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Watercolor Sunflower Step by Step

teacher avatar Esther Peck

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Type of Brushes

    • 3. Colours Suggestion

    • 4. Centre of the Sunflower

    • 5. Sunflower Demo 1

    • 6. Sunflower Demo 2

    • 7. Sunflower Demo 3

    • 8. Bonus 1 Sunflower with Round Brush

    • 9. Bonus 2 Angled Sunflower with round brush

    • 10. Bonus 3 Turned Sunflower with round brush

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About This Class

Watercolour Sunflower is a step by step class suitable for the beginner. I will take you from discussing brushes, colours, basic strokes to full demonstration and 3 bonus lessons which I will show you how to paint sunflowers with different angles.

What you can learn in this class:
1. Wet on Wet Technique
2. Wet on Semi-Dry Technique
3. Stippling Technique
4. Detailing
5. Painting Filler Leaves
6. Painting Filler Flowers
7. Basic Leave Stroke
8. How to paint turned sunflower
9. How to paint angled sunflower

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Esther Peck


Hello, I'm Esther. 

I have always enjoyed art from a very young age. My first form of proper arts education started at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), where I took a course in Western Art. I have since held various roles in the art industry such as an Assistant Art Director, to a freelance graphic designer later on in my career.

In 2015, I took an interest to watercolour and brush calligraphy, picking up the skill on my own. My background as a graphic designer has helped me create artwork, designs and publishing. I have published 2 books - ‘Lush & Blooms’ and ‘A Guide to Floral Watercolour’ and my second book was sold out within 4 months! I had reprinted my book, ‘A Guide to Fl... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm Esther, better known as Esther Pack at Instagram. And I'm also water off a guy to flora. What color? I'll be teaching this pretty sunflower which symbolizes the duration, loyalty and longevity. This'll is a basic class which I will take you from discussing about brushes, colors, basic strokes to full demonstrations. Besides, there'll be treat bonus videos, which I will show you different angers of sunflowers using round brushes. Just sit back, relax and watch this video before you work on the projects. Hope you will join me. 2. Type of Brushes: way, way, way. 3. Colours Suggestion: So today I would like to work on the petals off. The sunflower colors are very vibrant. And I have chosen Holbein Kettunen yellow. I have them next on my palette. First take out some getting him yellow makes it on my palette. Okay, If I use the platinum yellow directly, I probably can't get exactly this color. So I'm using neat score a mix press and I let go. Okay, depending on how big home Small, Even with this number four is decide. So if I wanted to be even bigger You see, what I do is that I create two stroke. I create too strong like this. I can actually make it shut by by one. So, see, I have ah for me that you hear. So I get a little bit here. And what opinions don't. Brett, I get a little of it. I my Petr. So this is my last one. That is the bigger one, right? So I have the tip off this neath brush because I want to create some of these lines for the detailing. So I'm still using the same brush to create that. Yet this one is just a smaller version So because many of you has voted this brush as a sort of a brush the pain sunflower. So I'm trying this up again. So you see that actually the tip? Yeah, is shut. Okay, now I'm working on another one with I mix, you see, with the captain and yellow actually mix a little bit off the grooming them here. Well, it and I paint it this week. Yeah, because I want it bigger. No one is slightly bigger. This is for the bigger. The pain is a little bit die, lute, because I had plenty of water. So if you wanted to be more vibrant, you at more pain, then you're pigment will give it a very bright, vibrant look. So you see the where the purposes insight here it is not so shut. But this partly supposed to be very shocked, so I can actually use my tip off my brush to make it sharper. Yeah, this week. So sometimes if one stroke were not able to pin everything. Yeah, Ideally, it's one stroke, but not every time you can get one stroke a. So this is the one stroke that's a bit small. Of course there's a big girl size. This is number four. Yeah. Some people use this need brush toe. Ah, work on the background. Yeah, so as I say, brushes is for you to explore. So you can try out this brush for any other. Maybe for breath. I've seen somebody. Pin used his rest up in birds and for background. Okay. I hope you enjoy the session. 