Watercolor Picnic Basket: Easy and Fun Watercolor Project | Irina Trzaskos | Skillshare

Watercolor Picnic Basket: Easy and Fun Watercolor Project

Irina Trzaskos, Watercolor Artist & Illustrator

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6 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction

    • Supplies & Colors

    • Drawing a Picnic Basket

    • Painting the First Layer

    • Adding Texture and Details

    • Thank you!


About This Class

Welcome to the class! In this short summer class we will be painting a picnic basket. Watercolor Picnic Basket is the 7th class in the series of fun and short summer classes. These classes are meant to keep you inspired while allowing you to spend more time outdoors enjoying the beautiful sunny days. Below are listed the classes we already published in this series, I will be adding a new short class every week during the summer. Also, I have a myriad of other watercolor classes, in case you want to dive deeper into the watercolor painting. Thank you for all the beautiful projects, comments and reviews, you keep me motivated and inspired.

Can't wait to see your summer artwork.

Happy painting, x Irina.

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I really like these short classes. Irina gives you good instructions. She always includes information on color and color blending. Including the sketch and list of colors she uses.
Pearl Purdy

Never Give Up

I absolutely adore this painting. I love how Irina made the painting process easy for students to understand. It's such a fun painting. I would love to paint this cute basket soon. Looking for more classes. Thanks for the awesome lesson.
Jaya Gupta

Watercolor Artist & Calligrapher





Irina Trzaskos

Watercolor Artist & Illustrator

It is time for a new Art Contest - rules are simple:

Watch "Learn to Paint Magical Landscapes in Watercolor" class Upload your painting to the gallery of the class before November 15th, 2018. Or if you had a free enrollment post your painting on Instagram and tag me @irinatrzaskos

The winner will receive 1 YEAR of Skillshare Premium Membership, yaay!

If you participated in my previous contests you may know that I am also considering how active yo...

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