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Watercolor Seascapes | Step-by-step Painting Tutorial

teacher avatar Shanan Subhan, Artist | Art Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art supplies

    • 3. Color mixing and Techniques

    • 4. Painting #1 - Base layers

    • 5. Painting #1 - Rocks

    • 6. Painting #1 - Detailing

    • 7. Painting #2 - Base layers

    • 8. Painting #2 - Detailing

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn to paint two different and delightful seascape paintings. I will take you through all the art supplies needed to attend this class. You will learn to mix your own colors using your own basic color palette and I'll share some insights and tips on painting techniques. Finally using all the tips and techniques we'll paint two gorgeous seascape paintings. This class is structured for anyone at any skill level, paint along with me and create your own masterpieces. Cheers!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shanan Subhan

Artist | Art Educator



Hello, I'm Shanan Subhan, an Artist currently residing in Bangalore, and born & brought up in Udupi,India 

I am an Engineer by profession and an Artist by passion and everything.

Nature/landscapes are among my favorite subjects to paint. I thank nature and great photographs for inspiring and challenging me.

I started coloring at an early age, even before school taught me to read and write. Unaware of art and the theory of colors, I loved scribbling on papers, books, and walls! All I felt was colorful walls are merrier than monotonous ones. 

Although I loved painting and coloring, because of studies and the competitiveness of day-to-day life, I somehow got disconnected from art a few years ago, but I always f... See full profile

