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Watercolor Northern Lights and Galaxy Skies Painting | Learn to paint Auroras & Galaxies

teacher avatar Sanika - Arty Vibes, Artist & Art Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Required

    • 3. Northern Lights - 01

    • 4. Northern lights - 02

    • 5. Blue Aurora Painting

    • 6. Galaxy 01 - Green Painting

    • 7. Galaxy 02 - Blue Painting

    • 8. Galaxy 03 - Brown Painting

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hello, I am Sanika and I will be guiding you from the beginning to paint some amazing watercolor northern lights n galaxy paintings. Go through all the lessons and don't forget to post a feedback. I strongly recommend you all to post your completed artworks in the projects section, so that i can have a look at them ! Also if you have any doubts, you can ask them in the discussions section, I will be happy to help you :)

Some tips before we start

  • Watch this class on a bigger screen to get the best out of the class
  • Use any kind of watercolor material available with you except the paper which should be acid free, 100% cotton, and of 300gsm and Any Artist Grade Watercolors (tubes or cakes)
  • You do not need to attempt the complete class together, you can break it into smaller parts and attempt as and when you have time. Most of the lessons are having a run time of 10 – 15 minutes and can be taken anytime during the day and you can watch it for any number of times.

So, let's start painting together and don't forget to have fun !

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sanika - Arty Vibes

Artist & Art Teacher


Hello everyone ! I am Sanika Bhutkar, an Architect by profession. I am an artist and art instructor based in India. I practice various mediums like watercolor, oil pastels, soft pastels, mandalas, acrylics, canvas, etc. I have been teaching art through various platforms since a long time.


You can scroll down to check out my Watercolor & Acrylic  classes here on Skill Share and learn with me. Make sure to FOLLOW ME on Skill Share for regular updates about my new classes. I would recommend you all to start with the 'Everything About Watercolors' class first if you want to learn all the techniques and tips. Then take the 'Watercolor Beginner Polaroid' class and then you can take the rest :)


