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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (2h 26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Colors and Characteristics

    • 4. Techniques Part 1 Learning

    • 5. Techniques Part 2 Application

    • 6. Waves in the Storm - Exercise 1 (Part 1)

    • 7. Waves in the Storm - Exercise 1 (Part 2)

    • 8. Wave Exercise 2 (Part 1)

    • 9. Wave Exercise 2 (Part 2)

    • 10. Crashing Waves - Part 1 - Sketching

    • 11. Crashing Waves - Part 2 - The Sky

    • 12. Crashing Waves - Part 3 - Ocean and Sand

    • 13. Crashing Waves - Part 4 - Final Details

    • 14. Ocean Waves Part 1

    • 15. Ocean Waves Part 2

    • 16. Ocean Waves Part 3

    • 17. Ocean Waves Part 4

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About This Class

This class will help you explore the potential of how to paint ocean waves with watercolors. Anyone can take this class as it is designed in a way where the class gradually moves to the difficult concepts of creating movements. We start with painting clouds, water and learn how to control water in watercolors. There are two exercises and two class projects starting with beautiful beaches to crashing waves of the ocean. The final two projects have reference photos uploaded.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dhritikana Nath

Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Hello Peeps, I am Dhritikana Nath an artist instructor, teacher, content creator from Delhi (India) and from the time I have started painting landscape was the subject that I did fall in love with. Among landscape painting lights with vibrant colors is my favorite. Overtime I am smitten by the beauty of water, clouds, sea, animals, flowers and everything that is there in Nature. I keep exploring all these subjects with different mediums like watercolor, gouache, markers, soft pastels and more.

