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Watercolor Skillbuilder: Daring Doodles

Jessica Sanders, Artist, Instructor, Designer

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9 Videos (56m)
    • Welcome!

    • Supplies

    • 14 Skills We Are Building Through Doodling

    • Ink Doodle Examples

    • Ink to Watercolor Doodle Patterns

    • Painting Doodles - Linear Composition

    • Painting Doodles - Circular Composition

    • Bonus: Painting Doodles - Color Swatch

    • Thank You!


About This Class


Hi, I’m Jessica Sanders, a self-taught mixed media artist who loves exploring art and sharing it with you!

In this beginner watercolor class, I will show you a fantastic way to improve your watercolor skills with daring doodling!

First, I will highlight the skills you can improve and build by doing simple doodle pattern painting.  

Then, We will take a look at some ink doodles, and I'll walk you through the process of translating ink doodles into fantastic watercolor patterns.  I have provided a reference copy of my chart, and you can create your own chart of ink and watercolor patterns.  

Next, I will paint some examples for you.

Then it’s project time!  Paint some daring doodles with your favorite watercolors!

Let go and enjoy the process.



Main Skill:  Translating ink doodles into watercolor patterns

14 Supplementary skills:

Water control

Brush control

Mark making


Negative shape painting

Flat wash

Gradient wash

Variegated wash

Wet in wet

Wet on dry

Color theory

value/density of color

Edges - hard and soft


Watercolor paper:  140 lb / 300gsm

Watercolor brushes:  10 round, 01 round,

Optional brushes:  Mop, flat, fan brush

Watercolor paints

Paper towel



Inspiration photos:  your own or Pinterest

Other great watercolor teachers on Skillshare:

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12 of 13 students recommendSee All

The translating ink to watercolor practice was really fun! I also did swatches for my color palette (a long due task!). The instructions were clear and the instructor was very encouraging ^_^ I enjoyed the process a lot. Thank you!
Amy Lin

1-1 Online Chinese Teacher, Learner & Doodler

This class was so much fun! I loved Jessica's tips and tricks.
Chris V

Artist, Designer, Maker

A fun and informal introduction to working with watercolors.
Tracy Van Rensburg

"Love what you do - do what you love!"





Jessica Sanders

Artist, Instructor, Designer

My name is Jessica Sanders of I am super happy to be here with you on Skillshare.

I live in Houston, Texas with my wonderful husband and four awesome kids, who are growing up so fast! I am a full time artist/maker, blogger, and YouTuber. I am also a designer for Chameleon Art Products - and I teach on Skillshare!

I have been making art my whole life. It began with paint-by-numbers with my dad, craft and painting projects with my grandmother, and pro...

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