Watercolor Sea Creatures for Beginners: learn Techniques to add Texture | Nina Nyusikart Watercolor | Skillshare

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Watercolor Sea Creatures for Beginners: learn Techniques to add Texture

teacher avatar Nina Nyusikart Watercolor, Artist, Loose Watercolor classes

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Wet on Wet Colour Mixing

    • 4. Creating Textures with Salt

    • 5. Sea Star in Watercolours

    • 6. Crab in Watercolours

    • 7. Sea Horse in Watercolours

    • 8. Sea Snail in Watercolours

    • 9. Jellyfish in Watercolours

    • 10. Blowfish in Watercolours

    • 11. Turtle in Watercolours

    • 12. Octopus in Watercolours

    • 13. Whale in Watercolours

    • 14. Walrus in Watercolours

    • 15. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class we will paint 10 fun and easy Sea Creatures using with simple watercolor technique and having fun creating cool effects with salt and kitchen cling! We will paint really funny turtle, crab, octopus, seahorse, snail, sea star, cute whale and walrus, thoughtful jellyfish and joyful blowfish. This class is perfect for beginners and to paint with children (from 6 y.o. and up), easy to follow step by step instructions and to paint along with the real time lessons. Just choose your favourite sea animal, grab salt and cling and enjoy the process!


So, are you ready to dive into this class? Grab your brush and let´s have fun! :)

