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Watercolor Painting: Easy Magical Landscape

teacher avatar Jaya Gupta, Watercolor Artist & Calligrapher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction and Material Required

    • 2. Paint Using Wet on wet Technique

    • 3. Line Drawing

    • 4. Final Details and Thoughts

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About This Class


Welcome to my newest skillshare class! In this class, you will learn painting mystical and magical landscapes with shimmery details. Who doesn't love the touch of extra shimmer in art? It just brings joy, and beauty to the painting. Just watch me paint and explain the steps on how to paint these gorgeous landscapes. Relax and pick up your brushes and bring your imagination to a whole new level. 

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Jaya Gupta

Watercolor Artist & Calligrapher






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1. Introduction and Material Required: Hello, guys. Angela from the Divine Butterfly. And welcome to a new sculpture class here. We're going to paint magical, easy landscapes, and this is how it looks. All right, So to make this fainting, we will require particular pains. Okay? I always recommend using are just great brains. If you're a big man, used student grape plant pains as well. Thes two brushes. When is a size eight our secret? 40 rt. Good. This is a big brush Visual slots of water. And to me, small details. We're going to use size six craft to move brush. It was gifted to me by a very sweet and generous friend to leave popular co. Uh, good means three. Um, and we're also going to require a brush ban, specifically a small step brush ban and I have used on both food music a high brush, Japan to make thes line drawings. All right, definitely. You will require a glass of water. And to make this moon, uh, hope you're able to see you too shiny. I've used um fine. Take a burglar unit. Gone is the name of the sculler. And it was again gifted to me by my friend hurt me. Thank you for this. And I have also used um you niveles signal 0.7 by gentlemen to make details in this painting. And of course, if you do any mistake, you will require and absorbing people. So it is those mistakes. And this was done on a 61 30 gy ism schedule paper. Basically, this paper is very small. We're going to make paint on much quicker paper, which is 85 size, and this is again a small, playful. So I suggest you to use us a small paper, heart, press paper. And this is 200 shi ism. All right, that is it. Let us begin a painting. 2. Paint Using Wet on wet Technique: paint using wet on wet technique to begin to Spain. Ting I'm going to read the paper completely on both sides. That is a friend, say, and the backside is well, this is done so that the people doesn't Baku doesn't band a doll and it dries slightly. So, as you can see, I'm betting the back portion off the big paper as well. So basically, veteran technique is when we apply one layer off paint and when. When Mandela clear off paint is wet, be immediately. Apply second year off paint third layer off different paint and so on so you can see this example. I picked up red color paint and I'm moving my brush in this motion. You can see the movement, my hand movements left, right, left, right. So I'm completely making sure that there is no sharp edge off the paint on paper. That's why I'm just spreading the people on spreading the paint on people you can see. I miss reading the screened. Whenever I played the beans, I'm sort off spreading that green so that we don't have a sharp edge on people when the paint dries completely. Now this is going to be the third layer of paint that it's Pinkola. So you can. You're getting this idea now that this is where 200 technique, sometimes in cream, things we're talking about technique are done all over the people like I'm doing. This is one off the example. And sometimes we have, ah, kind of limited, veteran red technique used in a painting, sir. Just depends on the bulbous What are we painting and how it should be done here and picking up the colors that I really like. So, yes, these are yellow colors orange. Bring red, blue, green, all sort of colors. And if you notice the these colors of ringing brightness in a painting, so it's very important to understand which color we're picking, you can see um, again spreading the paint on people. We're doing all this. This is spreading off the paint so that when does thes beans try? There is no sharp edge on the paper and vice versa. If you want as sharply edge on on the people in the painting dries completely. You can even like that. You don't have to resolve the paint all over. Also, if you have decided, think you're going to have sense it or sunrise in the painting. Then, like, for example, at the center of the painting you can leave yeah, blue and orange ical Hughes so that they will appear They will give the feeling off, son Razor since it This is one of the example where you can specifically chose a color and a plate on area where you wanted like sense. It does, Andres. So at the center, you're going to do this. And again if you want some a sky the colorful this guy so you can big blue color severally in blue to go at the top part of the painting. It will represent this guy very well. So choosing a specific colors or taking colors randomly is all dependent or the fact what we're doing it's again on the purpose of this painting. If you have already decided that you're going to being trees here, um, send the right sense it moment. Jeans are, um, see anything if you have already decided so it's better you pain does unspecific alors on those specific areas so that when it dries, you can just do lying drawing on it. But to be honest, with you. This was the painting where, um I had notary. You decided what I'm going to draw. I'm just painting the colors randomly. It's more off the fact that these are my favorite colors. So that's what I'm doing. If you had a big note, I would totally recommend you to this because it is so, so fun. And it makes the whole process of painting easy, enjoyable and something you know, something you're