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Watercolor Painting Misty Himalaya Mountain

teacher avatar Samiran Sarkar, Artist & Art Instructor. B.V.A.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Rough Sketches for Final Painting

    • 4. First Wash

    • 5. Second Wash

    • 6. Third Wash

    • 7. Finishing Touch & Complete Painting

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About This Class

Watercolor is a most Interesting, Challenging and Enjoyable media. If want to take Fun and Challenge with watercolor you will enjoy every moment in this course. It’s very simple and attractive course.You can complete and finish one beautiful watercolor landscape painting wet in wet process within few minutes. Don’t worry if you don’t have any drawing skill also you are either a Beginner or a Intermediate or a Advance artist you will enjoy this course. If you watch very carefully this course, you will learn different watercolor wash techniques, brushing & color mixing for makes one beautiful misty, cloudy mountain watercolor painting. I will show you within few minutes how easy way without drawing on paper how you can complete one watercolor mountain landscape painting. After watch this course I am sure you can paint & finish a beautiful mountain landscape painting. So let’s come and enjoy this interesting landscape painting course.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Samiran Sarkar

Artist & Art Instructor. B.V.A.



  I am Samiran Sarkar. I have completed my B.V.A. degree from Govt. Art College with 1st class degree in 1995. After I have started my career as an Artist. After complete my B.V.A. degree  few years I have engaged with reputed creative Organizations and Art Institutions as an Art instructor and Art director . Last seventeen years I am a Freelance full time  Artist & Art instructor. I have exhibited my Paintings many National & International Prestigious Art Exhibitions , My Watercolor & Acrylic paintings have Awarded many National & International Art Exhibitions. My paintings collections many Galleries , Cooperate houses and also Personal collections all over the world. My paintings also exhibited many... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi, My name is Hamadan Sarkar. I am a freelance artist. I have completed my baby a degree and official art from Government Art College. With a master's degree, my paintings have exhibited many national and international press studios Arctic diesel. I also have averted mania Davison's, my paintings, collections, different corporate houses, offices and personal collections all over the world. You can see my paintings in different online site I always love. Watercolor paintings are usually painting planea outdoor and as well as indoor to my studio . I also love travel, different places for my watercolor project. Frequently, I have traveled in Humala's for my paintings projects. Still, I have painted more than 150 order color paintings on him allies in this class, I'm going to share you how to make a beautiful, misty, cloudy Humala's watercolor landscapes. Also, I'll show you within a few minutes without skillful drinks. How you can please any misty Montana landscaping? This is waiting to a process so you have to take challenge for finish this painting very fast. What is very challenging, enjoyable and interactive project, please, very carefully was this project and I hope you will enjoy this project afterwards. Please remember, Don't forget to upload for share your small project work. I am really exciting to see your beautiful work. So let's start and follow my next. Another one beautiful landscape with it. Thank you. 2. Materials: Before starting this painting project, you have to add into this art materials. What's this screen? I'm going to use this process for start by a watercolor painting. Paper selection is very important for start any watercolor painting put it. Usually I use handmade paper 200 years and paper on Tian Ageism paper. In this project, I am using the handmade paper. It is very comfortable for do the colors. 3. Rough Sketches for Final Painting: without strong drinks feel you can start this project. I'm just going to sample of the stitches. 4. First Wash: people start this landscape, you have to keep in mind The total painting will be waiting with crosses. So let's start the okay, So you need to take the flat bus mix the French Artemis on cobalt blue Also water. Start the wash Pushem It is the sky pushing. So you didn't mind cool with the whole people Because I've always will be right Waas the continue within your color you can do full of this. It wasn't with life color dark blue employing on top of those guys for its alternatively and down with some of the water. 5. Second Wash: after I finished my past Waas. Then I am going to start the same indoors. So I am using here Brainchild limiting your locker again on the blue and passion so you can take the water and mix the color purple on. No, you can start the foreground mountain Interesting things there the people still now with so no need to too much color. So politically the mountain effect is coming. Do you wash it? More color? I want to start with the lips. A mountain The Lord is going people do you know with you can use Eby brushing with more color the mountain Because if you not use dark color here, then after try it would look like Now I am taking the small Brussels on Once again I'm making the cloud Just you I love this person Cloud if it will come Interesting things that the because people just don't know it. So it is very easy to grab this one If it is dried any country very carefully you have to control the brass Onda Colorado's how do you upload a picture? So my almost all finish 6. Third Wash: after I finished my second waas. Now I am going to start part of us English Waas. I used four colors French art, Emory, Viridian Green dormer and pains. First, I'm going to start for going forest impression with dark color, please. Very carefully was this video How am controlling the broth with water and color? You take the small Russ. Andi, start the pain from top to bottom automatically. Forest effect will come. No, I love to create one horrific with loving techniques together like you people in small bras on removed color from people. So beautiful river impression you can please really . I'm going to finish my lips side mountain and forest section. You can use dark color you can paint for histories similar like right pushing my people still away so I can easily control the color with water. This is very important and challenging for displaying. No, you can make one village impression with smooth on small 40 in this six and I use you orange weeks. We'd came suddenly on going toe Make blitz court impression also, you can use drivers for weeks. - Finally , I'm mixing more doctor with Robert and things and continue waas because after dry it will come out like so you need to continue Wasit with dark colors, but not necessarily toe. Use all places Whenever you require, you can apply. - Finally , I'm mixing more Dr Lee Rober and things and continue waas because after dry it will come out like so you need to continue Wasit with dark color, but not necessarily toe. Use all places Whenever you require, you can apply. 7. Finishing Touch & Complete Painting: first I take a small breath on I'm making the light post on the roof. Please. Carefully. Was this sixth how I'm making? Truly? I'm going to finish the painting. I am adding more color on finishing touches. 40. Stand over live long section. So that is I hope you enjoy this project. Andi, I'm expecting from you a beautiful one painting. Obviously it will be better than me. Don't worry. Start your painting and big fun and enjoyed it. Good luck.