You can find me on Instagram and Pinterest by th... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Welcome to the next class. And this time we had been learning some beautiful MBA then lights analogical, organic CP endings. Hello everyone, welcome back. Time you elicit. In this lesson, we are going do another nice I wanted to look at ICSI. So I won't be on are excited and this would mean if you are calling me on Instagram, you follow me on Instagram. Then if I divide this by signing up and also to my YouTube channel. See, I haven't says when. This class is divided into different lessons, which D2 different types of techniques to paint various california northern lights, as well as different types of watercolor galaxy paintings, and how to plan the polos well-being, being different styles of biggest beautiful colorful skies. But also B to C, you how to do different other elements like adding stars and other various details onto your beam things. So I hope you will enjoy learning all these beautiful, the differing types of styles that dial beeping thing. You can try painting them along with me. And you can pause the video wherever unnecessarily and do it slowly along with me. And let's start learning all of these together. 2. Materials Required: Now let's see the different types of materials we require. So these are, I guess drain worker colors. So you can either use bands or gates like this or you can go for a deal, Fellows, but make sure that our history, then we'll require watercolor sheets. So the main thing you need to see in a, what velocity does that give us a 100% cotton? I mastered three. So these are the types of sheets. One is the hard-pressed one and the other one is the corpus to one. The hard-pressed has us move texture, whereas the old breast has this kind of extra. So this is 300 Judaism sheet. You can see it does nice and thick. This is our door, 100 DSM sheet. So here's my Caribbean was at 300 GSM cold pressed watercolor paper for such kind of for developing things do get their nice finished drawing. Then you will require rushes, forgiving washes. So this one has a 24 number Mach brush with citizens make a round brush. Whereas the other one as though flag brush, which is off to a number. So you can use a nice big sized brushes, E that are like one automobile brush to give your water washes, then you will require medium-sized strong brushes for being being your background's color. So this is our N number eight number around grass. Then you would acquire either small drown brushes for D building elements. So you can use any background brushes, which was Bruce Jones are in good condition. So our y using brushes was baristas are coming out like this, which as you can see in this brash orders, they are all dying, ruined or like this. So don't deal with such kind of measures. Use crashes which does not use any brand rushes, we walk, then you will require masking tape. So this is, I'm asking beverages quite thick inward then though one would seem but just the width is smaller than the first one. So you can use any bike off such masking tape audio can use a squat shapes or even vistas. Enjoyed my people whenever you remove it. So I use all of these three for various types of things you can use anyone. So now let's start being given some watercolor northern lights and galaxies. 3. Northern Lights - 01: So now let's start with another beautiful, another 19 days. So for this, I have taken a lemony yellow colored embroidery in color, cobalt blue color. This one I have made by mixing the Syrian you, I'm glad I'm then with crimson red answer really in view, I have medical pushing. So I feel like people with my mass in deep on all the four sides keeping the similar. I now I am just applying the tin quart of water on the beat board. This is a 300 DSM-4 breasts were developed. People make sure that it is acid free and 100% carbon will be. Going in with my doc list. You can do at the dock, this is a city Lian Bu bless black color. You can even use abortion. You instead get a key, set a dilemma, black to your ocean blue to get a darker color. I then this one we are going to go with some random stroke so you can just mark the locations approximately and do it accordingly. And in this way, you can just tap the brush with your gelato, just drop in of Takashi on your boy if you feel that you are colorless later. So if you add a lot of water to European annual Bieber way of doing this, that our chances that your colors will start bleeding and filariform blooms and we don't want so make sure you use the right amount of water. Now I am going with microbiomes, blue color as against the I'm putting it forced in the waiting area and then slated lending rate with my earlier color, which I'm not going over it too much. Now I'm doing my purple color shear. So just slightly magnitude with the agency. And in this entered part-time just did I keep living in my Bhopal column. So if you're having a direct popular Euler chair for this, you've ended a key wizard orders. If you don't have one, you can meet one by mixing some alien New Order drama in blue with crimson red. Again, writing a coup by Blue Shield here. But when I'm in the modern bart, I'll be going with my yellow Coulomb force. So this is my lemony or local shear. In the bottom I am starting with my lemon yellow. Then we go up and mixer to the taco bite Blue slightly. So you need to do this when you're in dire people. Cafo Slaird is still await a few or no dries up, then the blending won't be nice. So you need to do this very