learning in this there is something not only your learning vet on vet tech me. You're learning how colors mix how colors dry. If you are noticing these colors, thes brains are going to dry later because that's what Watercolor beans to the always dry Later then you know. Then we have applied them. Just release read. These colors are becoming lighter. So what I did here I started, um, again putting the beans, applying the pains earlier. Ah, initially those planes that I applied, I started painting them again on the people you can against am using regular Pinkola gala color. Why? Because I notice those Spain's have you know they have. They're trying and they're becoming. They're not of invisible to us now. So this is it. We're going to wash or brush very nicely so that it is completely free off pigment and it just completely clean. Okay? And we're going to wait for a painting to completely dry before we begin line drawing. 3. Line Drawing: you guys know this is how the painting looks after drying. Now we're going to do lying, drawing on this painting, but before doing lying, drawing but brush. Ben, I'm going to explain you how to make these lines with the's brush friends slips doesn't stop. You must have heard these dumbs upstroke and don't stroke. So basically an upstroke, you will have very light pressure towards going towards a going up works. All right, on, when you're going towards stone and your doing a down stroke, you will have pressure on your pan suitors. You will have take lines. And when you going up stroke, when you making an upstroke, we're going to have 10 nights here. You will have, like, pressure. And you, you live heavy pressure. So again, I'll show you again, then stroke. Take stroke. All right, again, Upstroke down. Stroke. All right. This isn't no. You're going to start going tree and mountains because we want a painting to look almost like this. So for doing lying, drawing off thesis trees and mount ain we need to understand how, Justin, Right? So I'll just explain to you the line drawing off trees and mountains so let us begin best before we're going to start with three. They're going to make a street nine with dollars stroke, which is going to be heavy. No, these the's nines. Sort off like this pattern. This pattern, these are going to be upstroke Kaine's. That means with light stroke, they will be very less pressure on these lines. Okay, but what they want from you is let me zoom in. What I want from you is not only you're going to bring these lines, but you're also going to apply some pressure on these lines like this so that a tree has some dept of it. See, it looks far better. No, isn't it again? I'm going to do this. See best before we're goingto make us straightly like this, Then we're going to start applying night pressures and make these games off lines. Okay, I'm going to make this region a little bit darker, okay? No, I have applied all the light pressure lines. Now I'm going to play heavy pressure. Can you see the difference? This one looks more prettier, More in depth, more realistic as compared to this. So I'm going to play pressure now to make this take a strokes. So your tree is going to be a combination off. 10 strokes. Take a stroke or upstroke down. Stroke. All right, so these are going to be a tenant strokes on. And these are going to Rio. Take a strokes. All right, Now let's come towards mountains. Mountains. We're going to make them triangular shapes, sort of drying. Look, we're not exactly drank because we want them to look like Fontaine's. All right? So I'm making Samant Days, as you can see, okay? No, simply we're going to make mountains like these Now. What I'm going to do is I'm going to apply on the Odling of these mountains again. Take a strokes. Not all the pieces, but it's some of the places you see like this. Just going a longer along with this line or going on this lying we're going to play pressure. Similarly, here, this is take a stroke. I'm applying pressure. My brush sprinted so that I can make these lines. Okay, you're sort of three. Step out playing off mountain with heavy strokes. Similarly, we're going to make them sides of the Monte. Some are going to with the word said, Make this. Some are going to have again take a strokes. Just make random. You don't like these girls lines like this, like this. Okay, but you're going to have a picture off. Take as well this time. Lines. See, this is how we're going to make lies. All right? Don't be hesitant. Make big, big lines. All right? Like these. Okay, So this is something what We are what I have done over here. You can compare these things, These lying drawings. Now we're going. Just start doing this whole scene. Whole line drawing on the painting on the wet on wet technique we did. All right, So that is weakened. Just the trees and mountains using upstroke and dance troupe. Or rather, we should say, take a stroke and 10 a stroke. All right, that is begin. This is going to be a reference. So I'm goingto do exactly like this, that just see, Now I'm going to Okay, this is Vitto. I'm going to give you in a small advice. It's not necessary that you do this fainting toe do this line drawing exactly like I did. You can do different things as well. They, um you can see this shape, Does she? You can make a tree over here. This could be a tree, and this could be another treat. It all depends on you If you're a big nerd than I would just recommend you to paint this with me. OK? So you can do those fainting. And in fact, you can use your imagination and go with your floor. All right. Like I did in these paintings, the East were again return, ret Technique paintings. And then I did lying, drawing on them. Okay, so let's begin. I have a started firstly, with mountains. As you can see, this fainting is very smallest compared to this. This is a six eyes, and this is a five sites, so I'll have to make the size of mountains and trees bigger than this. A small oven. Okay. So to see how I'm doing okay. No, I see a space here, so I'm doing it again. I'm going to trigger stairs with heavy strokes. Take it Strokes. Heavy pressure on the first trip. Well, great. As you can see, it's a very simple exercise. You see. Now I'm starting with the mountains, making small lines. The little bird here in there. Sort of little. It's smaller. Dogs painting are long teams. See? Just introducing some small lines and door lines. I mean, doing looks more beautiful. And don't be afraid. Make thes lines longer, smaller, longer. Okay, just make use lines. Okay? Can you see how simple is this? We are Don't that the mountains. Now I'm going to make these took of nines on which are Krys are going to be drawn. Okay, so this is going to be my center. Something like this. Andi, something like this. Okay. Our trees are going to real Indy's. Okay, so just chicken a down stroke like pressure lines. I'm going to darken the downward region. 