x Nina

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Nina Nyusikart Watercolor

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1. Introduction: Hello, I'm Nina. I'm with the color Lower. Welcome to my new or the color class system. We will have fun playing with colors and creating cute sea animals using salt and kitchen clean. This class will be perfect for beginners on So painter whiskey. It's, I would say, starting from six years old, on up. For sure. You will enjoy the process on buy appliances technique. You will be able to create many more funny any months I have covered to the most off sea creatures, So I think that for sure, everyone will find his or her favorite one to pain. The glasses are shirt and I in real time so he can banks along with me. If you are new disease, Shell welcomes present Follow button on the top to join me in this creative journey. Result and blink and let's dive in the painting 2. Supplies: in this class, I will use what? The color paper. Just the simple Ah, block off watercolor papers at the cellos. One what? The color pains with a color palette. Ah, Then we will need the pain. Still the razor. What a proof liner or marker on. And two brushes. One which absorbs quite well Water on hold that water toe make mustering in the paper and then another one for introducing the color. So just do brushes. Ah, what a port! Better to use to wonder for with clean water on another one off for cleaning your brush Uh , kitchen towel. So this paper teachers for, uh, uh removing the extra moisture from the brush on. Then we will need assault. I'm going to use Ah, fine sea salt on and a bit off cling So just prepare all these materials. Onda, Let's move over to the practical part 3. Wet on Wet Colour Mixing: before we're start painting our sea creature. So first we will prepare our colors, which we're going to use. Onda will make some fun warm up exercise. Actually, we will create. Is this kind of for small universes? For this, I will use, uh, piece of paper. That is just normal. What? The color papers at the cellos one and I will use to brush is one is for making wet, uh, area or where I'm going to tread. The color on another brush is for introducing as a paint. In such way, you like you will avoid, uh, uh, Washington Much air your brush and it would be quicker is a process. So let's prepare your colors on. Let's get started. We will start with color So which we're going to use. Or at least I'm going to use these colors for my sea creatures. And you can just some similar color so which you have, or the ones that which you would like to use your In this exercise, you can try your those repairs off colors which would like to use So for sea creatures Ah, here I will use Ah, yellow can set this cadmium yellow one color and another color is olive green Here. This so you can take Ah also one yellow which you like on one green. The aim of this exercise is to see houses colors in director one was another on DA which effects on which color mixtures air we can get. So I'm western. This area off Bieber. Just this clean water I'm using tow what airports? One isso for cleaning my brush and another one with clean water which I'm using now for moisture in my paper. So here I have be careful not to leave here Too much water and so that it won't be some pedal. Sit on. Now, just directly from months. A pen. I'm introducing the color first that this yellow like this here directly. So on then with olive green. Some are the sports on. We can see how really, really beautifully the colors interact the one with another. One more scene I wanted to ask you to have prepared is also jar with sold I'm using here. Uh fine sea salt Onda. We can introduce it just at some point and to see which FX it can create. So, like this just in small parter off this circle for another circle. We're going to use the same. That is, uh, get me in yellow and mother read. So let's see how these two colors interact the same. I'm oyster in this part off paper just was clean. What? They're so here we are preparing the colors for our sea creatures aan den. Then we will know Also, uh, we will be able after this a warming up exercise. We will be able tow act quite quickly. And we well know already which colors We're going to you so that it would be quite easy. And we will enjoy the process off painting again. I'm starting to is cadmium yellow just introducing directly firms a pen by this London 2nd 1 is mother read Here comes so like these and a game Let's introduce that some part a bit off salt. I would like to pay your attention that it's very important toe add solder when the paint is still wet. So then you will get more the effect. For example, in the next circle, let's try to had sold, not immediately when once we will painted about will you for a while That it will get dry and then you'll see that it's what? What would be the result for our next color mixture, I will use, uh, get name yellow. Andi, get me in red. So here we have used the cool, uh, version off red. And for is this one like some warm red? Just checking your collar. So which you have and the same. Let's prepares the surface. Just always clean water like this. We prepared sound. So go for this circle. We can use also, uh, the certain collar as well. Uh, also prepare Olive green. We will let as well olive green. So why exists, Andi? Uh, I will. Yeah, that We will let also read olive green that you know that green and red are complementary colors. So by a mixing, these colors weaken great as well. Shadows. And now let's introduce Ah, the color I made in cadmium yellow aan den. Get me bread. I exist. I'm like this and we'll see how beautifully they're mixing. Also, we suggest the clean brush, uh, on dry one that you remove extra water with a paper towel. You can play a bitter on toe. Help to move the pigment. If you like Onda, we will introduce as well a bit off olive green in that area where the Reese red So for here will introduce a bit off olive green and it will grate some shadow under there. We have doctors that with this the pain the let's Ah, wait a while, not introduce salt immediately. So let's wait. A tilt will get dry a bit. Onda uh, here also, you can see that I have one battle from this site on what I can do How to remove this battle, actually. So just whistling and dry brush with a tip. I am Boston it for here, and I am removing extra bait like this. Andi. Meanwhile, it's getting dry. Let's introduce Ah, the colors which we're going to use for our next color combinations that is the same cadmium yellow. And I have some really beautiful color. Uh, which is Kinnock Redon. While it if you don't have this color, you can use just the normal while it because the effect is going to be the same. It's more like the shade or into your while. It you can add a bit off rose color or for example, even if you will, it a bit off moderate or in a garden, rose or magenta is, and the color will be similar to this one. Onda. Meanwhile, let's it a bit more off salt. Here. I see that the color has got a bit dry, and we'll say it also depends her, at which stage your 80 insult that the result could be also different, that it make great. Really. Ah, if the surface it contains quite a lot off water so it can create the really big sports. White spots on in surface contains less water so it can create a like smaller beats off whites. Space is so in this case, the first you will test your salt. How does it great They sold the effect and another thing that you will know also which affects you can create on which ah surface unit for creating this thesis effect. Meanwhile, let's make wet one more surface for here, and let's check this color combinations first. I had cadmium yellow disease looked, and now I will introduce Kinnock Redon while it for thes side. It's really like to colors, which are really, really active on the correct really beautiful effects on from another side. I wouldn't really use just normal while it well, that's really what the color really beautiful color combinations. Onda. Also another interesting thing. Car. While you're ahead in salt, it's better toe edit in the darker areas. So then is the effect is going to be stronger. So, for example, in this mixture off ah, yellow on Dredd, it's better to introduce sold in the red areas on here the same yellow. And while it is better to introduce older in darker, there is like in this case list, Is that this a while it and, uh, the contrast is going to be stronger on Defector will be more noticeable. 