I am a strong believer of the idea that anyone can paint if you put an honest effort and for excelling in painting there are only 2 rules practice and frequency of painting. I did start my journey in 2018 and I would say it’s been calming, meditative and even helped me a lot to improv... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, I am pretty Ghana on art educator, instructor on illustration. Artist from Delhi, India. Strength, power and beauty off nature is un ending. It becomes more appealing to the eyes of the spectator if we can put all of it in one single painting. So here I am bringing for all of you are very powerful subject ocean makes, and you can explore all off it in great detail with the most beautiful medium water colors , this class is divided into three layers off learning. The first layer helps you explore different techniques and its application to our subject the second layer helps you explore to excise is focused on creating movements and helping you understand. How can a subject come to life by using different masking techniques on different, kind off wave movements? Finally, the last year off learning helps you to have an in depth knowledge on how to paint movement and waves, beach and rocks. I can't wait to explore with you all the beauty off nature with my own favorite medium. I'm shared all my tips n tricks off how we can partner with this medium toe, make it work as for our needs. But do remember there will be some happy accidents, so let's go ahead and explore nature's energy 2. Art Supplies: Let's go through the art supplies. So force just the people that we would be using this a Sarge's 300 years and whole pressed paper on it. ISS 15 into 30 centimeters we would be doing are forced to exercises on this size off people you can take. Can you order landscape size for doing the two projects? After that, I will be using a white ceramic Ballard for doing my painting. We will be using pains from different companies. There are few from PWC than your principal Newton Professional Grade. What colors? Daniel Smith Hospital as white knights. Can Mitchell omission gold? Along with Sellinger, we would be doing and mixing much for our colors. I always keep two jars off water, one for your clean. What a supply on the other one for cleaning my brushes, the tissues for removing any extra beans from the brushes or tapping off my brush. We will be using over ideal brushes, but do keep in mind. You do not need to own all these brushes. You have to just go ahead and have a few off them, like the 1st 1 would be my size. Four. Brush one size six brush and another size Kate approach. That's the max that I would need for. My painting can keep a wash brush for yourself here. I'm using a Princeton size one inch brush. Then I have size for size six, size eight on script liner brush from Silver Blackwell on and really coffin Egx Princeton Flat brush. Keep a Posca marker. In case you don't have a white Posca markers, you can go ahead and keep of I cherry rope in, then have call masking fluid for yourself. Right now, I'm using a prime a mosque. Include on two different kind off masking tapes. One is a one inch state. Another is 1/2 an inch tape along with it. I will keep a wide wash for painting off you areas in bike as well as always. Keep or wax ready in case you do not have a mosque. Include the white wax can help you toe a mosque. All the areas that you want to preserve in white 3. Colors and Characteristics: I have heard from many paint manufacturers that they say that you should always take toe one kind off brand off pains, because if you go ahead and use different kind of brand off veins, they might not mix well. This is, I think, is just like an eyewash, because the only difference that arises between different browned off pains is the amount of pigments that each one of these blind uses. The second difference is how well the paints are processed on how much the binders and fillers that a particular manufacturing company uses water paint manufacturers uses. That is one of the reasons that I wanted to show you how to different brands can have almost similar kind off pains that the manufacture, like the Khobar because Light is almost very similar to the compose flew off. Mitchell Omission Goal the Khobar because Light is from Winsor and Newton professional grade watercolors. Yeah, Nowadays I have bean of solving that many manufacturers are indicating the pigments on their labels, so you should always go ahead and check the colors under pigments that they have used on then only by the pains, rather than going only by the name off the run. Now. Here again, you can see that the turquoise plateau that is person a earlier similar toe, the turquoise blue status by white nights. So once you do this watch, you would be able to see that there is hardly any difference in the turquoise plateau on the course blue. Nowadays you can buy pigments by the number like B Y. Three b y 35 p by 97 are basically husing yellow, whereas B 0 20 or beyond 36 Scorpio 62 is for orange. Similarly, P. R. 105 p r. 1 46 p r. 1 77 He's for red on, then goes like Violet, which is Beenie 14 or baby 19 Blue cream. So all of them come by their pigment names. That is B y b o b r B b B b. So all of these come by the names and you can actually bite with the help off those names. The other Carlos and I would be scratching now is mine blew in Toronto on Blue Quinacrine own goal, which are by Daniel Smith, Cerulean blue, Prussian Blue Indigo on When I gave Brown by PwC and the last is my bond C Now, which is by my insulin Newton professional great things. There are other characteristics off means that we should keep in mind before you choose any paint like is a transparent or its semi transparent or its toe pick. Depending on the transparency, your light will pass through it on a bounce back from the white paper. Hand hit looks really nice. Toe the eyes off the spectator. The second important factor to me is the flu off the pain. So if you have a good flew off pains, if you put down with sofas, the pains will flow towards the less betters office from the more betters office, whereas if it is less moving than it will not flow as much as like other fluid pains. Therefore, if you are painting any clouds, I would always request you to go with pains which are less flowy. Whereas you are making any other kind of landscape, you can go with more fluid pains where pains will move into each other. The next cell would be my saturation and on saturation or saturation is very important, like it decides on the vibrancy and the vividness off the colors. If it is really vibrant. For example, Khobar Blue. Can you under these are like, really, really vibrant color squares. If it is born, see an arrow number. They are not from the rainbow sheets, and they might be unsaturated on. They do not have that vividness and color in them. Then, is your color host staining this so it's basically how much your color will stain on your people. It's very important on the side, because if you want to lift off your colors from your people, I would always request you to go for less staining kind of pains on non staining pains where us If you want more vividness and colorful output, you might go for a more staining thing. The statistics we discussed might not be off high interest to you all, but seriously, that's really, really important when you choose your pains, that would help you to understand the mixes that you would be doing, and there will be no money mixes any border, the Force Desert Limited Politics says, using only to pains, which is my mind you and in don't own do I would be using a mix off all these pains during my Project one and project toe meet you in the next lesson for door forced on the second exercise. 4. Techniques Part 1 Learning: I have divided the techniques in tow do videos. The first part of the video helps you to learn the techniques we will be applying in our painting on the second part off the techniques help you toes experiment on a small media to know how the final results of the technique a pure on the paper. So let's start with the first part. What does wet on wet mean to you? But on what it means that we are painting on a wet surface either in B A Clearwater or it can be clear off clear paints or pigments. It is important to understand the rule off tone with process and how you are. Pains will appear on a weight on reds office. I have divided the wet on wet process into three parts. The first is laying and even goat off pigments on with people. The 2nd 1 is blending 103rd 1 is the FX section. You will always off soft that the wet on wet process on trying who appear lighter than the wet on dry technique. There are many ways we can apply paints on paper on the unique results that you obtain is only dependent on the way you apply these pains. After you apply the flat wash, now comes the interesting part. Take your brush that ISS size six silver black velvet and drop some water on your people. You will see that the place where you drop water, the pigments will flow away from their kind. You will start getting less pigmented spaces. Now take your flat brush again on stop playing and even goat off. Wash Cuando paper as a general observation you will see. Then you apply. Come even caught off pains Corn wet people. It would be less pigmented on drying compared toa the wet on dry which would be more pigmented. Corn drying does spread your colors evenly on the paper. We move on to the 3rd 1 That is the blending technique. The blending technique is very simple. I will make two different blocks off colors. Keeping in mind that they remain wet, apply some water in between toe, blend it and further