Watercolor Nature Journal - Paint Beach, Rocks and Grass

Angelique Noll, Artist and Writer

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8 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction

    • 2. 02 Materials

    • 3. 03 Project

    • 4. 04 Beach Techniques

    • 5. 05 Rock Techniques

    • 6. 06 Grass Technique

    • 7. 07 Project Picture

    • 8. 08 Bonus Material - Pictures from my journal


About This Class


This is the second class in the Watercolor Nature Journal Series. You don't have to do them in any order though. They're broken up into seperate elements of nature simply because putting it all in one class would be far too long;-)

In this class I share the ways in which I quickly and easily paint the beach, grasses and rocks or cliffs. The techniques that use in my nature journal are fun and make capturing nature in watercolors easy to do. Even if you've got no previous painting experience, you'll be able to paint beaches, grasses and rocks/cliffs with confidence after you see these simple techniques.

Have fun painting nature, and be sure to pop in to the other classes in this series to see how other elements of nature can be painted.