4. Creating Textures with Salt: And now let's move to another color combinations which I'm going to use for painting sea creatures. Andan this things time is going to be based on on blues. Just check blue color. So which you have choose one which is you like more. In case you have a cerulean blue then, Ah, it's really beautiful color. You can use it, Andi, in my case that I will base my color uh, combinations out on really beautiful color that is Coble. Turk Waas. It's like this. You can use any blue which you have on Now you will check which color combinations you can create the Wizards that blue which you have chosen on whether you like this color combinations. Another blue I'm going to use that is ultramarine blue. Ah, that this is probably you have in your color but or some similar blue color. Uh, then I will need, uh while it which we have used before. And I will use one more color. That is indigo. Also, you can have some pains. Great. You can check that color to mix it with the blue or so more or less like this color on, uh, game. Let's prepare this or face for here. Just always clean what? They're making this circle. And let's start to introduce the color. I am starting with the light one. Ah, with, uh, go Beltre grass also Why I like this color is that it contains Ah, I know like grin Layton, Ethics. I'm really beautiful. I really like this color. Then let's introduce a bit ofa ultra marine blue. I am. I didn't old color said directly from there, Ben. So I do not dissolve them just directly there. Quite concentrated. And then while it and in a while it will grate really strong effect off Really nice, Andi probably for heroes and be more off while it and, uh, this color said color combinations were going to use. So for creating our ways, Onder then beat off indigo that stood just somewhere here for here. For this site, you can see that it's like a darker will you off our blues on its darker is and while it and we will uses this color for some shadows, my exists. And now let's introduce uh, I were sold in this dark area and you will see how magic in effect it will create or, I hope so, that it will graze. I'm with you also in the light area and we will see what we'll get from the scholar combinations on DA One more color combination which we're going to use for these. I will use, uh, the color, which is called Magenta. But also you can use Kinnock ridin rose or any kind off rose like mad arose. Some crows color. So which you have, they would be really perfect. Another color, which I'm going to use is that this whole drama in blue on Chemical Redon while it a let's make Wednesday's Her face like this just was getting award there. Yeah, and now let's start the first introducing magenta like these like these This. Then let's add a bit off ultra marine blue and you will see that while mixing it can turn into some purple serious Onda kun agreed on while it that is also quite nice combination at some point you can while it if you don't have been agreed on gold. So while it also would be nice, this is this color combinations were going to yourself for our jellyfish Here. The mix exist on the one more color combination there. Which way we're going to check. That is, uh, cobalt across ultramarine blue on the island. Let's prepare wet surface. Why this? And now let's introduce a collar. I'm starting with, uh, cobalt progress. This then I'm aiding ultra marine blue Andi while it that while it is so active color, it creates so beautiful this watery effects really beautiful on down this way, no one lets other bit off salt like this. Another to see all these effects off sold. The first will have to let dry all these circles so that they would be completely dry on. Then we will be able to see which sold effects that they have created. So the banks has gone dry on. Let's remove salt Just with fingers on there will see which affected they have created. Let's have a look the Here it's almost not noticeable defects. Um, because also there are both colors are light. So it means that with light colors, the effect is not so noticeable off salt. Ah, here we can see that year. It has created quite interesting ah effects for here the same that. But you see that it could be also really different ones that, for example, here that is the paint. I think that it was drier than in this area, and it has created, like, this small star while here it was assumed that it was still too much water in this, uh, part Andi that sold has got, like, the solved Let's say like this. So the same has happened, for example, in this part. So just a try play with different painter Andi to see that if it's, ah, too much still too much water in the painters and you can get probably like this effects or if it's, ah less amount on, it's getting a little dry. So then you can get public like this kind of effect. So we're gonna with warming up exercises. And now let's dive into painting our sea creatures. 5. Sea Star in Watercolours: for painting the Sea star. We will need the following colors. Cadmium yellow on demand. A red and olive green also have prepared a sea salt some waterproof marker. Ah, razor on pencil. Let's start first there with, uh, preliminary on the drawing. So I will start just a with some looked And from that dot will make five lines. And so that would be where the skeleton off our sister on. Then we're just connecting them like this. Why is this this one I hope made David in other directions. Well exists. So I wore outline off. Our star is ready for my sister. I am using Ah, just normal watercolor paper. Onda now. Well, let's pain the some ice. Well, is it like this on looking in that direction, huh? So if you're done with on the drawing, then with soft razor needed Racer, I am just removing the line so that it won't be so noticeable that it would be quite lifeline on with what a proffer marker I am. Uh uh. Draw wins eyes. Remember to leave small white area in the eye so that it would be more alive. The effect that the star is looking at us. Onda Uh on. Then I am going to use the tow brushes. One is for making Ah, wet. Just with clean water Is the area off the sister Andan as a brush is for introducing the color. So prepare your brushes and we will start with the fun part. Also have prepared Ah nearby uh see sold or any as a sold which we are going to use so that it to introduce it quite quickly on then we start there with the covering the surface Be attentive. Noto make wet size. That's why the color will get into the ice and they won't be any more white ones. I this quite quickly, Andi. I see, for example, that I haven't reduced some water into the eye off my sister. What you can do if it has happened to you as well just a with a paper towel like this and you're removes is like this and you have removed already. Is this Ah ah water which can spoil around here. Still. So now the surface is quite with until lest Arte red in color first I had directly from the Ben yellow is that this cadmium yellow, which we have used also for our exercises. And I am going the whole surface was getting him yellow Lanxess on. Then I'm introducing also quite quickly. Second color, that is moderate. Andi, I'm starting to editor from their, uh, outside. Let's go following the outline A or the C star by this, like this it's really bright and cheerful. And for here I had a bit more color. I probably everything more for here and now we will mix Ah, some color which we're going to use for their to show the shadow on to give more William toe the stars, that is, I mix in a moderate there with a bit off olive green so the color is going to be a bit more like brownish red on this will will ebb in this areas he are, and from the side program before and for here glory and now really quickly. Let's at some sea salt a sea salt I'm going to it just in the middle part so that it will be to a great some texture. But it won't to