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Watercolor Painting: Autumn Leaf Frame

teacher avatar Jaya Gupta, Watercolor Artist & Calligrapher

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Hello everyone! This is the season of Autumn and colorful leaves. The class is all about a beautiful pattern of colorful leaves surrounding a special quote and this painting captures the feel of autumn effectively. 

When you picture Autumn in your mind, one of the most vivid vision comes of the leaves.. colorful leaves...this is what we are painting. Autumn Leaf Frame

In this class, you will learn few basic Watercolor Painting techniques like glazing, color mixing and value. The class is made in such a manner that artists at any level will be able to understand and appreciate it. Let's have some fun and enjoy the beauty of autumn. 

Let's connect on social media. I am on Instagram with the handle name @thedivinebutterfly

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Jaya Gupta

Watercolor Artist & Calligrapher






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1. INTRODUCTION: Hi, guys. Welcome to when your skill shake us. I'm jail divine with your friend. So I'm really excited because this is a season of autumn Onda. We are going to paint autumn leaves. So this is going to be our skin share plus all the boat. I'm going to paint the Artemis frame, which is nothing. You're going to have our message, our gold at the center, which is surrounding bit autumn weeks. So in this painting, you're going to learn basic particle techniques which are important for any particular artists, whether you're a big nerd or when advance living, So be excited, and that's 2. MATERIALS REQUIRED: to make this autumn, Lee praying we will require particle of paper off 1 70 gs in thickness at least. And I have used are just bad advance the spider. Bonjour knows this is a four sites, so I would recommend you toe have a watercolor paper off 1 70 GSM, please. If you have more than that, that is best. Okay, now coming to pace. I've used camel artist watercolor pains. These are useful practicing. I'm not using any professional pains because this is our practice time. So we will use something that can be that is cheaper on more easier for us now. These are all the pains that are there in this. I'm going to use the complete set off the pains in the painting except Chinese white paint . All right. No, to have the shimmer. The golden golden circle in a painting. Which is this tohave? This golden, shimmery circle. I've used acrylic paint, which is favorite krill. Full metallic colors. Since I don't have any watercolor. Shame repaint. I use acrylic panes. It's a good heck if you don't have the water. Got beans. Okay. No, I have used full brushes. These are all synthetic brushes. And these are round brushes. Side seven. Okay, this is say seven. Then this is size fight. And this is size to Cam being. This is the brush riches just for rough of purpose. Like, you know, painting these circle with acrylic paint. I'm using a very cheap quality brush. OK, what does he will require? You will require a pencil. You look quite a compass. To make this girl and toe raise those lines, he would require a needed reserve. This is where State law. Of course, you will require an absorbing paper so that if any mistake you are doing, you can raise it. Moreover, this is a dropper. So that weekend drop what during Save it inside these Benz. This is a bell. It that I have made from my old school geometry books you can do is well because he's a 3. WATERCOLOR TECHNIQUES USED: as it was. Seeing this marriage is great because it is made above 10 books, which does not allow any dust particle to get inside it, and it helps to keep the paint safe. So now we're going to start with the water politic knees that are going to be used in a painting. Number one is spend you Second is color mixing, and number three is pleasing or Larry. Okay, let's start with value. Value is mixture off color and botto. Basically, it's just to make sure of color and water. There are two kinds of value. Dark value and light fail you in dark value. They would be more amount off color and less amount of water. Okay, here have been an example where I have taken this paint red paint and I've mix it with water. There is 70% amount off paint here and very less amount of water here now in light, will you? I've used very less mount off color paint and more amount of water here have just used 30% off paint and 70% off water. Okay, this is the single paint, but the just the difference off different amount of water used. We can see a major difference in the colors. This is more darker. And this is very light of the same color. So with this technique, we're going to paint a lease, sometimes in darker colors, sometimes like value. Okay, second, this color mixing in Colombia. Xing, we're going to occur. Pains on up. We're going to make sir colors on a palette. Uh, this is Red. Hello. And this is Pinkel. I'm going to make them okay, And I'm going to make us plus off it here. All right? I've already done this with three