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Watercolor Motifs Christmas Gifts Tags - Make Your Gifts Beautiful!

teacher avatar Artjourneywithme Heidi Seidl, ARTIST AND FACILITATOR

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Free Resources Gift Tags Sketches

    • 3. Gifts Tag Candy Cane Supplies

    • 4. Gifts Tag Candy Cane Tutorial

    • 5. Gifts Tag Plaid Santas Boot Supplies

    • 6. Gifts Tag Plaid Santas Boot Tutorial

    • 7. Gifts Tag Reindeer Supplies

    • 8. Gifts Tag Reindeer Tutorial

    • 9. Gifts Tag Xmas Gnome Supplies

    • 10. TAG Gifts Xmas Gnome Tutorial

    • 11. Class project

    • 12. Thank you

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About This Class


Make your gifts Pop Up and Bring a Smile to your loved ones with these Watercolor Easy Christmas Gifts Tags Motifs with Heidi Seidl, in this fun and easy Skillshare class we are going to learn how to create beautiful Watercolor Easy Christmas Motifs You can use for Gifts Tags. This class is designed for any level although it doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or a seasoned artist this class has interesting facts that may be interesting to you and you are welcome to join.

In this class, I will walk you through the creation process of designing 3 Easy Chritsmas Motifs to use as Gift Tags and you will learn:

  • How to create your gift tags
  • The best Watercolor Palettes In Christmasy colors.¬†
  • Best practices to become a better Artist.¬†
  • I will share examples so you can get a better idea of how to create your own pieces.¬†

These are the supplies you need to have for the class:

  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolors
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Waterproof Ink Pen
  • Ruler
  • Brushes
  • White pen
  • Gold Watercolor, gel pen or Ink
  • Clean Water
  • Clean Towel

You can put a smile on your loved one's faces with your own cute creations, what are you waiting for? let's start and have a creative time together :D

Get in touch with me see more in my Bio.

Check My other classes: 

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Watercolor Basics: Handlettering using Wet on Wet Blending Technique 

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Time to start the class and spend creative time together.


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Artjourneywithme Heidi Seidl



