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Watercolor Recipe card

teacher avatar Ayesha Ansari, Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Project Recipe

    • 4. Elements to sketch

    • 5. Rough Draft

    • 6. Adding Watercolor (Layout 1)

    • 7. Labels and Instructions

    • 8. Final touches

    • 9. Ink n watercolor (layout 2)

    • 10. Final thoughts and Goodbye

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About This Class

Welcome to my class!

In this class you will learn how to illustrate your favorite recipes in a very fun way , using watercolor illustrations.I will explain to you in detail about how to place your elements and show you every step until the final touches.  The result is a really yummy looking recipe card which make a perfect art piece for the heart of your home!

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Ayesha Ansari



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Watercolors Fine Art Creative

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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome to my class. My name is Asian. Sorry. And in this fun filled class, I'm going to take you through the steps off making a really eye catchy and younger looking watercolor recipe card. I'm going to give you lots of tips and help you illustrate your favorite recipe. So let's start the glasses. 2. Supplies: for the supplies, we will need watercolor paints. I'm going to be using the gun sight on be watercolor set that I have on my pocket. Or Winsor and Newton set. These are just little tubes that I squeeze into a little, um, ballot. And I like to use the Ph. Martin Doctor ph Martin leakproof white for any mistakes or D. Jailing on anything like that has just been quite inc for the brushes. I will be using mainly ah, round brushes, but, like, really small sizes the 10 ones, um, to size 0 to 4, and I held to have the Blackwell read Russian size. For after this, we need a pilot for mixing color jar of water, and I'm going to be using the pig. Mom. Migron bends in size one and five to outline, and then I have a brush. Men went a few touch brush men in black for the watercolor paper. I like to use cans and excel watercolor paper, which is, um, 1 £40. This is a great weight, and this paper is, um, excellent for water. 3. Project Recipe: for the project, we will be making, um ah, watercolor recipe card, something like this that I have already done. I wanted to show you some of the which I have already made these air for joy donors, which are a family favorite on. Do you see how I have illustrated? The whole recipe in watercolor is just great for hanging and kitchens or just for gifting. It's I'm a really fun idea. Ah, I did one for carrot cake as well, just little illustrations to show the recipe as it goes. And then I have made one more for, um, Delbene averages like a Middle Eastern dish, usually eaten for breakfast, made out of barley and milk and honey to feeding. So this air, just some of my family favorite recipes that I've illustrated. You can choose any recipe that is your family favorite or anything that you would particularly like. But I have chosen Lemon Dar's for um, this classes project, so let's get started 4. Elements to sketch: the recipe that I have chosen has too much. Should you say components? When is the lemon curd and other is the tart shell? So I'm going to just list ingredients that I'm going to need to illustrate for the lemon curd, then green that I'm going to show on my watercolor sheet. I'm going to list them down on DA. Then I'm going to list the ingredients for the torture that I would like to show on my recipe card. That done, I'm going to make rough sketches off What Mind Begins are going to look like. So for sugar, it could look like a little, um, bag of sugar are, you know, a little part of sugar like I have done in this recipe here, just a little vintage port of sugar. However, you would like to show if you want to show like a small bag or a brown paper bag. But however you have sugar in your house, maybe cubes. Ah, and then, ah, other ingredients. I have gotten my table just to see the color and shape. This is an egg. I mean, this is normal, but you could just use them to ah, Phil Carroll, maybe get the right shades. This is border is gonna be a dangler cube. But if you would like, you can show small cubes off part as well in a ball. Well, if you want to show, you can show it like this in a block and no stick. Ah, for sure. I need lemons. So this is just going to be simple Lemons, Cornstarch? I didn't know. So I just picked the construct from my cupboard, and then I'm going to show it in. Ah, simple yellow and blue box. You can go from a couple of different angles, just toe pick and choose which one looks best. So I'm going to I just do the one from the side, and this one is going to be from the front for the flower. Um, I have a box at home, but you can sure it in the form of a jar, a glass jar. But they're just little lead on it, or a box. Or however you like the store are born in the state flower. You could just use little tax. The shortest. Florida doesn't really have to be perfect. This is how I have illustrated flower in my earlier illustrations, Um, for sold. I'm just going to make a small box of sold. It's just simple cylindrical with a little about in the dark for borders is going to be the same, just like how I made it for the lemon girl. You could make it in the butter dish. Can get fancy with it, committing a plate or anything. Sugar. I'm going to do the same. And for the eggs as well. Ah, moving on. Now you see the other things that I need, illustrator. Maybe