apply some more water to make it absolutely transparent in value. I would be using plateau course In between us are different Block off blue collar kind Reville, apply water now sometimes you will have solved that even after applying the water, we are not able to get the smooth blend. What you can usually do is go over the surface on apply some more big meant off the same blue color that you did. Apply audio for both the blocks and make it more even. What color suggests that the creation off the painting has something to do with water can. If you apply only flat washers, you will be missing the whole point off having fun. So try as many effects you want toe owner off paper and then try to replicate it in your painting that you want to do after laying an even coat off water on people. Let's try off you effects like we need to discover how our pains flow. When we had some drops off paint on people, the more wet pains will flu in tow less great people, causing beautiful bloops off pigments to see a bigger impact off these blooms. Just run your brush through the edges off the square box on. You will see the big men's moving in stood the box because your box is less wet and your pains are more back It's absolutely amazing to discover new techniques, but only your techniques cannot build up the whole painting. This is just to give a rough idea about how you can handle uncontrolled. The medium enable you to discover your own methods. You can try out other methods off painting, like if you scratch a pigment and dry sofas with sun people, you will get a crashing wave effect. Adding salt to your weapon meant its office will lead to snow like effects. One said Dries, So I will leave it up to you toe completely. Explore, understand on, discover the methods that suit your needs the most. See when the next lesson where we will be applying all the techniques, weeded lawn over here to paint our sky water and weeks. 5. Techniques Part 2 Application: whatever we have learned in our last lesson will find an application. Now forced is the wet on wet technique on. I will be playing with the effects that I want to create for the cloud. We will try to achieve a wet on wet, dramatic sky. For that. The first step is laying and even got off wash. Then load your brush with some civilian ad, the civilian in a way that I will be showing next. I have heard this kalak times that watercolor are one of the toughest mediums to work with , to which my answer is that you might be living in a delusional world. So for me, every medium has its characteristics on rather than beating it up, we should try to partner with it the most important aspect in watercolors. His water control. That's what we're trying toe understand. Through this three specific exercises, you will be seeing that sometimes I cannot get my colors towards the bottom or towards the horizon line off my painting. To achieve the result, I simply tell my boat or two people on which I'm painting on my colors moved towards the bottom. Load your brush with some indigo and start applying it on top off the Serie Liam that we did apply for clouds. Let's load a brush with some Serevi in blue on stock painting are beautiful Water. Water is all very tricky. Subject Andi, if 100 in a good way, you can achieve great results on it looks which really very beautiful toe people. I would be using my gradation technique over your But my gradation will not be a movement or a smooth transition between two colors. It would be my transition off cerulean blue into absolutely are white transparent area off the paper using our dip technique over here where I will pain hobbit off area And then I will dip my brush and again take some water. I will paint a specifications again hung again My brush can't drink some more water till I get absolutely transparent color on the top of the water idiom. Go ahead with another layer off wash for trillium in case required using the same technique that we did apply while we painted the water. Here we are trying to paint calm waters with less movement, but we will be creating the wave marks so that gives so realistic hand, three dimensional look. Once we are done with the spot, we will stop creating our waves, combining some indigo handsome civilian. Here we are trying toe paint calm waters with less movement, but we will be creating the waves mark so that it gives a realistic and three dimensional look. There is a trick to make your waves on ripples look more realistic that IHS follow a pattern now what does this part on me now? Pattern means what you are seeing right now on the people. Take your brush. Start making straight lines from the bottom on reach toe the top at the bottom area. You will be having more distance between the lines, whereas when you move to the top the distance will reduce hand. You will make often online's broader lines. At the bottom, 10 aligns at the top. In total, I will be the beating three Process. Forster's Making simple lines. The 2nd 1 is interlocking, our lives now interlocking. Our lives are interlocking. The ripples as you want to say interlocking means. You will make one line from the left. One line from the light on. Interlock it when you apply another Lear off pains over your dried surface, which is already having a wash. It is called as pleasing. He over. He would be using the same technique. We will go over the way. Start we that paint all your order falls on. We will keep interlocking are ripples and waves again to make more realistic water. You can keep absolving the way I am making my brush strokes on. Similarly, apply it for making your own. What off did fast forward this process orbit as I have already explained how you need to paint the ripples on the waves off the water. Let's take one step forward and understand the movement off the leaves. Now there are specific direction in which hobby arises from the surface off the ocean. We have to first mark what would be our sofas and in which direction I want to paint my waves. So if my first week was moving from the ground street hop artist the force text size, we will be covering you people. Just be learning the brush movements, so you need to understand how you have tow, use your brush, try being some parlor lines, one off another on a few places. Try to just push your brush. Comp it. Condom again. Released the brush This way you will get different mouths. One would be a bit broader. Line on one would be a bit 10 a line. Yeah. Now we are trying to make some directional way going from the right toe the left on big barrel hospitalists, interlocking lines. This will get more clear when we will get on our first kick size. Be more visually clear about how you want to paint your waves whenever you are near to a water body. Next time that issue hit a beach location or you are in tow. Some river riverside. Go ahead hand. Just check. The weaves has well as the motion off your river or the flowing water. This way, you will be able to create your own reference base for how you want toe. Give direction to your wave or to your ripples in a horizontal or vertical manner. You will even see some unexpected angles when you concentrate on explore one particular subject calmly. I hope you did like exploring the clouds water, hand Dave study by using the techniques we did loan polio and specifically, in a way, like apart on to suit all one needs 6. Waves in the Storm - Exercise 1 (Part 1): So we start with our false text size on though here he would be taping donor paper before we start painting. Once you take down your people, we need to outline the waves. Once the outline is done, we will go ahead and apply hard. Candlebox, you can take a wack stick if it is available. I try to get one, but could not manage to get any. So I just took a simple candle that is available at home part. Just keep in mind that it should be white in color. Since the crashing waves are also white and columns, we will dry two ways off Painting our caves oneness with our country box which is our host . Exercise on the second ist without masking fluid painting lives is re more easier when these mediums you can go by your choice, whichever bringing him or whichever method you like. You can go ahead and use it. Just cover the wax along the lines off the waves on the left side, on the waves Heart ticker, as you know, on the left side compared to the right side. So be sure how you covered on the paper. The can have a closer look at it to get a better idea once. So we're done. We will remove all the extracts that is there on the paper on, then startling and even coat off. Wash on it is simply off clean water. Washington Time link Right now on the paper, Cover all the areas. You will see that anyways, your wax will repel water harm. You cannot paint horned up off the wax. That's the major reason why V the choose vax has are made him to paint these crashing waves or completing this painting, I would be using two blues won. Iss mind Mayan blue Genuine on that as by Daniel Smith on the other one is my indon thrown blue that is again by Daniel Spit. Now, if you do not have these colors, you do not need to worry Mine. Blue is very close to the color off scenario where they have our turquoise plateau on the other one In gone thrown blue, you can also take it as a solution blue, because it is again a color which is very close to pollution. You can start by mixing or very light makes off in on Throne Blue and applied on the people on the right and less on the left side. Once you are happy with that part, just go ahead and take hall pigmented. Mix off the same color or one more darko value off the same color on you. Start painting over it now. The strokes that I'm doing is from my right