class, we will learn how to pain for by painting a cute puppy named Jack. I provide a drawing off Jack in the attachment to this class, and you can either follow along with me or paying your own furry creature. If you follow along with me, you will notice that I made a slight modification and showed tax eyes a bit more. A lot of you asked me how to paint eyes on animals, and I wanted to address it as well. For this class, you will need water colors, but in a bonus section of this class, I will show you how I use colored pencils to add a touch Morning mention to the painting. The list of all the supplies you need is in the description below. Thank you so much for taking this class. I hope you found it helpful. If you have any questions, please ask me and I can't wait to see what you create. See an extent. 2. Part 1: source. Let's prepare a palette. If you're falling along with me, you will need only four colors. Wide pains, great warm CPN burnt Sienna If it's a monochrome palette, usually organized my colors from the darkest to the latest. Attached to this class is the drawing of check puppet you'll be painting. It's a very loose trying just to help us Teoh. Use it as a basis for all what colors. If you would like me to make a class and how to draw, please let me know for this class. I used a soft graphite pencil so you can see my drawing more easily. But usually I drove was a very light. What a color, said translucent. So you don't want your drawing show through unless that's the style you're going for. Using a round brush size six I started was putting just a light layer of what and burnt sienna in the areas where Jack's for his wife. For the highlights on the white, For I will use the paper south. But to show the dimension we need to paint some of age for there as well as you can see, I'm using a watery consistency off the pain just for the first layer with the brush strokes , I'm trying to follow the direction of the firm on his head. Jack has come for but only his years and body. His first Carly. So I'm trying to mimic that extra. I covered all the white surfaces on Jack's face was the pain, but on his body, I'm only adding those quickly dabs here and there. This is the first layer, and we will come back to it later. - Now I'm going to cover checks Body with the likelier burnt Sienna and warm CP way. Need to create a base layer first before we can start adding for texture. - Here I'm using went on left, using um, opaque mixture. I'm having my brush in the places where the shadows with panel spread and create a nice attempt. I wear the same thing. Was arrested the golf the stages to creative paisley with some dimension by using a water assistance off and adding darker spots on Lee. Where needed way can always make painting darker later. But it's very hard to live the pain if you need to make something later 3. Part 2: Now let's add those curly for using sites to Ron Brush and a more Pake mixture. Burn CNN. I'm going to start. Eddings quickly curls. They're the same shape as the ones on the white areas we added in the previous video. In the places where we added, shadows was darker color. In the previous video, I'm changing my color mixture as well. There are added touch more warm. CPM based scholar we painted will help us remember to bury the color, consistency and vibrancy because while the for can have the same color everywhere, depending on the where the light hits it, it will give an illusion of right. And that is what we're trying to achieve. A swell. This is a fun part, adding, this Carly firm might be intimidating at first, but the goal is to not being every strand of firm but only given illusion all its texture. Way one of the best pause and ending rule Warm CP in the mixture so we can show that those paws are in the background and they did not blend was the front pots with wide off the pause and chest. I'm adding more emergency on into the white mixture and again without covering the full service. I'm having my brash here in the and I'm attempting to just cover full surface, but then you won't be able to add highlights. Watercolors. The white pain is since losing and you won't be able to achieve the white. You you'd have to use squash or what gel pen or what? So try to use the white of the paper for highlights. It's kind of like painting backwards where you pain darks first, in order to show the lights like Francis Bacon set in, Auto for the ledger shines so brightly, darkness must be present, but enough of philosophy, active thinking. 4. Part 3: now let's work on the head first. Double covered the darkest areas of Jack's face with the light and the water mixture warm C P. A and burnt Sienna. This way I won't confuse the areas that are supposed to stay white and not cover them with the dark for by accident. Blocking out sections of your painting was pain is a helpful trick. Well, the purpose of this class I opened up Jack size more than in the photo. Jack has very cute long eyebrows that cover his eyes, and if I would pan it as a commissioner, would definitely capture it since a very distinctive picture of this puppy. But for the purpose of this cause, I wanted to show how I paint eyes so hands the little modification next, paying the base collar on years the same way we painted it own paws, ears and the body have similar for, so we will follow exactly the same technique. The rest of the decks had Hiss Forest calmed, so instead of squiggly strokes on painting most trade strokes, also to mimic the flow and the texture of the firm again, we're not trying to paint every strength there are only creating an illusion Throughout his cute face. I alternate. It was the consistent so burnt sienna and warm C P a. Depending the Where are the darker and lighters pots are way . 5. Part 4: Now let's add more dimension to the for best. Starting on the years, ears, as we can see, have same for textures as the body, so we can replicate it to kick well the rest of the phase. You can see that I'm using straight strokes at different angles in different length to follow the length and flow of the for painting and drawing is all about observing. Study your subject closely and observe all the small details. The more I can capture those details, the more character the painting will have way after the pain completely dried on his face, I'm using Payne's gray to pain eyes and nose Star was a late mixture and go slow. We don't want the eyes and of being too big or off center. That's why initial drawing is very helpful. But you might still need to make an adjustment after you painted most of your creature text size a pretty round and since it's a small scale painting, I painted them almost a circles. But if you pay close attention, I didn't pain them as perfect circles. I painted a little corners as well. It makes them look more realistic for their nose. After I painted the main shape, I had a big nostrils. Here is while go slow and check was reference photo Often if you want to stay only with water colors, you can stop here. But I used a little bit of colored pencils on my paintings just to give a little more dimension. In the next section, I will show you how I do it. 6. Part 5 - Bonus: This is a bonus section where I show you how to add a little more dimension to your painting by adding a little color pencil. I'm using prisma colors, soft core colored pencils. I picked a few colors that match my water colors. Now, by adding just a few strokes here and there, I will be adding someone texture. I used the same strokes I used for water colors and then make them was the color pencils, but only where needed. This is a personal style choice, and there is no right of wrong. I've had to be very selective as where I add the colored pencils because I don't know want them to take away from the lightness and translucency all water colors. Way, - way . Wait for the final touches. I'm adding a double wide gel pen on the eyes and the notes to show how the light reflects, and it will breathe in more life into the paint 7. Conclusion: I hope you're injured. These claws And I hope it was helpful. Police. Let me know if you have any questions. And what other classes you would like me to make. I can't wait to see what you create.