Saucepan. I want to show he'd some bowls you need to beat. It means you need a Beecher for it. Um, so I'm gonna nor those things down, and I'm gonna make smile illustrations for them. Just rough sketches right now. Um, for heat, I have chosen to show an induction plate all the things that you would need other than your ingredients. Just going to join all of them down again. I'm going to draw some simple sketches off all the other things that are required other than the Indians. That is like a saucepan induction, frayed, born, etcetera. I'm just going to be really simple lines, Norman perfect. Just rectangular shapes. These are just sketches going to do our fair work on the watercolor sheet. So I was going to make these. I'm going to show all of them. So you get an idea because he's a really common utensils. Uh, the waste can spoon ball, etcetera. So just a couple of ways to make this making a difficult primal for make a flat circular disk on the top than are the curves. And then there is the line that I'm just going to add single line straight lines on board the site to give it the pie more look. Ah, for heavy cream. I'm just making this simple box on a bowl of whipped cream is gonna look like this Really simple. I decided to give the fleas are a little bit more three dimensional. Look, um, this is going to look Ah, better. More like freezes for my kitchen. It This is for the mixer. I'm going to make a simple kitchen aid mixer illustration. Very simple lines, not obsessing over the details. Just the simple outlines and the living attachment for sure. That's it. Easy peasy. 5. Rough Draft: once I'm done with my rough sketches I'm going to use on, um what a four size sheet. Teoh, Decide my layout. So I'm just starting with my final by, um, in the middle of the sheet andan the name off my dessert, the recipe on abandoned. And then I want to for this loud, I'm deciding that I want to, um, label my different components and draw them separately. I'm just going to just make but, uh, drawings original because I want to see first, I'm gonna make a couple of them and then decide which one, um, is going do be the final one. So this now is more divided Onda labeled. So it goes like from one step to the other. This is my second load, and I have decided to make the banner on the top of the sheet. Um, the name of the recipe, Andi, This way. This is going to be more, um actually see loose. It's just, um I'm going toe number the steps. So this is going to be all over the sheet nor divided like in part of your sections and then going really quick over my drawings again. So I'm just going to use mostly the same illustration that I have made. Just a couple of difference here and there. And you can truly choose where you want to place your drawings. I decided to please my finally start on the side of the sheet and I have numbered everything. Now I'm going to draw the first lay out on the water cooler sheet. So I decided that I'm wonder, Do both of them the force and I'm going to do in just watercolor. And the 2nd 1 I would like to use ink and watercolor since I like both. 6. Adding Watercolor (Layout 1): First Lord, I'm going to start using some yellow for my banner and using two different yellow colors. Um, brighter one on a list, slightly dark yellow. You can, in fact, use any color that one. But since it's the lemon dart, I'm deciding on using some yellow and some mustard colored on decides just to give it a little bit more depth. How I'm adding lighter sheets and then is dropping in darker colors to give it a little bit more dimension for the breakers. I'm going to use a lighter value off brown and then just add a darker shade. And then, um, just with a dark brown, I'm going to go in with lines to give off a pasty crest. I decided to use alert for the kitchen. It makes urges to make it look like a kitchen. Aid mixers usually is shown as red, and it's just going to be like a pop off color. My saucepan. Notice how I'm leaving some specks of white just to make it look more metallic and show that light is falling from that side. So it's reflecting on that portion and then add different shades of the same brown for the lemon. I'm going to add a doctor, shoot on the bottom, and then I was going to go over Ah, and sure that I'm going to use the lemon zest. So it is just a little greater that I just outlined with some black for the butters and you're using just a yellow Fill it up with color. And once it's dry, you can go over with the darker shade off yellow over the lines, a brown bag off sugar. You can always wait for the true joy so that the edges are crisp. Andi, give that three dimensional look. You can play with any kind of colors you want. You could make this all spun. Um, look, Ah, what Stainless steel make it agree? Percent. This is going to be a little bit more contrast with the black induction heater that I have used. I'm going to make it look like a copper wrestle. This is a glass jar off Larson. I'm just using really lightship off, agree. And I think I mentioned with a little bit of blue the same people bad Look for the bag of sugar, for the beauty of it is going to use my signal, my grown men and then the same, um, it is gonna drop in some water and a little bit of blue to give it the glass. Look the box of corn floor, which for the D, a little dry of the reservoir and bleed. You can pick color wherever you want to show that the light is falling and add some darker . He was on the edges just to give it a little bit more depth. The front of the freezer I decided to use our dog racheted once it's driving, is going to go in with the lighter color and Phil in the front of the fridge