destroy the outline off the star. So I wanted the outline would be quite like the points off legs to say, Is there going to be quite defined on the texture? Off off. The star is going to be more in the middle part off the start. Yeah, we can help to join the colors. That was clean brush. Hi, please. On whether So now we'll have to leave our sea star to get dry on da once it will get dry completely. We will be able to remove a cyst sold and to see which affects it has created Andi. Now it seems that it has good dry completely the paint Let's remove for the salt and sees that extra which is just created. Yeah, that now our sea star looks like really from from the sea or from some ocean I'm really beautiful, this texture and that I didn't like how it is turned out. So I hope that he also happy with your see stars 6. Crab in Watercolours: our next creation is going to be a crap chronic rep Onda are for this. We're going to use cadmium, yellow, cadmium red and a bit ofa Ah, ultra Marine blue forces for grade insists shadow. Ah, what I would like to pay attention when we're going to prepare our under, uh, under drawing is is that, uh here was a claw Pay attention. To leave these spaces gives more dynamic Onda also to make some funny legs. So that is also great. Some funny Mm. I know balance on DA finally gestures. Does the script on this clock as well tried to make it a bit the outer. So if you're ready, then I'll let's start there with our drawing as that is quite easy. We will start first with some ellipse like this on Dhere. We're going to place eyes that point beak and he's looking a bit up and here is going to be the mouse. Let's add kalar that he's quite happy on dealing us. Hello, How are you by this on for here and physical B one. It's like this. And then some licks find Alex and for here another one. I also have prepared this assault because we will need for grade in the texture. We will need some sea salt in this case, and we're going to introduce it sold only in this area living the bottom, this one solid color. Okay, so then let's start there. Without what? The proof. Marca first paint in that eyes like this on the mouse. Then I removed a bit. My Bensel lines also enjoys a process. I mean that you can create a different type off. Grab that problem. You know better. Um, are you have your own vision, how the crabs are on That would be really interesting to see them. So just, like, tried to make really funny anymore. Under will start there with the just was clean water. I am covering their body off the crap. And what? Ah, toucher the area off mouse and off ice like this on now we will introduce cadmium yellow cast. He, uh, try to make a mainly middle part with yellow. And because then the one So we will introduce the red all everything what will be left from yellow. It will play more like, um, the highlights and it will grate also some additional William to our crap. So and then I'm introducing cadmium red for here. Also interesting if the soul defector will work well. So in this case, um, that we will place sold on the darker on the dark a paint on once it will remove this dark pigment that you will be possible to see what that color, which is underneath in our case, that is going to be yellow. And it also creates some nice effects that really liked extra created by the sea. And ah, now will add the mixture off cadmium red with a bit off ultramarine blue So it was great, darker Well, your threat like this on this part will introduce here on the bottom like this. And now let's add sold just, ah, places a salty here in the top part. Let's see which kind off grip textured will. Great. When should be really nice, like this kind off affected off. See sold, uh which actually creates and whole usually grades up on the sea shells. And now let's move with the claws. Um, with so clean water, I'm just making went this areas and the same that we will use the same colors it has introduced a bit off threat on the area of closer we're going to introduce sold. So that's why that's fine. This so on blood. Start now with, uh get me in yellow. Hi. This for here. Cadmium yellow on now can remember it also from outside. I am starting to add the color if he's like this and for this site as well let's and more red color on here. A big more color on the legs. Let's bring this legs here just was Get me on red And now let's introduce also they said darker version Ah, that this cadmium red makes the whistle ultramarine blue. Currently, I will need to make something more off color year and a bit off ultramarine blue and here in some shadows. Okay, uh, from this side Ah, look another bit more toe the legs from one side from in their sights. So then they would be Look, they will look more like re elex where some shadows and with some William And here that same like these and probably for here. Let's introduce a bit more off. If it's still wet, then don't touch If it has got dries and you stick ups, you can add a bit more off dark William in the day on DA. Our crab is ready now. We'll have to wait until it'll get completely dry on. Then we will be able to remove sea salt and to seize affect which it has created. But it seems that my crab has got all right and right and I can remove the salt. And here here we have really nice texture. I think that it gives the some kind of these hinges that the's grab is just came out from seawater and just the heavens on Sun Blessing. 7. Sea Horse in Watercolours: Now it's turn off our and your see a friend that is going to be seahorse. For this, we will need the following color. So that is a cadmium Yellow, olive, green, green on ultramarine blue On also will use See sold for Megan for grading some interesting Dexter's on the less starter with under drawing as that This sir like it could be a bit more complicated as a shape, but for sure you will manage and we will start a with ice. So white guys looking for here. And another I don't see it completely. So that is going to be like this. Then let's great. More or less like zis is going to be the nose with their mouth. Hi, this and then he goes. Hello. Where on finishes? This way then. Going up. Andi, we're making this shape for here it goes. One another lying. So it is. Is this kind off? Uh, like you didn't have circles actually like this even to be more Romeo exists. Yeah, this way on, then. His tail is finishing. I exist, so it's going to be like exists. Andi for here. Onda, um here will they have some kind off wings language or how they're cold, but something which helps them to move and for here is going to be some kind off another like hairstyle. Let's call it like this. So, um, I think that we already with our under drawing until let's make us there with a waterproof marker. Let's Ah dro Nice Right on da now with ah, just a with a razor. I'm removing some extra lines so that they won't be so sick. So you can great that your own version off our seahorse. I'm just showing how it's like I'm I see a ah, my way off interpreting the shapes are off seahorse and ah, let's a make wet the surface have also see sold prepared. We're going to use it off for great in textures. And let's gets that So here I made more off clean water. Hi, This So I am just covering the whole body with clean water. And now well, let's start out with colors. I'm going first to introduce get new yellow. So just away some free brushstrokes just enjoy, enjoy painting and leading the colors and to see how they're mixing that is really relaxing on digital is a based. The results you get when you have really enjoyed the process, then actually, as a result, doesn't let it on as it usually happens is and the result is really beautiful. And you see how it has happened. It just I have enjoyed. I have enjoyed. And that was the most important. And I didn't get a while. The result? Yeah. Introducing Olive green. Oh, our second color. We're introducing it from there, uh, starting from the court from the border on going one down, like into the depths off his body by this. Okay, more grain. So here, like this. Brush strokes where are making their wings on a bit more from the site. Start to get dial ready. My paper. So well needs to move a bit quicker. And here