quickly as I am doing. Let's add some emerald green at the corner. So now I have just applied one thick layer of water after the painting has dried up completely. And I'll be doing the same technique again. So I'll be putting up the same color sheets again for the second layer. I'm displaying them in nicely. So make sure you do this after your force letters and deadly grade up after that, give a thin layer of water washed. And after giving that wash with a second yet on notice and see the beat but instead of Web, and that's why m0, we're doubling Newton nicely. So why knowing they are low? I am starting from what them because if we start relating the yellow from the top but serve w will over bar the yellow. Angered will entirely clean and we don't want that. We want to show a gradual shift from blue to green and yellow. That's maybe a starting with a yellow from the bottom that sounds may be able to get the yellow shaded in the water breezy. So now this speed thing hasn't died, dried up and let's make some stars again, forming the stars. Mixed some nice amount of water with my weight. And then I am just taking a brush for support down like that small-sized Pradesh or what it does. I used sparks of white on my b. So now I have just taken some brown condo, this summit strophe piano prowess. And they have, I don't know if working away. And I'm just making some mom inset the BCE. So as you can see, I have gone slightly crooked line side the edges. I don't want them to be exactly straight. Now I have taken oscillating dark brown color shear. This kinda have me by mixing my worn down with very, very little amount of Black. And I am putting on one layer off mountain at the front. Nor does after your audience, mountains layer has completely dried up. So I am deliberately keeping the lines cooker because that way it looks more Asher than direct straight lines. And let's make a tree at the foreign note again. So doing this with a black fellow, working with the street lane and making the foliage now. So for this one, I am just doing a different type three and which I am meeting the foliage with smaller Gulf strokes. So even this one I have go forward and meet in the Eulerian watercolor series in which I have shown there. So this is another typeof main tree which is drawn with the head, both very small gloves. So misalignment point of view. Yeah, so now I guess if BBC and a bit more. So I am drawing a feel more besides them Yoda, theme. And again, I'm just adding three small ones without much for them. And that means that our plane again. So if this is one more images I did on Buddha, Frank, I'm this, I'm joined with my black fella. With my black has done now. Let's remove R Thevenin sleep. Now, let's move on to our next lesson. 4. Northern lights - 02: So now we see how two beams come beautiful in London light scheme. For that. First of all, I have taken some cobalt blue color in my palette. After that, I will be taking Assyria alien blue. You can take any day both dark blue that you have instead of this approach, you are traveling, you will also walk. After that. I'm just going to make a full auto Euler cheered by mixing my civilian blue with my crimson red. If you have a direct wavelet colors in your palette, you can directly use that also. And then I am just taking some crimson red color in my palate. So now I have to be put on all the four sides and make sure the ages, the attack in said I'm Minsky deep. And after that give a nice wash off, walked up onto your entire people. Again while giving this water wash layer, make sure that you do not know much of what we're doing. So make sure that your ngDialog before us covered with one thin layer of water knows visas or meaning. And between. Now I'm taking my civilian blue color and starting by, lingered on that edge. After that, I am deacon. My appointment. Again, glowing RED diagonals, strokes just after my view. Hello. I'm trying to blend the colors in place me. Again taking the dark UCLA Law, which is the center alien view and being denied the right most edge and slightly at the left corner. And then going in with microbiome glue at the centered bark. So as you can see, I am going have read time RED diagonals, strokes. So we are going to give up effect of northern nodes which are in this sheep. So you should remember to make all the strokes diagonally. And this ain't diamorphine thing. That does mean basic rule of this. One of the ways you can go on mixing different colors and you define your drawing. So again, when mixing the colors, make sure you post for the APA load on the wake region and then blended again. Quote here. This first layer is now done. And let's move on and get a nice thick. And now this second, I am giving off DO my force led hasn't diode lead tradeoff. So make sure you're forced lead is completely viewed dry. I'm then start with your second. So now the main thing that I'm looking for is that I want agency.gov has compared to the centered marks. So keeping that in mind, I am going ahead with my being dense on the edges. I have just dropped a very little amount of color to just make lead are going to talk a bit more. So just carefully watch my brush migrate. Now. Every stroke is going diagonally and I am just an effect when Brad shop man, I'm coming towards the angle picker dove. And in this way, or doesn't know Gaza for designing abruptly. Nice means draw gambling didn't nicely when you're just pushing the brush stroke, you can just lift it up. You'll get that nice blended edge. Otherwise you'll get the voyage. So