Watercolor Portraits - Dynamic Atmosphere and Whimsical Skin Tones

Arleesha Yetzer, Watercolor Illustrator & YouTube Artist

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8 Videos (26m)
    • Introduction

    • Materials

    • Mixing Skin Tones

    • Creating Color Palettes

    • Value Thumbnail Sketches

    • Sketching and Creating Mood

    • Building Contrast

    • Finishing Touches

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About This Class

The watercolor portrait can be a beautiful, expressive thing. In this class, I'm going to show you a few different techniques for mixing skin tones, how to create cohesive color palettes, and take you through all the steps I enjoy when preparing and creating loose, colorful watercolor portraits. 

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It was a nice refresher for me, and fun to watch how other tackle my most favorite medium - watercolor <3
Weronika Salach

Art with MAGIC

I enjoyed watching your process and hearing your explanation of why you did things in a certain order or way.
I learned a lot through this course! skin tones with primary colors, but I also learned a new way of sketching faces, only using light en shadows before even having to draw a face. i love it. Thank you Arleesha!





Arleesha Yetzer

Watercolor Illustrator & YouTube Artist

Arleesha is a watercolor artist and YouTube creator based in the northeastern United States. Her work primarily features dynamic and whimsical representations of the human figure. Primary professional endeavors include her budding YouTube channel with a current subscriber community of over 30 thousand as well as this growing library of Skillshare classes!

Here, you'll find classes on anatomy, figure drawing, and watercolor techniques - all directed to help you improve your port...

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