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8 Videos (53m)
    • Welcome to Class

    • Materials

    • Color Bias and Choosing Colors

    • Color Value Contrast

    • Watercolor Sketching

    • Painting White

    • Bringing It All Together

    • Enjoy the Process


About This Class

Watercolor Sketching Your Life is a class that inspires and guides you on how to savor each moment by sketching and painting your life using just watercolor!

Through this class, you will learn the importance of color value contrast, how to choose colors by getting to know its color bias, how to do watercolor sketching by observing the edges, lines and shapes, mixing colors on paper, adding darks and details, and finally how to paint white. 

By the end of this class, you are encouraged to bring your portable watercolor kit and sketchbook and enjoy painting your life!


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Very good class a lot of information and tips. Thank you !
Loved this class, amazing tips on creating your own shades and colors with mixing the right tones.
Sova Huova

freelance illustrator and creative





Elisa Choi Ang

empower you to make art inspired by your stories

Elisa Choi Ang is a watercolor painter who enjoys painting nature and the places that people have traveled. She started sketching in pen and exploring watercolor in 2011. Her approach in painting reveals soft and bold strokes, merging of bright colors, and lots of splatter. She paints in a range of styles from abstract to painterly but enjoys painting in a loose way the most— without an initial sketch. 

When making art, Elisa strongly believes in the importance of fun and creativity and believes that making mistakes is part of the journey as one grows as an artist. Her desire is to teach and encourage the beginner artist to play and explore sketching in pen and painting in watercolor using one's senses. 

Elisa teaches drawing and painting to children. She loves to read the Bible, Christian ebooks and creative art books; discover new dishes to cook; go to nature trips with her husband to take photos of sunset and create sketches of people and places. She currently resides in Singapore with her husband. 

You can see more of her works at her website, Instagram and Facebook.