Watercolor Succulent: The Echeveria Plant | Nanditha Vijayan | Skillshare

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Watercolor Succulent: The Echeveria Plant

teacher avatar Nanditha Vijayan, Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Color Palette and Supplies

    • 3. Step 1 Drawing Outline

    • 4. Step 2 First Wash

    • 5. Step 3 Painting the Centre

    • 6. Step 4 White Gaps

    • 7. Step 5 Adding Second Layer of Paint

    • 8. Step 6 Adding Shadows

    • 9. Step 6 Adding Shadows Continuation

    • 10. Step 7 Final Detailing

    • 11. Final Project

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About This Class

Are you a Succulent Lover? A Plant Lover or may be a Nature Lover?And last but not the least, do you love to paint with WATERCOLORS?? Then this is the class you are looking for.This class is meant for students who loves to explore and create beautiful illustrations using Watercolors. In this Class you would learn how to paint an Echeveria which is a type of Succulent.I have divided the class into 7steps to make it easy for you to understand how to go about it and also written down the key points to keep in mind while painting in each class. So follow the steps and I am sure you would be able to come up with a beautiful painting of Echeveria.



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Nanditha Vijayan




I am Nanditha Vijayan, a self-taught Artist and a freelance Surface Pattern Designer.  I have been a stay at home mom who is deeply passionate about creating artworks and dreams to see my artworks on products. This is a creative journey I have started off and I am taking you along with me to share what I have learnt through the process and to help you bring your creative dreams to a reality.

Let us learn together and stay connected!

Join me here on Instagram @itsmadebynv


I know how it feels to be a creative head and be immersed in ideas but not really be able to put them on a paper and have all those creative blocks turn you down. Let me help you to learn, unlearn and relearn.