towards the left. You will see that I'm even leaving some space around, though weaves when we paint our clouds. It has to be really soft. Me on the waves on the color around the waves mostly, is very transparent. This is just the first layer on the result that I'm trying to obtain your. It's a storm in sky in my second layer. I will help you understand how I will be using the white hand transparent spaces around the waves to look more realistic. Let's start with the water now. This is all very small painting on. We did ordinary Whereto completes office. Whenever you apply paints on the West's office, it is bound to flu, creating a soft effect. We will take a light makes off Prussian blue or Indo turn blue, leaving some white spaces in between. When we are trying to paint the water just the way I have done it. Now, once you have applied the Indo Tone blue or the Prussian blue, whatever you have available that you go ahead with the Mayan blue, take our deeper mix off mine blue and apply it on the water. If you even try to paint on top of the wax, it would repel. So keep painting below the layer off the wax can on few off the areas only with the mind blue. We want both earlier off blue one the in turn blue on the mind Lou to be seen for water, or try to add more pigmented washes on top off the pale wash. That way you can restrict yourself from over doing or painting, just like we applied olio or light Wash off in the tone blue. And now we're going ahead and adding a deeper told off in dot On blue leaves are usually or tricky subject, and there is no best way off painting ways. We just need toe absolve the motion off. The wave, like this week, is a rising street from the water level on moving up so adding some lines now on the wet suffers with the use off the tip off my smallest silver black velvet brush size for just below the office. I have left a small space and white. This is usually the way I have observed waves arising from the ground level in my photos as well as in the real life. Whenever you feel that you have applied more colors, you can pick it up with your blending brush. You have to just go ahead, pick up with the blending brush, wash the blending brush on, dab off any extra pains on the brush over the tissue. Again, your brush is ready to pick up the colors. 7. Waves in the Storm - Exercise 1 (Part 2): we are now on the second part off painting the way son water already are. Painting is taking shape. We can distinctly off solve the sky water on waves. Let's start with the water. We will be applying the interlocking waves technique, which we did practice during the techniques section had tried toe into law. The waves, starting from the bottom of the painting interlocking off the waves will be broader at the bottom antenna at the top. Use your tennis brush size four off several black velvet to paint these lines as a painting is very small. I'm using the silver black velvet size four. If you are using are bigger people. You can for sure, go ahead with a bigger size brush. But do keep in mind that you should have a good off the brush we will use to Russia's Simultaneously. One would be my blending brush so black Wilbert, which has a long brush size. This is a script liner brush. It helps me to blame easily. You surely do not need toe own this brush for painting or form landing who had with any size six brush that is available with you, you can even go for any other size off your choice to take in the tone blue for painting these interlocking ribs you can also use alternatively, Prussian blue. If you don't have in the tone blue even apply This technique on leave in our painting is completely dry. This technique off interlocking helps us too hard. More dept on movement into the water. That's one of the reason why we go ahead with layer to four hard water. Yeah, again, I am using my into town blue on. Don't you're I am taking toe brushes. The 1st 4 painting or adding the pigments on the 2nd 1 for blending I'm sure in the order to brush is that I am using simultaneously. No, they're why I would be blending the colors. The most important point is that I want my colors toe if you're very soft when they are appearing on the people. So I will just go ahead on some deeper tones around though weaves where we have covered it with the wax on, then blended with my blending brush. I will repeat this process continuously throughout the entire leaves the area. Yeah, No. Since the painting off my waves is a limited palette. So I would go ahead and even add some Mayan blue into the painting or plateau Course. What a voice available with you. And this has to be only from dull portion below the sky. It is not about the sky that we're doing anything. It is the way status below the sky. You will always observed that when there is a Goshen waves coming towards you, they have some stepped in the water on. That's the depth which we are trying to show right now. I am pretty satisfied with the way that my base have a pure Now I would go ahead and add some more color on the top off the waves. The places which I'm showing right now is the place where I would be adding some more pigments and then I would be blending it with my sky. Yeah, during the first half off my painting, you have also that I have used only one pigment for painting my sky. I would pick up the same pigment at some small small dots to show the ways I'm blended with my blending brush with the sky on. This is not for the entire part off the waves that I would be doing. I would be doing it only at few places to show the hard edges just at some colors and then blanket. You will keep on repeating this process 2 to 3 times when you have painted the ways. We do have some transparent colors around the waves and in reality, when you also any photo, the complete wave is not white, so we will make the use off transparent colors around the waves to create those leers within. A wave on that literally leads to more depth within the wave. An important step for blending your pains clearly with no hard edges, is always keep oversupply off water for your planning brush. Once you playing the colors with your brush, it gets dotting, so go ahead and dip your brush in dirty water. Clean it and above decks droppings on the tissue and dip it in the clean water. Start blending the colors on the paper now. This way, you can avoid picking up any extra colors on your brushes. Go ahead and add some more deeper tones on the lower side off the waves. But do keep in mind that the people should be with Our painting is ready on who he can now move on to our second excites. 8. Wave Exercise 2 (Part 1): this painting is going to teach you everything about the movement off a week. How do we show the depth using different tonal values off a few colors to create various FX ? First, let's start with the rough sketch off the week, and then we will move to masking a few areas off the wave. When I sketch, you will. Also, I will sketch around the areas where they will be from off the week. We were preserved a few years by masking it with the help off the primal What color mask include? Yeah, let's start by applying the masking fluid. Do the wave sketch you have tow. Apply a few lines starting from the top, taking it toe the bottom off the same circular area off the week, and Gwen the weight and cautious. There will be some off the 80 US one, the top where we will even get off food off water on those areas. Also, I need to mask it with my masking fluid. Once you apply the mosque included, you have to make sure that your mosque include tries off completely if you use your watercolor brush over your mask. Include before it tries it might stick to the brush on completely spoil your brush doors off the movement off my mask. Include you would need 10 nozzle toe. Make this movement on to mask it. If you do not have, you can use any kind off thing brush, which you do not want to use for order or which has a good tip that you can always keep for only mosque. Include once you have applied the mosque. Include and it is completely dried. We have to go ahead and apply on even goat off wash on the people. The idea and the approach for this week is to meet. The colors bleed in the first year as a first step, we start by painting the sky takes a mine, blew and then moving on to some in the tone blue or pollution, passport, Whatever is available with you observing closely, you can see that I'm touching only a few areas off the sky near the wave sketch and rest of the sky is handing a bit above it. Leven Notley off flat wash over the sky. You will use the technique we did learn during the application off the sky technique over here. Whenever you feel that there is an excess color new the way you can tap it off with help off your issue. The most interesting part is painting the water has we painted by altering between two colors my and blue hand in the tone blue. When you start making these straight lines brushstrokes, the key point is to start from the right and ended on the left. We'll start from the left and ended on the right. You would be painting around the masking fluid. The pains, when applied on the mosque implored, is repaired, and that's the reason those part remains protected. Always try to cover the left side off your painting with help off your tissue, because anyhow, we do not want the painting to get spoiled. If you are painting on two different people, there is no issue way. We'll start with lighter tones, the areas inside the way. There's always people in tone compared to the area outside the way. So we will go from the deepest stone on the left as it is going inside the wave to light a stone on the right off the painting, stop flying smaller lines on the Web surfers hand in a sense circular motion to show the motion off. Okay, Yeah. Guys, during your painting, I will ask you has a regular practice to stop for a moment and analyze your painting. Now this analyzing off your painting is very important to understand if you have taken the correct approach for painting any subject when you reach the top off the wave, start by waiting a few areas off the beef and then apply some composed blue. Reload your brush with some Ocampo's blue deafness. Since this is an active water on, it is bombed to produce four on bubbles. That's the reason we will keep a few areas white even around the mosque. Include once your first Lear istan with your composed blue. Go ahead and load your brush with some mind blue and add that mine blue on top off the composed who had on make some short lines starting from the top on moving towards the bottom. This will help us to capture the movement off the wave. We will go ahead on and play with the deepest own off the mind blue, and that's what we would go ahead on hand right now on top, off my way Always during your reefs painting. Leave some white spaces. As you see right now, Yeah, Take some more condone tone are crucial and apply it just below the large wave. Once you have applied that, we have to march it with our blending brush toe the background. 