examples. This is how we're going. Toe makes eye color, some palette. This is one of the base. Another way is we are going to load up brush with one paint, OK? Completely. We're going to load up first with one paint like this, and I'm going to pick second color just on the tip. This in the tape off the just under tip off the brush. Unsure you. Okay? I'm going to just big pain. Second paint on the balta. Fresh. All right. You can see now the difference, isn't it? No. Let's make a leaf with this idea, okay? Can you see the colors? This they were not only you're not Alicia seeing green color, red color, but we're also seeing their pictures. These are already dried parts. I have done it earlier for you so that you can see the colors green, pink, green and red. And there, Make sure together. So this is another way we can call mixed colors. Okay. Not turn is pleasing or leering bike lazing or leering Regis. Apply one layer off paint and we let it dry. Then we apply another layer off paint. Then again, we're going to let it dry. We are just going toe add layers earlier. Uh, but the only thing is we wanted We want the previously air to get it right before we applied next year. So I've already applied three leaves. I've already applied three layers. Three different colored, please. And these are just one desire. Just our first years. Okay, so now I'm going to pick my brush, and I'm going to take some other color. Let's stay yellow. Go. All right. And now I'm going to apply this second there off wash on the first layer off Bush. Okay, Let's see. All right, we're going to again, Lord, A brush with paint again. I'm going to play the second new off faint on first layer of paint. OK, so you can see we are actually seeing the mixing off two colors. Can you see this? See the local Oh, or the being gonna 4. PAINTING LEAVES BASED ON VALUE: painting leaves based own value In this painting, we are going to start by drawing a circle. Then we're going to light in those dark lines with the help off. A needed a reason. It is very important to lighten these dark lines so that they don't show enough painting later. But make sure those lines are at least visible to you by because we are going to paint the leaves around the circle and we're going to make sure that the leaves to north touch the lying off the circle. Okay. No, I've started painting leaves, making sure that each system has different amount off leaves and they should have some dark fill you leave and some light value leave. Okay. Soviets is taking one color, and we're going to make sure that we have the darker color of that paint that is dark. Will you And we also have lighter color off that paint, which is light value, so you can see Seb green and we did in you. They have dark value, lease and light. Will you leave altogether in just one completed step? So it makes our painting look more real and more natural, more beautiful. you can see I'm painting the leaves around circle and I'm not touching the lines. No, you can change the shape of leagues the way you want. Just make sure that you're picking the colors available in your palette as many colors as possible, so that altogether this painting looks more gorgeous, more beautiful. There will be more pillars and absurd fel. It will give move, feel off the autumn. All right, you can again see I'm taking more paint and less water, so we have a darker color off that paint, which is the dark value. Now this bank leave has light value leaves. Only the last one waas induct, will you? This week we're going to paint leaves all around the circle. For this part. I'm using size five off Gambling's and hit the ground brush. Okay, you can wake the leaves a smaller in size. You can make them bigger in size. You can change their shape. It's all of to you. But it would be better. A future was a combination off each and everything. We want different, but I diesel leaves. No, I'm going to start. As I said, we can make a small leaves large leaves. That's where a big, different brush. And this is size two, which will have the scope of making small reliefs right So you can see now I'm painting smaller leaves and in fictitious sizes, shapes are changing because of the change in the size of brush. So you can experiment with the system, right? No, in this point, at this point, I had trouble watching, you know, checking that line of the circle. So what I did, I took my pants and I and I dog in those lines so that I don't make a mistake off drawing leave off painting leaf on that part. We don't want to touch it at all, right? No, let's to color mixing and next video. 