Watercolor Painting: How to Paint Loose Florals | Jaya Gupta | Skillshare

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Watercolor Painting: How to Paint Loose Florals

teacher avatar Jaya Gupta, Watercolor Artist & Calligrapher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

In this class, I will be teaching how to make loose florals on greeting card using watercolor paint. I will cover the topics like trying different brush strokes to create petals, creating two different layers of petals and much more. You will also learn painting small and big flowers besides painting leaves. And at the end of class, you will be able to paint loose florals easily and you will have your own handmade greeting card. It's a great craft to give to your loved ones.

This class is especially designed for watercolor beginners, but learners of any level are welcome to learn the art.

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Jaya Gupta

Watercolor Artist & Calligrapher






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1. INTRODUCTION: Hello there. I'm a logical artist, and this is my first video on skin share and I'm really executable. I'm going to teach you how to play. Blue's floors are treating God. It's a very simple and fun exercised, especially if you're a water cooler victim. I'm going to show you how to be these bars. Please step by step and you're going to love so much with simple activity. So just let's just begin and have some fun with me and just do this painting with so much ease and peace in your mind, you're going to join us, guys, this is a small, high plebs video of painting you're going to do. I've ended this small videos that you know how it is done, and next week goes you're going to learn this step by step in a real done very nice and simple and easy 2. MATERIALS REQUIRED: to make this particle being thing we will require. Want to kill a pain? Have you scam are just wanted, Philip Range. And this box can comes and friend sheets and I have used life pains. These are in CDs. These are five sheets first, just scar Late league, and I have may These Cherries using skull, they break now. We didn't you? And so every thes air, green colors. We have useful me in Leeds. Then come Scoble blue or which we have used in making multiple flowers. Secrecy. These little stores No, ivory Black is used for making statements and pool and these stents. So these are discrete particles. Pains, I would recommend if you're especially about it being a big ner or if you are doing this painting for the first time, then you should do it. First of all, probably on a normal sheet on a normal watercolor paper on. You should fusty practicing with, you know, the cheap of being stolen. Go for the professional once. All right, then. Let me talk about the paintbrush. Have used it is size to gambling. Essence 66 simpatico. Careful. Water poster and acrylic colors. All right, I use this pain brush to make this complete painting I specifically chose size to because I wanted to make the big battles off the site. So this brush size is appropriate in making these shapes off battles as well a size of the battle. So I would recommend you do you size to watercolor brush to make this class as various leaves. And if you're comfortable with those science pressures, you're good to go. No. The biggest thing, the particular paper. The paper that I use for making this friending It's ah, greeting card Istok. All right, on this is how it looks. It game and contract you of 100. The blank cards and the since my little birdie. So I bought this whole bundle of particular papers blank guards for greeting guards. And this is no using this. And off this size and same size comes and who loves you have to buy it separately. All right, so if you don't have these greeting cards of the same country like little birdie, you can have your own watercolor people. You can have your own watercolor greeting card. A stop. The size, I would recommend would be 200 gs. Um, at least Okay. At the base. 200 GSM, once empty GSM with Bob. Thank you. 3. LOOSE FLORALS: PAINTING BIG FLORAL: loose lowers painting Big floral. In this video, we're going to learn how to paint Big floral, which is made above two different years Off patters. I'm painting the first layer of better near, which is going to have dark value off the paint. By dark value. We mean more paint, more pigment of the paint and less water. So this will have an effect off darker color. You will see more color of the paint. Here. We're rolling the brush in circular motions, and this is how we make the first layer off the bettors. I'm also making sure that all the part of the first year off battle in stock, we also have a little bit like other as well, innit? Now, whenever I see the gifts I'm adding the second year off matters. This is the second year of better that I'm adding no, and I'm also making sure that the first layer and second year has a little bit space between them. You can see I'm giving a gap between both of these