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1. Introduction: beach. A place that has come peacefully, not only to feel but to hear the names is Dement relaxation. Hello. I'm Shannon, the artist behind Instagram. Handle water Girls, welcome to my skin. Shake us. This class is all about capturing the beauty off this wonderful mother nature in this class , I walk you through on the X supplies needed. Explain the color mixing. Did you? All the techniques required share some helpful insight on. In the end, we will be creating two paintings that was shown in the video. This class is designed for anyone or everyone. At any skill level. You need not have any prayer or experience to take this class, join me and experience the joy off painting. So without any further delay, let's get started. I'll see you in the next step. 2. Art supplies: let us take a quick look into supplies that we will be using. Today. It will begin with papers. First Way will use 100% quarter watercolor papers. This will make blending easier when compared to 25% quarter paper or student great people coming to brushes these other brushes that we will be using in this class we have Princeton , Neptune off size four, Princeton Light off size eight, Princeton Anglo Shido Day by eight inches. This is for painting sharp edges so you can use flight brush as well as an alternative Princeton velvet touch size for it has appointed tape so I can use this ethically Taylor brush for this painting. The colors that are using our she never 3 44 from similiar, but even you from actor loss vehicle. Chinese white on Basically from Camberley Water clothes are great watercolors. Black liquid ing are watercolor, so basically you can use any brand center every label, too. What a collection masking forward from our philosophy. So for our next painting, the colors that will be using didn't you on a local from our philosophy core scenarios Blue from San Elio shared number 3 44 Payne's gray from Campbell artist watercolors. So, yeah, these are on the water clothes that will leave for being me. Let's see some other Texas cities. A car work on a masking deep came down the papers. Food jobs of Porto for cleaning brushes. So don't make a play for mixing colors. Pencil a razor for sketching on General Open 40 dealings. That's all about the supplies. It just makes chapter. 3. Color mixing and Techniques: this chapter is all about color mixing on learning different techniques. Let us mix the colors require toe. Achieve our attention for painting water enough First painting. I could have used a readily every label shades, but I want to show you guys have you can create is unique shares with the basic color Ballard that you have this year. It's believed in you on Civilian blue is commonly every label in most water. Close. It's take equal amount of Spain from civilian blue on buried in green. Let us mix the colors and see what we get. Okay, I'm mixing this and on this looks more greenish so I like some more load of this. Okay, this looks both fake. So the ratio for mixing the colors or a 60% off saving on 40% buried in human. This is the color that will be using to paint our water in for Spain. Okay, Next, when we learn to paint the sky, I'll be using civilian on pain. Scream. Firstly, what is going to be a diluted version off cereal in new adding beans Great. While the pains are still bait, some gap between yeah, just being let me brief you about painting rocks. I will be using painfully on black liquid ing from art philosophy. You can use any black that is every level with you. No. Where does a face off the paper on required radios? A small amount of pain on our more water toe making dilute. Now, on this wet surface, I'll apply diluted pain sickly on letter dry completely. Once this is dry, I'm gonna ask some black and concentrated pain screen on all really painted surface. Blend the two layers together with the damn brush. - Make sure to leave some spaces in with me to depict the light for the money. Next, we will learn drivers technique. Take some paint in your brush and remove excess spring for me My using a tissue paper. Now the playing gone to the paper As we can see, it gives us a beautiful picture. We will use this technique to create water for on knowing mountains in a painting. Next case, weathering or pulling technique. Your we will apply. Take pain first. Then we take a clean thus and pull the pain downwards. This helps to create misty FFP in a painting way . Okay, Next we will see how great Christ which will be used in our second painting for water. We expected you cerulean blue being sleep together. Keep trying different ratios until you get desire color. - Now let's see how to paint this. Will she forest first, apply it, layer off longer and then makes a locker and to create a greenish it way this year about it earlier? - Now add some beings created the same. Make sure to achieve a dark green. Apply this, make sure leaving the alloy in the bottom as cities. Not all about the techniques no doesn't want go next time. 4. Painting #1 - Base layers: we will begin a painting by taping on the people on all the four sides clearly, tightly so that the water did not seep in. Through this, we will do it off. Sketch off what we want. Pain. Plus, I draw horizon line about the horizon line will be the sky on below. This will be our water. Let us grow a simple board now in between the horizon line Next, Draw the schedules of the drugs to get enough idea off what we need to bein on what areas scheduled with very less pressure at device that was going to create the marks on the paper dried at the bottom of the page as well. Does it just graphs? Cage. We need to prevent the board from painting, so we will have to mask it with a masking fluid. If we do not masking fluid, you can paint the board with full black hello and let it dry completely. Then we're going to paint us Kate for painting those guy when the paper about the horizon line using a large more brush but take small amount off serious blue on ample amount of water to make in dilute from then are a little bit off pains. Graito, this mixture now we have when you shoot. So I just diluted. Make sure on the bed selfies are turning places. I need some wide basis in between I want painting the same the region of the sky depicting those sunlight livid white on Do not paint on this area. It does make Spain's great in medium consistency For darker clouds on the sky are some drops off being randomly on the blue areas to look more natural But from the step when the paper is still right because we want moved Missed result otherwise really end up getting sharp edges. Hearing there, leave some gapping between while you're dropping these beans randomly. Now go paperless. Damn! So I can add some clouds with that pain screen. I'm I'm blending it with the Sambre Show that it does not create any sharp edges. Let the paint on the sky dry completely. All right, Little Spain to see now. First we will have to win the people using more brunch or last size and brush on the selected Avia, they diluted sheared off color that weekly introducing green on blue. I'm using the angle Shadow brush to paint the straight line along the horizon, now being dressed on the area with the same color. But as you go towards the bottom of the page, lose some white space to depict the C four. Take a brush with beamed. Now remove excess brain from the brush using official people. No dampness. Rush gently on the paper, creating or texture, which will then a pure US right for which is basically drivers technique to create the tech shoes. - Me , I'm on my painting to be a little more vibrant, so I'm adding another layer off. Same pain on the same color. I will aren't some pains. Great toe. Make it a little darker. I'm painted along the horizon line, blended well with plain water. I will keep this for drying. Now I'll paint the base layer off the rocks. For this, I'll be using pains. Great. I am I'm painting within the sketch. Nadya's painted evenly within the sketched area on Buddy, telling jobs that will be done in the next layer. So you are. We will be just painting it flat with diluted beans green. In the next chapter, you will learn toe are details on the roads give shape to RC paying to see harbor on some other my new details so letters we want to a next chapter. 