5. PAINTING LEAVES BASED ON COLOR MIXING: painting leaves based on color mixing. Now, the first layer off leaves Fischel breeze don't value have completely dried. So now I can start with leaves based on color mixing technique. Okay, so we're now painting the leaves, which are based on color mixing. Now, As you can see, I am completely loading my brush with one pigment with one color. And for the second pigment, I'm just touching the tip off my brush with the second color. So again, you're going to completely load your brush with one pig, Grint. And just then on tip off your brush, you're going toe. Allow the second pigment. You're just going to touch the second pigment. You can see that Berryville. This is how we're going to paint leaves around the circle and we're going to paint these leaves wherever refined some space. Some Vitus place. We're going to start painting on those parts. All right now, I'm going to makes colors on my palette instead, off loading my brush with one color completely and just touching the tip off my brush with another pigment I'm doing mixing on color palette. Okay. On the battered, I'm going to make sees colors. This is going to look completely different as we have done. The different the off Mike Cingular's raid. Here you will see just one gone off the color. And in earlier, when we were loading with one pigment of Russian and we were just scratching the tip with another color, they they would have insane to three colors. But here, you're going to see just one. Don't one. Perfect. Make sure of the colors. Okay, so this gives when even kind off mixture where you will just see one color. Okay. When he wakes unpadded, we're going to see even make sure even tone off the new color. Okay, we have a new color form to you. All right. And it is evenly. Same throughout and leg done with the other technique off color mixing. You can see reliever. I'm finding quite a space. I started painting the leaves. Now this color was great light brown for me, so I wanted to make it darker. So I just thought, Why not? Let's mix colors and making more darker. Okay, So you can see I'm picking colors to make it more darker in color, darker in tone. So this way we have even mixture off one color that we want right now in the screen. You could have seen the red and green colors separately, but here you will just Steven brown color. It would be even. But both the bays are beautiful. An amazing in their own V one will allow you to see the colors in two or three different phase. And when will allow you procedures one single color evenly. Okay. Again, I'm going to load my brush with fun pigment. Then I'm going to just touch the tip off that brush with another pigment. So we will have You can see this leaf. This is it. A beautiful color. You can see pain can negotiate here in it. Okay, so now we're going to read for the spring to dry. 6. PAINTING LEAVES BASED ON GLAZING TECHNIQUE: painting leaves base don't leasing technique since we have already applied leaves based on color mixing and value, no weaken apply leaves freestone pleasing technique. The only thing important here is all the previous layers off color mixing and value should be completely dried. Only then we can apply our third layer to demonstrate pleasing technique. So basically glazing is adding layers off figment layers off color one after another. Just as one dries, we apply another layer on it. Okay, Now I will already started painting our third lier. Wherever I see vie to space, I start painting there and I just made sure that some part off the leave is being leered on previously er off leaves. As you can see this pain clear off. Leave This that I'm applying is being layered on the green colored leave. You can see I'm leering pink color on green, please green colored leaves. The very important part here is whenever we're going to apply the third layer to demonstrate pleasing technique, Viv warned toe very gently. Apply these layers. We cannot move of brush too much because the other earlier, which has completely dried it, will come out off. It so we don't want that to happen. You're going to apply this third layer very gently so that earlier layer off being doesn't get removed. You can see how I'm a playing these third Lears. Whenever I see, I can apply these colors. I start doing there now I have zoomed in so that you can actually nicely see what is happening. You I'm applying blue colored Lhuillier off paint on being clear off, being sort its red color, its red color. I'm a blame blue color off paint on red color so you can see the stone. We have made new dawn wherever red and blue overlaps. Wherever. These to paint over lefts, we are able to see 1/3 tone. Isn't it exciting again? Now I'm going to apply yellow yellow color layer off, faint on green color layer off paint. Can you see wherever gallo and green color overlap? We have made a new dune. We have made a new dawn off color. So pleasing is indeed a very beautiful technique that you can see different dawns off color and they just give a beautiful overall effect of the painting. There are a few things you must know we can apply as many washes as many layers off paint as we want for glazing technique. It just all depends on the paper quality. If paper is take, we can apply for 10 trail washes. But if our paper is not take like you know, it's sort of an 300 shi ism, so it's impossible to apply more than 23 layers. Okay, so you need to be careful applying layer self paint says a beautiful effect is visible just because off doing this layering doing this glazing technique are painting has gone on through another level