4. Centre of the Sunflower : we have worked on the Petters off the sunflower using cat named Yellow and Ver min in hell . No, I'm going to work on the center of the sunflower. I've been sienna number. I'll be using a staple our dear for brush Louis Kennel, 38 inch stapler and Princeton 1/4 inch dear for brush. I have to cover Spencey Anna placement number on the paella radio host a planet to be a little them to be able to pick up the pins with my dirty, wet brush. A pickup that burn number from the pen ebony pain screen for the duckers. Ship back Siple Earth Urban Amble on the outside of the sunflower. Pick up some pins gree, apparently from the pen, and mix it with the burnt amber instable in the center to give more depth. Way, way, way. - Wait , There's some yellow around the center. So staple Imo yellow for the leaves. We have permanent green for the doctor ship and set green for the lighter ship. As the leave is quite big, I'm using meat mixed number four again. My brush is loaded with separate and I painted to pick strokes to create these. Why do you still wit? I bet on permanent Green Way , way, way for the other leaf. I'm using round pick to pull a long stroke, - Theo . 5. Sunflower Demo 1: We'll come back so far today. I'm going to show you how to paint a sunflower, as we have already. Look up all the columns that we need for the petals, for the leaks and with center off the sunflower. Right. So I'm going to Joe out the center first not to worry about this, Okay? There's some problem. I'm going to paint is maybe slightly smaller than this. So the center is going to be about site, certainly smaller. Okay, the leaves. This that. Let me see the leaf. Should be about smaller or so I will roughly count. How many petals on 1234 You see this a few years this firstly year. 1234 five, 67 89 10 About 10 to 11 Peppas. But there's some over election. So you see that I may not be able to pin them all like Cruz, but I will pin them kind over, overlap a bit. I'm going to use the need brush, so let's get some off clean. Carla and I need to get sung the 1,000,000 Hugh one site your soul. I probably may have a big mixer. So just somewhere around But sometimes I just want to have a a queen Carla. Just a clean captain Yellow me. All right. Okay. I may switch among these tree brushes, so I was stuck with this. So looking at this a king I tried to work on the 13 11 12 petals. So, Doctor, it has to be shot. You So they just let it up some off the pet ozai Nick Tulip to take a little bit here and there. I'm using the same brush, but I'm not making it order time. Very glum. Oh, I have already got four here. You see, I have to hide it inside the shop boy sculpting. Okay, Quite good. But I need more Captain Year Lord because the color has to be very vibrant, So I already have 1234567 1234567 The 19 year of truth. That report interesting. Around 1234567 Okay, So most like I can have bigger and Plummer one. Now you can turn your papers easier to work back to D's. So one shopper, I still can't use my brush to get that shape around a B and here. Okay, let's get a bit more that me and you and I need a bit more off this right a bit. Let me see if I can go over. They go, but it has a very strong So I have toe wait for it to dry. I'm going over the one that I wanted to be in the front and actually has a stronger color. So right now, I probably would try using my round brush for that linds site one for the those that used back pet those. And I need study, Doctor. The back patters slightly. That girl looking at the flower industry, it's easier for me, - so I kind of at a bit off, But meaning, Hugh, I think I may neat a little bit off, Like drawing. Yeah. Do you know what I trying to do now is to get the ship off the better 6. Sunflower Demo 2: So I'm going to use the stick block to work on the center. Now, here, using learn Sana, keep in CNN s so would be a little bit too light. So I onto burnt amber, so to color, and I'm going to pull it in. Still, it's a bit rich. Been a secure away, you know, round. Okay, we got that center off this for the sun prowl. It does really look, now that on the center, I think it looks a little bit better. You need to add more off this been amber and you see that I a tree turned my brush to us out out to ST This way I can get this well, spiky look. Although when you look at the sun from clearly closer, it is that you're not spiky. So let me get mine pain scree, because just know when I was at the center here is supposed to be Dr Center here is supposed to be a doctor white on the cool off again and get some my number to create a little bit raw off these and earlier own for my piece. I actually on a bit off your low kind of disappeared some off Putnam yellow. So I have to send up the sun for our done. I'm going to do a little bit off work on a little bit off the twos. The killing use England. Can you see that the petals actually have some light? So that's what I'm going to work on. Teoh, Bring up the sun problem. You're treating it to show the front. Yeah, but really is not as a creed that necessary to be debt off years City. Maybe I use a little bit off Been Sana toe work on the line. I just kind of Chris to get this to get some lines up again. Some power without leaves, Just one look NYC's. So I'm going to look on the leaves very soon. But right now I think I still wonder some problems looks brighter because it