layers so that they can be very differentiated, that these are two different layers and also making show we have light or light value off the color but light value. I mean, they would be less pigment and more voter. So this is how the complete big floral with batons will look. No, I'm going to add fallen this statement in this. So at the center, I'm adding polls which are nothing but little tiny dots at the center here and there. You can see now I'm going to add statement. Make sure you have a small burst size like offsides. Two sides want to make thes 10 lines. The more 10 of the lines, the better. It will look, so make sure we don't want tohave the center off the floor with take lines. We all want to have a thin line off s demons to make sure we do this. This is how the complete flora will look. Let's move to the small form 4. PAINTING LEAVES: painting leaves in this video, I'm going to paint a few leaves around the big floater. This is a friend facing leaf. Now I'm making a side view off the lead. I'm adding a little bit off pigment. Then I'm adding, Move water into it so so that you can see the folded effect off the belief This is a folded lee. You can see a lighter and darker dog off the lead there. No again making a few leaves it on the fly. It's very simple at more water. If you feel it's very dark, just add more water into it. You will have a light. Such is a simple concept of flight when you and dark for you. 5. LOOSE FLORALS: PAINTING SMALL FLORAL AND LEAVES: lose florals, painting a small floral and leads In this video. We're going to paint a small floral, which is made up off only burn layer off batters. We're going to paint a small floral in the similar fashion as video for Big Floated. The only difference is we just have one layer of battles here. Okay, now I'm going to add fallen statement using ivory black paint. This making a small doors and thin lines as fitted for big floral. This completes the process of making a small floral. Now I'm going to add leaves around the flowers. As you can see, the complete paper looks quite blank. That's why I'm adding leaves at the places where I feel leaves for look perfect. We can't leave the paper blank like this. So to bring a good effect on the painting, I'm adding leaves here in there. Make sure your leaves are off different shapes and sizes. This is just to make the painting look mold really and natural. Just keep on adding leaves wherever you feel. There is a requirement. The four next few leaves I'm going toe use my hand movement in wavy motion to produce the franca different shapes off lead. As you can see here I'm moving my hand and wave emotion tells you can see the shape off. Leaf is curvy. Here is another example of my hand movement. I'm moving lands and be emotion test. This is how it is produced. 6. PAINTING CHERRIES: painting Cherries. In this video, we're going to paint Cherries with scholar Clegg paint. Basically, Cherries are in circular shapes, so we're painting a reason. Circular shapes. But we're leaving a small Vitus prints inside the Cherries to show the effect of flight. Basically, light is coming from that part. That's by it has light. It has actually no color there for us, but basically for the Observer, it shows light is coming from that part. Now I'm painting Cherries here and there on the left and on the right. Wherever I find the appropriate a space for them again, there is no need for perfection, like making perfect circles. It's not at all necessary. Just make a little bit so close shapes. And the most important part is to leave a small Vitus space inside the Cherries. No, we're done with making Cherries. Basically, we're done with making shape of Cherries. No, I'm going to add stems with the help off ivory black paint. Our aim here is to make very thin lines office stems, so if you're using brush size off like 567 I would recommend you to use fresh size of one or zero to make these 10 lines the mold it in our lines, the more it the more beautiful it appears. Now we're done with the painting. I hope you are said despite with. 7. FINAL THOUGHTS: Thank you so much, guys, for taking my class. And I hope you are highly inspired. And you enjoy painting these locals. Particular painting is one of the best mediums in the world because it allows us to faint loose. Florence, the These are the best bars because we have the whole freedom toe pain, the baby. What? So I hope that you will enjoy this journey and you have more interest towards particle of painting The segment for you was going to be painting these small floater or big floater on a greeting card. You can either being these on a large sheet of paper and get them frame. So both of these are fine with me. I would love to see your green things in the project. So please show that and you can contact me on Instagram. I want Instagram, the hand of me at the divine right. Make sure you follow me. There's them to wash my paintings and art Hope you will inspire on you would get in spite. Thanks for watching by