just because of the simple technique. Wherever we want. This whole painting Toby completely covered with leaves, autumn leaves. So wherever you find a space fighter space, you're going to apply these layers off leave. Very okay. And we're going to make it as colorful as possible because in reality, these colors give a beautiful effect and they are very soothing to our eyes and they lift our moods. Okay, so you can see I'm adding leaves and now you can see the overall people. It has already started looking much better, much gorgeous. I'm again applying a few layers off leave now. After this, we are going to add our golden, shimmery line. It's a great tech, which is going to bring our painting to a whole another level, so let's get started with this. 7. ADDING GOLDEN CIRCLE WITH CALLIGRAPHY QUOTE: adding golden circle with calligraphy court before adding golden circle. I would like to show you how it looks once it gets strike. In this previous painting, you can see the shimmery effect produced using golden details. I also want to compare what of these paintings here leaves more green and color yellow in color. And in this particular painting that we did, it has more paying blue red colors. It has more colors in it to represent the feeling off autumn. Now this is the court which I'm going to right at the center. So I will advise you to write the court beforehand so that you can copy it just by looking at the court surrounded the court on a paper. All right, now, this is the acrylic pain that we're going to use for creating golden details. If you have water color paint, you can use it as well. But I since I don't have, I'm going to use this. I'm going to pick my brush and lord the brush with paint and put it on the lid off the bottle. I'm going to add more and more water, say we're going to have the percentage 80% off water and 20% off paint. No, I'm going to trace all those pencil lines that I made for a circle using brush. Now this is this is very important part. It's going to be your choice to make the golden circle tener in size or taker in size. So, as you can see, firstly, I trees the circle within lines. But later, as you can see as you will find, I was not satisfied with those same lines. I made it more take up. It's all your choice. Instead of making tenor lines you could make picket lines and vice were so. Moreover, I've made a circle in this painting. If you want, you can make a square rectangle. Pirlo Graham Any shape that you desire, it's not necessary that you have to make us all right. Second week, any shape, but the tracing off their chief would be done with golden paint golden color paint. If you have silver, you can use silver as well. We just want the circle the shape toe have that sparkly, shimmery effect. So I'm doing I'm again making that lines on the previous line so that it has take a line water over. You can see I'm making those thin, thin lines coming out of the circle just to give it a beautiful effect. That's it. We're going to do this. And now we're going to wait for the paint to dry so that we can write our court. Now I have paint has dried, so we're going to start writing the court. I have already chosen the court, and I have even voted with pencil so that I can design the layout off the court. Every leaf it speaks. Bless to me fluttering from the autumn tree. This is the court Fisher presence. Autumn. Very well, and I'm going to use a small brush tip. Tom Boo. Food news. Okay, brush, man. So wherever I find down strokes, I'm going to apply full pressure. And wherever there are up the strokes, they would be light pressure. So I'm just writing this grift. The basic angiography. If you don't know how, toe right in a scripture style, you can simply right in your handwriting you can write a court, you can write happy. But there you can write any greeting and in quotation you like, and you can simply get this framed and hang it on your own ball. You can give it to your friend. I'm adding some flourishes, so it's very important at times Toe decide before how we're going to write the court. That's why I wrote it with Pansa. A Once I rated, I'm going to a reserve with a razor. Make sure doors pencil lines are completely razed. We don't want them to be visible afterwards, so just that's it. This is our complete painting with calligraphy coat and golden shimmery lines. 8. FINAL THOUGHTS: Hi, guys. Thanks for watching my class. I hope you enjoy painting ordinary bring with me. And I hope you learned watercolor techniques and their application value here. So if you have any doubts of questions you can post it in the community section. I'll be able to help you there on. I am so excited to see your paintings. Sufficient it in the dictionary on. And if you are on instagram, please share it. The I'm there with the Hendon named The Divine Butterfly. So be staying me and use the hash tag. Long vigil. So that's it for now. I hope you enjoy this glass. And you enjoyed the feeling off auto with this painting. Don't forget to give some good reviews. If you like. The class of that other students can wash as well. Thank you. Bye.