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Watercolor Planted pots - Step by Step

teacher avatar Viddhi Saschit, Limitless Art | Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introducion

    • 2. Materials required

    • 3. color mixing

    • 4. Painting Pots - part one

    • 5. Painting Pots - part two

    • 6. Detailing the Pots

    • 7. Painting plants - part one

    • 8. Painting plants - part two

    • 9. Conlusion and final thoughts

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About This Class

Planted pots are very popular these days in watercolors and in this class I would be teaching 20 variety of planted pots - STEP by STEP . Its a fun and easy watercolor class  including various tips and techniques that you can use for any other type of watercolor painting.This class is structured for everyone at all SKILL level . 

In the first half we would learn to paint pots and then the second half we would learn to paint plants . Also added a BONUS color mixing class . Lets get started . 

Also if you like this class, I would appreciate  you to leave a review which will help this class reach more students.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viddhi Saschit

Limitless Art | Watercolor Artist



Hey there,so good to see you here! I am Viddhi Saschit known on Instagram as Limitless Art . I am a passionate artist,instructor and an entrepreneur based in southern part of India . I love working and exploring different art mediums but I have been hooked to watercolors more than a year now. 

Since early childhood I have loved to draw and paint and I unconsciously developed a deep interest for art. However it wasn't until the short break after graduation in architecture that I took to brushes and paints once again and realized a hidden artist within. I spent months practicing and exploring before I realized that art was truly a possibility for my life's work. I have written a blog post about my entire journey on how I ended up being a full time artis... See full profile