9. Wave Exercise 2 (Part 2): I'm so happy to see that our we've has all these daughter taking a shape on. There are many off us who might like to be that at this stage. But I would like toa find unit for door on our more details to make it more realistic. Here we will go ahead and add a few lines with Indo Tone blue with help off my size four. Brush off. Serve over. I leave a blended with the blending brush when we are going in words that is inside the week and you will also also that I have us war. Would it a bit because there's not much that I would be explaining over here except the movements that I am creating in the waves. Do remember that your line should not overpower the clear that we have lead below this It is the layer to, but your earlier one should also be seen. Now we will go ahead and move on to our sky area. You will again go with the deepest tone off your blue doctors and Toronto Blue on. We just make a few jobs here and there on top of the gave towards the left I'm blended with the sky. I do not want any hard edges on. That's one of the reasons I have bean blending my colors toe out the sex size, load your brush with some mind blue and add some lines along the masking floored. It not only helps to show the motion or the movement, it also helped in showing the contrast. Then you will remove the masking fluid. It would be very well visible that there is a white space travel s. There is a deep mine in blue on the paper. The movements off water is most important part. Many waves painting. The better you can bring out the movement, the more life it does up to your painting. So let's go ahead and add more lines into the water. You off the ocean as we need to bring out the contrast on the depth. Just load your brush with some pollution or in going toe loop on add the simple lines. Always keep in mind that we do not want to go overboard whenever I am adding lines, I'm adding off you off the lines, stepping back and again checking it that if I need toe hard for the lines in tow. The painting. Once I'm happy with my we've and the water idea, I will go ahead and work on my sky a bit more, adding some deeper values on top off the wave, which helps to bring out the shape off the wave in a better way. Keep blending your colors as a general observation. I would request you tow watch this loss on a personal computer or laptop or on any other bigger screen, as all the paintings are very detailed, that it would be easier for your own understanding. You can go ahead and now take out your masking fluid, which we did apply Toe Mosque off you eight years off the waves. You can use any razor toe. Take it out like I am doing right now. Corals. You can even scratch it with your fingers, but it is more advisable to use an eraser always while we keep scraping the masking fluid from the people I would like to discuss a few do centonze always has a practice test, a masking fluid on the people that you are planning to use for your painting. Every masking fluid acts differently, own different kind off paper. Never shake your mosque in floored. Always, always still it. This will avoid forming air bubbles, which will create pinholes into your paper. Under paint can lead through the pain holds on the area. Which Children mosque all. You let your mask include dry naturally and never applied on them people until you wanted to be permanently sticking to your paper. Always removed the masking floored from the people when you're paint is totally dried so that there are no pigments on your Moscow Kailua. I have come across different artists who have used many other tools to mask the area like telegraphy pens, dude brush brushes, sponge hand many more way have teach the final details so far. Painting I will use some white portion. This is the white Wash by similiar. If you are on a very off the wash medium, I would like to tell you it is like an opiate watercolor medium, which is now becoming very popular amongst artists on designers. If you do not own any gorge known shoes, please go ahead and use some poster colors off course. It's not an exact replacement for wash, but it can create the effect that I am showing you right now. I would load some off the wash on my silver black velvet brush on. Just stop it on the paper to create some star like effect. But on her single place, this is also called us platters on. You can add some more biggest flatters with help off your brush. Yeah, Since Wide Wash is an opiate medium, you can also use it for growing the lines on showing the movements off the water. In case you feel that there are no correct amount off white spaces that you have left during the mosque in, that can be, I don't know going. I would like to highlight another important aspect of shape as the whole painting is almost done. Shape usually helps to create movements just like the same circular lines we would be painting. Now. It basically drives the viewer side toe a particular direction, just like from the image. The viewers get the impression that the leave did arise and it has movement hospital as it is crashing on the left side of the painting, - we will reload our brush with some in Anton Blue and show off a bit more depth in tow. Water on into our lives wherever necessary. Rest up anything as orderly. Ready? You can go ahead, kind. Take out the masking tape. Once it is dry, - painting waves can be really time taking diving on quite the cumbersome process. But then the movement is one thing that attracts attention. To be more precise, you will always absolved that our own ice moves and direction where an object is moving. I'm in the similar way a moving. We've also catches all the attention off your viewer. I hope you did enjoy both exercises that we did cover them. Now there are two final trust projects that we would be painting next. Yeah. 10. Crashing Waves - Part 1 - Sketching: we will take a step forward and start with our force project. The first point is how do we do the sketching? I feel sketching is very important in the journey off transition from a pinko toe. An artist I will measure the video where I will make my horizon line on It would be a big below 50% off the people. I would stop sketching my rocks on my weaves below my horizon line. Always keep in mind the final outcome on accordingly. Sketch all the elements in the composition for stable sketch My waves moving ahead toe 3 to 4 rocks as the next subject. Yeah, while we keep sketching on, then masking the area off the wave. Let's talk of it. I have come across this question again and again. What inspires you the most on a simple answer is nature. I love to paint nature every day as it gives me immense joy unhappiness. I started collecting pictures from various sources like on slash picks. Obey etcetera. Also, you can start collecting your own pictures like you can go to a beach or forest on a different time off day or evening. Take photos. You can even try to paint an embassy city on the spot for the final project. We have the real photos uploaded in the resource section. The photos are chosen from unspool ash. You can go ahead and download from there as we progress. You will absolve that. I do eliminate a few things in the composition as well as other bit off ropes and change the composition off the waves. As for my understanding, the colors that I use for the clouds are exactly not similar to the ones in the photo. I usually changed the colors to my understanding, focusing majorly on the waves clouds on only detailing that. So the conclusion is eliminate. Rearrange, change the colors at any movement. All of this helps to develop your own painting. Still, no my understanding off the speed with which you can learn his practice under frequency with which you paint on a daily basis. So the more you ping, the more you understand Andrew as an artist again, it would be a wet on wet technique that we would be using for painting this first project, so I will lay and even Goto wash for my Sky radio on use your biggest size brush, either. It can be a hair brush, for you can take off flat brush like this one inch from Princeton or whatever big size brush you have you can use to late that wash. Then you can load some in the go on your brush on start painting. It's just apply some light. Wash off in the go pains on the people in a few areas, and that's all we will do for the sky portion, and