I'm making just with the brush strokes like this is a great Is there great in some kind off? Uh, this I know this texture. This hairstyle, what has I think this on? Now we will need to mix olive green or just normal green, which you have green with ultra marine blue. That is going to be like quite dark. Will you off green and where I will use it. Ah, in the shadows, for example Here, just with some broad strokes then this part here to introduce some lines my disease. Then for here also some lines and with more color on here as well. Great. Some texture on. One more is going to be for here for sewing. Probably. Let's add a bit more darker. This mixture off green with ultramarine green. Who is ultramarine blue? That here I have I did. You can see the paint is quite concentrated on. We will end it here in this area. Just this lines and free brushstrokes for here Some lines Well, for here and darker will use. That's what is brushstrokes for he, uh and for here also, to make it a bit like to separate the wing from the body I exist. And now let's it quite quickly, Salt assault wagon did here in this part. And I'm afraid that it could be allergic too late. That it has got dry is the pain. But let's see what which affect will get so for here. So we can at some other for here, So But I wouldn't touch this part or you can try also to place ah sold for this area and to see which effect it will. Great. But I think that I'm looking more for thesis old effect in this area where there is, uh, like, more interesting the Dexter. And then I were seahorses ready. Ah, well needed now to wait till it will get the dry completely ondas. Then we will be able to remove the soldier and to see which affects it has. Great. So it seems to that already the paint has got drying. Let's have a look. What? Which effect? We will get the with the salt because it seems that I have placed it quite late, so I'm not sure was it will have any effect. Yes, you can see that in my case, I have placed Sold, uh, too late. So actually hasn't created any Dexter. But anyway, I feel quite happy with my seahorse. I hope that in your case, you have got some kind off texture on, def. No, just try once again on it's just ah, To catch is a moment when you need to place that sea salt and to get it interest in effect 8. Sea Snail in Watercolours: has an exit Greater which we're going debate is ah, snail with their such really funny seashell. So, um, for Z so have prepared to the full of win color says that they say cadmium yellow gin agreed on a while it or while it, uh, cobalt agua or any blue which you're going to use and also are burnt sienna or any other contrast color. It could be also read or some orange color. So, which you can use for is that dollars over the show also have prepared clean on d. C sold Also have prepared the sun transparent, uh, plane that will need it for great in also some funny FX. And let's start with under drawing as it for here I will start with ice by these on Dhere is really funny effect. When you're making another I a bit upper. So then it looks it just looks funny. So then let's make it like this here. It's going to be like this and then the main body. So just the way you feel like this, my one is going to be like this promise to be I don't know. We'll see. And then a show is going to be just like this. What? What? What? It's a really huge uh, snail. I'm going to make. Okay, so But then definitely for sure that you will be able quite clearly. Ah, everything. All the process. I remove some pencil lines A with the razor on. But then there was a waterproof ah marker. I'm growin dies. So a like disease. Here's another I and what I'm missing is the mouth like this sounds and it's more cheerful . It will make everyone to smile, uh, then relates to remove some pencil lines. Yeah, I would like to make it more exist. Yes. Then it looks it's most for he m that was that. It won't be no so so noticeable, so sick Pencil lines. Otherwise, it will be quite complicated to remove them a once we will places a layer off what? The colors. And then let's start now we'll make a, uh in two parts. First the body we will use Ah, cadmium yellow. And, uh, I will use Kinnock Redon while it or also you can use while it. And once the world place Ah, the colors will will use some sea salt for this area. On second part, we will make wet. Ah, this shell Onda. We will introduce colors which is going to be in my case. That is, uh, COBOL Douglas. Andi Burnt Sienna and the Bietighofer King agreed on while it. And then we will place it clinging for creating the texture. So let's start with the body. Andi, I'm using toe brushes. 14 cower in with clean water and another one for introducing the dollar. Now let's cover with water the area of the body off this snail. Be careful, not toe. I introduce the water into the mouse and into the ice. So I says I won't be white anymore and we will start with cadmium yellow. So let's introduce canyon. Yellow mainly should be in the middle part. Oh, here, meat Aunt here around the mouse. And now let's introduce Ah ah, while it or Kinnock Redon while it if you have this beautiful color on the same for here can occurred on while a tow introducing starting from the border. Andi Ah, In such way, it grates. Also, they say, like illusion off one. You like this. What? And also it's helps to separate one part of the body from another like these two introduced just several so that it won't be really ever seen uniform. So here we can already is the body of the snail on, uh, let's add some splay slits and let's play some sold here just on the body. And it was great. Also quite nice texture. I hope so. Allying with this Onda. Meanwhile, uh, let's ah ah moved in as a part. I I would like to ask you to have prepared the clink already. A Zawisza uh Klink. We need to place a went faster than salt So and let's start with making wit the area off shell ally thes and also have repaired your colors. Some blue, some orange could be all red, Andi purple or what? While it or can occurred on while it. Or you can choose other colors on create some other beautiful color combination. Okay, so let's start with introducing the color. I will start there with global, uh one. Ah, let's add quite concentrated color because then it was water. It will get completely, like, really clear, literally light, and it won't be noticeable. So let's introduced quite well in the color and next one I'm going to introduce Ah ah, burnt sienna. I like the combination of these two colors. They give quite interesting effect. I'm just like great inns aligns or like this here for this side. A bit more off burnt sienna, really cheerful color on also and it really concentrated. Otherwise it will disappear on it won't be noticeable on now. Let's at, uh, Kinnock Redon while it so can agreed on while it mainly I had in the lower, but so that also it will show a bit like a separation between the layers and from this site for here from decide. I see that it's too much what stuff And here it can create some dirty part itself. Move like this exists. So I was ah, actually with the kindergarten while it I'm making now more like to show the division between different layers and to create a bit more William. So that's to show also that it will be there are light areas and also there are dark areas and I will it a bit more off, um, cobalt requests so that it will be more concentrated. And now is time to read our playing I just make it with wrinkles. But it's better to make wrinkles more like flat. So don't make like this. This won't give any effect. So the wrinkles should be this way. And then we start the place. How are clean on? Let's press it really well. This way like this. It could be that the colors has go out from there. Outline. But we'll see. So here I have placed my cling on. Now we'll have to wait until it will get dry quite well. Here, the colors. And then we will be able to remove the cling on as well to get dry. Is this part this part will take, I think a bit longer on. Then we will be able to remove this sea salt and to see which effect it has created. Okay, so it seems that now is the paint is completely dry. So I will try to remove the cling, and you will see what we will get. That, uh, really, really beautiful. I really like how it has appeared. The pattern on bond. Really beautiful texture and quite nice. I like it. I hope that you also has got some really unique pattern on the shell on and looking forward to see it also lets remove. Now they're sold on. We will see what which effort has created assault. So it just also sound kind of texture. Andi, it seems nice. So I think that I'm quite happy with my snail. 