and when there's them with that in the handles, this is the rule or door on the chopping board to give a good effect, just filling with different use off brown and then a slightly lighter color for my door. Since everything is damn gonna add very little color on my icing just to balance some color . Since we heard on the top right Ah, kitchen mixer in dread, I decided to use red on the bottom here for my bowl and the weapon dream. This is the by mold. So we have a lot of great going on. And then yellow and dread Make sure you're painting looks balance with all the colors. I'm not concentrating on one particular side. Everything is complete. I am going to add some basil swatches just to label the different, um, companies that I have painted separately from just dipping in with some mend and some our turquoise blue When reading for that to drink and just finish up, Um, and I had the finishing touches. I decided to add a little butter dish. Next listen, we're going to start labeling everything. 7. Labels and Instructions: with the watercolor part we starting getting. So I start by drawing all the arrows that require that to show that the specific ingredients going the specific bull are, um, the saucepan. And then I just mark how it's going to be step by step, like after the door is made in the, um is mixed, it's put in the freezer. Then it goes and it's rolled out, and then it goes into the primal. So just simple arrows. And then I just finish off all drinking, basically, just labeling everything in the final details to show there's some cover my butter and just things like that. After you're done, adding all the labels, you can, um, go ahead and ah, but I do headings into the lemon curd. I used a brush man for this. I just wanted to stand out. There are no rules for making these. You can just have fun and, uh, put in however you imagine it. It's just really fun in the end is just going to look gorgeous and yummy. Now, I started by writing all the instructions on the, um, amount required wherever around all the ingredients. You can just make this real short. If you find any extra spaces, you can just fill up with little more instructions. But this is just, ah, little bit. Did you write? I like to write around the ingredients and ah, you can just, if you would like you could decided and point on the side are just below. Well, I like the look of this. After this is done in the next class, I'm going to just fill in all the extra spaces and after final touches. 8. Final touches: I love adding splatter around my water cooler pieces. It just makes it more fun and lose. Um, I like the look of her. So I decided, are some yellow spatter around the banner, mostly, And then just some empty spaces. Then I would using my bleed proof white or any opaque white acrylic y that you have. I want to clear up and make some crisp edges or any mistakes that I have done. Um, mostly just fix any little things. And then once that's done, I decide to make little leaves, um, around the hole peace because I just find that there are a lot of white spaces. So I just fill it up with leaves. You could, ah, finish it here. Or you could just go where the night and even element that you want, maybe lemons or, um, more splatter. If you wish leaves or anything like that, I'm going to add some detail to my leaves with some Wayne's, just to give it a little bit more definition, Andi, I'm gonna then add a little bit more, um, color to my icing on the tart, um, to give it some depth and then we're done 9. Ink n watercolor (layout 2): like both my layout. I decided to do this one in ink and watercolor. So basically, I'm just going to first draw how I had decided my layout. And then I'm going to outline using my pig mom micron waterproof ink pens inside. 05 I'm going to basically our line. All of my illustration Once that's done, I used my brushes in sizes two and zero, and I just go in and fill up using different Don's off the same color, just like how I did in the first, um, layout. But then it just going to be easier to give dimension in this piece because it's already, um, outlined in black. It is just a different way off illustrating your recipes. There is no one particular way to do it. You can do it in any way that you would like. Ah, I just wanted to show you a different radiation, so I try to use some ink in this one. Once I finish with watercolor, I'm just going to start thinking the whole thing. I'm gonna start labeling and adding arrows. Um, just a show which engages going which part and then just label everything flower gone flour , butter, sugar, everything. And then, uhm I'm going toe, um use a brush, Ben, do you add in the title to my Spanish and then I'm gonna add all the rest of the instructions that's done. I'm going to number all those steps because this whole thing is all over the place. So adding numbers just helps with which goes after, which, After that, I'm just going to, um So I'm going to pull out some color using some water and a little bit off the same sheet off color just to give it a little smudged or lose kind of look, Then I'm going to just add some ah watercolor splatter. Just you could do anything in the other eye. In the other layout, I added some leaves and splatter in this. I just wanna pull out some color. It looks like a little shadow. And just but Ennio watercolor feel to it 10. Final thoughts and Goodbye: congratulations. You have no successfully illustrated your favorite recipe in watercolor. I hope you enjoyed every benefit and thank you so much for taking my class piece to check on my other classes, which are on watercolor backgrounds and also one on mourn floral elements.