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Watercolor Northern Lights ( 5 Easy Projects) - The Complete Guide

teacher avatar Dhritikana Nath, Watercolor Artist and Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (2h 14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Pep Talk

    • 3. All about Inspiration

    • 4. Materials required and its importance

    • 5. Brush Control

    • 6. How to paint the lights Controlled Humidity

    • 7. Colors

    • 8. Lets Pour Project 1

    • 9. Lets Pour Project 2

    • 10. Multiple Lights on the Mountain Part 1

    • 11. Multiple Lights on the Mountain Part 2

    • 12. Let it Swirl Part 1

    • 13. Let it Swirl Part 2

    • 14. Polar Lights Part 1

    • 15. Polar Lights Part 2

    • 16. Bonus lesson

    • 17. Afterword

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About This Class

We will be exploring the beauty of Northern lights in this class where we will start with learning about how the lights take their direction. Moving on to various layers of learning starting with the brush control and understanding how we can paint lights using controlled humidity. Followed by two easy pour method class projects, leading to finally three beautiful class projects which helps to explore the spectacular Polar lights. This class is suitable for a beginner or an intermediate level artist as we will be working with limited supplies and therefore harness the power of one single brush.  So come and Join me and learn watercolor lights together.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dhritikana Nath

Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Hello Peeps, I am Dhritikana Nath an artist instructor, teacher, content creator from Delhi (India) and from the time I have started painting landscape was the subject that I did fall in love with. Among landscape painting lights with vibrant colors is my favorite. Overtime I am smitten by the beauty of water, clouds, sea, animals, flowers and everything that is there in Nature. I keep exploring all these subjects with different mediums like watercolor, gouache, markers, soft pastels and more.