then you will even blend it with your blending brush. Now this is the first layer off the clouds that I'm laying time. Sometimes it is possible that I am not very eager to Lee very deep shade or or darker shade off indigo on the paper. So I take a fresh brush, aren't on damp, fresh brush basically on just take out the extra pains that I have won my people one status tan. You will go ahead with some civilian blue Ordell's. You can even take some cobalt blue, or you can even take some peacock. So these are the options that you can take on. Start painting your sky on top off the horizon line Yeah. Do keep in mind that we are not going toe paint with the civilian blue in the area, we have applied in the roof one. Now the deepest value will be at the horizon and strolling it would become lighter in value . Has we proceed towards the top? Yeah. You will observe that I will paint in your ears for my indigo as it is a deep shade on I want my painting does still remain bright on vibrant. I will start with the middle off my painting and then extending the indigo words left on towards the right. The deeper shade will be adamant. I don't keep blending my indigo with the background on. If it is becoming a bit darker, I will wash my brush. Pick up that it's dropping from the people on. Then top it off on the tissue. I'm the second metal that you can always use for taking off any extracting this harding some clean water on top off your painting just the way I have done. Now, when you apply clean water on paper, it helps to push the paint away on the area where you have applied to obtain water will become lighter in tone 11. Crashing Waves - Part 2 - The Sky: take some deep sea really, um, on your brush and apply it on the people. Then lend the colors with the blending brush so that there is no hard edge. But before you start like the people, try completely. We will be working in lures for this class cape. Cheerio. Passport. Our observation from last painting. Always keep all blending brush handy hand. Take your size for round brush for painting your clouds and I have taken my script liner brush size six. As my blending brush, you can use any underbrush for blending your colors. Yeah, I would not be talking much to walk the cloud section off the class project and allow you to also have more how I am creating that prosper and help you replicate it in your own painting. Sky sets the mood and atmosphere off a painting I have been stressing on the subject from the Big Ning handouts. One of the reason for releasing the class on easy and simple way to pain clouds off seven different types. Every cloud conveys the time hope today on your we are usually focusing on soft edge clouds . The wet on wet method is always considered one off the best for creating the atmosphere, irrespective off. If you want to pay the whole stinking focused on the clouds or keeping it simple toe a smallest place as we will be doing it in heart next class project. Once I have applied the Serie Liam, I will go ahead and act the water with my blending brush over the whole surface off the people as we progress, I would like to tell you that I'm using more transparent colors for the sky so that it doesn't done buddy on. I can see the white color off the people with practice. I can understand even seeing on my palette. If this is the exact on off the color, I want to apply on the people. But if you are starting out on the big, nor I would ask you to test your colors on the screen people before applying it on the painting, - go ahead with something platoons off Siri Liam and just are blended with the sky area. Once you are done with the civilian, I would ask you to start with your indigo and apply some colors at the bottom of the sky, just like I would be applying next. Yeah, has a practice. You have been seeing me, Harding, more water and not applying any white on my people for the club's period. The major reason is if I add white, the clouds will become more milky and topic on. We are trying to avoid that effect all together in our clubs, - the sky istan on a loose tile rather than doing it with more realism. Because I feel that you can never replicate Mitchell the way it appears on the photo on simply, that's not within the approach that we will take in this painting, because the main focus has to be on the waves on the water. And if I keep detailing all the parts of the painting, the main subject will lose its importance. Dab often, extracting with your tissue whenever necessary, just the way I am doing right now on my people. - I will go ahead and on the last year off indigo on my clouds. I did fast forward the video over here, as we are just repeating the same process we did for load, and now you can always go ahead and adjust the speed off the video as for your requirement . See you in the next lesson where I will be teaching you everything about how you can paying the crashing waves on the beach on the water. Do remember toe paint around those flatters off your masking fluid because that will help to create the contrast between the most out wide spaces. Hand the civilian blew off the sky. 12. Crashing Waves - Part 3 - Ocean and Sand : I know how much difficulty you must have faced while you did paint the sky and now comes the easier part that was painting the water on the leaves. I do understand that we need to paint around the masking fluid to achieve the desired results. We will start with some composed blue on. Then you will deepen it up with some plateau toys from the horizon. You have to move downwards towards the bottom off the painting I have really so that the green sea looks very pretty when you paint it on paper. That's the reason for using these colors. That is your composed blue plateau choice. We will take the layering approach for to see past It provides me more stepped in the painting. Once you are done with the compost blue on cattle course, I would ask you to pick up some when acrid on gold on some bones, you know, toe paint your beaches on the the beat area would be in and around the way we will be having heart rocks hospitalized below it, - using your round brush just to a flat wash. Nothing very difficult. Andi, just keep in mind. Toe blend the colors well with each other. The edges off the bottom of the people where you're painting the beach should be deeper and values. Or you can say they should have people. Colors compared toe the middle, where we will have lighter tones like quinacrine own gold on on the edges. We might go ahead with the Nike brown hormones and on the rocks, try to paint with some indigo so that we can get some deeper tones on. Even you can take off the extra Kahlo. If you feel that you have been to do it, he very deep. So go ahead, take off extra color with help off your tissue. I always like to go from like a values to the darker value. So I have uttered Forced the Queen, aka Lone Goal 10 The Ponsana and now I'm adding the when I came round to my painting. How you hold your brush is a very important aspect for a big nor or even an intermediate artist. Usually we never hold a brush like we hold our pencil or our it is usually at least 1 to 2 inch distance between the start off your bedroom to where you hold your brush. I'm always out of angle. They're willing to draw straight vertical lines. Let's move to the land a video which we have above the horizon. We have to take any deeper shape that you have either plateau toys or indigo, whichever you can go ahead with and start painting your small hills over dead. - Got some lines on your wits office off the water with your plateau turquoise on. That would help to create the movements. It straight horizontal lines start. Be arriving on. Just keep us more distance when you are having these lines. That's the only thing they are doing to add movements to a water. Because we have practiced all your freshwater always pushes the pigments away from this office on it becomes lighter and values. We will do the same thing now and then hard. Some Mancina camp and I k brown on the edges. Asprilla's on the bottom part off the painting. - I have already said this earlier, but again I would like to repeat. It replication off. What you see on the photo into your paper is important, but every artist have their own interpretation like you are. We're painting water I concentrate on more fluidity off the water has the last the movements that I'm creating in the water. Similarly, if you are painting some baker, you would concentrate on the strength of the vehicle. - After the clouds get right completely, I see that there is a hard hedge hand you need toe hard. Something mints on the people, blending it clearly, but they're transparent clubs Here. You can excites two options when you start painting your rocks. First of all, it's a simple flat wash off, and I keep from now many off. You might not have the shape go for a mix off cobalt blue plus Mancina toe. Get the deeper shade of brown, which will help you to create the roads. - I will be adding some drivers technique. Just take a very damp brush on. Take someone like a brown, then apply it on the paper in the manner I am doing right now, I've explained this in detail in one of my audio classes. Expressive watercolor landscape. In 10 minutes, you can go ahead and have a look at it. Even this is a very great technique to be used for landscape and creating the mountains Sando. The effective looks really nice even for cloud. So this is a general effect that can be used in many ways for painting landscape. I will go ahead and start scrapping out the masking fluid now. And once I have taken out the complete mask include, I will go ahead and paint a word again. You will see for details and the next lesson. 