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1. Introducion: - Hi , everyone. This is me with ease from limitless. I am a wooden gun artist based in India. This is my second school check last and these. Plus I'm gonna teach you how to paint beautiful planted parts in the first half of the class and teach you how to paint foot step by step. And in the second half, off the class I would teach how to be overnight. He off plants for all the parts that we think this class is structured for everyone at any skill level. So even if you're a complete beginner, you are eligible to take this class. By the end of the class, you will have a beach filled with reality off planted bots. Come, let's get started and beans along there. 2. Materials required : Now let's look into the materials required for today's lesson. You need to have some watercolors for this lesson. You can take any brand that you have with you that there's no specific brand, that we would be using food to these class. But let me tell you, I'll be using my set off free muffins and the next is said off wrong watercolor brushes inside six and size to I'm using my Princeton head of jail brushes for today's class. You would also need some watercolor papers, but released last one would be for the fair. The final picture, which will do and one would be for color mixing lesson. I would start the studio, take off people, which is cold pressed and 300 treason. The people can be off any brand that you have. I'll be using some Qadi papers for today's class and then a set off paper double and a glass jar friend with clear water. And besides all this, your also need a mixing palette. Usually water collecting boxes comes with a space where you can mix your colors, but just in case, if you don't have, you can grab a ceramic. You know played where you can mix colors. So he said, only materials which we would required for today's class. Let's look into the next lesson, which would contain some column it single listen. 3. color mixing: Now, after clapping all materials, we will look into some color mixing before we start painting puts thesis other five colors , which I would be using to makes very brown and green colors. Column Mixing is very important in police class because it is the key to make you painting look more attractive and empress. So let's get started. I have always watched the bond humble. Next a mixing some carry him yellow to the bone tumble to make a different color off brown , which is a little lighter. No, I'm gonna add a bit off cadmium break the same makes and you see how we get a round, which is reddish almost like a brick. Same makes. I'm adding a bit off more cadmium red and phone number in the same quantity. And you see we get a little bit off Darko brown to the bone tumble. I'm adding next a bit off ultramarine blue, which would give a PSA brown, which is more chocolatey. Uh, I tried to really do colors in different proportions to get a range of colors, the same mix which I did with one number and ultramarine blue. I added a bit of cadmium breath, and you see how the brown is different than the previous one. So we have got a range of brown colors just by mixing four Kyllo's. No, because I stupid off cadmium red and sub cream to the first makes which we need. This would be a different shade of brown, which look more to the state. Makes I added a bit of ultimate. These are just a handful off brown's that I mixed with these limited colors, but you can always really and try mixing with other colors, too. Next we would learn mixing some greens. I'm watching the submarine color or here. Now I'm taking off a little bit off sub green and mixing it with cadmium yellow. This would give us a green, which is leafy green or lime green. Next for different shade of green. I'm gonna makes a little bit off ultramarine blue to the same previous mix. This would give us a little bit off Dhaka green. Remember, if you makes darker colors like blue and brown, you would get darker shade to get even more darker Shade of green. I'm adding a bit off oppression blue, which is darker than ultramarine blue This would give us a darker green than the previous one to the doctor. The colors, the darker shades. Who would get that the same? Make some adding a bit off sap green on ultramarine blue, but this time in a different proportion and adding a bit off cadmium yellow. So it's a mixed off three colors and you see the greenest different than all the four greens which we painted before the next. I'm adding a bit off burnt number two the same mix before, which would give a some more different and duffel green something like olive green next on adding a bit off sub green to the previous makes, which would give us a slightly different green than all the previous clean. I'm trying to add a bit off cadmium yellow to get a different shade of green way have got variety off greens and browns. You can see in this picture that I painted all the lead that how I really with different shades of greens and browns, which actually heads and making month painting look more attractive. I have tried to make this color mixing lesson a very simple one, but if you really wanted to know in a very detailed way, I would highly recommend you to dates class, where mixing greens is thought in a very detailed manner and you would be able to learn about you, Kromah and so many other different things in color mixing. 4. Painting Pots - part one : in this lesson, we would be painting the 1st 2 rows of spots. I would be teaching how to clean towards stability without using any fences. First, I only start beginning to pain with the simple line stroke like this. It makes you easy to understand the proportion off the court that you want to be and then with the light is shed being the boredom with the board, you can draw on our plane like this. Like how you would do with a pencil and then quickly fill it inside before the outline price. You can make any adjustments to the board while it is, too. The second board, which I'm gonna paint, is going to be very similar to the 1st 1 painted. But I'm gonna paint it in different color and make it a little shorter than the 1st 1 I have painted a blue line stroke and then wash it off Clearwater and make it look transparent and from the bottom. I'm adding a little bit off violet color when it is still so this gives a beautiful blending off to Congo's. The 3rd 1 would also be painted in a similar way, but I'm going to read you with the sights of Here's a ready small chip for you. When you really with different colors and the same shape off part in different proportions , it would make it look different from each other. So you don't have to worry about painting the same shape off part every time you see how all three look different, even though they are very similar to each other in shape. Next week, 13 alone for import. I'm growing the same line struck again, and then I would outline the bottom off the court. You may not get the exact ship off the ground for when you do directly with being, so make sure that you do a little quickly and you can make some adjustments and corrections . When it is still next, I'm gonna beat apart, which is much more shorter than the first way have painted. No, Now let's movinto painting the next row off parts before we start painting in the second row, make sure that little gap between for us to paint our plans. I'm starting to paint the first part on this throw with the same lines drug again and then adding more line strokes like this by leaving gap in between while I'm painting, I'm also imagining the shape off the port I want and shortening every line stroke that I've been next one sit around port import again. But this time it's going to be more round at the bottom. I said before you see how breathing a little shape at the bottom of the pot makes it look defending the previous one retreated on the first row for the next part of slightly tried to be creative for the change. I'm gonna being both the edges off the port by leaving the center gap empty. Uh, after them done painting, I'm gonna add a different color in the center. While painting the center, make sure that both sides are Dr Charles. The color will bleed into the center and it would make it look more money. The next one I'm gonna feed. It's a very simple square shape, amusing to shades of blue, darker and lighter to give more harm classed and color to this part. And the next one is going to be very, very similar to the 1st 1 repainted. But just that I'm gonna in was the colors used doing this will also make it look different than the 1st 1 even though it's ready similar. I feel by the end of this class you would be feeling more confident on painting Ford's privately with being brush. Now let's move into the next lesson. Baby would learn how to paint the next to rose off parts. 