I am here to teach you what I have learnt and t... See full profile

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1. Intro: I told you my name is legion envy. I am a substitute office on a fashion designer by profession. I live with my family. He'll jump. That's about me on to brief you about the class. Today I learned how to paint areas are a type of succulent. I am a fan off Echeverria's myself. So I decided, Why not a failure for this class? This class is meant for students who have started using watercolors on who are looking forward to creating and exploring beautiful watercolor illustrations, or simply for anyone who loves to paint the neck. Maria, just like me. I've divided the class into seven steps from First Wash. Second Wash. Then getting some white lines in between the petals to adding some shadows for the battles and finally getting some retailing's to complete the Echeverria illustration. This is what you're looking forward to learn. Then please join me in my class and I will see you there. 2. Color Palette and Supplies: Now let's see what all colors we're gonna use to the class. First of all, we'll need a pink and green. I'm just adding more off water to the pigment so that it lightens down. You can use which have a green and think you have your color ballot. You could also get ping from mixing, read and write, especially to those of you who are using tubes. Add more off at more off white to lighten it down on, um, add more off red to darken it and to get the big Hello now for me, I have 45 colors in my among my water watercolor palette, So I can I'm just using a variety of colors, but you can use whatever you have from here. I'm actually adding a little bit more of the pigment to get the same color darkened. I think this is a pink publish pink, which I have in my among my colors on it. While it is yet to get a purple, you could add, you could makes a blue and blue and red mixing a little bit more off red will give you purple and blue gives you a while it so I'm using whatever I have in my part. Color palette If you don't have the same colors and just six credit blue color to get darker green to get this color more of the same mixed one. So it adopted. This is my first wash. 31 is second. Wash these two using the shadows. These feelings are more shadows. Let's see Vogtle supplies really need. You wouldn't need a watercolor paper. I'm using a canceled 300 years gives It is a very good quality paper. And I find Carlos right and sure Pretty when? So Uh, yes. What? A lot of people is replied on a bottle of water. Few brushes Number 82 on. Do you know what I have right now which views people doubles and of course, what colors And finally, a palette. So these are the supplies and the colors that we're gonna use for a class. So let's let's move on to our class. You there 3. Step 1 Drawing Outline: a welcome back. Let's start this class by drawing a simple outline for our succulent. This is step one. I've divided the classes step by step so that you get it better understanding off how to go about painting your succulence or painting this eco area plant. So, um, the first step is to draw a basic a simple, clean outline for your second. Since you could either take a look at the painting that I've shown here at left bottom of the class, or simply look for inspirations on Pinterest Now, to make your search for inspirations easier, I have been to a few Echeverria's on my Pinterest board and the name of the board as succulence. Uh, you could take a look at it and find the rule inspirations from this to draw if you don't want to fall of the same succulent drawing. Okay, so once you have picked your own inspiration, finish your drawing by using a pencil to those of you who would want to draw the same as mine. I have also attached a black and white outlined the criteria for your reference. I've also touched the painted a very a reference. So just keep a track on it to those off you want who want to just follow the same as my thing in this class, you need to keep two things in mind that as one s that you are allowed to draw the lines darkly. It's totally okay for this class. I will tell you. The reason later do is to eyes that once you finish outlining, rub off any extra lines that you see within the area to be painted apart from those dark lines that we have already drawn. Yeah, so that's something. Those are things that you need to keep in mind and just let's finish off our outline drawing, drawing our outline and then let's get back to the next class. 4. Step 2 First Wash: Step two. First wash For the first wash, you need to pick one color and give a light wash. In my case of used up in color, it's actually a dark pink but of added in a little bit off water and light and color down. And then I'm applying this to each petal. So apply the Spain on each petal off Echeverria without touching the pencil lines and tried to maintain a small gap and try a maximum, not touch the pencil lines with the paint. This is very, very, very important because we would require some bite lines between the painted areas. Show some highlights this section. This is very important that you do not touch the bench lines and keep a May keep a small gap between them. A few other things that you need to keep in mind during your first wash with the paint is that when you feel in each metal keys that just smooth. Try to keep your just as smooth as possible. That is also very important. Uh oh. Then nothing is that when you apply color, start from the bottom off each petal and then wash your brush and slowly blend the color with the brush and spread it about each petal to get light color on the above areas. So first to apply the color a little bit, tell them middle off each battle, at least on and then and then you before it dries off. Wash your wash your brush and then again with the wet brush room. Don't get your brushes too much too much filled with water. If you feel that there's a lot of water on your brush, just wipe it out. Andi, with the wet brush before the collar dries off, blended to get a lighter tone about so you get a darker turn on the bottom area, and then you get alighted on about. So for looters for each petal, repeat this process in each petal and, yeah, try to keep the adjust smooth so these other things that you need to keep in mind one see off done with the first wash weaken. Want to the center, the center areas? I would prefer to give a different color, which is a sap green that have planned. So once it done with this, that's more 5. Step 3 Painting the Centre: Step three is painting the center. I've now started with a sap green for painting center. A few petals in the center would be more off green, and few petals are having two colors, which is pink on green. So what I'm doing is that adding green, first on the top off a petty and then adding Think at the bottom of the battle and before both off the colors completely dries off. I washed the brush and blend both the colors in the center with a wet brush, so be sure that