13. Crashing Waves - Part 4 - Final Details: Now when I see my painting, it looks like that it has almost reached the stage of completion. Hell, no. Air and water are two important elements for our survival hunt. Today we have been putting in an effort to depict the energy off the valuable resource to our painting. That is water. Load your brush with some white wash and cover a few 80 years off the lives. As I'm doing now, there's a small wave impression that I want to create even on the beach. A here on having some white wash helps me to do so. Yeah, there is another way off adding some white lines on it. ISS by the use off your wife Jeri weapon on the postal marker white that you can keep for yourself. Do the lines are a bit 10 part you can go over to make it more thicker. In case you do not have a white horse, you can even use the smarter toe. Draw these white lines Now the fun part begins. We will go ahead on heart, some splatters in tow, our tapes on. And since it's a crashing wave, so hunting the splatters is one off the best parts Do try to cover your sky in case you feel that you might spoil your sky because of the splatters you will not also a lot off horizontal or diagonal lines for this painting, since the way than its motion will do the magic off, adding the impression off the crashing waves. - Here we will arm some more plateau cores onto seawater toe hard movement, toe the background, See yeah, you We will add some more plateau toys on the sea, water tow, add movement, toe the background. Seawater contrast is very important element in our painting on I want toe make my waves in the middle of the painting look more lively. So adding some more plateau course in the background ocean do remember not to go over the white spaces we did protect with the help off our mosque. Include now this is a step that we can always to all year. But usually we shape up a painting as it progresses. So you only get to know that which places you want to show more contrast or which place you want to have a more look only when you are completing or only you are towards completion off your painting. Yeah, adding some more texture to my beach were first laying and even coat off, wash on the dry beach area on the right and then adding some Mancina. And when di k. Brown with the help off my size four, several black velvet brush and I had some more deeper tones to your rocks, as I am doing right now on even just extend some smaller, smaller rocks along the we've that we have on the beach. That's how I think where we would be ending painting our rocks when we've approaches you and breaks if you off soft closely, it will form a small shadow area before it hits the ground. I will add only that shadow for now. Then go ahead and remove the If you're not happy with the shadows, just like the way I, um, go ahead and add some more, even after you are done with the painting and removing off the tape. But do remember that you need to blend your shadows with the background, so always keep your blending brush ready toe blended with the beach. Yeah, so I understand that this is a bit more complex subject compared Toa if you want to paint any Stillwater or still reflections, but you can see that our project will become a bit on a bit more difficult as we move forward er in our class on the initial part off their two projects were a bit more simple compared toa the current project that Peter. But don't worry, the next project is going to be a bit most employed on this project. As we did already attempt or similar kind off during our excites section on, we will be repeating kind of similar thing in our class project. 14. Ocean Waves Part 1: ocean waves are formed by different factors. But usually as wind blows across this office off the ocean, it creates small ripples which eventually becomes weeps with increasing time and distance. When waves reach shallow water, they become unstable and break. That's what we will be showing in our painting for this last project. First, you need to go ahead and mark your horizon. Light it. ISS one thought off the complete paper where you would be marking your line. Then we would be doing ah semi circular shape, which is arising from the right and crashing on the left, just also the sketching part off my project on. Then you can go ahead and sketch yours. Now I want to resolve the white spaces off my wave on the left so I will go ahead and applies a mosque. Include I didn't think my mosque included in higher corn to the bank by using the backside off my traffic pressure and trying to spread it. You can do this process or ALS. You can even go ahead, hand me thes small, small lines like I'm doing right now on, then apply it on the paper. It's a crashing shape And that's one of the reasons for the splatter off the top that I'm making below the level off the way you have toe. Also make some street on uneven lines with your masking fluid kind. Then go ahead on again. Start asking your beef. Uh, the masking fluid and drawing. It is usually orbiter for tedious process, and that's one of the reason I did fast forward it a bit. You can use any piece that you feel like toe. Do this process on. Wait till your mosque include. Word is absolutely dry Before you start painting on the people, I will start with my sky idea. Go ahead kind. Make your sky area wet with help off your coffin inch brush or one inch brush, whichever is the flat brush that is available with you. I have taken my size six several black, moreover, wrong brush and started doubting my civilian on toe the sofas off the people. We will be using two colors to paint our sky. The next color is the Prussian blue that I would be going ahead and adding on the top off my sky. If you're not happy with only two shades that a city Liam. Unproved ocean. You can go ahead and add some more indigo on the top off the sky, as I would be doing now, I'm showing you another way by which you can evaluate your pains just hard. Some water on the surface, off the people and your pains will get diluted. I would be spending less time over explaining you different techniques again. Rather, I would give you back that time also off the way the whole painting shapes up from scratch and allow you to go ahead and get them. The project always paint around the white spaces that you have resolved with help off your mosque included, because that would help take out the contrast on. That's why you will be off solving that I have added some indigo on the left off my people around the sky. ADM. I usually love the soft appearance off Kahlo on my people, and that's the reason off adding some water below the horizon line so that there is a smooth transition between the sky on the water area. Make a mix a potion and indigo and start harding around the horizon line and take it a bit below. I will add water and pick up like struck colors with the help off my tissue so that there are a few white spaces even around the wave structure, This white spaces more to show the Russian way. Usually, I keep more white spaces than required because we can't go back in time and remove the pigments from the people after its application. User Wet handem flat brush To remove the extra pigments from around the horizon line, I would be repeating a few process like adding water. Taking out the extra water with help off your tissue. Picked up the pigments to keep white spaces around the waves, so this process will be repeated again and again. You can go ahead offs over it and do it with the help off your round brush, adding the water and picking up extra pigments. What I want to tell you is, why are we doing this whole process off showing so much off energy for ocean now? You know ocean contains an enormous amount of energy on. We are going toe portray the same energy within this painting, the waves that we would be painting Haas to look that it's in caution towards you can crash any moment on this office off the ocean. Yeah, I'm quite satisfied with the contrast. A c on my paper below the horizon line just around the waves, moving on toe the area below it. Wicker's office. Before applying any paints, use your flat brush size one toe. Do this process. 15. Ocean Waves Part 2: and now we're on toe the most interesting part of the painting that is creating the complete effects off the wave before we start off course, keep your paper wet with help off your from one inch brush on. Then start with the lightest value that is your compost blue hand with the compost blue. Start finding only simple, simple lines. Take a very light value off composed blue when you start turning these lines because we can never get back in time and make it light off. Do remember to keep white spaces before you paint all the area. So leave piece white spaces on and then only apply. Opens. Yeah, so we will be now be moving between different colors or the pigments. One can be sory, Liam then can be your flat total course than would be your Prussian blue and then would be your indigo. So we will continue C. Move between these colors and keep adding it on the paper. Depending on off you. Eight years where he would be guarding the deeper tones to show the contrast and few areas , I would keep us wide so that my foot off the water can be seen with be very avail off the spark that whenever you are doing this painting, the complete area needs to be with because this is the wet on wet technique that I'm applying right now, we will go ahead and even though the wet on dry take me in specific places when our earlier , off the speeds is tried, have repeatedly told even know here that contrast plays a very important rule when it comes to in kind off painting can't over here we're using the