I am a strong believer of the idea that anyone can paint if you put an honest effort and for excelling in painting there are only 2 rules practice and frequency of painting. I did start my journey in 2018 and I would say it’s been calming, meditative and even helped me a lot to improv... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Orel Robbery Alice Another name for Northern lights or polar lights display are dramatic. Thorton off colored lights in the Northern Hemisphere off the odd sky I'm remains a bucket list item for many off us. Hey, guys, I am critical or not. An artist instructor on skin shape teacher at a store. What enthusiasts? We always have a few things in our mind that we want to Paying down one off mine was to paint beautiful northern lights up all our lives for making it simple and easy to understand. I have divided this class into many layers off learning on. We will keep discovering each one off them in getting starting with the inspiration where we understand the light movements. Second, being the brush control to develop all muscle memory for painting the lights moving on to one market size to understand the controlled humidity off the paper in detail. Although pains that I will use is available in any basic set we all own. Along with that, this class will help you develop the confidence to paint on a lot size paper without any fears. Majorly, by using one single size, a fresh the third layer off learning focuses on exploring the pouring technique where water place the media rule. Toe pain, the beautiful lights. How two or three beautiful colors blend together to create the beauty off the night sky, only ending the class with three splendid class projects where we will use all the learnings 10 now like wet on wet, boring, splattering the stars on blending. Overall, this class is well suited for big nurse and intermediate level artists. Hand. In case you are an advanced level artist, you can always watch and have fun. But there was one single point that was always difficult for me to understand that it was all about taking the expressive photos I saw on Social Media platform by other artists. So watch out for the bonus. Listen where we will discover multiple applications that I used to edit my photos Come and let's explore the splendid and impressive night sky together 2. Pep Talk: Let's rewind a bit on. Get back to the first day I started painting northern Lights. I needed to get Ah, hang off it, practice it from the reference photos to be frank. On the first goal, I opened my sketchbook, the tape down, all that's and left it on my studio table for the wars and get thinking. How can I even do this? The movement off lights on the color combination. Everything looks so difficult, and I was completely intimidated by even the thought off it. After a while, I gathered some courage and got back seriously. I wanted to paint. Ah, simple, poor method. And I feel I could manage that were. But my stars were completely off some Batic somewhere big, and I didn't guard the courage to even show it to anyone. Now let's get back to the present day. Feeling intimidated by watercolors is natural. Even I feel it when I try something new, like a different subject or composition one off. The most important aspect of showing you this sketchbook paintings is even after all the practice and after finalizing the projects, I want to teach in a class I can never just copy the scene. So every time I paint the same subject that don't salt a bit different. So if we can't paint exactly the same, how can I expect everyone else? Therefore, this class is majorly focused on building up the confidence in every individual watching that we can do it, but just a bit more patients. I can show you multiple attempts that I made, but it didn't work. If you see the current project, which I would be teaching in the class, this world's looks so difficult and you might think, How can we even do it? Don't worry, I have you covered. We will be working on the brush control on building up a muscle memory that has come as a rescue for me most of the times. Let's move on to the next project. This might look more simpler compared toa, the last project that I did show you. But I found that this is a bit more tough, though the light is coming only from one direction, but we would be combining no different methods that is controlled wet on wet and the 2nd 1 would be are boring method. You can also say control but on bread is controlling the humanity off the paper. If you can control the humidity off the people well and master the water control most off the work that you do for Northern lights comes to life. That brings me to the point what control, which is very important for control. Humidity Batters wet on Wet Method on I Love the pouring mattered to be leaning dust. Go as you like. There are less rules for pouring method on, yet we can get the desired results very easily, whereas the controlled humidity may 3rd needs a bit more practice in total. This class will be really fun going ahead. But my only simple request is to have some patients when you try these projects on. The last point is everything that you see is done with help off one single civil black velvet brush size eight in respect of off the size of the people, because as a big ner or an intermediate artist, we should harness the power off limited supplies we own. On that note, let's explore the spectacular dancing lights in the Northern hemisphere off the odd sky 3. All about Inspiration: this video reminds me off traveling through the unlimited stars in the sky and the beautiful lights off the Northern Hemisphere. Going forward, I would like to discuss a bit about the inspiration which helped me to paint these beautiful northern lights and how I have actually done my compositions on Duh. The 1st 1 is where there is once in a light source Can you see that is again in the middle off snow capped areas on the colorist Green on I completely love it. This is the second kind of painting. We will do this kind off. A project on against the light source is coming from the top on reaching toe top off the mountain area. The foot photo if you see it, is between the pines on the light source case greed and color on there is some more pink and yellows also in between that this is a bit of us. Well, that is again attached to it on I am simply loving this time of the night. Sky is not completely night on. There is so much off color that is there in the sky. Absolutely beautiful. I will go ahead and tell you about this one. Now these are the Biggers will start, We see, and they are actually continuously changing in the sky. If you ever witness the real horrible realists or you go ahead and see the northern lights , they sometimes become like swole. They sometimes become like straight. They move from each and every direction. On here, you see two swirls, one from the top on one below it. So, yes, there are a lot off race. You can actually paint your lights. But according to me, I have tried toe kept it more simple. So we will have, like, one light. So some multiple light source on this last photo of particularly included to show you the color of the sky is actually getting reflected on the snow on. That's what we would be even studying with throughout our different projects that I have included today 4. Materials required and its importance: So I always say those that material so that you use is very important out off that the most important part is the paper that you use Now. He won't believe he would be using an archer's 300 GSM or press people. You can also go for any other core press paper that you have, but it should be 300 years. Some hand. Are Justus usually or more made paper? I will tell you the importance of the moment as we progress for door in our class on the size off the painting start we would be doing today. Those are the three final projects that we have will be a bit smaller than your 80 size starters. A four to be more precise on, but it is not a tree. If you want, you can also try and 80 size paper off your choice. I will even keep on a five size that off grain arches, paper, no rough green hospital, a school press. Both are suitable for these kind of projects. I would leave it up to you what you want to use currently for doing your projects or whatever is available. But you I would be using these rough terrain for my poor technique on the 2nd 1 that ists your core pressed for although Final Three projects. Secondly, there are many other kind of paper that are available in the market, like 100 people, machine made people, but for heavy duty or for heavy washes are always playful, more made paper. You can go for papers like Fabbiano or you can go for blocking, for there are many others that are available in the market. I will even keep a small pallet to mix my colors on. And I have all deport some colors into work to show that there are three different wells which can be easily used. I wouldn't be using only one single silver black velvet brush. We would harness the power off one single brush. It has got a very nice tip. I would be using the tip as well as the brush in Total has big no. So we always have only limited supplies, whether it be pings, whether it be people, whether it be a brush. Now we want to harness toe the full potential off each and everything that we own. Therefore, go ahead with the keeping one brush for this painting hunt. I have one more wash brush because let's keep it quick so it is easier to spread the water with the help of the wash brush. If I use a round brush like this, it would take me a lot more time. I will keep a white quartz Fitzpatrick my stars on a Boston market to make the biggest stars. There is a one pencil that I'm keeping for my sketching Onda rest. There's a needle blurry so you can have any other Irizar off your choice and, uh, keep a scale. It would help you to draw the horizon line and all a bit more easier compared to if you do not have the skill. Of course, if you're more confident about sketching, go ahead and keep that. I will keep a one inch thick on. You will see that I have two jars of water. Why I am showing you these to Joseph Water because I did already paint with these two jars . One jar is completely used on the other jar is completely clean. I always keep one clean supply off water. You will see in the future projects how we use this clean supply off water for our boarding technique and how it is used for creating some white spaces. Even after applying the pigmented color, moving on to the color start to be will keep on DIT is set off 32 colors from freedom to see that Shinhan Art Materials, you can own up any other set. I am not at all concern about the artist great quality off colors or student rate quality off colors. In case you have student read quality of colors, it might take you one more layer, forgetting the kind off vibrancy that boo be required for your projects. You can also use where idea of Carlos like bite nights. Then you can go for Primal. What color cubes. You can also go for any other brand off your choice. Vincent Newton, artist grade or Cartman. Whatever is available with you, the next is aboard Now. This time I am using a board because we will have a lot off law off water, whether it be aboard my third or whether it be controlled humanity plus the board methods. So it's a good idea to keep one off the boards, which can be used very often. Andi, the officials big will become your best friend by institutions will become your best friend . This you have to use it very, very often, whether it be doubling off your extra water or better be taking off your extra pains from your brushes or whether it be used for taking out all the extra water that ape yours neuter Cape area off the painting. So that's really important. These are kitchen Tawil papers that I'm keeping for myself. 