you don't you don't take too much water in your brush. Repeat this and finish off the other pedals. Once it done, add a little bit off pink on the top layer of those battles in the center and blended with a wet brush again toe. Get pink shade over those dreams. Fill in any left are petals, which you have forgotten to paint and finish the complete painting. Once you're done with us, you're ready to move on for the next class, which is getting the white lights 6. Step 4 White Gaps: Step four is getting the pencil lines erased and getting white lines. So just to show you the last point that I mentioned in my previous class, I'm filling in all those left out petals to finish off with my first bush. You know to get white lines between your colored petals, it's important to try your maximum nor to touch these spends lines while painting. Now just erase, erase on it, raise until you get all the lines removed with a clean white space wanted along with this, we can more toe next plus. 7. Step 5 Adding Second Layer of Paint: Step five, adding a second layer of paint. Once you're finished with all the petals with the first wash, it's time for you to add a second layer of paint. This is a where you basically decide if you want to add any more greens to the top players off any other petals. And also you can blend the outer layers with two colors, which is green and pink. At this stage e. I find this important to get a balance of green on the completed area. I feel the greens are too much in the center and on the top, but nothing at the bottom on the left side. So in my case, I'm gonna add greens to two more patterns, one at the bottom and the other one on the side on the left side of Echeverria, as you can see in the image off the completed painting. Once I'm done with this, I'll get back to you in the next less 8. Step 6 Adding Shadows: Step six. Adding shadows Now that we have finished with a bust, wash a second wash or adding a second layer of paint, let's thought adding shadows 12 foot pedals to make them more life. Now you should select a darker shade of color Daniel Initial color that you used for your first wash. I'm using the same pink, except that this time I'm using war off the pigment than adding water on. Also, I'm using a pinkish purple shade, a za dock. It's a doctor I'm using board these colors on the bottom part of the battle, and this will help him to get a darker Andrea Bertone at the border on. And I will be able to create the shadows those selected colors, which is much darker than the initial wash, which stays in the same college, which in my case is think I'm playing the same thing darkly on the bottom off each petal. Then I washed the brush, and with a wet brush, I will blend it a little bit towards a proportional petal that I Washington gain. And with the wet brush, this time, without any color on the brush, I will blend it for them, though, that the first wash, which is the light thing, will still seems for the a proportion of the Becky, which I'm doing right now. I suggest you to darken the top area, then blended down towards the white line. I added the pink first and then a little bit of pinkish purple again. I'm adding the pink first from the border and then blending it up with the red brush country. This with all the petals except the center also dark in the booth. Same way once you're done with this, weaken wont tow a next class. 9. Step 6 Adding Shadows Continuation: in this class. Let's just finish off all the rest of the petals in the same way you can add the dark pink at the bottom and spread it and then blended with a wet brush, a few petals. What you can do is that you can add a second layer off the pinkish purple color on top of this off talk top of dark pink. In this way, all the battles will not be looking the same and said This will help you to give a variation in the shadows on each petal. So continue this and finish all the other battles. If you find any areas too fast, please forced the class finish off the area that you're doing, then continue the class. I'm fast forwarding the class a little bit because I have to finish each class in time. So if you find difficulty any area, just faucet, finish off that area and then continue with us. Better that I'm doing right now are bending and occurred. So I'm assuming the direction off light and then created the shadows with regard to this. So for these petals here, lighters falling from about. So it's shown on the left side of the petals, which is exposed, and the right side is dark and creates a shadow. Buried coves, Doc in the shadow areas for all the petals on. Then Michelle move onto the next class. 10. Step 7 Final Detailing: now we're moving toe are last and final detailing. Like I said in the previous class, finish all the shadows for the petals so those green petals in the centre add more greens to document. And while it is still wet, we can apply a little bit off the blue to the greens and blended to show the shadows and dark areas of now here are mixing a little bit off blue to the pinkish purple and applying this'll onto the battles. Teoh darken it and to give some files. Retailers. So notice here I've made a mistake. The blue has become more so in such cases when you go wrong, blended slowly and lighten up with wet brush and then come back to it later when it dries off and add a dark purple to that to that particular battle. Again, I'm applying this purple color that I mix from blue and pink purple toe all the battles depending on their shadows. Don't overdo this color because you just need more lying on a little bit of color on the edges. Yes, to shoulder dark areas. When you do this, make sure you don't know goto too much into the pink color. But But just stay on the edges on and then just finish it off the same way with all the bodies. - Last thing to do is that these petals have someone pointed in and show that I'm adding the same color with a little bit off more blue to this problem. Um, and imagine this to the edges with with a thin brush. Wait. So last retailing that you need to give for Echeverria. So now you're Amiriyah is complete. It's time for your final project. 11. Final Project: Thank you so much for watching my class. I hope you enjoyed it. Your class project is to draw and paint and a very a plan. As mentioned before, you could either follow me with the same a Siberia as a reference. Or you could take in your own inspirations from Pinterest to make your search much easier. I have a board on Pinterest called You could take a look at it and find your own inspirations just full of the steps in the class. And you will be able to come out with a beautiful Echeverri administration. And remember, forced your final projects in the project gallon. If you like the class, please hit like, button on, please write in a short review about the class. So that would make me happy. And I will get to know how you felt about class on. Also, it would help our students to get noble. Michael, thank you so much. This is not a virgin signing off