5. Painting Pots - part two: Before we start painting the next room, it's sure to leave some gap again. I am being tingle Gove line stroke like this and then painting the bottom shot and drowned , as I mentioned previously. Also, that reading a little bit in the shape on the size of the park would make it look different than each other, even though at this same wrong court next, I'm painting a square port. Um, putting all the random colors for this. You can choose your own colors and do it however you want. I'm just replicating whatever I have done previously as a sample. Crogers. The next is one of my favorite parts to pain. Always. I often paint this in my open landscape where I mean those and windows. This is painted in the similar V as we painted the second part, but just that I'm gonna paint with one color, adding a bit off more brown on the edges to bring Agreed in. Look in this the next one this around port again. So this one, you tryto Brady by giving a different size the next ISS Freddie. Simple one. All you need to do is paint a wider line stroke like this in three different colors. You can choose any colors that you want for this. Now let's mourn to the last true off parts. The 1st 1 in the last row is a bucket. But for this we would just paint a base, which is like a bar. And then I'd be tales which would make it look like a bucket. In the end, the next one is in the shape off about which would be more round at the bottom. - The next one, we would faint apart in the shape off a job which would be short at the top, a little wider at the center and shot again at the bottom. I'm just trying to adjust the shape off the job when it is still very the second last one. We would be it really similar to the one on the second row over here. But this time we're just gonna ready with the line strokes in this. And the last one is in the shape off of us, which is ready, narrow at the top and fighter at the bottom. Now we are done painting with the parts, and that's movinto detailing them in the next lesson. 6. Detailing the Pots: in this lesson, we would learn how to add details and textures to the painted pots. So first I'm going to start adding some please underneath the ports or some stance. - You can also use a small size brush for detail ing buck. Next, we would start adding some final needles on the boats. It could be simple lines or any design that you'd like to have on it, minding some dots on this part which would give some picture, do it, painting the similar one on this sport. Also, I really love how all these tiny needles makes a difference in the painting. I'm painting some random Chris Carlos de bills on this part. Over here, you can feel free to do any design that you like. Not necessarily. You need to repeat the same what I've done for the part. Besides it, I'm gonna add little floral elements to give some vintage Look to it. The strokes in this doesn't have to be ready. Perfect can just be very land, um, lines which were represent Florence and leaves for this for someone or you. I would like to paint a handle which would make it look like a bucket. After painting the handle, I'm adding some small highlights like this, which would bring a little texture. Madding someone D deals with just simple lines to it, which would make the parts look implicit. And for the last one, I'm just starting some polka dots to it. If you closely observe again, I haven't added deals toe all the pots. That is because I wanted a few to be very simple and few to have some leaders and pictures on it, which would make the entire piece look ready. Interesting. In the next lesson, we would now learn how to add plans to these. 7. Painting plants - part one : Thank you for the first part or you. I'm gonna be long leaves like these the mambo to radio with different shades off green for this one and also try to paint lease in different directions for the next part. I'm gonna add some floors to it. For that, I'm painting some very simple and random flubber. Strokes like these did not be perfect. Strokes place them all bearings randomly and in between. At some greens, - the next is also flow plan. But this time I'm gonna keep it little more longer with more branches. After painting these branches, I'm going to start detailing them. For some floaters like these, you can use a smaller brush to do these small details. It's easier to handle these strokes with a smaller brush. Try keeping the minimal rather or doing it because the minimal it is, it would look more elegant for the next one. We would paint some grasses for that. Start painting thin line strokes and different directions and radio with sizes. Also, like in the centre, meet the grass, look little more taller on in the sides. Little more shorter. You can also really with different shades of green and this Now, for the next one, I'm gonna paint a couple of branches with smaller lease for the next one. We would think bigger leads without showing any branches or stems. Keep painting leaves in different directions. Next one is going to be very similar to the 2nd 1 that they're painted above. But just that I'm keeping my Florence scoops up forward and not all around, which would make them look like tulips. Now, painting some greens in between the gaps for the next one, we would paint something like a small bush to start with. I'm just adding simple strokes off Dhaka green and then, with the light of sheared off clean trying to paint the shape off the bush. Once I'm happy with it, I'm gonna add more darker colors to it. But the next part I'm gonna be very simply lunch. And for the next people think off plan with more branches again, something like the 3rd 1 which repainted after we're done painting plants for the first tour off the part, we will now add some feed deals to the plans that we've seen for this one. I'm taking a doctor shoot of green and just beating on one side of belief and also adding some highlights to this bush that we painted earlier. Now let's move on to the part two off painting plants. 8. Painting plants - part two : in this lesson. You pain plants for the next two rows of painting, some flus and yellow andric find the three easy toe add flow goes first and then being the green party for the next one out Pain some simple capitalists. For the next one, I'm painting simple grasses like this. This is one of my favorite part pain. When I'm doing my open landscape for the next one, I would think me branch is separate. Painting some simple strokes like this for the next one. I'm painting something similar to the ones I plans. No, for this one on the last True, I'm painting similar Florence and leaves like I painted before I chose to paint Florence and blue color, which would bring in some contracts for the bucket here for this ball shape part, I'm gonna paint long leads like this. Okay? - And painting more needs for the next one to, but I'm reading with the leaf shape and size in this one. - I'm giving some highlights. The green color on the painted plans and that's it. We're done painting 20 beautiful planted parts 9. Conlusion and final thoughts : Thank you for watching my class. I really hope that you enjoy painting along with me a page full off beautiful planted parts . Also, if you really enjoyed my class, don't forget toe idea project in the class project so I can take a look at what you have painted. Here are a few examples off open illustration. Where are painted these planted ports? Because illustrations are part off mine 2019 calendar. I will be releasing this calendar very soon in November. So if you like to buy, you can check on my website on my instagram page. Thank you so much for watching again. See you in my next class.