9. Jellyfish in Watercolours: as the next secret you, which we're going to paint, is going to be jellyfish. For the visa, I will use the following colors Magenta, royal blue. Or also you can use, uh, ultra Marine Blue Onda. Why let, uh, work in Accra, Ghana, while it also I will use assault. So have this prepared the enter. Let's start there with under joy. That is going to be quite simple. Just half circle like this. And for here is coming This part which helps to move Jennifer slicks. Well, it's a like these. Okay, so, uh, let's angels up eyes like this. Funny once, Onda uh Then I removed obits A pencil line. So to make it quite light and a whistle. Waterproof liner. I am throwing the eyes I'm going to use to brush is one now with clean water adjusted to make Ah, Moistures is part of paper and another one to introduce as a color. And we will start their first there with, uh, covering this area with water. Just clean water on the pay attention and not toe. Ah touches this area with eyes because otherwise is the ice won't be white on like this. And the slower part. Just some some kind of moments like this, and we will start the wisdom agenda we will introduce. Or you can take any other purple color, which you have. So let's introduce in these areas. Next one is going to be blue. I'm going to use oil blue and here in the lower part introduces his blue. When it's is mixing there with a magenta, it's turning a bit in tow while it things Eastern ugly white spaces And what year? Just really, really three moments like these. And now we will add the darker accents with while it here in the lower part for here from this site Don't yeah, in this areas. And now it's timeto the really quickly assault salt. I'm going to place a in the lower part here like this and also on the legs move. So yeah, it seems that this part we have them, I just removed that extra sold, which is not necessary. And now we'll have to wait until the paint will get completely dry. And then well, we will be able to remove, sold on to see those FX there, which it has created once the pain has got dry and I have removed the salt. My jellyfish looks like this. I think that, uh, quite nice is a set efecto with salt. And, uh, I like my jellyfish. I hope that your jellyfish is also execute as money One good job. 10. Blowfish in Watercolours: our new sea creature is going to be blowfish. For this we will need cadmium yellow, um, olive green on the orange. Or I will use ah color, which is called the gin Agreed on gold Onda will need also some sold which we're going to play, sir, in this area. So prepare the color so on, let's make on the drawing. So that is really simple. Just, uh, circle on for here is going to be Here's another way A nice that we will Great. Some funny res I exists on like this and they would be looking more this weight on it will show win us down later we will place some kind of disease texture They were wear out and, uh, I will start with what? The trophy marker drawings eyes remember to leave some white areas for here in the most is going to be really funny. Blowfish, I am removing sound pencil lines on. Let's start. I'm using two brushes, one with sickling water. I will cowers a shape on another one for introducing the color. So let's start for here. So I introduced just a bitter off water in the area off What will be, uh, the Spartz and a bit more off water forces. So our blowfish is ready to get colored on. Let's start there always cadmium yellow. I am taking the color. Do you like directly from the bench? Mental? Let's introduce it for everyone. Let's have fun. Probably with scholars like these around eyes. Yeah. Another color, which we're going to introduce is olive green on. I'm start to introduce a olive green from outside towards a center. For he I introduced more in the color like this with some brush Stokes on more concentrated whole grains for he, uh, Onda Ah. What we need is more concentrated olive green to introduce in these areas. I told it exists. Is these brush strokes up? Up? I'm from the site and now it's time to add the the texture I'm using knocking Agreed on gold Also, you can use the burnt sienna And what exists? Yes, on triangles. I would say that was that burnt sienna includes but that so all around the body, these three angles my disease. So now it starts to get the William Also, I will add a bit off in a griddle. Yellow um the for you for here. And let's add the now salt. So what we're going to introduce only in this lower part of the body the great sound texture for here on. And I notice that here is missing one part off yellow. So I will covered to his yellow. Now we will have to leave our blow fisher toe, let it get dry completely, Ondas. Then we will be able to remove sea salt and to see which Dexter it has created. Also for here we can add some accents off darker color as that this Kinnock rid that is so burnt Sienna. So just in some places and in those places where you haven't placed the salt clearly because already is that are two assault you cannot touched How are blown? Fish is ready so the pain has good dry on. And now I can remove this assault like this on the Yes, you can notice the some effects about this. They Arent really strong because I think that the colors are quite light and with light colors it's not really noticeable that see sold effect. But I like my blowfish 11. Turtle in Watercolours: our next secret here is going to be turtle. So, uh, have prepared to the following color. So which we're going to use is that is, uh, cadmium yellow, olive green. Uh, ultramarine blue. A mother, Rhett and King agreed on the while it I also have prepared the base off clean, which we're going to use a fork read in the pattern on the shelf. So Glink just have prepared already on bail. Let's start there with the on the drawing that is going to be. We will start from the shelf like this or any other shape which you like. Andi, then the head on ice. My daughter is going to look in his direction on some mouth. My one is going toe smile. She's a really happy. It's a really nice sunny day. Andi. She's enjoying that. We're painting here. Care are going to be the legs another length. And for here one more and the fourth leg is just summer for there and we don't see it. I Marlys a bit smaller. So here we have our turtle. Let's start there with, uh, waterproof marker. I am making nice and the mouse like this. Then I remove some pencil lines with softer razor onda. We already let's start with legs on with head on. Then we will finish our paint in the shell. I used to brush us one for introducing the color and it was one for, uh, making wet Does a survey. So just whiskey in water and we're covering this areas, avoiding very off eyes so that not to introduce era, uh, water on Dhere in the legs probably. Let's first, let's make first this leg and then we will move to another one. So we start with cadmium yellow. Andi, I introduced quite a lot off cadmium yellow. It's quite concentrated directly from the men and for here a bit more. And the next one is going to be olive green. I also take it directly from the bandits quite concentrated color. And I'm starting to introduce it from there. The part like this, my really heavy doctor on, but also was the legs we'll hear from this site on now. Now we will let a bit off um, like this shadows for this I will use, uh what if green with a bit off ultra marine ultramarine blue. So then I will get this dark area darker color and I introduce suggest Ah, where I assume that there is a shadow just here. Oh, yeah, self made. Marvellous color that is. Olive green makes the wizard ultra marine blue on. Now let's move Dausa legs. It's one just making wet with clean water stands is what and