make sure you know all of this thing that coloring when your feet Burrus, Do you need no, keep your followers swayed when you're doing this. Otherwise the Linkedin, nice, neat, I caught that you'll need to use or what? Because it will help your gallows to remain width and Syndrome are second year is also done. And now let's make some stars. For doing that. I'm taking my white-collar warning go brush down and just tapping Westmoreland says to brush whole watered in low weight gelato have mixed some. What DO what? Eve though color to be quick liquidity. And then I'm just happen your, the week this weight sports of stars. And now let's make some entries at the bottom to detail the beat him out a bit more. What that I'm taking them laugh Palo, and using a small size brush. This is our sixth number brush. And I'm just going with not been making leaves and knowledge for the string. So if you're wondering dictatorial or different types of trees and other elements which you can use for the daily cloud you're being dense. You can check out my old lower-class ons to go share itself on different nights of watercolor. Things. In that I have covered many types of background colors and also different types of The Killing elements, like various types of trees and boars, and fencing and electrical poles, et cetera. So I hope that will help you definitely do add on different elements and make your beam things. So I am making this tree by tapping my brush onto the be born different random strokes. But I was so mentioned, do different types of pine trees. And other than this which you can do. So if you want to learn that, that is there in the earlier lesson or LEO class on water bipolar I painted. So you can just check out the lesson are needling elements in that. And you will be able to learn that. Ok, so this is not a mass. I have just drawn a ground plane with my black. Don't worry, it will look nice once it's finished. Yeah. And now we have got a nice ground. And V just died one more tree here. So this tree is using the same technique again, but in this one distinct difference is that the height of this tree is a bit smaller than the AlleleA1 because you need to do will burst to balance your drawing out more. So in the lawyer tree that I have drawn it as dollar and it doesn't the corner I have registered at the corner to give it a nice effect now and in this one that this Navy in save the drawing so I don't want it to be too large. And I wonder. So maybe the more that's why I've drawn it off of shorter height. And I'm just drawing one more. So now this is slightly medium height. They start best when we have a bit more than the first one we drew. But this is going to balance up to e. You add more now because we have not drawn any element in the rightmost fade. So I'm just strike dummy that. When making this binaries, most of the people meet what mistake of drawing them without leaving any gaps in between. So when you know that, it doesn't look that natural and nice. So I am just leaving small invite gaps in between through which though background skies visible. So that looks much more backdoor than just coloring the entire central part of the tree. So when making your trees, tried to achieve that because I'm just adding a few more smaller elements onto these trees. So these are ready easy ones. For that I've just drawn as central word benign. Adding less foliage to this one by just drawing some slightly horizontal random strokes. So I'm doing all of these with Mamluks. And again, as you can see, the horizontal strokes I'm drawing on art very clean off the scene size. And I'm doing that Augusti because otherwise the pre won't look matcher will look like an artificial thing. So I am not drawing them of the same size. I'm not drawing them exactly what is on food. They are slightly random in nature. The maintenance Donna, let's remove our masking date. When you're moving the masking devoid of Islam and murder on the opposite side of COP. In the Vedic one-year Kuwait has done hope you enjoyed doing this and let's move on to our next fading numb. 5. Blue Aurora Painting: So now again for our next now than they expand, then, I'll be oozing out what the colloquial press 300 DSMB boat. And I have a love for science. Now. I have taken out cobalt blue and my palette. I'm digging out some silly alien blue and my Paula. And then for a dark Go Blue Shield, I am just mixing some civilian view with my black color to get are not good or not. Right? Then we need some lemon yellow color for Canada and lights. And that mixing a wedding or the amount of lead toward Dukkha law more the words are yellow or green share. You can also directly it was a lemon, yellow instead off light green. Let's write the paper with the ones that get washed off. Motto, going with the Grosse swash, that does queuing ones what ugly and one's horizontally. And let's start painting now, I am using are then number browse. You can choose any number brush, right? You are comfortable with. And you can see the sheeps with which I am being thing. This is the cobalt blue color, dark IMU was saying, I'm VI making nice nines with Northern Lights right now. So I am going in with a particular ship off the lights which are radiating nicely onto the beautiful sky. So you need to do this quickly when your beavers way because Feeney No. Achieve the nice blank Bellos. Yes. And I'm, I'm done with my Provide the neocolonial. Let's take some Cindy Lin Biao Kahlo. I start with their dog barks. So again that the dark color I am going in with