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1. Welcome : I welcome you to this class. My name is Heidi, and today I will be guided into the whole process of designing and creating four different gifts, dots, two major, give more beautiful and personalizing your gifts. Make his modest, I shall. And the person that received is with her we feel that love to put into making these either, that is for them. In this class we are going to be using whether coders mostly, I repeat you all the details and all the supplies that you need at the beginning of every one offstage motif we are working on today. So let's start creating that. Charlie. I will see you in the next video. 2. Free Resources Gift Tags Sketches: So glad to have you here in this class. And I went to tell you that in the history of the sources for this class, you will find that for templates to create that motif that we are working on. So let's a biggie. See during the next video. 3. Gifts Tag Candy Cane Supplies: Welcome back. I have here all the Medallia style we are going to be using. And I choose the palate, the most Christmas palette that will exist, red, green, and the yellow will be for the background. The green will be for the bow and the lead for the candy. I have a very small brush to have more control. This is a number 2 round brush. I have my fine liners. A CDO, CDO five. This is the smallest one. Remember that you can download the template to make the same sketch as I am doing tuning this whole class. Please refer to the free resources and download it to make a sketch. And I have water in a clean towel to clean my brush. I will start by doing the color chat for this candy cane and fears, I will be activated the watercolors, the width drop of water. Let's begin. If you are using any other type of watercolor, meaning in a brush pen or in another kind of a type of watercolor. Do us you will do normally, I activate always my little bands of watercolor because they are dry up to May No. I want the red to be bad English. So I am using, I will be using the technique wet on dry. As we spoke before. If you are not familiar with this technique, you can always check my class for this technique where I explain everything about it. But in this case I want this to be very rich red. So I am using very little water to create the color chats. So I can see that this is the red I want. You can make the candy cane in another color, maybe pink or yellow or green. Do, DO. Creativity tells you to do. Now I will be taking them between 1 and I want the bot to be very bright, very, very dark in color. And does this how it is looking. Now, I really love this big month from this water colors. And I went the jello to be very, very light. So are we I am I will be using that technique, wet on wet, meaning that they will wet the paper and with a wet brush, go to the colors and making very, very light. So I will be finishing it, and I hope you do. And I will see you in the next video. 4. Gifts Tag Candy Cane Tutorial: Welcome to this stack. Now that we have added radius gets us our candy cane, is time to ink this candy cane. And for that we have are what the proof ink pen. And we're going to trace all the lines with the black waterproof ink, fine line. And as always, please go very slow. So you can maintain the control on the lines and it looks very steady and very well put together. And the most fascinating part of when you have a sketch it, the motif, and then go with the ink is very easy to make corrections or see if you want to change something and look how it looks. I will spit out a little bit this part of the process so you can take your time for tracing the lines. But it is pretty straightforward. Just make the lines very conscious in, take your time, then you can erase the, the normal lines. Now I will be painting in the candy cane, and I will be painting one and then letting one in y, the next thread, then X, Y and X and a Y. And then we will be creating this candy cane like effect that we are looking for here. Again, with a small brush. And we are going to be painting with delicious color that you can have with your water color, the color that you decide to use, and go where it is slowly. Your paper is that i and dual brush is wet and thus is why this technique is called wet on dry. Tried to maintain, maintain, trying to maintain the consistency. A painting, a section of the candy cane dread and then letting the other section wide. And then again repeating this process of red and white, red and white. And you will see that the candy cane effect will show up immediately. Go very slowly a mind the lines. So you don't get outside those line. And if you do, then you can retrace the lines with ink with Japan in pen. So you can collect dirt. Those little happy moments that are no mistakes, that are only happy moments. And you will always learn from those situation to adjust and to become more flexible while you are painting. And of course, do your creativity and imagination help? You always do find solutions for those little in corrections. If you're lacking of inspiration, you can always look for reference in nature or wherever you are going outside or in your home. Just look and pay attention to the things that surround you. And you will see that during inspiration will flow because all the things that we'd want to create are already there and we just need to come to acknowledge in them so we can make use of those things for, to create