let's introduce a color first is going to be cadmium yellow. I noticed that I have introduced really a lot off water that you can notice that it's like a paddle. So I just removing it with skin brush, my sis And again I introduced cadmium yellow in this part. Yeah, and now a bit more off olive green from outside towards the center. This for here The total is getting happier because it gets more colorful. Andi, full of life. And then I introduce a bit more off these darker where you Ah, somewhere with you, probably for here and here. And now this is the funniest part that we're going to create the pattern on the shelf For this. We will make wet Ah, this area and will use a three color so that this cadmium yellow moderate and keep the Kinnock Redon while it or you can use while it and then one. So we will introduce the color we will use clean. We will need to go make the wrinkles so also pay attention to make wrinkles this way and not like this. This won't work. It won't create any texture. And that's why I have also your gleaned here somewhere nearby. So act wide quickly on. Then let's that to make wet first there with clean water. Is this surface playing this? So try not to touch those address which have already have been already painted. So is that not to move the paint? And now let's add the color. Ah, first is cadmium yellow. Tried to make a dreaded more in the top part of the show for he, uh, like this on next one moderate. I'm also direct. Take it directly from the Ben and he are. Let's it hear more color, more concentrated color because later, when who will lead cling, the color will be removed partly by the cleaning, and it won't be so right. So that's why. Don't worry. So it's quite a lot off bright color. Yeah, And now, while it orkin occurred on a while It where introducing here it in the lower part also take quite concentrated, really beautiful God. And here, in combination with olive green. It also looks really beautiful on what they are a bit from the site. Andi have prepared already your bling. We are going to create some really nice textures. It makes the wrinkles more Ingles, you makers and the more interesting Mosaic E will get on, then starts. Let's start to place it. It's also wild lacing. You can great more and more wrinkles, wild placing that cleans. So my one, it seems like it's has bean least Andi. Then you have to press it really well, so it will get stuck on a warm more so like this on Now, we will have to wait until the pain will get dry and you will be able to remove the cling and to see which beautiful effect they will have. We cover a seat, so now patients and let's wait a while. Meanwhile, you can paint there another sea creature, so it seems that my turtle has got dry completely on. Now we can remove that Lynn and let's see what we help here a really, really beautiful, but turn on. But it gives also some William to the shell, and I really, really like it. So I hope that your turtle as well has really nice on very unique shell. Oh! 12. Octopus in Watercolours: our music creature, which we're going to paint. That is Aziz Octopus. Um, that we will need the following colors. Uh, Kobylt, Dirk Waas Uh, or you can take another Any blue which you have, um, agenda can agreed on Rose or med rose on then the Kinnock Redon while at Onda, while it also yellow for Star Onda uh, also will need their salt so have also assault nearby Let's start there with their under throwing. So here I started to with circle that is going to be the head on. Then I just remove one part off this circle I'm here is going to be the head of my oh, my Octopus So, like this and then that they said threat many legs. So feel free to create your own octopus was as many licks as you wish the shape which you like. So that is completely your fantasy and how you imagine Ah, looks like you're Huxtables on. My one is going to be quite thoughtful like this. What? I'm going to eat for dinner And one more look for here. And probably one more this way. Oof! It will get lost completely with so many Lex But you can. I mean, you can great as many lacks as you wish on, uh, the way you you would like them the to be located on. Then here we will lead eyes. Mm. Like looking forward Does it in our and here some little start just like this Onda my idea that here is going to be, like, fair. I mean, it's my imagination. Off octopus. Nall. So my one will look like this. I will remove some extra pencil lines on so that not to make them so Ah, sick. They won't spoil with the car thinking and, uh, like this. So just feel free to create any shape off octopus. Uh, you like, and then we're great. Sound funny. Dexter's. So here I started with what? A profile market. Just making the ice by this the mouth And does the star also, I will separate it like exist. Andi, I will remove more pencil lines and let's get started. Ah, first I cower with clean water. I'm going to use to brush is one for covering. Whistling. What? There's a shape and another one for introducing the color. So here, just make quit. Who is getting the water. Lange's is on Dhere. The legs so many likes lying this on before here. Perfect. Let's introduce the colors first. The which we're going to introduce is that this, uh, Kobold progressed here. That is this color which I was looking for, um, for here. I'm introducing for the whole body. This is Ah, cobalt across. Introduced quite quickly. The colors so that I the surface won't get dry. And in case it will get dragged just again. That area where you're going to introduce the color make it wet, miss clean water and keep on adding colors. I will introduce and more concentrated in some areas around ice. Yeah, on duh. Next color, which we're going to add That is going to be Magenta Orkin agreed on Rose Andi, I will lead mainly here where there is there. Like I have octopus goal. It's hell exists. And here she has some really beautiful hair style and then intellects some This puts Hi. This that here we will introduce Salter in the area off legs on Dhere. So Ah, we need to move quite quickly so that the surface sister will be still wet when we're going to introduce assault on then I am a drinking. Agreed on while it for she, uh, for he, uh, this leg. And also here, this area off from this side of it Poor here ons area off here. These all this? Um, yeah. When you hear a bit darker and, uh, occasionally I have introduce some color on the mouse and it hits like disappeared. So I remove Just was circling brush even. Just remove the color. It's clean, dry brush and, uh, a bit more for here, probably. And now we need to move quite quickly to add salt. I will it a bit more color. Sheer Guildhall here it just like tryingto make some also darker accents. And this will create the illusion off, will you? So for here I am introducing the sold in this area and on the licks. I think that it's there some special word for the legs off octopus. And but unfortunately, I don't remember it. So that's why I call these legs. So I exist. So I think enough. Ah, enough salt. Onda. Uh, now we will have to wait. Teoh. Everything will get. Dr. Andre will be able to remove this old and to see the effects which exasperated and we'll finish painting is a start. I will paint it yellow. You can choose any color which you like. Like this on dso our kid octopuses Ready? OK, so it seems like it does go dry already is a paint. So let's remove the salt. So here is my octopus really beautiful. The only thing that I would say that I have placed a sold a bit too late, so the effects aren't really strong, but it gives so some kind off texture and quite nice effect. If you haven't got any texture from salt so it means that probably you have placed it already too late or me too early when it was too much. Ah, like water. But in this case, I think it was too late on to just try again on duh for sure. Some moment you will manage to create this beautiful pictures with salt 13. Whale in Watercolours: Now we're going to paint whale. Ah, for this will need the following colors turquoise, cobalt across ultra marine blue while it on and India. So just to prepare some similar colors which you have Onda, we will start with the under join Also prepare salt will