Watercolor Stickers: Scanning + Editing + Printing | Ale Lozano | Skillshare

Watercolor Stickers: Scanning + Editing + Printing

Ale Lozano, Illustrator + Lettering Artist

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8 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Artwork

    • 4. Scanning

    • 5. Editing 1


    • 7. Circle Stickers

    • 8. Results


About This Class

Hi everybody! In this class I want to teach you how to digitize your watercolors and turn them into stickers. This class covers the basics, so If you don't know anything about  photoshop this class is for you! You will learn how to scan your artwork, edit it, correct little mistakes, and save it ready to print. I hope you learn, get inspired and encouraged to keep creating! Don't forget to share you projects :)


1. Intro: Hi, everyone. My name is Alexandra Lozano, and I am a graphic design student who also really enjoys illustration and handling and all that. So in this class, I am going to teach you some really cool stuff, like how to digitize your watercolors and use them to make stickers. So I'm gonna teach you all the way from scanning to editing in photo shop and how you can correct some steak he made along the way, like pencil lines and stuff like that. You can correct it here in a photo shop. So I'm gonna teach you all my tips and drinks so you can do it in, like, five minutes. So I'm also gonna teach you how I print my bookmarks like this ones right here, how I use, like, the circles how I make them look really perfect. And so I'm gonna teach you some really cool stuff that you should know about. If you're just starting with photo shop and all that kind of stuff, you don't need to know anything about it because it's classes for beginners, because it's really basic stuff. So if you're starting with watercolors and want to learn how to digitize it and print them these classes for you. So I hope you join me and yeah, I'll see you in class. 2. Supplies: So these are older supplies were going to be using for this class. We're going to start with the artwork. If you don't have anything done, you can check out all my other classes, works to stuff like illustration, florals, hand lettering and all that. So if you don't have anything done, you can check those out. And now that you have your artwork, we're gonna need a scanner. Okay? So if you have a scanner home, that is great. But if you don't have one, you can go to a printing house and get your artwork, Scamp Teoh, Medium resolution on a J pick. And lastly, we're going to be using for worship. So these ones really important to have and that is it. I hope you get all these supplies to get us started. 3. Artwork: So, first of all, we need to pick what illustrations we want for our stickers. So I'm just gonna look for something like something little that we can make seekers like these butterflies. Right Here. Are these avocado something easy and practical for stickers, you know? So I think I'm gonna look for flowers, butterflies and stuff like that. I think I'm gonna go with this. Three butterflies right here. And now that you have, like your artwork picked out, we're going to scan it. So in the next video, I will show you how to skin and added your watercolors. 4. Scanning: So for this getting part, if you have a scanner, you can, um, plug it into your computer, and then I'm just going to save it as a stickers. One The format I you always use a J pic, and the Resolution 300 is always okay to me. But if you want to change it to a higher resolution, that is okay too. And, well, that is it, then. You're just going to have, like to draw box where you want to skin it just like this and then click on skin. If you don't have a scanner at your house, you can always go to a place where they print stuff like they have. They can scan your stuff to a higher resolution to a J peg or to a pdf, and you can do it like that. But if you have a scanner, it is really see, and you can do it like in five minutes. Well, now it is the scant, and I have here, like the J pic I wanted. It looks like very clean and what I really wanted. Now I'm just going to have to open it and photo shop. So in the next video, I will show you that 5. Editing 1: So now that we have RJ pickets Canon, everything we're going to go into Photoshopped, click on file, click on New and I'm just gonna save it. Us say stickers one and I'm going to two printed on a tabloid. So I'm going to set the size into that. So you gotta first thing if you're gonna predate at home, and then you want to print it on letter size wielding, you click on letter size. Okay, so you get I think, um, in what size you want a printed on. So now that we have our tabloid and everything, I'm going to to change the color moat into some si m y k, which means it's the color mode for printing. So I'm gonna heat, Okay. And then there is our documents, so I'm gonna click on file, click on place, embed it and then I'm just going to look for my J pick, which is this one. So now I'm going to place it, and while holding shift, I'm going to turn it the other side. So I'm going assuming a little bit, and I'm going to place. Um, I'm gonna check if I'm like, in the layer I want. Then