5. Brush Control: Now we will be discussing the brushes on the brush control. We will be using a sober black velvet size eight brush for the entire activity that we would be performing right now. So first I am taking some plateau blue on my brush and then I am trying toe. Just add or street single line the humanity off the brush. Also place are very important. Full when you want to draw any lines bad for If you want in alliance, just go ahead. Take off the extra pains from your brushes onto your tissue and then again start painting. We will again try to do this once more and then repeat the process with the same amount of humidity on the brush. If he wanted to make the thinnest of the lines, it has to be with less humidity when we move on. So the last project it would be more off a swirl, but before me make that school, we need to make a line that comes from the left and ends on the right. One after another, you will be performing this brush crew. It will help you to develop the muscle memory. Now it's time to make the question mark, but a mirror image of the question mark. Try to again make this question mark one after another so that it is there in your muscle memory on whenever you would be actually painting it on the final projects. It's easier for you moving on to the next one where we would be drawing first or straight line. My brush has less humidity and we would be practicing who stroke Gandel one. We will go on the right. Stop on then. Break it towards For the right people, Continue making these Parlow strokes one after another. Again. The main reason is for having it in our memory. No, this stroke is only important. When you are painting your please, I will again do this process so that I don't come it any further mistakes here. I would be combining two off these trucks. One I would be first doing toe upright and then again moving right. And from the point I break it, I would be moving again. So the top right on moving further. Two words the right. Every time I will be doing who strokes, one will be straight and the other would be a bit coughed to make it a bit more easier for your understanding. I am doing a straight stroke, the woods, the right, letting it asked a four stroke and then again joining it with the golf stroke, which is the 2nd 1 You can always break all your strokes. You do not need to make in one go all the strokes. I am loading my brush with some integral and I make some small dabs on my people. I would be vying the size off the stubs. You will be pretty amazed that these steps can act as the leaves off the trees. If you have more water on your brush, you will get the good abs. If you have less water, you will get smaller ones. We will be using these simple dots on dabs on the people, as are loose leaves for the final project. I will always ask you to start making these small small lines or dots in parallel to each other, and every brush will have a different set off strokes. So you have to discover which brush and how the strokes work for your particular painting. We have reached the final stage where we are combining one branch on adding some lives on top off it. If you are not very confident, this exercise will seriously help you to progress further. Go ahead, wash your brush. Take some fresh people on. Load your brush with some plateau boo. I am adding the light now. This is just to again create battler lines off light us. You have already seen that we would be painting these kind off lights which originate from the left and move to the right. In our paintings, you can also practice from right towards the left whenever you warned out about how you want to paint the lights always make a small thumbnail sketch. It can be with any medium off your choice. But since I wanted to understand how much I want my brush totally flat, forgetting the perfect lights, I always tend to do it with water colors. If you want to add more streaks off like you can also do it on the dry people. Now I am using a wet follow on a dry paper as this is completely Joffe. When we would be making our final sketches, we have to do it on weight on it. The toughest off all is to me this swole as I have shown you all you. Now, when it comes to replicating on oh painting In reality, this war will not be asked in as what we did practice during our painting off the brush control session. It would be a bit pickle in few areas that it would become a bit thinner in a few areas. You have to keep that in mind, where to make it more ticker and where to make it more tenor. No, supposedly you want to paint one off the samples where you want my tipple number off lights , walls coming up and these ideas you need to sketch forced on your rough people and check if it even fits into the painting that you want to do. If your rough sketch works, your real sketch will always work the evil again. Practice this wall redid audio to harness the power off only one single brush I have used to tow the for just a few off the places I have almost let the brush flat on the paper. Whereas on few off the places I did hold it very lightly so that I can get the kennel lights. Yeah, 6. How to paint the lights Controlled Humidity: Let's take a one step for, though, towards painting or a robbery. Alice, and start with a mock exercise to understand how to control humidity off the paper and brush. I have been stressing on the humanity point a lot because that's what I have discovered is very important for these beautiful letter night sky. Start by laying and even goto wash honor off people on. I will use the 1.5 inch wash brush while you do the wash. Make sure that you get an even sheen on the rough people as artists are. Either we go with the flow and on a lot more water than required or als. We add lis here. Are that so one off? The reason I did not take down my paper because this leaves me with less room to have more water on the paper, which is my natural tendency. Keep checking the paper before you apply the final colors on the only important point before applying the colors. Is that no where two people should be uneven with respect to water on the light sheen should be seen always when you take your people under the light. Always the wash your brush and check that there is no being on it. As a general exercise, I usually wash my brush and dab it off on my wife issue to check if there is any extra paint on it or not. Load your brush with some lemon yellow and start moving your brush in a golf manner. As we did practice during our brush controlled session, I will again go ahead. Andhra Pete, This brush movement This is one source off light that I have added in the market size for painting my sky. I will go ahead and add one more source off. Light the words the left off the people after adding the source of the light, the next important aspect is to blend the light with the sky color. I am using some plateau intercourse as I have no odor on myself or Blackwell that brush on . I, um, again adding the scene golf motion along the side off the lights that I have painted earlier. If you see between these two set off light, I have kept some white spaces. That's what we have always all solved during our inspiration session that there is usually some white spaces. When these lights a pure in the night sky, you want the entire process. You might have absolved that I keep parting this plateau blue on my paper when my paper is wet. If my people is not truly with, these colors will not blend well. I will now add some more in the go towards the bottom left corner off my paintings. Those second part off the soap, anything that I want to highlight us, not sticking toe any particular color. Whatever is available with you, you can go ahead with this. I would request you do not use toe bomb loose like the order marrying, because when I was doing a blend between our two marine and yellow, it did not turn out very well. That's a small excites, which I always toe on. A rough paper is to apply a small portion off yellow on the blue that I would be applying like I would take a lemon yellow, then all flat foot floo on. I will add, even though in nickel after the plateau, then I can get a fair idea if the colors walk well together. What's the bottom off any northern lights sky painting. There will be some lights on those lights you can show better if you add some more yellow. This yellow will Lord taught in tow or greenish yellow on. You should always make it a bit lighter when you are coming towards the bottom because the lights are more prominent. Toe. What's the bottom I'm using? The white space is off. The people is the best thing. So you will make it lighter, not using the white wash bust. Just applying some more water. The transparency off the watercolor is the main beauty off. Any watercolor painting on. You should always try to hold on to that. Whenever there is some extra water on your people. Try to always removed that extra water. I would have asked you to do it with their tissue, but that's not the best way that we ever do in our pain things. Right now, we will go ahead and take off the extra pains with help off our brushes on. Dab it off on our paper 7. Colors: it asked this fake properties off the colors that we will be discussing later. For the 1st 4 techniques, we will be using these Walwyn colors that it's plateau blue in the Corporal, um, and yellow Yellow Green born CNN and I came around for the second project again. It's a poor on we will be using in the Kulemin here low yellow green bones in 100 Nike brown. Then the thought comes as, ah controlled humidity method, and we have plateau blue, then in the cool yellow green bond sienna. And when Kapron, the last two projects will be lemon yellow plateau blue indigo in black for the second last on the last one will have more colors that is lemon yellow, yellow green Opara, plateau blue pollution and violence. We have ah boto. My thoughts started stubble on the controlled humidity in the last project 8. Lets Pour Project 1: on, we have reached often. Session for today on V will be pouring our colors onto our paper to get these two beautiful letter night skies for today. I hope that you will also enjoy the similar obey. I enjoy boring water on colors on my people as opposed stick Justo, add a small single line. I don't know that this is the horizon, that you are the market and you can do it with the help of your scale on pencil. Once you are done, just go ahead on some water on the sky. Radio on. After learning some water, we have to start adding those yellow color. Okay, as a big nirvana, start starting the colors. I am also very, very tensed that how my colors will flow, how the colors will look and will I get the perfect blend with the so boring method or not . So don't worry. You will always have all these thoughts running in your mind. Don't allow those starts to take over. Just go ahead at these colors on top off your paper, and even you can leave somebody spaces than are these greens yellows. Because at the end, since we would be boring, more off water. Everything will get blended. So you have seen that first I add some yellows. Can I did add some light tree Opara and ah, further, I'm going ahead with some indigo. So I would add my plateau, do into the solution off Opara and get this beautiful while it that I want for my sky. The important aspect off boring method is you have to keep pinning the edges off your tape . If you don't clean the edges