5. Painting #1 - Rocks: Now we will be painting the second layer on the rocks. Take a drop off black liquid color on, mix it with Bane's big this paint in your brush and start applying on the dogs randomly in some places way. Once you apply to Spain, you will need to take a clean red brush and blend it well. Yeah, the area below this rocks are for harbor, where we have fleet off put on. It is really visible from the real point. At this point, we will have to paint the background for the Hubble paint some dark and light patches in between. - You can live the pain from the painters office when give highlights using a damn brush. Now, while painting the rocks leaves on white spaces here and there to depict the light falling under rocks. Some places I first had the water and then I had the pains to make them landing processed easier. Oh, keep some rocks darker in color. Taking my own time to paint these rocks. You need patients to get it right on. Also, you need to know where to stop. Otherwise you will end up all doing it. Um, I didn't needs small size rocks in the water and blending it with jam brush. - You can use your tissue papers toe, lift the pain from the paper and give a highlight to the painting. Now well and the doctors layer on the rocks to create the shadows. Take some concentrated pains on our on out on these random places. Make sure to retain the light effect that we created earlier. - Now we've been paying the boat in Montepellier. First name would be done Now I paint it with this England breastroke. And also I'm straight lines on every book in the corners blended with jocular way makes you realise another layer off change to the rocks. This will be the dark color retain the light of exactly created of you because we want both shadows and light way 6. Painting #1 - Detailing: removed the masking tape carefully on being the sailing boat being the light and shadows in the booth. - Yeah , let us give some shape to the boards at the world way are going to paint the board. Leo Leo being diluted. Pains clean on pain. The sidles right below the board. Now take a jelly roll pin or you can use any white paint. Actually, bait are watch paint. I'll let us give some definitions. Toe elements off are beating. Draw out playing for the rocks at some places. Not all of them letters , Brother Reflection off the board in the water with many diluted being using white Been, um, adding thes lines on the booth, the quite watercolor on a little water. Now take this wife paint on your brush, dab gently on the paper at an angle of around 22 Targeting. Please keep your breast lined. Use drivers take me to paint the texture on the water for the big C four. Aren't some retailers toe these tiny dogs as well? Use Chambliss toe. Give the reflection being this tiny pools. Why use? It was a detailer or fine line of brush to paint this My new details. I'm giving fine and not just a good board make connections in your brain thing They were You feel necessary. So we are done with this painting. Now it is carefully they would a masking tape and see how it looks. - Okay , so this is an auction of stem. I'll be adding a peal. Schimmel, toe the water toe, get an extra finishing look to my painting. So I lied. Some water tow this on Added using drivers technique on the water. This is just an auction. The step you can completely avoid this. Look at the guardian shine on the water. That is what I wanted to achieve Beautiful But you can keep it simple and plain as well. I leave it up to you way. Wow, I just love the final result. Isn't it beautiful? Wait. The class is not over. We have another painting alone. Head over to the next After to learn another painting 7. Painting #2 - Base layers: Hello again on. We'll come back to this chapter. Let us start learning on next painting. So I have taped all the sides on. We shall start with those catching draw horizon line on center off the beach on Marty's Forest areas In between the horizon line Keep it crispy and irregular toe. Depict the shape off the trees. This is a very simple sketch Mark Benton Lane to really lately keep the dog. But Chris being cheap on Makesem pointed tips to depict the four histories. After this, we will likes amounting leaders of different shapes and sizes. And lastly, we will at this big bonding This will be snow for mountain while painting. So this was all about sketching makes more door painting Now take on the required colors on your pilot We will be using civilian blue way way, didn't you on a local first Let us being does right brush Don't leave in the spaces in between painted completely with plain water Now I ample amount off orderto say they didn't do to make it dilute on loaded brush with the Spain from the paint on random places on let it spread nicely. Now mix paints grated water on I did on the random places. Begin. Make sure the paper is to read while you perform. This strip keeps a media star color depicting logs blended evenly with their damn brush. Make sure that our no sharp edges in the sky let it dry for sometime. Next, we will paint the snow Philmont pain. Using drivers technique, load your brush with very less beans. Remove extracting using protection paper. Make sure your branches almost damn and sliding down the paper to achieve the texture off snow. Keep drinking irregular in shape. We don't the random places on. Make sure to leave some white space in between. Depicting this. No Wayne. The small amount In choosing, pulling our feathering technique, I will use a mixture off cereal in blue and pains. Graito Pain This now a glider coping on pulling downwards with water. This is kind of creating a greedy INTs so that we look like a misty effect way me. Now repeat the technique on paint Second layers mountains with darker color way. No, we will paint are what she forest. First, let me apply a layer off a locker on the bottom off skates. Tedious keep your cardboard Are clipboard in order so that the color slowdown easily way No , we will makes this ello website didn't go toe at you a green issued Apply this paid retaining the l origin as it is painted completely making sharp dips way in the bottom of the El Origen Plain water Give it us Move when you over the same thing. If we are pain screams we really get a very dark green color paying this Make sure the green color that you're already painted draw the shapes of trees by definitely making his point too cheap. No, I had another little Spain's clear to do so. Dark bushy forest. Okay, so we're done with this on letters. One toe in the water. Let us was Spread the paper completely on the quiet area and then we want to painting the water way repainting the water in pools. First layer is going to be valued color using buried in transit Repaired Steve early creating Peslier way. - No way will makes three colors Very. Did you deal in new paint which will give us a beautiful tacos train off color bigness make sure are printed evenly on the people I created this year with the commonly a little fellows 8. Painting #2 - Detailing: let us paint some views using darker color Makes pain screen reading you on DSA dude in blue in dark cashiers The example Amount off paint in your brush on applies on those drugs depicting the waves. Repeat the process on Did you complete the idea? I have removed the masking tape on letters. Gifts of details to our painting. Mixed videos are General Bento paint Randall White lines on the water, Yeah. 9. Conclusion : I hope this class was helpful to you. And if you like this class, please consider leaving a review. So that disk loudly, just one audience. And if you try on these paintings, please go post it on the project gallery and also negotiated on Instagram my Children handle is water Cools out, buddy sharing your walks on my stories See you in my next class Happy bending.