looks a little bit orangey atop. I am a tree painting it over. And right now I will use my a round brush. I think I will use my round on the six for the leaves. I'm not able to pin this because it's really behind that. You can see I'm angry on set green. So the leaves. I will pain from here. You see this rag at the shop coin? Because my round brush has a very sharp point, Can you see? So that's like to lease this way and this read. So that's another one here. But because you are my paper is limit that so I just pain made it. And that's some off these least here. I just have it come up, all right. And I'm going to have some filler leaves. This So this one is rascals. Anything. These rascals looks a little bit darker color. So I always tell students that we should have different colors, So I'm going to mix a little bit. Using Brown to give a bit of all these color is that you're not really olive cover, but yeah, but I just had to give a different color. He may be. Number 10 is too big. I need to use my number number. It should be just nice. Okay, ready to get this fella leaves? No. And then I mean, it makes because I didn't still need to make sitting. Let me trader study stopped one host and the leaves actually come up sweet, come up from the same stop. So it's a lot more interesting. Yes, for the sunflower. With all these taylor leaves, this is not the sun problem. It's just the filler leaves toe. Make it more interesting because it comes in this way. The bouquet spare pretty. We need toe or this. - Okay , I think I need toe on being this. Let me dry year. I'm not going on a lot of details for the sun. Probably because this is a loose SunPower them painting not to one. So I'm not going to get on a lot off details. Probably just a little bit, Okay. Holding my brush more up. Right, Because that's how you get your tinder line. Okay, So this is how the leaves, Spencer. And here, this one. I am not to worry about this. Thank you. Okay, So now we have feel Leafs 7. Sunflower Demo 3: the feel of flour that ISS in this bunch. It is white. I think this is Jim. Vera. Yeah. So, um okay, I'm going to on It's very hot. The pain quite cut. Quite flower, you know? So I'm going to use a tinge of green and a bit off. Perhaps Then you see um okay, a bit. We just agree. So let me just kind off up in here The color maybe. Look, study. So I think I switched. Were like I could bring instinct. You see that The pet those is the similar we But I'm using that round brush now because the neath mix cannot is too. It's too big. So I'm leaving the center something here. Santo here at one some of colors inset is supposed to be yellow, so I just used my You're low can Then yellow would be too strong. So I'm just using a bit off yellow plus a bit off green for the center. And I just used my round rash juice Stapler it or I can actually use my dear foot brush. As for the back, I just get on study that good color. The bet pet this our way for used to dry them on. So even for the field of flowers, you have to kind of add on a few. You cannot just at one in an old flowers. So I'm gonna pin yes, maybe a few more, But this time, probably the site Look. Yeah, so go this way. So I'm great. Openness and a few more off these This kind of dry up, so All right, I can use my stitch blown out testicle lately. Sometimes it looks dry, but it's still not very dry. Okay, Anyway, I have my center then really on depend a site I'm using Light year low again. My step green. Yeah, Somewhere around. Yeah, because I'm going to paint this, so just very light. You have to pay. You have to get something. Make it all right. Now I on the all right, and on a little bit more off this filler. Flowers perhaps. Maybe just here because, uh, for the sunflower, you really need to, because it's just a is just one flower. So you can just have a solo one like these. So this way, in a few more on this field of flowers, the arrangement is just like that. This is quite interesting. She some want to go. I said said, This is not a really stick painting. So that's why the colors are different on. I'm not giving a lot of details. I let it spread because I really like how this look. So, my son prowess, the center off the off the papal We love what else I want to work on. I think. Yeah, basically is this way because I'm teaching you how to paint this on problem Previously, my son problem that I pain has kind of longer potatoes. I guess I'm also referring to another this public, different cow species. This one has a longer one and this one that I see them here. The center is very big is really very different peace. Let me just try to see what else I can. Basically, the colors are quite close, except this is a little bit already and I probably would like to work on another piece, so see you soon 8. Bonus 1 Sunflower with Round Brush: - way , way, way, - way , way through way, way, - way we owe no way, way, way, way, way, way. 9. Bonus 2 Angled Sunflower with round brush: - way , way, way, way through way, Theo way, - way we owe. 10. Bonus 3 Turned Sunflower with round brush: - way , way.