I'm going to the use their polygonal lasso to which is this one, and I'm going to select first the sticker I want to to use some gonna start doing that really carefully around Butterfly. So now that it is selected, I'm gonna go Heat Command J to duplicate the layer. And what is going to do is, um is to duplicate just the part with elected. So I'm just going to, um, take the view off the first layer in. Now. What I'm gonna do is go to my levels and with that I'm just going to change it to, like, a brighter color of the butterfly. And then I'm going to assume in a little bit and take the eraser to and without. I'm just going to erase, like the pencil lines that are still there like that. Now that you make sure everything's totally found with the butterfly, I'm going to select it, then hold out and just drag it down just like that. I'm doing that by President Ault and dragging it down, okay? It's really see now that we have like, our per flies will want it. I'm going to select all these layers while holding shift and then going to click merge layers. Now I'm going to call that layer, um, Blue butterfly. So I'm gonna turn that w off and turn debut on on the on the J pick. So I'm going to keep on going with the Purple Butterfly, and it's the same process. I'm going to take the the lasso tool, the polygonal lasso, too. And I'm going to select it really carefully around the butterfly and then the same ones you have it selected, you're going to press command, J. And what is that doing is duplicating the this elected layer? I'm going to do the same process I did with the first blood butterfly. Come on, Jay. And then turned that off and turned. That went on. It's going to seem out a little bit and start doing Dad. Um, just gonna change the size a little bit. So it's it looks into the same size as the other butterfly just a little bit. And I'm gonna check if I need to erase some pencil lines on gun, assume in a little bit and change that now that everything's erased their weight. I wanted I'm going to click on the clones temp, and I'm going to dio change the size to ah, smaller size. And what is that doing? Is I just have these these, um, stain on my butterfly. So I'm gonna click on Ault and then I'm just going to to clone everything you know, and that's that's gonna make that's going to erase like the distain I had there because I I couldn't erase that with the razor to I had to use a clone stop. So just remember, remember, to to use the out button and then just start cloning everything you need. - Now that it's done the way I want it, I'm just going to some are a little bit. And then while holding out while holding all the out button, I'm just going to drag it down, and that's going to to be pacing everything. I'm just going to change his eye a little bit bigger and then just hold out and dragged down just like that. Okay, so I'm gonna, um, go to the layers palette and select that whole shift. Select the other one and then go to emerge Layers merged layers. Yes, that one. And then I'm going to turned those off and turned these one on. Because now I want to select the third butterfly, which is this one. I'm gonna do this same process. Okay, So go to the lasso tool. Select everything the way we want. Click on command J then turned those ones on, then selected. I'm just going to make it a little bit smaller. Click. OK, I'm gonna assume out a little bit. And I'm just I think I'm gonna make them. Yeah, like Dad and this one and assume in a little bit. And well, I'm gonna just change. I'm just going to see youth. Um, and there's anything we need to erase. Like I don't want it to look like Very perfect. Because when I printed, I wanted I want them to look like, ah, painting that I painted them there. The water color is a Steeler. I won. I still want that effect off. Handmade. I don't want them to look like, really perfect. So I'm just gonna erase what needs to be erased. But I don't want to get rid off that off the watercolor effect. You know what I mean? Some just going to see if anything needs to erased or are correct it. And then I'm just going to do the same. I'm gonna assume out. And then, um, press, ault and drug drug down and there we have it. So I'm gonna merge these layers. We're holding shift much layers. Butter, orange butterfly. And the other one Renay made us Purple boat. Afraid. Okay, I'm just going to get a read off these one that we don't need any more. Yes, And see that change off the off the effect of the level. So that's why I always think it's important to change the levels I'm gonna file. Save us. I want to save it in. I'm gonna save it is us. Ah, pdf photo shop and in the file. I want it. So I'm gonna go gay. Say pdf. Yes, and I'm just gonna wait until it is saved. And, um, I'm gonna open it and see if the pdf looks like I wanted I'm gonna look for the file, and during this, I think it looks like I wanted, And now it is ready to print 6. Bookmarks: So now I'm going to to teach you how I do my bookmarks. So I'm gonna name these files bookmarks. It is really easy and fast to do. So I'm just gonna, like eat. Okay? Remember that is seen C m y que on color mode and nasa tablet because that's how I want to print it. So I'm gonna