new things, new creations and get inspired. I then almost finishing here with the candy cane red part. And when we're finished this and we are letting this lie completely, we will then proceed with the next step with the magic of the behavior. Mike AND gang is totally dry and now I will proceed to brain and they bow in this Leach green. So it, it makes the contrast with my candy cane and ate a little bit more look like the real ones. Remember you can choose whatever colors you like for the bow and for the candy cane. Don't limit yourself with this color that I am choosing here. I just wanted to give you an idea of the traditional Christmas colors in Christmas Eve ballots. And I found that this goes away altogether. But I could also have chosen pink for the bot because being is my favorite color. But I stay with it. Read the Christmas palette. I am using here, again, the wet-on-dry technique for water color. So the color stays very rich. And give me that sense of a bell bit bot. And you can do the same, have signed URL or do can use or shoes to use another technique like the wet on dry or the wet-on-wet. And you will see the difference when you apply the watercolor on the paper. I will split that a little bit. This part of the process again. So you can see the whole process. But remember, you need to do this slowly embedding carefully. So you have the effect that you are looking for in no little happy moments or mistakes. Under paint. Almost finished with the bot. And I will let this dry completely, completely, completely so we can paint the background using the wet on wet technique with the color jello. And after, after data, we are going to make some little highlights to make the paint a little bit more text to rise. I will start painting with them with a water, my brush with water, only clean water. And then I will add the yellow watercolor around the whole background. Be very careful with the law with with the lines in watercolor that is already there. Because if the water color that is already dry, a get into osha with water, it will activate again. And you will get a little bit of mixing colors that for this particular painting we are not looking for. Maybe in another one week we will. But here we are trying to make the background only jello. Be very careful when you are going around and bow and arrow the lead of the candy cane. So the water color, they get activated. If you need more water to dilute the jello background, just put the brush on the board and add to the paper. Or if you need more pigment, just take a little bit more so you can make a little bit of contrast and a little bit of shadow that give debate in more depth in making it pop up like I am doing here. Either make it darker, yellow around the side of the candy cane, that the right side. In this case, because it makes it look like a shadow. You can do the same or you can make it more light or Murdoch play and see that it's all about in creating something. I will speed up again a little bit. And then we're going to let it dry completely. And with a bigger, a fine liner, a number one, it's a bigger deep. We're going to trace the whole candy cane so the contrast get a more visible. I will go through every line on the candy cane in the bot. And now I will spit out a little bit this process, but duper, please take your time. Do it as conscious as you can. And if you need more thickness on the lines or not. Now, I will be adding some white highlights with my posca pen. You can use whatever white pen you have, or even you can use white paint. It will work Very nice. And then I will add some little black details on the background to make this a little bit more texture. With a FY19 and verifying the number Cdc25. I am doing circles and dots around the candy cane so it make a little bit more texture. And now it's done. This is our candy cane gift that we can put in, or gift a, make them pop, joke and bright, a list and message on the front or it on the back. And this will make a better spatial detail for your gift and make the people smile. So here is the idea on how you can use this tag in this little gift that I decorated in this, read this case, messy details that you can find in your garden or you can buy anywhere. So I will see you in the next video. 5. Gifts Tag Plaid Santas Boot Supplies: Welcome to this class. Let's take a look at the supplies we're going to use. I have here my watercolor paper. And I did the sketch of the sandals, boots, and for the body we are going to use red and God. And for the details, we're going to use a combining and jello. I have two brushes into different sizes, one bigger and one smaller, for a better precision. And we are going to ink the sketch. I have here, my waterproof ink pen in number one is a bigger tip in a gold gel pen, you will find the sketch on the resources for this class. So you can sketch them as IP v4 inking them. Now let's do our water color chart to see how the color pigments are and how dark or light we want them to be. I wanted that to be very bright, very rich. So than they call effects that I want to do with the lines in gold, a pop-up in the painting. Remember that you can use whatever you have at hand. You can change the color. It doesn't need to be the same color, but I am using here. And you can play with the lightness or the richness of the watercolor to your, to your preference. We are going to be working with the watercolor technique, wet on wet and wet on dry. If you're not familiar with this technique, I have two classes in my Skillshare class, teacher page. You can check it out. I will put a link on the discussion page for this class so you can take them and check it out. I will finish my watercolor sharp, and then we're going to proceed to ink or sketch. See you in the next class. 