off your tape, that water will come back onto your people on. Once your people get stride off, you would get a call a floor effect, and I really want to award that fully floor effect for this painting. I would just add some more Opara because this painting has to be very vibrant and therefore we will need more off operas and some more yellows. Now comes the most interesting and the most fun part off this painting with his adding water, I want to know naturally keep running water onto my paintings so I would go ahead and hide more water onto my open house, so that has a beautiful blend between my Oprah handle. purple and indigo of the sky. Similarly, I would, even at someone you lose at the bottom off my painting. You have to move your painting with help off. Though sliding method that is you have to first entered from the top to the towards the bottom on from the water the words the top. Now this building is really important. When you are doing the spending or ALS, you will not get a seamless play. That's one of the reason I have been using this board for this so projects because it helps me toe actually move my they don't People easily enter that you can even use inning kind off hard bones office that you have. You citizen do not need tohave our own up a boat for doing the Spain thing. I would always prefer you to go ahead with something like a hardbound body or you can even go for those exam boots that we have. I just got your people with those exam boards on, then with those boots to get. These are beautiful plans. I'm minding some more operas since I seen my Opara is becoming lighter in values on. You do know that all our painting that we would be doing would be only with the help off the first layer that is the sky would be created with the first lady on. Then we will go ahead on some more water or pains depending on the area onto which you want to paint. Onda, don't worry, they're ihsaa no possibility off going wrong here You will see that I'm planning some you lose into my Opara that give our beautiful orange for this piece. Don't worry if you're not getting that orange or you are not getting something right onto this. So painting a treating will look beautifully once your sky dries up while you keep painting goes on, keep piling more water and things onto your people. Do remember we're not going toe. Overdo it. It's ah just that we want a seamless plan. That's one off the reason we're going ahead and adding some more pains here and there, and some water here and bad for the same thing to look better. But again, over doing it will be a big mistake. While you're keeping thing on the side border like to tell you one important aspect that has always helped me toe proceed well in this journey off for the colors. The first important aspect ISS choosing or good paper? Why I say choosing a good paper is so important because many off my students have told me that they own the best of the brushes. They have the best off the water colors, but they are choose like 25% got in people or not having 100% Corton people or using some hard pressed people. So unfortunately, if these kind of things that happened, the results will not be the best. You have to choose 100% cotton people either be dropped brain or it be our core pressed Asper. My knowledge there are three kind of people Start is available in the market hand meat, more meat on machine made, the more may being the best so far. The reason for the same was very simple. As this paper is made by slowly rotating cylindrical mold. The mold make people actually gets its grand from a process where the park is beaten again and again and again, which helps to interlock the fibers from the front to go back on. Why see Vorsah you can also make use off 100 people or machine made people as an option back to try tohave off one for GOP 300 GSM minimum Forgetting our desire Tourism with the pains and water as we are continuously doing Lord off heavy washers on Not all kinds of people can actually take the amount off. Ah, washes not We are pouring or adding onto these people. - Once you are happy painting the small mountain on top off your horizon. I would like to highlight a small ah important aspect. Do you that is this dry brush technique. Now this dry brush technique works well only when you have a very, very less amount off pains Corn, your brush Always trying this dry brush technique forced Donald off people on then only apply it on your final painting while I apply this dry brush. I would keep adding a small, clear off mountains which is closer to me above the horizon line on, and it is called very, very small mountain at our distance. So don't worry about the height. Make it really small. And I'm using the tip off my brush mostly to paint this mountain pickle mix so far in the go hand off any other problems, like monarchy brown hand, then add. Some are dry brush below the horizon. Line one so that Katya drives just talk covered up the horizon on the mountains, said You have kind of load your brush with some whites. Now, a particular thing that I have also, while it's part of my stars is that if you hold a lot of paint on your brush and try to splatter your stars, the stars would be really big and take. Whereas if you have less pains and you take off the extraordinaire on your issues, you will always get thesis more small, beautiful stars. Have you concede that my table has also a lot of stars? Don't worry about that back. Just try to have more stars. I usually you would my brush on, then tap it with the help off my pencil because that the pencil is ah really Later on, it will help you to get the smaller ones, and for once you are done. But that on you are still not happy or you want some bigger stars. Go ahead, use your pasta marker or usually rope and whatever Israel believe it you to make a call for the stars. And I think the this is again one of the fun activities which I always enjoy. This painting looks really simple. Onda. We are done seriously. We have hardly done. But in this we have just pour the Lord pains and then added some dry Brescia for our snow areas on. That's it. We are not going to complicate this project at all. It's very, very simple. Little night sky where you are getting the or robbery Elizondo. I am loving it completely. Go ahead, remove your tape at an angle on, then have a look. Anto Final piece. 9. Lets Pour Project 2: Yes, sir. On we have successfully completed our first project, moving on to our second happy to take you through a bit more exciting project Now on. It is a bit more complex compared to our first project. But don't worry, I have you covered here. We will be majorly playing, but two colors for the sky part people prepare this greenish yellow by mixing two colors again. Our first point is to Daytona people and then to a small sketch roughly divide your people in tow. 2.5 parts. The horizon line is one part. I'm just market with your pencil with your entire people. Once you have drawn for small hill on top off your horizon line, it's a very, very small hill at the distance on DA once you are reading your people or do keep in mind that you do not want toe leave any empties cases. There is all hill at the back side, and there is a small hill that disappearing towards the foreground. So there's background and there's a foreground. Let's take about 50% of the light green shade from similiar. I'm 50% lemon yellow. Mix it well on then hard. Some more water after you are that water, Start applying it onto your people. The colors on the shades, new body across different brands. So do keep that in mind Before you mix the scholar. Just try to get a shade That is something similar to the one you see on the people and let it flow the corners. Doctors, towards the right, open side on towards the left will have more off the darker tones letters your in vehicle which you see on the top left and gone. Oh, that I kept anti parting more water. Now adding water is all very, very important aspect again because this is a pouring metal on. We will keep parking lot off water so that the pains automatically really flow towards the top end off the paper. Okay, so I see that the yellow is flowing all over. Don't worry. The all can get these kind off problems on the there's a solution to it. Go ahead on some more water on the areas where you want to on the indigo. It's some clean water on your brush. Drop that water on the area and you will see the white spaces off the people coming up on the day. Once you are happy, start Alec that indigo again. The excites off the board is very important. That is, building your board from the top towards the bottom. Bakers were writing the into go from the top hand. I usually move across my board so that there is an even distribution off the paint even on the sites off the people I've guilty party more off into go. As I move from the left towards the right, - I am so excited to see the plates and the colors moving into each other. It is the best phenomenal that I always loved the witness, but overall you might see a few areas which needs to be a bit more Dhakal on. I am going to add some more in the coat there without a second part onto Sindical pictures . So they are going toe. Deepen though top area on the left hand on the right, try to restrict the indigo only till the sky area, wherever it starts touching below the horizon line just told your board bottom up or else many honest, even like to aren't more yellow. But then I don't want an opaque, muddy mix. Andi. I will always love toe plea with the transparency off the water colors as they beautifully pure on the paper. - Who let your people dry now and remove any extra pains from below the horizon line with help off your wash brush again, we are getting toe the exciting part status, flattering the stars. Big or small as you like. I will be the smaller stars first. Usually I use a white wash, but there are many other options in the market. Like why post two colors or wide open water color? You can use any off them. I always Lord less colors on my brush on the brush should have less humidity so that I can get the smaller splatters. The time when I want to add bigger stars, I will use the tip off my brush to add it, just like as you see now. This is bit more less control compared to the oil, your method, where I didn't use my Posca marker to art the stars again. If you are not very confident about this method, go ahead. Use your jelly roll open or Posca marker or any other white then that you have every above it. You too hard. These bigger stars in the sky Let those stars dry out in the sky on then load your brush with some boats Sana The months you know that I'm using is from Vince around Newton and it is the artist rate bond Sienna, you will have solved that it has a small underlying red in it on. I really love that part. Rest. You can use any bones you know, or any light brown that is available with you. I am really not concerned or I am not stuck to the part that you can't use any other colors off your choice. Whatever is available with you as a light colored brown, you can use that I will make so some more. When I came round to go Light wants in on that. I added over here and start painting without towards the right Ondo. Then automatically These colors will plan into each other as I start lending them together . - Now load your brush with someone, die cape around and start adding it in the bottom of the hill. Since the Bon Sienna is still wet. So the colors will bleed into each other. I'm the once I paint in the foreground hill on the right hand. On the left, I can start painting the grounds with the when I K brown or the