10. A stroke since strokes, then strokes. Then take a strolls to give it some dimension to give, Give, give decree, some debt. All right, just make another one. Just try to me the size the straight lines off different sizes, like, you know, this is going to be bigger. This is going to be small law like I'm going to make This one is smaller than this one. And this one is also going to be smaller than all of these three. Okay, so again, allow the 10 strokes. 10 lines, no pressure. Then don't strokes. And I'm going to darken this reason region. Sorry. Okay. If you feel like it's, it needs more dimension. Just make Dorsen lines like that. I hope you're able to see I'm going to zooming more again, like lines. All thin lines with light pressure on your brush tip? No, just play. Heavy pressure to make declines dark ended on repression. No. Okay. I felt this thing should have removed up someone to bring a certain care. Okay, Another tree, then. Lanes. Think of strokes. No. Here. There are foursome during the four crease in here. Five threes. So let's make five crazy, Ok? All right. It's a very easy and magic, then skeevy, you know, And this whole process is so easy. Anybody can do this and it makes you feel better. These colors, all these colors, they will make you feel good. So I'm just all right. Oh, I'm also going to make a moon here. Okay? 4. Final Details and Thoughts: guys. This video is all about adding details in our being thing. Like I made the moon shimmery and therefore have lived This is space. I have lived this a space to add the shimmer for example There a few more examples You can see clearly what I'm saying. I added true on the birds on the drawer just to give it an extra effect so that the painting looks more pretty and more I get she isn't it? And similarly here is the moon and I made it shimmery. So just defense of waters are painting and border the areas we can introduce Schimmel and infect You can see these mountains Utkan even introduce uh Shimmer Shimmer here is with Okay that here too. I could have applied a Schumer paints, isn't it? So this is one off the example Moreover like I mean crazier in both the cases, you could have made a lighthouse you could have made Ah, houses will. So it just depends on your imagination. All right, so there are a few examples you've been. Definitely try. This was a scene on your birds, flying birds, all these things And here it was This is waterfall. This depicts waterfall and these air to radio crease. And this is missed. If we're able to see clearly, this is missed. I've used Fanny's grease to give a shop as here, so I didn't kind off, you know, dissolved the painting. I lived the paint here. Okay, so it gives a misty effect. All right, so, no, I'm going to story now. I'm going to, uh, painter. Well, the shema paint. So let us begin. Moreover, there is an important thing to say for a court to tell you is you can also use of Agent Ben Teoh. Bring the details in your brain that you can add, like you can add. Okay. You can add system in it. You can add. It's no, you can show us No. Is there on the histories with the help off my Children. So there is no end. There's a tree. No entry imagination. Okay, so it is this simple. All right, so But I'm making this painting in keeping the view for, you know, in keeping in keeping with mine the easiness and fun for big nurse. So I'm just going to add She moved paint and more. Okay. Be careful. You don't want toe being outside the outline off. Okay, so this is what I'm doing. I hope everyone to see I'm painting more. That doesn't if you want. If you really want, you can add days with the Shema like I I'm reading just to make our painting well, beautiful and have their schumer insect on it. Okay, so wherever you find if you like, you know, I'm I'm actually coloring. The mountains is removed. It's it's just my stories. Besides, it will looks so shiny, right? It's a classic. So this is one of the things you can do. And if you want, you can bring some snow on the trees. So that is shows there was a snow. And if you want it snow falling on this painting on your painting you can just dip your brush with some wash like wash or acrylic paint fighting for lead paint. And you can just specter that white paint to give the effect off snowfall. So I hope you're able to see. See, I'm just reading little bit snow on trees so that we can show the fact off snow. Okay, I have to be careful with this similarly here. This is just a matter of choice. Like I printed mountain chains here. I could have been to a lighthouse or a house. So there's no. And for imagination, it is. And Lis, and this isn't the example. So are these two examples for you? Okay, so just feel free and go ahead. Okay. This ends our plus, and I hope you will be fainting. This final project. Fine painting. I an increase you if you are a big No to tow the screen thing. And if you're in an intermediate level, I increase you to come up with your own ideas like these, or you know, like you can make a light house. You can make a beach scene. It just depends on your own imagination. So feel free to experiment. Because this is how you're going to learn new things. All right, Thanks for watching. And I hope I agreed You do being this amazing and gorgeous fainting with me. See you in the project. And don't forget to follow me on Instagram. I'm on Instagram with the head with the handling The divine butterfly on my hashtag is lone vigil. Thanks for watching by