6. Gifts Tag Plaid Santas Boot Tutorial: Welcome back. Now let's ink or a sketch. And remember you can find these sketch on the resources page for this class. So you can have the same sketch AS IT IS very easy. Take it slowly and grays every line with consciousness in like a meditation for near. And you can use this same beaker deep as I am doing here. This is a number of one. But if you prefer, you can use a Charpy that had a bigger deep or a smaller tip. A number 000 five is his buddies mall job and do whatever you want. This is not mandatory that do do the same as I am doing here. Creativity is something that didn't need to put in practice by yourself. So lead to creativity flows and use it in this creation. Remember to take out the person you are given this gift to and it will help you to be more creative. Now for the color I choose, red and I am using the technique wet on dry. My paper is dry and my brush is wet with the color. So the color we will be very intense. And as I was telling you, you can use whatever color you want. The doesn't need to be the same current as I am, I am using. You can also use a northern medium if you prefer, or another type of watercolor, like a watercolor brushes. Brushes or watercolor pencils. Do as you please. It is remembered this for you and a very good exercise to use your creativity and your imagination at it. Goms. Take it slowly, put the color very gently on the paper. The lines so you don't get outside the lines. And up the tip of this boot. As you can see, I'm leaving a white space. And thus the effect like a reflection of a lie. But if you don't have a steady hand do gun afterwards, you can paint with white paying or with a white or pen. When you are finished, then let it dry completely. Now I will proceed to pain in the little details. This is, these are like Hertz flowers. And I will paint some red and some ocher money in and some yellows to give a little bit of texture to the painting. I am using my smaller brush so I can have more control while painting the little hairs. You can chain that shape here. Maybe you can. What do you want to do? A little snowflakes or little flowers or whatever? Do you have? A mime? Is everything is fine, everything is good. You can use whatever you want. Okay. Almost finish. And I will add the jailer in rapid mode. And then we are going to proceed to pain. And they play style that I want for this book and their barriers are there. Red part of the boot is completely dry. So I can use now a, these gold ink is ink and this is not what the current is ink, but you can use watercolor as well in gold or a jello. The goal metallic pen. If you don't have this type of cold, it works very nicely when the watercolor is dry. If it is wet, still, it will mix together in that, within one that we don't want the goal to pop up, as you can see here. So we are going to pain. Lines are cut off the boot. And remember if you don't have an unsteady hand, Uganda's add ruler here and see how it goes. It would work perfectly for you as well. With it all. I will do first step vertical lines, and then I will rotate my page and do the horizontal ones. I think these are these lines are enough and I have seven lines across a vertically from the boot. And now I rotate my painting and I will start doing the horizontal ones. Try to keep some distance in between the lines. So it looks like, like the blaze dial that I want to create here. Looks pretty nice. Very Greece messy. It's beautiful. I think. As I say always ago as lowly, don't rush. You don't need to rush here. It's always better to go slowly and do every line with four cores and consciousness. Okay, I think this is ready. And now I have this idea of making some goal as blushes. And I have my flat brush and my bamboo stick so I can use my blushes technique. I just wet the tip of the brush on the cold. In it's lonely. I do. This blushes to bleed. The bamboo stick. If you need more splashes because it's blushes hadn't never enough. We can do this infinity. You can add more or less. So this is our car, the or DAG for our gift. And it is looking very beautiful. I can't wait to see what you create. So here I have an example of what gifts, gifts that you can decorate with this car. And on the back of this card you can add a text, a message, a 44, and to harness for, and then decorate beef and make the person that they're giving this to a smile. Remember to take a picture of her creation and posted on the class project for this class. See you in the next video. 7. Gifts Tag Reindeer Supplies: Welcome back. Time to design engineer Glen, the gift back. And remember, you can download the sketch for this rentier motif and proceed to sketch it. You endure watercolor paper. I have a brush, I have my palette. I want the turkeys for the background, imbedded light color. I have read for the nose, M Brown for the phase of the event deal. Then I have my gold gel pen to make some details on the harms further, Colombia, Colombia, and a brush pen in a fine liner to make the inking. I already did my color shall. You can do the same and choose the color that you want to work with, or choose the same as I am doing here. Now, I will activate my watercolors and proceed to ink the sketch. See you in the next video. 