A live problem that you have no again the drivers technique I'm going to apply for my drums. It is a very simple process. Or take some out of Carlos on your brush on. You sure happily does humanity on your brush, just like leader during our first painting on and keep adding these strokes onto your grounds. - Now it's time to paint the foreground mountains on. Do you have to just take some good night cape around to Agnese, a foreground mountain that is our towards your right. Once you are done with the foreground mountain, I belive somewhat that shows to my ground area just hard, some random strokes to from the right hand towards the left and then had some grass. Is that a pure in more dry Katya's? Simply use the tip off your brush on move it in course, coughed man off. Move from the left towards the right or from the right towards the left, as you want once you're happy and satisfied with your number of process that you have painted on your crowns. I would ask you to start painting some small, small Bush is on. There are dry Onda. They do not have any kind off lease on them. It's a very small gray to paint these small, small Bush is for your four grounds on. Once you go from the left, you have to just do those two movements we have done during our brush central session. That is, you would make one straight line and then One Corp line. Then again, one straight line in one go Oakland. That's how we will continue making these kind off bushes. I am happy to see the final results. I did allow my paper to dry off completely on. Then I will go ahead and remove my tape. Had an angle. You can also use our dryer for removing your tape. You can always used the hair dryer. The heat will allow the tape toe get removed easily, compared toe. If it is not coming off from the people, then have a close look at your painting and we are done with the second project to hopefully you did enjoy painting along with me. See you in the next lesson to paint our first project with controlled humidity. 10. Multiple Lights on the Mountain Part 1: after seeing the pick in the evening when you if you might think that the slopes so much more tougher than the poor technique do not body hand, Let's start together. Evil force divide our Cape Town people in tow. 2.5 parts on Dev Evil. Just take those the last half that was available towards the bottom area and start from the middle of fact on make a small mountain. I'm going, Oh, but people know and just defining the ideas which are the regions form the set off mountain there is one on the left back is starting from the middle. I'm going toe puts the left and one on the extreme right. That's all I'm defining right now for my painting on. Then I would go ahead and take my wash brush. The simple phenomenon that I always follow is always go head on and only work the sky because we want to do work and layers as a big Nor I do not have all the control over the paper. If I beat the complete people aren't then some parts of the paper do not wet and some parts and get, but it would be very difficult for me. No, wait it back again. So let's start with the first process where we are wetting it. Only if this guy video Let's take some light green color on your palate. Now, the slight dream can be a any inkling that is available with you. If you do not have the slight ring, take some off your the bullshit off green and aren't some yellow on it on. Then you can get actually closer toe this very, very simple process right now. No, I am actually taking some amount off concentrated light green on my brush on. I start making these golf lines. They are ticker when it comes from the top and they are again ticker. When they come from the bottom, there will be multiple light sources that I have to paint for this painting on. Therefore, you have to make Allah called lines as well as keep in mind that we need to keep some white spaces in between them because there are light sources which are white in Pollo or they're transparent when you are making northern lights. So the one most important point that I want toe bring to your notice is that we should have an optimum amount of humidity when you are painting these lights. If you have too much off running water on your people, then these white lights will not be seen. And if you have less water, it will quickly dry off before you can paint your entire sky. Now, supposedly you have less water on your sky dries out. Then you have to wait for an entire amount of time. You, though people becomes completely dry. You can redirect the paper after that and again start making your sky so that so quick hack which you can use for pain. Take your skies in case you come up with the problem off your paper drawing very quickly. Now we will keep adding these two colors that I'm using that is your plateau blue on your indigo. Do not worry. If you don't have any off these colors, you can also use iridium on. You can use Prussian blue if those other colors that is available with you, Auntie planning it with the green light because that bring light has to be completely blended with the night sky that we are painting now. I am coming towards the bottom area just above my mountains on. I will blend the colors with the green like that you have unsolved. I did paint earlier while I go on the right bottom area. I will make the lights a bit lighter in values because that is the idea where I have also always, even from the inspiration photos that they have some amount off green or lights in it on. And I have to paint that in light of values. - Now comes the blending, but you will have solved that I start from the right when I have to blend in between the being colors. And I even overlap off part off those green colors when I am coming toe words, though indeed, your aka people, I have to keep a few areas. Absolutely. Wyke on. I do not want to touch those white lights, so try to go around it rather than touching it while you blame. In case you are not too confident about it. Don't party. Leave those spaces. No need to blend much. Once you actually splatter your stars, you will find it coming off very beautifully. I will go ahead and hired somebody patterns on the top area on overvalued. Keep painting the words the top left aereo. There has to be more off in ago that you are on on the bottom video. There would be more off platform because there are more lights towards the bottom. - Now we are at the last part off the sky hand. Just in a few minutes we will be done with the sky. I always have this tendency to first paint lighter values on the sky and then go ahead and on my doctor values. This does allow me some time toe, get back to my painting and think again in case I want toe at the stock values or not, - I think I am kind off liking my sky that I did paint already on. I do not want to overcomplicate it any further. Just ah, two or three things that I would like to do right now is just being my brush kind. In case I am not finding any clear white light in between these green streets off line that I did paint. I will go ahead and take off the extra operating, but the help off a moist best but do remember that your brush should be absolutely clean on always that the extra pains off your brush on cleaning issue so that you get these white areas that you see on the people. 11. Multiple Lights on the Mountain Part 2: When I reached the second half off the painting, I would say that I am more confident and I feel that okay, I'm reaching towards the end off a project and therefore it is a very important toe. Be positive at this point in time and most off the work off the sky and the major subject has already done so. Let's go ahead and load a brush with some wash or why toe Paykel paints are any other white follow that you this available with you and then let's start splattering the stars. Now if you see that I have Lord off pains on my brush hand, that's one off the reasons I'm getting the bigger splatters. Remove the extra amounts of pains that you have on your brush on the palate on. Then start tapping it again. You will see that you will get some more smallest us this time on. Keep filling up the sky with more and more stars because more is always good. But do keep in mind that we do not want to cover the entire area because the lights needs to be also seen so off the A. Careful about that fact, but along with that lady off your school founder. Just toe. Have more stars for your sky since it's a night sky to add some order because stars to your sky. Either you can use your pasta marker and start adding it quarrels. You can even use your jelly roll pin. Whatever is available that you can be used to aren't these bigger stars as the less You can also use the tip off your brush. Tow ARD. These are bigger stars because I am not thinking much in terms off how the stars look and oil. But with that, I want to always say that if you have more control over your brush, it's always good to use your brush. And sure, those biggest times. Berra's some There is some less control than go for a jelly roll open or oppose Kamar per always or do remember, Doctor, we are making some snow capped mountains on the snow doesn't have any color off its own. It is basically white in color on whenever you are actually making some snow in the night sky, it would reflect the color off the sky on. That's one of the reasons you will see that on the top area I'm going ahead and adding my lighter shade of green that I had for my streaks off light that I did pay in my sky on. Then I would go ahead and add some plateau blue towards the bottom area on when I go towards the end on that is the extreme border. There would be more off in the good that I'm adding. But all these colors are really like Oh, in values. Why? I always ask each one off. Uto add light. Oh, values is because light values help you come back and add more color rather than if you go ahead and add or darker value first, there is no way to come back in all watercolor painting. - Okay , Don't worry. With the uneven drawing that you are seeing right now on the top off the mountains, how this kind of qualifier effects do happen on duh, it's okay leaving. Who would we've painted? Since there are more riches over that area orders you can go ahead on, apply some pace as I'm doing right now on and then take it off the below. It would be just a one Shader darko display. But still, once your people dries up, you will see that the colors are anyways one shade lighter on. And then let's start out in the mountains. No mountains is very, very simple. Way your dark we will be painting legal. Just start from the border area on fuel the years high Go make more ticker and few off the ideas I will make. Morton. This is just grabbing some pains on your people and making these shorthand small lines. They are not going toe overcomplicate this part and therefore leaving some white spaces would be really good. Guess you don't feel or you are not very sure about the brown that I'm using. I know it is meant I came around, but if it's not available But you do not need to worry Whatever brown you have heart some black endured on getco shaping Soto This that can heart does the color off. You're a mountain ridges on the mountains. You will see me hiding the reduce right now The area where I had the richest would be Monaco in values compared to the areas which are on the bottom on most of the bottom area, I would be walking with my dry brush technique. Now they have come to a point where we have to do our Dr Rush technique Now. This is a very, very extensive technique that I have used toe out all my paintings because most e there are mountains on because they're