Watercolor Rainbow Pattern for Your Sketchbook: Snacks Edition (Cupcake, Donut, Ice Cream, Lollipop)

Volta Voloshin-Smith, Watercolor Illustrator and Artist

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12 Videos (36m)
    • Introduction

    • Recommended Supplies

    • A Quick Reminder - Download of Line Drawings

    • How to Sketch a Cupcake

    • Watercolor Rainbow Pattern: Cupcakes

    • How to Sketch a Lollipop

    • Watercolor Rainbow Pattern: Lollipop

    • How to Sketch an Ice Cream Cone

    • Watercolor Rainbow Pattern: Ice Cream

    • How to Sketch a Donut

    • Watercolor Rainbow Pattern: Donuts

    • Bonus: How to use your rainbow patterns beyond your sketchbook


About This Class

In this class, students will learn how to bring a happy and delicious watercolor rainbow sketch into their sketchbooks.

We’ll go through techniques on how to sketch out 4 different watercolor snacks:

  • Watercolor Donut
  • Watercolor Cupcake
  • Watercolor Lollipop
  • Watercolor Ice Cream Cone (you may also enjoy my other Watercolor Ice Creams class).

After sketching each individual illustration in your sketchbook, you'll  then be able apply those techniques into a repeating rainbow pattern with watercolors of different colors.

This class is great for anyone who wants to play with colorful watercolors and even beginners (or non-artists) will be able to enjoy it. An illustrated worksheet will be provided in case you want to trace the shapes and just dive right into playing with your watercolors and sketchbook.


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Thank you for this visually delicious class Volta! :) I had loads of fun!
Tânia Brochado

discovery, adventure, experimentation

Beautiful, colorful and fun class, thank you, Volta! All your classes are so joyful!
Irina Trzaskos

Watercolor Artist & Illustrator

Thank you for a fun colourful class. More foodie classes please. They are a pleasure to watch and paint along with!





Volta Voloshin-Smith

Watercolor Illustrator and Artist


I'm Volta, the artist behind the colorsnack.com blog, and a self-proclaimed Taco & Art Evangelist.

I'm originally from Moldova, but currently live in Dallas, Texas with my husband and cat.

Watercolors are my favorite art medium and I will never grow tired of trying to convince you that you need some for your soul :).

So I'm excited to create these classes to get you in the mood for some watercolors.

Let's fill that sketchbook up with something ha...

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