8. Gifts Tag Reindeer Tutorial: Welcome back. Let's start this time by making the background. We are going to be using the wet on wet technique. So the background will be very light. I am making it a little bit darker at the bottom of the paper. So to make, to make a little bit of contrast. And now I am adding only water. My brush is wet only with clean water. So I will be pushing or dragging the color to the upside of my stack. So it becomes more lighter. Remember the MAY, you need to make your work a little bit easier in if you need to turn on the page, do it, make us comfortable, enough, as enjoyable for you as possible? A term in the page, or making, making it easier for you. And then taking color from the bottom and adding with water to the upside, upside of my painting. As you can see, it becomes very light in color, very subtle. Just taking color from the bottom. The brushes ironies is a number 6, round brush. And it works perfectly for this size of paper. When I am finished with the background, I will let it dry and then I will be proceeding to paint the face and the nose of the lens year. And as you can see, then adding a little more of color, but not too much, only on the corners of the paper. To make like an iframe. It doesn't matter what color you choose for the background. Just keep in mind that add in some darker shades on the coordinate will made this look like a flame, which are the some more cohesiveness to the painting. And keep in mind that whether the color, so normally when they are dry, they are more light. So if you want this to be more darker than you need to add more watercolor after becoming dry, or it will fade away pretty easily. Okay, my painting is dry. Now I will proceed to paint the face of the land, dear. I am using that technique wet-on-wet again, because I don't want this to be too dark. A1 and more light brown. And I will remake in the shadows for the face with adding more or a little bit more of color on the side of the face of Ranvier. I am adding fields water to the paper, to the face of the reindeer in this case. And then I will add the color brown, making little points. And then expressing the color around very slowly. And keeping in mind that I want a little humor of darkness on the, on the sides of the face of the, of that land deal IN keeping the eyes, the spaces for the eyes. Then later when we are painting their eyes with the blob brush pen, it doesn't get too difficult to do mix the color. The sketches help you to maintain the silhouette that you are trying to paint. So keep in mind those southern lines of the pencil that you use for the, for the sketch and aspect. The space is there, whitespace is on the paper because this work Mike And gave the painting a little bit more of a structure. It to say that you need more color on the edge, then use more watercolor. If you think it looks nice to you, then is, is completely fine. Or you can add more water if you think the color is too dark. And so on. When I am finished with the adding the brown on the face, then I will let this completely dry. We'll see how cool and how beautiful the brown is in the child. Now, we are going to paint the nose with that red. We using the technique wet on dry. I want the nodes to be ready red so we can remember the Rudolph. Rudolph. That is why. Keep it this base, the white space, the nose. So it looks like the light is shining on him, on his nose, forehead, nose. Ready, nice effect. Let it dry. And then we will proceed with the details. Using a brush pen. I will paint the eyes, making two circles, symmetrical circles, so the eyes look symmetrical. And the nose and the mouth. There's a little line coming down from the nose. And then like a semicircle. Looks super cute. If you notice that you need to correct something, then do what? I am making the eyes a little bit bigger. And if you can see, I'm leaving a small white space on the eyes. Now time to pay the horn. With the brush pen. You can also use a fine line. And here, if you prefer. Now with the fine line and I'm going to ink the silhouette of the face of death. And this is a number 1 is medium size, deep. And you get this a structure to the phase. With the gold gel pen. I am making some Christmas lights on the horn from the trendier. You can make it colorful if you want. I decided to making gold to maintain the cohesiveness of the painting. And some freckles. And the eyelashes. Look embed acute type Israeli. And now this is how you can use it. Adding a message on the art in the front. You can decide that look how beautiful it is. I'm sure the people that I hope you like this one as well. And I will see you in the next video. 9. Gifts Tag Xmas Gnome Supplies: Welcome back. For the next gift bag. I have my fine liner, my flat brush in a bamboo stick, white paint, gold ink, or, or gold watercolor. You can pick whichever a green water color, any pink watercolor. I already did my sketch. Remember you can download the sketch templates so you can paint the same as I am doing here. And I have my two brushes into different sizes. And as you can see, I already did a mine, a color chart, which I did beforehand. So we can see the colors that I will be using, the greens for the heart and for the costume. The pink is for the nose. And the goal is for some details I want to add the wide I will be using for the bat. So let's start by inking the sketch. See you in the next video. 