similar shapes. So might lead to embracing my brush. I'm lifting it up, my time moves downwards. Latika stroke at the beginning, a thinner one as i angered up. So again, using my darkest color, which was blue bless black, I'm just giving depth at some of the ideas. Now. I'm going in with my light green color which I, me and competing better, meaning weight, White-Smith act. So the force straight up completely, I'm giving a fatty pin wash off straight up today in Gaia. For the second. In the second layer, I'd be again knowing this theme, fellows and same techniques which we did for the worst one. My doing this just to get a nice my brain Hello backgrounds. So just using the same undershoots again, I am giving a nice second lead wash. Right? Yeah. So now the beam, the most complete dirt and we'll wait for it to dry off better grays up, just drop in some stars on and so forth that I have mixed some work done with my weight and I'm taking are done by small brush. And just holding up Picasso's brush below and upping my brush or what a no-good smalls star sports. Yeah. Now we move on to our next topic. 6. Galaxy 01 - Green Painting: So I am using are E6 essays were breastfed or heard. This one has the effect of with my masking need when all the four sides and rest in adages and reasoning when your inverter. Now let's, I know as an advantage, I require embracing green galore speaking right now. Then we need some lemon yellow and it needs some dark green already didn't dreams, I know. So let's start by giving a nice walk. Dogs to Gaia, dive, but just him walk brash. So I am doing up gross source showing that just wave going what goes strokes and then with horizontal strokes without wash so that only the corners of bubbly. I speak a word with one little or don't. And then I'm taking my dot this dream condo which is go into Union green, you starting from the corners and you can see the Phaedo stroke Siam, what Jake, to get the effect. So these stroke settling Shang De Guan ofs towards the same thread. I'm just dropping some black edges. So I'm doing this very quickly when the follower, so still need unwarranted below background and the fabulous mainland near ugliness for delays the fellows one day that they see. Now, going in and then in the last time d, if my 11-year Lugano. And what finger doesn't the sanctuary barn, isolated reckoning with the lean and the view there deserve the same. We'll start from the same war outdoors while you're doing this. Because either ways the Lien Act of new with all the yellow that you look with Donate Gaia, green. So backspace types from the sacred moment doing your, your actual. Now this man has invaded lead trade. I asked that at base up here. It wasn't would've been awash with my mom, crush, Akeem, what door? You'll start with our second lead as against the I'm not going or what it do many games just go almost at once with one stroke from left to right. And so now I've therefore has gone though a diode wash and let's start thinking again. So I am just giving the second layer again would seem follows that same technique. So you need to be the same thing once more to get a nice migraine sheared or not? No. Just diving in more black at the corners to give it more or less. You can see how I am just dropping my noise. This ledger is also done. So now our second Ned has completely dry it up again. And now we just make some stars for that. I have just an accelerator to my right. And I have taken my white Gallo and mass model says to brush, this is a whole number brush. And I'm just being there or what? Another brush to get the smallest parts of stars. So for doing this, you need to have some amount of water do your white at the ways though, stars but not foil off. And after that, once your stars dry up completely, then take some black color. And we'll just start us morality denom, do our drawing. So this is a four number brush. And with that, I'll start with my black color. And in the corner I am making a diagonal line which is pointing towards the center. And on that line, I am making a nice by inquiry. So if you want to see in the book how to make a fine, you can just move on domain or earlier class, which is on watercolor polarized paintings. And that is a lesson or need Dellinger elements so you can check that lesson out. Proceed. Videotapes off trees and bushes and grasses and so on. Now as you can see, the trees that are growing and pointing towards the sanctuary apart. So this is how you need to draw them. So all of these trees you can see there are slave. So to draw this, I am just me. The center line of the tree, forced and spacing or doubt nice near and after that, I'm just going, I'm clapping my brush on the people to get the nice foliage off the trees. While making the four years, make sure that you leave small amount of gaps in between deliberately, then the tree will look more natural and nice instead of being bigger than Gaia Lovelock. And again, I'm just adding readies more lines in between though, gave it a complete Law. And we are done the spinning down. And now we just remove our nicely from the people. Remove your tape off BOB being causing dilute dried up, and the way removing Bollinger facing outwards. So it bears pulling off outwards from the people not in the painting. So in that way, it will be easier to pull that off as well. And the chances of ruining the beam. So be lowered. And we are done with this beam. Let's move on and see another painting now. 7. Galaxy 02 - Blue Painting: Now let's see another type of work at the local