Watercolor Nature Journal - Paint Beach, Rocks and Grass

Angelique Noll, Artist and Writer

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8 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction

    • 2. 02 Materials

    • 3. 03 Project

    • 4. 04 Beach Techniques

    • 5. 05 Rock Techniques

    • 6. 06 Grass Technique

    • 7. 07 Project Picture

    • 8. 08 Bonus Material - Pictures from my journal


Project Description

Since every class in this series is about learning different quick techniques that you can use to paint nature in your journal, I suggest that you make a little technique library for yourself. I used one when I first started painting nature, and it is a good way to keep different techniques together  in one place, so when I was sitting outside trying to decide which technique would work best, I could simply flip through my little library and choose one. 

You don't need to submit your technique library, but at the end of class we paint a simple picture toether where I show you how the different techniques that we learnt in class can be used in a picture. This is your project. Please paint along with me and submit your picture as your project.

Student Projects