10. TAG Gifts Xmas Gnome Tutorial: Welcome back. Let's start by inking or a sketch with the fine liner. The wonder they, I am using is a median size. Number one, you can use the same size or a one that is bigger or smaller. And we're going through all the lines of the norm. So we become the structure. So then we can add the water color. And they are, the details are very charismatic figures and motif in the perfect for child's gift. As, for, as for hanging on the Christmas tree as well. And you're going to use these, these two ways. Remember to go where the slope with the lines. So you then make a shaky lines and you can exercise a year with Debbie hands. And you will see that extraction of the silhouette of the painting. Do our inking become more visible and more beautiful? I will be finished this ink and then I will proceed to start adding the water colored. These are waterproof inks, pain. So this is very important to notice because if you use watercolor, pencils, or pens, they will mix with water colors. Make sure you are using waterproof ones. So now let's paint the nose with them being water color. And we are going to be using the wet on wet technique saw the beam becomes very light IN adding Giotto water, clean water, and ion leaving white space on the North. So it makes the effect of light shining on the nose of the Nome. Now I am adding a little bit of pink and more water to dissolve the pigment. Notice that Diane led into this a little on the nose of the norm. So it reflects the fact that it is reflecting the light. Now, let's proceed to paint the rest of the nom. Now we are going to be painting the hat in the costume. We using the technique wet on, dry. Because I want the Getting to be Bedi, leash embedded green. Because I will be adding some white accent to the costume. When it dries. For the head at the top of the hat, I will be using gold. As for the boots of the norm, for the costume and for the hat, you can use other color. Maybe you can use blue or green or yellow or red. Please don't hesitate to use whatever other colors you want to use. It. This is a GIF that do we use for someone else? Maybe you can think of the person and if you know the color that they like to use that color, and that will be very ductile for that Batson. I know they will be. Appreciate your sense of detail. I am finishing a degree in. I will go with now. I will be adding gold on the top of the hat in the head. And all the little white spaces from the heart and the calf from the costume of them. None on the boots. I think these megaliths and very nice contrast. But you can leave it white if you prefer, or you can add another color of your preference. And thus is just that a preference. It's time to paint the bark of the norm. And for that I will be using white diluted by a drop of water. This is a paint. White paint. This is know what the color paint. And it is obviously a little bit more thicker than the white watercolor, and I will be adding it to the whole bar. So we accentuate that a wine whiteness on the bud of this norm. Notice that maybe I will go through the black lines with white paint. But don't worry, after I finish and when the whole band become a totally dry, I will live trace those lines that are covered in white by now. You can also use gray for the bar if you like. But I want to let this be our y because now we are going to add some white dots to the costume and to the hat to make it like snowflakes that are falling from the sky. And that is the most christmas see. Essentially, you can think of. Now time for the splashes to give a little bit of shine into this painting. Using my flat brush. I will use my bamboo stick and make my little trick to make my splashes. I find this technique very nice. I have tried the other ones, but it doesn't work for me. So I prefer to do this. And now it's done or not. If that is ready to use. And as always, I will give you some ideas on how to use this for this one or for the other ones. Also, you can make a little stamp with a stump paper stamp. And this is a leaf shape. You can use the round one. And then with a lace, you can go through the hole and make a knot. And you can hang it on the gif on the three. Pretty easy and pretty convenient sometimes. So, and now it's done. You can bright a message on the bug and the dedication from the person do are given this gift. So I hope you enjoyed this little gift that, and I can't wait to see what you create in the end, remember to upload the pictures on the class project for this class. And this is the way I am using this tag on the gift. And I am sure We love it. I would say do in the next video. Thank you so much. 11. Class project: Thank you so much for completing the class. And now for the class project, do you need to upload a picture with it? They work in progress, new materials, your sketches, your inks, during what? Colors to charts, or the final pieces and boorish it in that glass. Pray for this class. I can't wait to see what degree eight. See you in the next video. 12. Thank you: I hope to have super fun to learn something new. If so, please check that with me in the comments for this class and I will see you in my next class. If you have any suggestions for the new class and something that you went to lab, please let me know and I will gladly do whatever it is as my hands. Thank you so much and I wish you so much fun creating.