amounted so they would be more off the sickening that we have used. It's easy, and it can actually give a lot of pictures to your mountains. So start with our off people. Take very less amount off your pains on the brush hand pride on that rough people. This some technique actually comes very well when you have are all press people. Order of crepe paper Now cool pressed paper has got some amount of texture on it, but draft green has more texture compared to the cold pressed. Once you have added the dry brush, I would ask you to make a small pool off, and I came around and started coming off those extra small, small lines on your room bottom area off the mountains. It's very very on. Even man know that I am adding it just to show that there are some amount off reduced even when we go towards the bottom off dull mountains, I don't owe body. You can just keep adding until you are happy and satisfied. But I would ask you to keep it limited. I'm not going with the flow and having Lord more because we're not here to actually give Ah Lord off Death to the mountains. We're here to actually show the sky, and I have a simple matter that I have always seen during my 40 Kahlo journey is that you can actually do these kind off splatter math, or it's on this platter. Methods also hard. A lot off for depth er to your subject. Do cover your sky before you tap your brush on hard disk otters or a stable, even reach your sky area. So while you keep painting the mountains, I would like to let you know something about those synthetic bristles. Because as big nose, we always own up a lot of brushes, which are synthetic in nature. Now, a lot depends on the kind off for performance and the quality off the filament art. These brush is used on the the That's basically the price. So is really nice for these brushes and they have a fine point, which gives the artist a fair amount off for satisfaction as well as that gives a good control, However, there is one important major drawback. Oh, which I have seen is that they have less ability in holding our Lord off water on. They do not release the water consistently. So whenever you're choosing a brushes, be very vigilant about what you choose. Now we are almost total finishing off with our mountain area, and I'm going ahead on dipping my brush with some clean water on going over a few areas with that clean water. Whatever is the color that is already available in the painting, I would use that color only toe paint these lighter shadows off the mountains. - I am a pretty happy and satisfied with no final result. No, I'm not going toe. Overdo anything any further, and I would allow my paper to dry. Then go ahead and start removing your tape at an angle. If you are unable to remove your tape, just use a hair dryer and apply it on the ends operative. It would become a bit more easier for you to remove it easily because many off the paper do have the quality off sticking to the tape rather than it being coming off easily. 12. Let it Swirl Part 1: I was generally really want to thank you for going ahead with the foreign project that you see, which is majorly painting the school. I know it might look really difficult, but we did a lot of practice with our brush control. We know how much humanity should be there on the paper. So we are really confident Toe touch base on this project Off ours, though, first layer is adding water onto your people on it. This would help you to get a clear ocean. Since this project is all about control human day. So you might see that I will take off any extra water from the sides off. My one thing that I would ask you to keep in mind is not overweight your people. Because if you apply a lot of water on your people on overweighted, your colors will flew here and there. No, since it's so controlled humidity approach, we need to keep that in mind. Take some lemon yellow on your servo black velvet size gate brush and start making this move image Awful question marks on the paper in few off the videos, I will make it more picker compared to a few areas where I will leave it Pinner in size wherever I want to make it more 10. I would leave my brush more flat on that can be done with the help off. More pressure onto your brush. Usually when we are there having a look at our inspiration, we did off. So start Most of the lights originate from the top off or particular photograph that is towards the right or towards the left. Now that is not always how we want toe paint. We can have socials off light, even on the middle of the painting. When you keep looking at more and more photographs, you would be able to see that I am heading further, more sources off light on the right, as Poulos you did of So if I did, I'd along the left inside to I want to make some off the areas towards the bottom More lighter on. That's one off the reason I am adding the lemon yellow. Now reload your clean brush with some plateau. Twice. You will see that I have made a small pool off plateau twice since it would be covering or laurel area off my people. But before you aren't this plateau twice since it's a bigger people almost goes 24 size. Make sure that not off the areas are drying up. God more plateau twice on the top off the painting, Asprilla's added along the sides off. Those who'll that we have added, making sure that we are not making it too broad when we go down in between the two light sources which are attached. But then those work. So what's the top off the painting? I would make it a bit more Darko on, and it is always a good idea. Toe Add more indigo. - I don't know, even think twice before you are adding these colors onto your people. You might feel a bit intimidated if you are also taking on a four size paper. It's absolutely normal who feel that. But my only point always that I say toe any off my students or toe. Anyone who asked me for any advisors feet on bigger size people, because I see people always helps you to develop more confidence and don't body about committing mistakes. I cannot even think that I would be nailing one off my paintings without committing mistakes, because if you off the mistakes that I come, it might even going up to be one off the best attempts that I did till date. And few of the mistakes were lead toe, not even getting back toe that painting again. But other general idea that I always give to anyone is not toe. Just leave a painting in between always and always go head and complete the painting while I keep painting around this world do make it a point that when you are going inside, make it a bit more lighter in Kahlo, that is the plateau course. If you were applying, apply or lighter tone off it, always check your color owner off people before you apply it on the final people. Since you know I did practice this painting twice are tries. Before I came up with the final class projects so that I could have a better hold on this painting, I will add some more panes. The words in the bottom area off my painting. - Many off the times I have heard people saying that Oh, my blending is not smoke. I am not getting the perfect colors that I want. Don't worry. The colors that you see right now on the people is one shade nacco compared to the color that people get later. So if you are applying, our people don't towards the bottom, it will don't light. Oh, when it dries up, the second part of all my blending is not absolutely to the point again. You do not need to worry. It's wet on wet water will do most off the part on when we come towards the bottom we have toe aren't a lot of four leakage. So if you are not getting the perfect planning, you do not need to worry. Therefore, you would have seen me going from the top and coming towards the bottom because the sky is the major highlight off the Spain tick on the bottom area, adding the foliage is basically supporting the subject, which is your sky. I am pretty happy with the outcome right now. I am not thinking much about if this planning is perfect or if I've got the perfect dollars . I have just added the kind off colors I wanted to add on my people on I have given or direction to my life. You can also do the same on lever tail. Don't overwork on your painting because overworking will always lead to more problems on. Always know that once you covered the entire people, leave it there to drive. 13. Let it Swirl Part 2: Now it's time to relax a bit because the major part off the sky istan they have tojust makeover. Read off sketch where we will be showing the foliage how you can use your medical color. Or you can use a black or neutral tent to pain the state. Here, go ahead on start painting along the line that they did sketch hand. Add all the colors on Philip all the spaces below it. - After filling my entire land area, I would go head on and sketch some off my foliage. Greece that I want to pain for my sketching. I would take off my pencil and start Roy some random lines. Now I have to just mom back. These lines should not go more than half off the paper bottles of the school's supposedly in this world that we painted the whole beauty off. This bull will get spoiled. Therefore, make it a point that it doesn't crosses half off the paper on the yellow light back. You see right now over which we are drawing are small, small branches that should also be seen. Use the tip off your brush on the same movement that this one straight line and then another called line. We will do those similar kind of process again, one straight line. On One Corp line, you can even go very Vanda because it is nature and nature is never perfect. That's one of the reason I was not too concerned when we were thinking about better. People get a perfect sky or not, or the perfect blend or not again. The nature has its own floors on. We have to accept those flaws and move on. Only one thing that I would tell you before you paying these trees is you can add the stars now, since I just got so much carried away with the foliage that I forgot around those stars. If you're adding the stars later, off course, you have to just cover these areas which are in black, and then you can go ahead and are the stars and white. That's never a problem. Start hiding somewhat. Losing now Lose leaves are just simple, simple dots in a particular way. You have toward your brush at their own 45 degrees, or around 80 degrees on just on the smallest more lords on day will appear. US. Lose lease after I had the top radio. With respect, those please I will come below on those areas would be more darker compared to the top. As I told you, I want to actually show though yellow light that is behind these trees. Andi. It would only be seen if I just add some lesser leaves on my up area on. If you even see the structure off a tree, it's usually more fuller in the Merrill and under top. It's less fuller now this trees occur in a way that they're more like bushes, where the whole foliate starts from the bottom area itself. On, they are shorter and smaller in size. Compared to go the old trees, which are bigger and taller. - It's time to add some small small grasses on my land area. Just you started off your silver black velvet pressure. Any other crash that you are using? No, don't go by any company name for their pursuits. You use that brush and had these small small lines. They would act as grasses in future. Once we complete the painting, - keeping ing your crosses hand some loose foliage as well us. You have to make the stars off the sky. One so foliate handle our idea off the line. This trial I want 00 actually focus a bit on the transparency off the water colors When you see such a bright and beautiful sky, we need to understand the