Watercolor: Painting with a Water Brush | Kathleen McElwaine | Skillshare

Watercolor: Painting with a Water Brush

Kathleen McElwaine, Texas Watercolor Artist & Teacher

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4 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction

    • Materials

    • Lets Paint the Blue Plumbago Bouquet

    • Finish with Ink Lines


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Kathleen McElwaine

Texas Watercolor Artist & Teacher

Hello, I'm Kathleen, 

My website - kmcelwaine.com Prints and Products available - Fine Art America When you learn from me, The Success Is Your Own! After working as a Fine Art Oil painter for 25 years I returned to my love of watercolor painting and began to truly enjoy my career as a painter. Now I teach watercolor painting to people that paint for enjoyment. Because they enjoy painting, they paint often. When you paint often you become better and better. I teach you to pa...

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