go open my J pic hit place, and then I'm just gonna turn it to the other side. She's like this and click on that. Okay, So I'm gonna go to my levels and change it to brighten it up a little bit like that. I'm gonna go to the the size of the delayer, the original layer, and then I'm going to go to the rectangle, too, and I'm gonna select the first bookmark. So that's going toe to select that. And I'm just gonna He'd command J to Dublin Gate that later and there you have your first book, Mark. So I'm gonna place it here, and then I'm going to click on out to copy and paste it like that three times like that that I'm gonna merge those layers and renamed that as one. Okay, so I'm gonna turn that off in these one on like this. I'm gonna do the same with these other bookmark. I'm gonna go to the rectangle marker to and I'm going to select it. Oops. OK, now, again like that, gonna heat command J again to public a delayer then turned that one on off Andy's went on. Okay, so just gonna do the same Ault and drug like this. Okay, like that. So I'm gonna go to the layers and merge those while holding shift merged layers, rename it, and then I'm gonna get rid off the original. Okay, so So there you have it. Your your file. Go to file. Save us, then. Saving as a pdf. Um, in the file. You want click on save. Say pdf. Yes. And there you have your document ready to print. 7. Circle Stickers: So now in this video, I'm going to show you some easy thing to do. Also, which is like circle stickers. Some gonna name is US Stickers three. And then I'm going to do the same seem, work a in tabloid SISE gonna go to file place embedded and then look for my my J pick. So I'm gonna use this one. I the the other one. I used the same J pick. So I'm gonna be using the leaf and in this certain this base, circle that one, and I'm going to change the levels of it, so I'm gonna brighten it up like that. So see how that changes. I think it's a very important step. Two always change the levels to make your your illustrations brighter. I'm gonna go to the regional layer, and what I'm gonna do is go to the mm to the Ellipse, too. And then I'm going to draw a circle by holding shift so it doesn't so it. So it makes a purple circle, you know? So I'm gonna do that. And by holding shift and the space bar, I can move the the circle, you know, So Oh, I start your circle by present shift and then praise the space bar. And that's how you can move it. And that there you have it, like then I press command J and there have my my perfect circle. I'm gonna play the transformation, okay? And no, I'm gonna do on a per assault and drug it down so I can paste it there. Okay. Like that. I'm gonna merge those layers, rename them leave. Okay, so it turned that were enough. I'm gonna do the same. I'm gonna draw a circle. Do you buy present shifts? Don't forget to do that. Okay? I'm gonna do it again because you didn't turn out good president shift and then this base, Bart to move your circle. And then Okay. Again shift. And then and then the space bar without letting go off the shift, you know? And then once you have it, like place where you want it going to do the same command J turned these went off and you have your perfect circle someone. Is it the same? Make this a little bigger. Apply the transformation like that, and then going to drag it down by a pressing out my debts and then I'm going to paste this one's to the size because I really liked the leave. Okay, so no, merge these layers and then delete that layer we don't need anymore. Yes. And there you have another set off seekers ready to be printed. Now go to file, save as pdf. And now you're done. So it's really easy to make, um, circles for stickers and stuff like that. So I hope you found these useful. 8. Results: So I just got back from the printing house and what I did was just take my PF on a USB, and then I asked them if they have a digestive paper and they just printed it on this paper . And this paper is really cool because it's it's shiny, and it has a really cool effect of the sticker and, well, it's aggressive, so it you just have to cut it. So what I'm gonna do Well, I'm gonna show you Hear that? This is the paper I'm talking about because it has, like, this sticker side, and, um and it's not expensive, and then you can print a lot of stuff in it, so just have to cut it just like this. I'm gonna cut everything to show you how it will look. So I got my butterflies and my Mexican hearts, and I'm just gonna look for places were to paste them like I'm gonna be a secure on my computer and I'm gonna take out in my sketchbook. And and then we got a paste. Something else there. It could be this hard here. I think I'm gonna go with these butterfly because it matches with the sketchbook gonna pasted there and well, I got a lot of them. So I think I'm just going to to give them a way to my friends and stuff like that. So if you really like this clause, you can please leave a review if you'd like. And also, if you tried anything, you know you can share it in the project section or if you prefer. I'm also on instagram as reading arts so you can take me there. So I really hope you like this class and I'll see you in the other one.