XCP thing. For that, I have seen my report on all the four sides and I have Deacon sum and red-green Glasgow badge bucolic discuss the single sticklebacks flew Apollo, and this color is a city and Gil bless black color. So these are the main three issues will require for this beam thing that Canada does nicely. And then let's start by giving a ten wash off work. Go with clean water. I'm not sized, mock brash, willing with the cross swash. And let's start with our darkest DIYbio color, which is this. Back at the corners. Then going with Michael bite feel in up golf cheap and Glenda dent nicely with my boy Leo. Then let's go with iron, sleep. See bluish color, shared language with AACU, but you can just drop in that Ballard and this man not of the crank them. Rush to get the nice galaxy effect. Now in the first letters done and I'm reading it to dry completely. You can also try it with the help of a dryer. And off they are led astray it up. Just give us ten wash off mortar onto your end. Goal with just one single brushstroke, go door-to-door strokes are the weights for earlier layer Philadelphia, Dr. Richard, and we don't want that. So I have. Give it a very simple can wash off what NO. And we'd be going again with the same color she eats in the same manner. So going in with my doc list view at the edges thought. Then you're dead with microbiomes view at the center. And at the last going in with those sea green shear at the bottom portion and blending it then when you so now we want the speed thing to be lighter at the central part, so forth that I have cleaned my brush up completely on my own and I'm just making up some color at the centroid part with my brush directly in this manner. He does capping your doctor. I'm going to go stroke belief. As you can see, this speed picks a wash is completely gone now and it's dried up so he can just drop. Bernard starts again with the same method by what done somewhat better, not awake and with a brush on us, separate crash. So now let's make a nice stack on this mean thing. If you want, you can first have a look at it and then draw it roughly with the pencil on your people that start being lingered with me. So I'm just doing this with a bean black color and a small-sized brush. You can always start the word with the sketch been odd of black men. If you are not confident. Crash, which makes them beautifully aligned, right? And now let's make some grass at them. What dumb for that. I am using a phone number grass and just pressing the brush at that age and your finger down as I move upwards doing this with men black color itself. A few wonderful. How would he did look at the types of grasses and bushes that you can draw. You can refer to my polarized painting lessons I'm referred there and the vitamin a. So you can check that out if you don't sleep. And now we can move on to our next lesson. Okay. 8. Galaxy 03 - Brown Painting: Now we have to see another type of galaxy being, put this I have taken a deep yellow color that I have taken a yellow ochre, bless a very little amount of points and our codec or dark brown. And then I have mixed my bond. I'm good, I'm black or dark brown color. So let's there are people for the forest wash by applying the thin CTO or so as usual, I have my B but on all the four sites with the masking tape and using my more brash and going with the Grosse swash to give attain water layer for our host wash. Then I'd be starting levels to washed with innocuous ground shared, which is the one that I'm hopeless black. And you can see the sheep that I am being Thing and create Now with this color. After that I am using the second packet as double-click. Born said I have had to do it. I'm going in with the stroke second. So you're doing this, I'm not doing well. What am I not? That dark brown shade with the shared docking diode. The last I'm going with my yellow color. So nicely with the yellow ochre. Okay. Then when the colorist delaware DO can just blame the gallows nicely video brush one, so feel they are not nice. You blame burden. And then reg flood this leg or dry up completely. Once this NADH has dried up in dire need, just give a tin worked at awash with seeing those talks with clean water. So you can see I'm not going well what this dual many times when nothing is impotent awash with my brush once. And after that, we are going to repeat the same procedure again with this theme colors to give it a nice second by brink layer. So if you have one dragging a tube, a nice color and the host said if then you don't need to give us a game layer, but if you're gonna notice light or if you're blending is not that glow Dinah fuel clean, that data isn't neat off giving this again yet. Then just go ahead and give a second lead work. Okay. Hm. Oh, now we'll wait for the second letter. Was there doing direly dry up? Off better destroyed up Anki. I am just taking some darkest brown guy, no shear. So this is a black lesbian that book, I know. I know I am drawing a nice mountain at the bees. Don't sharpen edges off them and keep them nice. Graph or not. But more, right? No. Okay. 9. Conclusion: So I've won't beyond, so I think in this class, and in doing so they could leave plenty feeble minded that abuse, it shouldn't be too bad for you in this video lesson EVA, feedback on their discussions. Amos's, You can also let me know if you have any other doubts into discussion sections of that type that you would not dismiss? These things. Don't forget the posted on this are imprinted section said I find even to defend them as that.