need salt. I'm going to use six fine sea salt that is going to be quite easy. So that was just more or less circle shape. I will take it for here and then the Dale Yes, doesn't like this. And my whale also will be from here There would be some of what They're like this and let's a make dice. Mm. So I said like this You can create any whale on its up completely up to your imagination. And I will show one the colors and the Dexter's, which you can create. But I'm sure that everyone will get their own whale and all whales generally also, creatures are going to be really beautiful, heavy and full of J Ah, with ah water, bro. Far marker I am. And in his eyes the mouse. And then remove some pencil lines. And we will start there with Eddie in car and Now let's start there with ah painting, I will use toe brushes 10 for clean water toe. Make them proces area off the whale and another one for introducing the color. So just whiskey in water. We are making wet disease the shape of whale. Be attentive, no door make with the area off ice so that we need believes. And white and oil painting two parts first the body and then separately will bake the thes off water. Yeah, I will it. So my whale is almost went already on and is ready to swim and we will start a with circle built a glass or any other light blue, which you have for here. Yeah, let's introduce a color quite quickly because the water and gets dry is and the next color is going to be ultra marine blue. Tell and let's start doing it. He earns a tale for here and now let's said while it just enjoy the process, that is the most important thing. Andi, paint the whales away. You see the way you imagine. So all whales are going to be different but really lovely and cheerful and hippie. So just enjoy the process. So I made in as a color. Mainly, like from the outer side and trying to live were light areas in the middle. But it's it just your imagination. And now we will introduce the doctors, uh, color that is going to be here in the lower part on uh um, here and but before let's add a bit more off ultramarine blue in the top part off the tail , more concentrated just in the top part of the dale. Yeah, and now indigo, the darkest color. Will it here? It's a very bottom. Yeah, but just a bit. Not too much. And now it's time to insult. I'm going to had sold here in the bottom. You're really nice. And then also, I will place here on the top part off their tail that it will grate also their effect or off drops off sea water or some kind of nice texture. So that's it on? No, probably I have introduced salt too early. Let's add a bit more sold for this area. And now let's move toe this part for this we're going to use, uh, global waas end of primary in blue, or you can choose any light blue color on, uh, a bit dark And first that we will make wins. This area also have preferred Uh, the salt will place it here in the top part and this part up you can see that it's already has introduced some water My, this and let's at the global dark Waas Just a bids like this mainly in the top part And then a bit off ultra marine blue also in the park. Oh yeah, current legacies so more or less like this. And then now let's place in salt on the top. Apps like this just the top area. Remove some express, hold different tests full and and now it's is their most complicated. But the way to do it will get dry in order to be able to see all those efforts which it has created. But here already you can notice, is that sold started the great really beautiful effect. And it looks really nice. Ah, ones of Angers got dry. I have removed solder on Dhere. How looks my whale with this really beautiful textures on sold FX. I hope that you have enjoyed the process. Good job 14. Walrus in Watercolours: now let's bathe in the world, Rose. Our first, um, let's prepare the colors which we're going to use. I will use the following colors. That is, um Global Turk waas on. Then I will use a blue which is called the Royal Blue while it and also I will use indigo. So prepare some similar colors. Or maybe you Medusa as once Onda also have us Isolde. Prevent. Let's start there with on the drawing that is going to be like dish Maybe a bit wider Here . I will make him there. Feet. Hi. This here will be second Burke and for here will be Was there like back feet? Mm. Or maybe like this. And here we will make some funny ice out of this. And here this kind of moustache and I will make some funny hairstyle so that it won't be so boring. Let's remove a bit Pencil lines With what? The bro for liner. I'm making eyes first. Like these really big guys. No. And now we will remove better the pencil lines so that they won't be so remarkable here, Onda, Uh, also, let's make with, um lying there is this areas this so uh, I'm going to use the brush is one for clean water to cower. Uh, this areas with water to make them them andan other Arab Russia for introducing the color. So quite quickly we are making with this area be attentive, not toe. Ah, at any water in the area, off ice and off tasks. So like this on this part Also keep an eye so that if one off the parter will get dry, just make it with again. But make it went before introducing the color to this independent. So, Andi, I will start the with the cobalt requests so juicy and you lied blue, which you have and you will start to introduce it. Maybe funny hairstyle like these here and then the backside as well Power. Quite well. This is going to be like the light part, Carol. So we can have but not a lot, because thes areas, we will make them darker from the beginning. So you have on now let's introduce Ah, um I will use Ah royal blue. That is a bit different. Uh, that is a mixture off while it and that is a mixture off while it on blue until drama in blue and also white. So these you can add the other colors as well. So as a different blues. Or maybe you're one is going to be pinkish. I don't know. Just try different colors the use those colors which you like. Then for sure you will get something really beautiful like this. And now I will introduce a, um while it in their dark areas, for example, For here I will started to edit from the lower part. Ongoing upper. Why this? Ah, here. It's going to be this way que also more in the lower part and a bit more off while it for you. This part is starting to get dry, so we need to move quite quickly. Maybe the off Here's Yeah. Now if it looks much more beautiful and here is this some kind off moustache? Let's say this the darker parts for thes yeah, girl you like, I think that will exist. And now we will introduces the darkest their color that is indigo. Or you can use a some black mixed a wizard ultramarine blue. So that is like some lines to show the William I remember hearing the lower part for here. Here, some more lines separating. So introducing now the darkest color in order to create this illusion off William. All right. I think we already done. Yep. And hell is introduced several lines. Now he looks really cute. And now we need to move quite quickly and do it the sound sea salt. I'm going to add sea salt in this part where there is mustache, so that let's see which kind off effect it will grate just this line. So here this line, I'm agency Salt. And here in the lowest part. Well, it's it, Andi, for here, Just in some areas. Alexis. Yeah? Yep. So I am ready with my walrus. Now we will have to wait a little bit dry completely the paint on does. Then we will be able to remove was a soldier and to see which affects it has. Great. Ah, that how looks my welder. So once I have removed the assault. So really interesting. This effects on really pretty guy. So what about your one 15. Final Thoughts: Thank you for watching my glass. I hope you have enjoyed painting with me. If you like the glass, please leave a review letting me know which. See animal was your favorite one. Police upload your project as a class project gallery. I'm eager to see what you have created. If you're going to share your art worker on since the ground, please take me so that I could see it. If you feel like upon painting, you can check my other classes on skill share. Meanwhile, keep on creating and see you in my next class. Bye.