few characters text off watercolors because off which we get to see this kind of vibrancy and the beauty. The first is the transparency, and it is basically the amount of light that is allowed to pass through your water color on the white people bounces and buck Andi therefore it up yours, our blues on that's what as ah person or as a spectator, we perceive the white people always allows your transparent colors to look better, whereas if you want to use some opaque colors, they will not bounce back. This light on it would be not as transparent. Andi, in case you still are willing to use the Arabic colors, it would lose its intensity if you add more water into it. So transparency off watercolors is, ah, very, very important factor. While we keep thinking our skies or any other landscape, then it's the staining this Now what do you mean by staining this Hunan stating This is basically how easily you can live the colors from your people, either ity by adding some Mowat. Oh, are either Debus cropping or any other methods off your choice, then this are saturated and unsaturated, so saturated colors are usually those which are found on the color wheel, whereas the unsaturated colors are those that are not found on the color. We see the importance off saturated colors on unsaturated colors. Boat will remain like unsaturated colors. Might be rochambeau Bonzi Nowhere us. Your saturated colors might be cadmium red and some yellows, which are basically the primary colors, so both have their own importance on their place. In our painting, the last under one of the most important factors that I have come across is the floor for watercolor. Now, what do I mean by the flu when you apply a watercolor on top off your red surface, how much your pigments move around on a Whether or not there are more off fillers or binders in that water color aspen my understanding then no off watercolors what I have seen us. If your water colors are really transparent, they will flow more. Onda That's what really helps us to Berlin, though skies easily like you can use. Really? Um, loose. Really? Um, you will flow a lot. Your room. Other blues might flow less, so you can select even the colors for your sky. Accordingly. I think I have discussed Oh, quite a bit now about what kind of water colors you can select. And what are the properties that you can look forward? Toa. It's timeto Ardmore starts with help off the Posca marker and can't buy. Whole table is full with stars, so go ahead and use your Posca marker origin the rope it, whatever is available make these beautiful stars. It would look like that we were actually traveled along them in our sky. And then, once happy, I would ask you to let everything dry up on, then removed the tape. The tape removing is the most satisfying process still now, because it actually helps me to understand how my complete painting has stoned out and how impressive it looks at the end 14. Polar Lights Part 1: way have reached the last painting for today. It's so goody small sketch that we would be doing it ISS Post dividing your paper into three equal house on, then sketching a small mountain towards the bottom off your paper. Now, when you are sketching the mountain, you might think, why more off mountains and why less off any other girls like Foley? Eight etcetera. Because usually these northern lights up all our lights are seeing in places which are called like off Finland or like Iceland. Therefore, I have tried toe keep it more real hand hints more off mountains. Once you are done with the sketch, just go ahead with reading your people on always to a cross match for your sky radio. This is both a controlled as, alas, poor method. Don't worry if you are not getting it right now, I will guide you through the entire process, But do make sure that you have coli train on your people before you start applying your colors. Just go ahead and speak. Thought all the colors start you would be using for this painting on your palate on start with the lightest value that has called them in yellow legal move from the left towards the right hand ended on top off the mountain that needed sketch. There is only one source off light that we will hide while you keep ending this light. I would always ask you, toe lee, your brush absolutely flag on top off your people because that will actually help you to broaden up the area that you are covering with the lemon yellow compared to if you are not leading a flood once Ah, this source off lightest on. I would ask you to tell your paper towards the top hand on Let your colors float since I had some excess off yellow. So I will always go ahead and take my wash brush, which is absolutely clean on. Take off those extra pains. Hand Abbott off on my tissue just the way you see right now, in case you are not getting this extra yellow as it was flowing in. My people no need to worry. Go ahead with the painting and had some more writer yellow acid. It's or pickle people. Therefore, this bright yellow has to be a bit more ticker on the top corner. You have to add one streak off this lighter shade of green on even bend you come down. You have tow god. One more small street off this light green. I will wash my brush on reload my brush with some plateau blue You can go for any other blue likes radium you are Go back to if those are the colors that is available But you try to avoid one culo status are Tremaine as I didn't even say during the auto Northern Lights painting that we did start applying the colors from the bottom on. Take it towards the top if you will solve my brush movement. I always late flat. I am using some Prussian blue along with my plateau blue potion. No is towards the bottom left inside. Had I would even add some more in the middle of the Haiti like how are you are solving? No, I will not touch the light at all. There should not be any blue area that we do cover on top off the light. The light source will remain the same In case you are getting more off news anywhere. You can always pick it up, but they help off your flat brush hiding some local news as I feel that there is less off the deeper values in these spaces. So Lucien Lou is the best one to hunt some off you even like toe ad hint off. Valid on. I really loved that idea. So I also want to experiment with it on. I have taken some Apapa or one Mollet Whatever was available with you on hard it towards so But mark your painting in the whole painting. I haven't still touch my mountain because I would paint it separately compared toa this guy . Now comes the poor matin. Now that is the most beautiful part again on the fun part I will start adding some water wherever I see that the blue is catching much off your yes can I will make that area a bit white again My life that is the white sources appear in close to the yellow so soft light on it A somewhere appearing in between the blues canto yellow. You need to start filling up the areas on the right top corner because we cannot get that empty on. It has a nice kind. So more booze needs to be applied of the day. Go ahead hand, Apply the blues. Don't, buddy. It's a very simple process, as you have seen absolving, just so when you start thinking that how the blending will work again, My only point is it is wet on wet so the planet will happen automatically. We do not need to worry much about the blending part. Let your colors do their work on the wet paper. We have covered the entire sky with beautiful color status. Yellow, lytle blue, Then push in lieu on some greens. Now it's time toe just war somewhat killing water onto our paper Now this boring will help to create some white lights. In case you're not getting exactly the white light, do not need the wedding. Go ahead on that water and check if you get it. If you don't get it, no problem at all. That's complicated. Further. No, we're trying to add one streak off a bear, a light when your yellow like touches your balm tins. Before that, I want to add that so the blending again has to be done with the help of your brush on. That's why I don't name is or plus control humanity meth or because we are going to control the humidity or for people on. Then I would blend this Opara Kahlo into my background off the blue with help off the blue on. Keep lending it This. You can do only when your people is terribly that if your people has already dried off, you need to wait for some more time. Local people completely dry out on, then do it hostile. Secondly, I have only applied one layer off. Spain's on All the big things have bean down with one single layer off hates being applied on. They are reading vibrant. In case you're not getting that vibrancy, you do not need to worry. You might have to go ahead with two layer off face, since the properties off pains are very different than the vary across different companies . If you are using more off artistry beings, you will get the quality they easily. Whereas if you are not using artist rate pains on, you have student rate things. It might take one or two more layers to add that vibrancy in your painting. Whenever you are riding water, you will always himself that those areas will become Ah, bit lighter in value, but you need so still Blend those Katya's with the background color that you have, whether people are true blue or whether it be alot a sky on the top looks really simple. We need to complicated 100 poor Please don't get angry with me for doing it, but seriously wants this painting. Hence you will see the beauty off the sky yourself. I'm adding just a one small layer off this wallet. You will load your brush and add a spon streak off it on the stop just new in the green, where you have added it on. Then allow some water toe four so that we can get a lighter value just near the wallet that you have had. Allow your painting to rest after you have taken off Any extra pain stock was flowing up because if you leave that on your people or near the video, they would come back on, give you a cauliflower effect 15. Polar Lights Part 2: Yes on We have reached the last section off her painting for today My sky has entirely died off on I am picking up some white wash on my brush I seriously wanted some biggest stars this time. And therefore I have loaded my brush with more human or more running kind off pain so that I can get those bigger stars. If you do not want those bigger stars off course, you can take off some weapons from your brush on only at the brush with a pensar To get those smaller steps I leave it up to you. What? My whole table is also having stars. No, I guess, Um keep tapping it. You are happy and I think that I would like to have more space is being covered with the stars. So let's do it before you are actually topped with help off your pencil Your brush which gives the stars I would always love to cover my area which is the mountain Onda. Then only tap it because I want more transparent colors while I paint my mountains as you pull off soft. No, I will take some yellows and some greens to paint the top area because my life is directly falling on the mountain and it will get reflected in the snow that I have on top of the mountain. - I would be giving less off instruction during the section off our painting because I only day well, lord, while you're painting. So just to a one thing that I want to tell you bus the colors of the sky always reflect on the snow. So trying to give some lighter colors, like though Yellowstone grains and the blue start be used for the sky will only be against seeing on this. No, on the blue is towards the bottom there as the lighter tones which are my yellows and the greens are towards the top. If you were