white spaces off the paper toe. Clear those contrasts. Go ahead and add some more indigo as so high that polio that we will keep moving between the front door values as well as between different pigments on the no people on keep creating on these semi circular motions. Right now, As you see, we will paint on the left side of the baby as it is already with the colors that I would be using would be composed blue plateau turquoise on some indigo Do keep some white spaces so that you are full off. The water can be seen along the way. We've where you did apply your mosque include start applying all small, 10th in lines with help off your size for brush the plateau turquoise and it would create all gushing wavelike motion 100 movement back your Beavis coming down. You will absolve that I create a lot of contra spouting deeper tones along the video where I did tape down my people for the sky and for the water. It looks really appealing to the eyes of the spectator who finally season off. Solve the movement off your water before you go head on. Add some more deeper tones to the painting. Do keep in mind that you will not make any area look very dark or als. The brightness of the painting will end before you apply in value off indigo plateau turquoise. Check it on Rough people way will start hunting deeper values on the deep sea. ADM below the horizon line has I want to show perspective in this painting by hiding the reports off the ocean in the background. Our beef is the full round a DEA hand. Our ocean is the background radio. This is the repetition off the same process that we learned during our excites section and beaded apply it with the clouds. Now we are applying it on the water that is supplying small area with blue and then blending it toe the background some more into go into the sea to distinguish it from the clouds, since US offices already so it would flow towards the area just below it. There finally going on toe the movements off the ocean where I start harding the lines with help off my indigo color. Go ahead, pick up some culo on your size force of a black velvet brush or any other brush off size force on. You can have thes lines in call Angulo motion departing it till the middle of the painting . I'm keep lending it. I'll pick at some more straight lines at the bottom off your painting with help off your indigo or platter turquoise. Having these movements to the water is like a meditation toe me, but do remember toe. Apply it in the correct amount. We are not going toe over to the painting at any point in time. You have to keep adding these lines at a distance sign. You are not going to cover the entire part off the painting with these lines. - Another important concept is how you paint your waves can be will be using the same concept be applied in our second exercise just inside the crashing way. There is usually dark area because it has really less light. But when you are moving out off it, the lighter values will a pure for the water. Just right now you see, we are moving from the left toe, the right where on the left, we have applied the deeper values, whereas when we're going out, you will see more like a values. Keep painting the lines at a distance on the Reeve at an angular motion, so show that it is moving. - I am pretty much happy and satisfied with the We've started appearing on the right. Go ahead and add some more lines on the top off your gives. On the left, you will see that I'm not really carding a lot off dark values. Tony. Some 10 thin lines with help off your size four round brush. There just 7 to 8 lines that are matting on the service. Let's move on to the last two lessons to understand how we remove our mosque, include and finalize our painting by adding toe Last few final details 16. Ocean Waves Part 3: now I will move on toe act the final details on toe my background. I can take a why Jerry reopen or ah Posca marker on start Harding. 10 lines toe the background ocean. This is to create the ripples. Keep adding 3 to 4 lines for durables. Hang breaking it from the middle and then again adding it. After that, go from the right toe the left. Once you are done with the reports, start finding some more straight lines with indigo color. Yeah, this indigo color that we're adding now will also work as rebels only just keep interlocking them at few places. But your lines needs to be really just take off brush which has a good tip and then only start adding these lines. I know that there will be only two or three lines that we will be adding maximum four durables in the background. I'm very happy and satisfied with the background waves. So let's see now that are people is try for our four grounds so that we can go ahead and cut some more thinner lines off indigo color onto our weise. Yeah, the rule off adding the color remains the same inside the wave. It would be darker as there is less light and when you come out there would be more light. So your colors have to be lighter on your in vehicle lines that you are. Harding needs to go after distance. There would be more together when they are inside the wave on when you are coming out, they would be more distant with each other. Keep blending your colors. Toe the top off the wave so that you do not get in total complete hard edges as you pink along with me you will of so that you can see all the colors on the paper. Better it be your compose. Clue your saree Liam, your indigo or you're turquoise plateau. You can individually see these colors, along with the white spaces that I have left. Go ahead and remove the mosque. Include you will only remove the mask included. Once your people his tried that is, your paints that you did apply is completely dry. Once you removed the masking fluid from all the areas, you will see that you have resolved a lot off white spaces under the masking fluid hand. Now it would be more easy to paint a bit over it, but mention ity off the white spaces will remain within the painting. 17. Ocean Waves Part 4: I should congratulate you all. As you all have me toe the last video. It would have bean or difficult one I know, because painting water triples on ways are one of the most tricky subjects that you might have 100 then. No, I have tried my best to keep it simple by taking you through the entire journey from painting waters toe these full crashing waves. Still, to get better at water and thieves, you need to continuously practice different kind off lives. The best source of inspiration for painting any waves or any beachside area is going life to that location on painting. In case you are unable to do a live painting, go head on. Try to also take reference photos, bird your own reference base and start painting it from there. Yeah, let's find Tune this painting a bit more by adding some indigo lines wherever necessary. Since I had a lot more white spaces than required, that was one off. The reason I had would be cynical lines. In case you do not have so much of white spaces, then you might avoid the step or together. - You need to take a very, very light wash off indigo. Always check that wash on your people, forced before you apply it on top off your beef. This step is very, very critical and crucial because you are painting over the white spaces that you have resolved all your masking. I had only few places. Just add this diluted in vehicle mix Onda. Then we are going to add some wash on top off the white spaces and hard, some more splatters to create the effect off the crashing waves. So sometimes we do see that are painting has become a bit lighter half toe. My layer dries out because it is always like one shade lighter after your beings try. So if this city you can go ahead and hard, some more indigo or any other deeper tones that pushing to show the contrast in a better way, - take your Posca marker and start adding something lines to the darker eight years off the wave that is on your right on and make it kind off interlocking with each other at some more lines, even along the water below the wave area. I hope I could help you understand the concept off these through this class It's a long class, but I hope you enjoy painting the projects. They're not absolutely simple, but the exercises just set the background for the 1st 2 projects. I would request you toe wash this last on a bigger screen like a laptop, ordered a stop so that you can follow each and every step in detail. Since all the projects are prettily field hand, there are a lot of concepts that we have covered. If you have painted along with me these cashing Rees, I would be more than happy to take a look at each one off them. I do applaud your class projects in the project Calvary. In case you are on social media and have an INSTAGRAM profile, just go ahead hand tag. What the color dot illustration dot leto I would be more than happy to share all your projects on my stories in case you did like my class requesting you to leave an honest feedback. It would not only help me to improve on my next set off classes, but also helps to reach our toe a big audience who might also like to have a look on a similar subject, adding the final splatters in the we've section on. Just try toe. Add one auto dots with the help off your brush, then go ahead and use or dry brush technique. Don't have some white ideas on top off your week. An important aspect off any painting is knowing where you want toe stop on. I think we have reached a stage where we should stop on. Go ahead, let it dry, then take out Howard Masking tape on half. How finally look heart are painting a big thank you to each and everyone who had looked artist loss on. I would be getting back to you all with another interesting subject very soon.