again not satisfied with tomato stars, you have added Go head, use your jelly roll open or Posca marker or any other wife, and that is available that you to make some more for the stars on the sky because I feel more school always with respect to the stars. Once happy and satisfied with those sky part on the additional the stars, you can always go head on. Try the drivers technique again though we have teach the last section on, I have shown this driver's technique quite a lot throughout our entire process and the projects that I have shown you. But still I always like toe see dark. My brush has the optimum amount of human state that is required to get the correct on dry brush technique on my people. So as a practice always do this on, you will get better results. That way, I have started adding those small, small 80 years in Doc. Oh, values on. Then I am hiding these dry brush now why? I didn't aren't this kind off lines. They are actually going on the top off the sky on meeting toe. In this low point, this is very, very common topic that be all BC is explored in detail with respect to perspective in most of the paintings. So it is a point of perspective that everything that you do as lines or us riches will move toe a single point on the top off your are pinking or above to painting somewhere on the other. Oh, keep thinking on these off small small ridges on and then once you are happy, I would like you to move on to the second half off the mountain area where we will be again adding some more people values to add for the ridges. And I saw class has very, very less aspect. If you think about the mountains, start I am making right now because this classes were focused on the sky and the mountains is just a support of subject on, I would say it's why not. The subjects that helps to define the painting a bit more on it helps to please the ice off the spectator. So, in case you want to give the mountain escape or try, I have another class five different, beautiful mountain and study explored over there on it is completely painted from our reference photos that I did select from copy diapering upside. So go ahead and give that class a try because that as we moved it with respect to mountains , each and every thing has been explained off very, very closely and in a very, very legal bit rest we have toe. Just add more darker values while we are going towards the bottom area for these mountains that be a painting right now, on one. Satisfied? You can always let your people dry. Don't overdo again because the snow needs to be seen from below the mountains. So leave it at one point where you're like OK must never seen at least 40 to 45% on dress discovered with the ridges on the doctor, radios slowly removed the tape at an angle. Once you are happy as well as the paper has tried on, that's all. We are done with the complete five projects to poor methods, country control, wet on wet as well as the poor method. Overall, it was all really exciting joining for me also to discover this hospitalized toe each it do you off. 16. Bonus lesson: One of the most important aspect when you're a big note is how you want to edit your photos and presented on social media. I have seriously struggled a lot while I waas Ah, big non and I wanted to edit my photos. I seriously did not know where to go, how to do it. So today I would be sure I knew a few hats. Four tips n tricks which you can use as a big nana Upload your photos. Now the four door that you see is taken on a white background off course. I have taken it in the notch for light, but still myself. This is not haps, nuking bite, whereas when you see any photos on a social media platform, they are completely white in color. How do we get that work? I will show you later. Force. Let's do some simple edits which are available on Go high pod itself. Now there are off you like exposure than brightness. It's a crawl which you can change for this photo from the iPod headed for toe. Absolutely. Hand the doctors in both within. I packed so you can go and little that I would like to increase my brightness or readings My brightness, whatever you want. Oh, as for my understanding, you shouldn't please the brightness of big 100. We will go for increasing saturation, our increase and vibrancy, as you would like to. I don't I think so. I am pretty happy now and you can have unedited photo off this portion if you are happy. But this you can go ahead and save it. And use this. There are other apse which would help you to get on an absolute tear background. I would have you do understand back before. So let's just reward this photo the original, and then goto snap. See that snaps Igbos all your own by next offers. And now it is owned by Google. You can select your photos like this from there, and then you can start editing it. You can see upend button on when you go there, building multiple options that you can get by private show you only the simplest of the options that you can use for editing your photos. The first being the tournament. So you see, on the top left inside corner, there's a tournament. You go there and check all the options that you see in pictures. Now there is brightness. There is contrast saturation and many other options that you have. I usually like to change my brightness. You can decrease it all. You can increase it. It is very simple to do this on. And then I will goto my saturation. Now here in the saturation again, I can decree, is it or I can increase it. I will increase it a bit. Now all these changes that I am doing my photo is for before my presentation on a social media platform. It's not correcting if you were going ahead and selling your paintings by showing the different colors rather than what you actually have on a painting. So whenever there is a sales process or something, you should always go ahead and tell them that I have a bit off different colors from the one that you see, and then you can show them very important. In the Meanwhile, I was assuring there are two other things in adjustment. One is the structure on one is the shopping Now. I always love toe show those sharpening better because it gives more off that show. Tow the paper on the brushes. Etcetera look even better in this way so you can adjust that shopping area and then against it. You have just they can. It is our done. Now you see that still I have my white background. Not as wide as I really want her. I see on my social media platform amongst different artists. So let's see what can be done hand. Then I goto my brush. Now Brush has got four different options. I usually go with the exposure option you can and just it that a 0.3 or one as you want little 10.7 is the most optimum. Andi, I usually go ahead and start lighting up my background this week I've been lighting up the entire background or the board on which I have kept and taken my photo. Once you're done with the process, there is again a pick option at the bottom right corner and you can go ahead and it marked that it's time, you know, hard. Some text. Now you can have different styles off text that are available. I am not very, very comfortable with the text that I get in my top seed up, so I usually prefer another up for that I will show it to you later. But let's just our first understand how we cannot text over here. I will just go ahead and write my name. It was pretty gonna not on, but then adjusted are the bottom off toe painting. You can even decrease the size like this. If you over it, it would help you to decrease the size on. Then it's done. Now supposedly you want to undo this and you want to ARD and other text. You can off course. Go ahead and hard The text that is off your choice and the stand. You can select some other phones like this one. I'm added. Once you have ordered the text you can again and just heard or leave it there supposedly, I'm changing to style now toe black and I want to leave it like this. So my work is done. I want to again underwear because I'm not liking the form to be there in between the painting altogether. Therefore, let's just say the sport off on now and news counter upto do although what the mark look so either you can save a copy like this are you can directly save us a photo on Once you were the photo, you would be able to see that terrace. This clean version off the background white that has come up. We want don't want it to be artificial. Therefore, I am not going and doing it. Absolutely. Why? With more exposure that I Detroit you. So now comes the last one it is for so I guess Ph co nt and this is again Oh, free up That is available only one difficulty when the free up a start. We do not have all the options available for ourselves on here. If you want to edit your photo, it would be all very, very simple way. There are different options, like chrome, then others like fail, etcetera. And there are very useful locked options toe that I'm not going to explore. Since I did not pay for those people. Go with the only three option right now. If you see either than just my photo took room and therefore I came with the the different colors. But I'm going ahead and now taking my original photo Onda Then I am trying to add some text again. The text has to be my name because the painting a stun by me so I will do a watermark This way. Once you are done, you have various options that are six different options. You can see one is your style on day one is your size one. Is your text still move? It's a first is the size. I would love to adjust the size and make it a bit smaller, but I did already use the style and change my color toe black. So I am now just adjusting some further things like If you want to change the text all together, there are lots and lots of options. You can go ahead and change it. Hunger, other one in stuff want. So the form was really important for me. There are failures, options with a BCD, and they're like 30 40 or 50 options under each one of them. So go ahead and chose, deformed as you like on our the watermark. Now let's go ahead and take the photo, which we did save after using the stops. Eat up. It has a great background because it's completely white, and now I want to add some text on it again, it would be my name on. Then I will adjust the style, the forint, etcetera. The size needs to be a bit smaller and therefore I'm adjusting the size off it. Then I want to select a different form, so I will go ahead and select a different form. If I want to change my style, I will go ahead and change the style and then we would just below my painting. Once I'm happy and satisfied, I would go ahead and check the options that I have. I have airdrop messages across different options, whereas I would like to save my image as a whole different photo altogether. So now if you see an enlarged to see that my name is coming on the bottom off, my photographed on this looks absolutely complete because the background as wide I have my name on it. It is what a mark and it's ready to get uploaded on the social media platform 17. Afterword: e. I hope you did enjoy painting these little night sky along with me on In case you are on instagram toe tagged me as what? A color dot illustration dot letter I love to go through each off the projects on Do upload your projects in the project Alice. Overall, I loved all the learnings I had while painting the northern lights on even trying my level best to take down the entire subject toe the minute details. It's possible if you also think the same, do leave me off it back as it encourages me to come up with many more classes like thes as well as my class can reach out many more students, unhappy painting guys.